Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • First brand you used?
  • Favorite brand now?
  • Least favorite brand now?

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138 thoughts on “Survey Says… November 2nd, 2011

  1. Natalie

    First brand you used? My first high-end brand was MAC.

    Favorite brand now? A tie between MAC, MUFE, & NARS.

    Least favorite brand now? I can’t really think of a specific one, but I haven’t been too impressed by almost anything from the Kat von D line at Sephora.

  2. Gillian (AKA Munchy)

    The first brand I ever used for makeup was Covergirl. My favorite brand now is definitely MAC and my least favorite is Cargo. I have had too many products explode on me or be faulty, and for paying that much, no thanks.

  3. Sally

    First brand you used? Covergirl or Elizabeth Arden
    Favorite brand now? Illamasqua
    Least favorite brand now? Maybelline

  4. Gina

    First brand: Probably Maybelline. It could have been any of the drugstore brands. I first started wearing makeup at 13, so it was the most accessible for me.

    Favorite brand: Urban Decay, despite them putting out a couple of disappointments recently. But I think my disappointment comes from the fact that I always expect great things from UD!

    Least favorite brand: This was tough, because my views are changing on a lot of brands. I’d say Bare Escentuals, because I HATE their mineral foundation, and their brushes are scratchy and shed like nuts. But I tried one of their Buxom glosses recently, and it was pretty nice. And the new eyeshadows look amazing, so we’ll see!

    • Reese

      I agree with BE, but the glosses ARE nice, aren’t they? lol And the Buxom lash is pretty good too, I got a sample of it, I like the brush! But the brushes….pure crap.

      • Gina

        They really are! I got a sample from Sephora, in the shade Dolly. It’s so smooth, and feels really nice on the lips (and I love the strong mint scent!). I haven’t tried the mascara, but I’m eager to check out the new pressed eyeshadow duos, especially since Christine gave them such sparkling reviews.

  5. Makagan

    First brand you used? Clinique, I believe.

    Favorite brand now? I’m tied in my love for Nars and Make Up For Ever

    Least favorite brand now? Probably…Jane or NYC. They were my jam back in the day, but I just can’t get into them anymore.

  6. Stephanie

    First brand you used?

    Lip Smackers… real make-up, probably Maybelline or Cover Girl

    Favorite brand now?

    I use a lot of brands but Chanel is the only brand I follow new collections.

    Least favorite brand now?

    Maybelline or Cover Girl (haha)

  7. Katy

    First- Mary Kate and Ashley from Wal Mart!
    Favorite- Make Up For Ever
    Least Favorite- this is a tough one, because I’ll try almost anything. But I have been really disappointed in MAC lately.

    • Lark

      Me too; It looks like the Estee Lauder brand bleeds the best ideas from MAC and may have just finally pirated the creative staff outright! But why? MAC is the cash cow who lays golden eggs. Lauder is Grandma. They won’t change that by pirating MAC to mix with outdated skin care.

      Holiday is beautiful packaging and pitiful make up! Where’s that glitter again? Am I the only person who knows J Weirs costume specifically breaks every rule of skating’s sport Federation? I don’t skate either.

      There’s one amazing sounding collection- Daphne Guiness -at Epiphany. It needs to deliver. The prices are skyrocketing and the stuff is a yawn.

  8. Emma RZ

    1. Covergirl
    2. Urban Decay / Bobbi Brown
    3. Anything owned by L’Oreal

  9. First brand you used? Fashion Fair
    Favorite brand now? NARS
    Least favorite brand now? Fashion Fair

  10. First brand you used? Rimmel

    Favourite brand now? Estee Lauder

    Least Favourite Brand Now? Rimmel

  11. Hilary♥

    First brand you used?
    The first makeup product I’ve ever bought is Maybelline Watershine lipstick in Iced Tea. I still love that color to bits but haven’t been able to find it in stores for a long time now.

    Favorite brand now?
    It’s MAC! I’m so eager to try out Wet’n’Wild, Inglot and Stila. Too bad they don’t sell them over here.

