Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

Instructions: Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share it with us in the comments section! :)

Favorite Product of 2008: [answer]
Where do you keep your stash: [answer]
Must-have brushes: [answer]

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49 thoughts on “Survey Says… November 3rd, 2008

  1. grace

    Favorite Product of 2008: MAC Beauty Powder Blushes
    Where do you keep your stash: in my bedroom
    Must-have brushes: blush brushes

  2. MIssDeeCanada

    Favorite Product of 2008: PLUSH LASH Mascara from MAC
    Where do you keep your stash: All neatly placed in my grandmas 1940 vanity mirror/table
    Must-have brushes: Crease brush, angled blush brush

  3. hippo

    Favourite Product of 2008 GA blushes, Maac Brushes
    Stash – vanity in my bedroom
    Brushes – MAC 187, 129, 239, 224, 219, 208 and pout brushes are good too!

  4. Inky

    Fav product – MAC Fluidine in Blacktrack and Dipdown and using Monistat Chafing Relief Gel as a primer!
    Stash – Make up train case in my bedroom
    Brushes – MAC 209 and 266, plus some great Bare Escentuals Brushes I’ve collected.

  5. Favorite Product of 2008: all of it! just became a makeup addict this year! but seriously probably my mac 187 brush, or blot powder, or white pro pigment!
    Where do you keep your stash: in our spare bedroom, with the whole desk setup! it doubles as my makeup room, and our tattoo studio
    Must-have brushes: 109 187 222 239

  6. Favorite Product of 2008: I think Rawminerals bronzer :) Also I just started using MAC this year and I love it :)
    Where do you keep your stash: In a traincase in my bathroom :)
    Must-have brushes: I like raw minerals eye shadow brush

  7. Jenna

    Favorite Product of 2008: MAC To Swoon For l/s (Adoring Carmine)
    Where do you keep your stash: In the cabinet below the sink and plastic drawers next to it!
    Must-have brushes: e.l.f. eyeshadow brush!

    • Nice! How do you find the ELF brushes to be?

      • Jenna

        They are sooooo incredibly soft! They hold up very well, no hairs have fallen off so far (okay, so I’ve only been using them for a week, but for brushes costing $1, that’s pretty dang good), and they pick up and hang on to a good amount of shadow. They’re on the short side, so they’re pretty easy to control.

        I haven’t tried their other brushes yet.

  8. Favorite Product of 2008: Nars duo in Sin/Albatross
    Where do you keep your stash: in a big case full of drawers in my bathroom (like the ones used for keeping DIY materials)
    Must-have brushes: MAC 182 and 239

  9. Rebecca

    Favorite Product of 2008: Paul & Joe pressed powder. (Looks very shimmery in the compact but makes you have the most gorgeous skin ever! I use shade No. 2 to match my skin and No. 3 as the bronzer. The best quality ever, almost creamy and soft when applied to the skin because the particles are sooo fine.)

    Where do you keep your stash: In my chest of drawers (5 drawer style armoire that people usually use for their clothes! lol) I only use 2 of the drawers for that though, with baskets separating the hair and skin products; and a train case for my makeup.

    Must-have brushes: Mac Pro 174 Brush (Large Angled Contour)

  10. Nicky

    Favorite Product(s) of 2008: MAC Feline eyeliner, YSL Faux Cils mascara with Chanel Inimitable layered over it (the closest I’ve gotten to mimic-ing false lashes with mascara), and MAC Springsheen blush (love!).

    Where do you keep your stash: I live in NYC, but I’m fortunate to have a walk-in closet :) So I keep everything there, in two Rubbermaid storage units with drawers.

    Must-have brushes: MAC 239, Shu Uemura Natural Brush 8HR, Trish McEvoy #23 Angled Contour Brush

  11. dee

    Favorite Product of 2008: MAC Plushlash Mascara
    Where do you keep your stash: In shoe boxess.
    Must-have brushes: MAC 150. and some other ones I don’t know the name to. An angle liner for filling in my brows and my fluffy shader I stole from my mom.

  12. Sandy

    Favorite Product of 2008: MAC Mineralized Blushes
    Where do you keep your stash: in my bedroom, I have a vanity
    Must-have brushes: 239, 217, 219 and 187

  13. Chrissy

    Favorite product of 2008: Toss up between MAC Mineralize Blushes and Petticoat MSF

    Where do you keep your stash?: On the bathroom counter and in my Sephora train case

    Must-have brushes: 239, 217, 187, 168, 266

  14. Jen

    Favorite Product of 2008: [Makeup]MAC paint pots & Mineralized Skinfinish Loose [Hair]: CIBU Pho Finish (I can’t live w/o this hairspray!)
    Where do you keep your stash: [answer] Bathroom counter
    Must-have brushes: [answer] 109, 187, 266, Sonia crease brush

  15. jenn

    Fav Product…MAC’s Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
    My stash seems to be all over my house at the moment, I can’t keep it confined to one area
    Must have brushes…MAC’s 239, 187 & 182

  16. Ruth

    My favorite product of 2008 ? It’s tie, Dior Iconic Mascara and MAC Dazzleglass.
    My stash is kept in an Ikea 6 drawer cream cabinet on casters.
    My favorite brush is the Quo (SDM brand)retractable lip brush.

  17. laura

    Favorite product 2008: Dior Iconic Mascara
    Stash kept in: acrylic drawers from container store
    Must habe brush: MAC 187

  18. Rachel

    Favorite Product of 2008: Shu Uemura’s Fleur de Source and Fleur de Rose eyeshadow palettes
    Where do you keep your stash: On a shelf and inside a tiny chest of drawers. I so want to get a vanity, though!
    Must-have brushes: MAC’s 187, a dupe of 239 fr Red Earth, and UD’s wonder brush. I just bought three MAC brushes: 217, 242 and 239 – wonder if they’ll become faves, too!

  19. Halifax

    Favorite Product of 2008: The She Space’s Summer Limited Edition e/s. I love them all, so vibrant and bright.
    Where do you keep your stash: I just got a Mastercraft metal cabinet to keep all my makeup stuff in. It’s supposed to be for parts (men’s use) but I found the small drawers are convenient for shadow pots, jars and everything else.
    Must-have brushes: Loew-Cornell Maxine’s Mop. It’s an artist brush but is perfect for applying shadow (got a tip from a beauty blogger).

  20. Favorite Product of 2008: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils!
    Where do you keep your stash: Bedroom!
    Must-have brushes: [Pout brushes?

  21. Raveen

    Favorite Product of 2008: Lipglass Cultured
    Where do you keep your stash: Makeup case
    Must-have brushes: mac 239

  22. Emm

    Favorite Product of 2008: I am sorry there are two, Styli Style 24/7 Line + Seal eyeliner (only eyeliner which stays on my waterline ALL day), and Coralista Blush from Benefit
    Where do you keep your stash: My room in containers. Need a train case will get one soon.
    Must-have brushes: Mac 217, and Loew Cornell Maxine’s Mop(Thanks EnKore!)