    Least favorite brand now?
    It’s probably L’Oréal – I don’t find their color range very exciting when it comes to lipsticks and shadows and I’m not a big fan of their foundations and concealers either.

  12. Ayzee

    First brand – Avon
    Favorite brand now – MAC and Urban Decay
    Least favorite brand now – ELF

  13. Lyn

    Urban Decay: I was attracted by their packaging and wanted to cover mild acne!
    Lancome: I love their teint miracle foundation but honestly I like a lot of brands but I couldn’t survive without this foundation so Lancome wins.
    MAC: So overhyped, too expensive especially since I live in Europe and they don’t always deliver: hated the foundation that I got from there.

  14. Chelsea

    First brand you used? Cover Girl
    Favorite brand now? NARS
    Least favorite brand now? Dior

  15. First brand I used: Rimmel (mascara and powder) when I was 13

    Favourite brand now: Shu Uemura (and Hakuhodo for brushes)

    Least favourite brand now: This one is difficult! MAC springs to mind but I do like some MAC products – I just think that they’re really over-hyped and they’ve scrimped on quality in favour of quantity.

  16. First brand you tried: CoverGirl

    Fave brand: NARS

    Least fave brand now: CoverGirl

  17. Anneliis

    First brand you used? COVERGIRL

    Favorite brand now? MAC & URBAN DECAY

    Least favorite brand now? SEPHORA brand

  18. First brand I used: I’m not certain but it had to be Pupa
    Favourite brand now: Estée Lauder group (EL, MAC, Clinique), Illamasqua
    Least favourite brand now: mmmh I don’t know, I’m very picky and I buy only from the brands I like XD I say all that brands that do test on animals :)

  19. Christina

    First brand you used? Wet n Wild!
    Favorite brand now? Nars, all the way!
    Least favorite brand now? L’oreal; too pricey for a DS with no added value or benefit to justify, in my experience!

  20. Reese

    First brand you used : Maybelline, first high end – Clinique

    Favourite Brand now : Estee Lauder or Tarte

    Least Favourite Brand : Covergirl

  21. Carolito

    First brand you used? Jolie de Vogue and Revlon for makeup, and Clinique for skin care.

    Favorite brand now? Makeup its between MAC and Bobbi Brown, and skincare Clinique.

    Least favorite brand now? Sephora brande makeup always brings me high hopes, but ends up being returned.

  22. Eugenia

    First brands ever used: Rimmel eyeshadow and eyeliner (completely terrible!!), CoverGirl blush, L’Oreal Telescopic mascara.

    Favourite brands now: Chanel (always exciting and high quality), Sleek for eyeshadows, MAC because of their cool, interesting products. Overall, probably Chanel.

    Least favourite brands: Rimmel (lol), L’Oreal, Sephora, and Yves Rocher makeup.

  23. shontay

    First Brand: Mac
    Fave Brand: Mufe
    Least Fave Brand: Covergirl/Dior

  24. Kris

    First brand you used? covergirl

    Favorite brand now? urban decay

    Least favorite brand now? MAC..the quality sucks and it’s overhyped and overpriced.

  25. lily

    First? I dont remember exactly the first make up brand/product i used but i remember using brands like rimmel, gosh and other random cheap ones.

    best? Mac, dior or bobbi brown (for face products).

    Least Favourite brand? Rimmel, beauty uk or maybelline.

  26. Pamela M

    Least Favorite….Mac…..Lol.

  27. Nikki

    1. MAC
    2. UD, NARS
    3. MAC- their motto claims “all colors/races/etc”, but if you’re really dark there’s not a lot of color cosmetic items (shadows, etc)that will work well, and from what I’ve read, if you’re really fair, there’s no foundation options :( I wish *everyone* had a wider variety of options.

    • Lark

      I’m down on MAC too- but here in the very Deep South where there are plenty of very dark women they love the stuff! Plenty of brights that pop on dark skin and if dark enough coverage or powder can’t be found the MUA can call Pro. But having talked to MUAs that are blue black and very dark chocolate colors they don’t use foundation. Not an issue.

      As Northern European blue toned woman with dark hair(really really fair. Porcelain) I’ve been offered the same options. If NC 15 is too dark MAC makes much lighter shades for the European market and they’ll put in a call and get me whatever I need. I’ve been getting by with Studio Tech but it’s too dry with the weather changing. I have faith MAC will get me 10 or 5.

      Don’t worry about us kiddo. We extremes are taken good care of. Worry about your own skin care, worry about MACs management problems and the stupid things they do like messing up Wipes and Raising prices to the stupid point on crummier stuff. Worry that Suits have replaced Queens and the company is relying on regular stock instead of excitement. We’re burned out from collection overload.

  28. Meghan

    The first brand I ever used was Clinique, which is still a great brand but I don’t feel they develop their products for consumers in their 20’s…to plain and boring, and the colors just aren’t pigmented enough for my taste.

    My favorite brand right now is MAC, but that’s pretty closely followed by MUFE, Too Faced, and NARS. I tend to love any high end brand that’s colorful and well pigmented.

    My least favorite brand at the moment is Smashbox. I also find Urban Decay’s packaging cheap and flimsy for their price points, which is really annoying. Their actual product is good quality though.

  29. kasiaj85

    First brand you used? drugstore – Miss Sporty, high-end – Clinique
    Favorite brand now? MAC, TheBalm
    Least favorite brand now? Dior

  30. Sass

    for makeup???

    First brand you used?
    …Bare Escentuals – that complexion kit getting my feet wet in makeup.

    Favorite brand now?
    …MAC & Estee Lauder

    Least favorite brand now?

  31. Jennifer

    First brand you used? First high-end was MAC.

    Favorite brand now? Chanel. (Although I am quite obsessed with Tarte’s Amazonian clay blush and finishing powder).

    Least favorite brand now? Out of high-end, probably MAC. I’ll still use them (I love the pro-longwear foundation and concealer) but I’ve been extremely disappointed with the overall downturn in quality of their products.

  32. Carrie Ann

    First brand you used? Clinique & Revlon.

    Favorite brand now? MAC. I also love UD, Too Faced & Revlon.

    Least favorite brand now? Any brand that tests on animals.

  33. Mariella

    First brand: probably Cutex or Maybelline
    Favourite brand now: i’ve got so many – MAC, Too Faced, Urban Decay, MUFE and on and on
    Least favourite: I don’t have one since I don’t use brands I don’t like, though every brand, it seems, has at least one or 2 stellar products.

  34. Rachel

    First brand I used- Physicians Formula
    Favorite brand now- Mac
    Least favorite brand- Covergirl

  35. Lilastar

    First Brand: Covergirl
    Favourite Brand: Chanel
    Least favorite: From what I’ve tried so far I’m going to have to say LORAC. I got a couple of their palettes and they were so disappointing I don’t think I’m ever buying anything from them again. The e/s looked so pretty on the pan but once applied they were sheer, powdery, had tons of fall out and didn’t last (even with eye primer) :(

  36. Vania

    First brand: Probably Maybelline or L’oreal, something from the drugstore, I don’t really remember…

    Favorite brand: Chanel, Guerlain and Nars!

    Least favorite: MAC because the quality is similar to drugstore brands but the prices are much higher. It just disappoints me too often…

  37. Alicia

    First brand you used? I’m pretty sure it was Maybelline

    Favorite brand now? MAC, UD, MUFE and Lancôme.

    Least favorite brand now? Essence (Drugstore) and Rimmel

  38. grace

    First brand you used? napoleon perdis and also maybeline at the ery beginning
    Favorite brand now? MAC, NARS ELF, NYX
    Least favorite brand now? soemtimes MAC the quality seems to be dropping.. and havnt enjoyed the last collections as much as the ones years ago

  39. Crystal

    * First brand you used? Drugstore: Bonnebell (if that even counts), Jane Cosmetics, and Cover Girl. High end: Bare Minerals and Mac.
    * Favorite brand now? MAC, Illamasqua, Nars
    * Least favorite brand now? Most drugstore brands (Sorry!)

  40. Emily O.

    I’m only going to do one for each category because otherwise this could become a complex essay

    First- Clinique (from Tyson’s Corner, late 80’s)
    Favorite- Tarte is my new crush
    Least- CoverGirl has NOthing to offer me.

  41. Brooke

    First makeup brand: My first real makeup was from my mom in a Christmas present and it was a foundation from Estee Lauder, but before that is was probably just some lip gloss from Bonnie Bell. I mostly used Covergirl when I first started wearing makeup.

    Favorite brand now: Urban Decay

    Least favorite brand: I don’t know, I research my products before buying them to make sure that I am going to be happy with them. Probably Ulta brand just because I have gotten some items from them as gifts and they just have not been good.

  42. nayeli

    first brand i ever used was probably AVON and my first high-end was Clinique
    favorite brand now would be mac/too faced/ urban decay
    least favorite brand would be Avon or anything from any brand that doesnt work well for me

  43. Mariela

    First brand you used? Mac, Milani.
    Favorite brand now? Mac, Urban decay, Nyx.
    Least favorite brand now? Nars

  44. Laurel

    First brand you used? Low end was probably either L’Oreal or Maybelline. High end was Hard Candy (remember that brand?! or Pop Beauty)
    Favorite brand now? Tie between Benefit, Chanel, Tarte, Too Faced, and Urban Decay (I couldn’t pick just one!)
    Least favorite brand now? Covergirl-every single product I have ever bought sucked, and lash blast was just ok

  45. Marie

    First brand you used? MAC

    Favorite brand now? MUFE & Chanel

    Least favorite brand now? MAC…I break out in a second whenever I use MAC. Not even the biggest fan of their eyeshadows

  46. Janice

    First brand used-Prescriptives & Shu Uemura
    Favourite brand now-Shu Uemura, Becca, NARS,MAC, Bobbi Brown, Dior,
    Shiseido, & Dolce & Gabanna
    Least Favourite brand-CLINIQUE & LANCOME(UGH!)

  47. Yazmin

    First brand you used? MAC
    Favorite brand now? Mac
    Least favorite brand now? Smashbox, far too expensive for what it has to offer. Urban decay, all there pallettes all look the same to me, the only thing that i force myself to buy is the primer potion, and even then the different finishes they come out with are all dissappointing. Im going to buy Lime crimes primer soon because i heard wayne goss really rave about it.

  48. Veronica

    First brand you used?: Estee Lauder and Jane (My friends and I always used Jane cosmetics at slumber parties to give each other makeovers!)
    Favorite brand now?: NARS
    Least favorite brand now?: Covergirl

  49. Janice

    Illamasqua is another favourite of mine=)

  50. Rebekah

    First brand you used? Something cheap & drugstore (I was about 13 so it needed to be cheap!)

    Favorite brand now? Urban Decay/MAC/Gurlain

    Least favorite brand now? I’m going to contradict myself and say MAC. While I use a number of their products (mainly foundation thanks to the shade range), the overall quality has dropped and is generally disappointing.

  51. ilmy

    * First brand you used? cover girl
    * Favorite brand now? Bobbi brown
    * Least favorite brand now? mac

  52. t_zwiggy

    First brand you used? Clinique

    Favorite brand now? MAC, Chanel

    Least favorite brand now? NYX, Dior, elf

  53. Ellika

    First brand you used? hard to remember, but I might have been the Swedish brand Isadora
    Favorite brand now? Illamasqua and MAC. (Lush for skin care)
    Least favorite brand now? For make up, I’ve been quite disappointed with the body shop, but I’ve read a lot of nice things about new stuff from them at blogs, so maybe it time to try again. I do like their skin care, though. I don’t like the skin care from clinique on the other hand, but I think they make quite a lot of good enough make up

  54. Elle

    First brand you used? Drugstore brand: Cover girl/Milani and
    My first department store brand: MAC and Clinique.

    Favorite brand now? MAC, Smashbox,Urban Decay, and NARS

    Least favorite brand now? I’m not a fan of Stila products or any brand that does not expand their foundation spectrum.

  55. Maranda

    First brand I used: Mary Kay

    Favorite brand now: Clinique

    Least favorite brand: Lancome (I used to work for them and now I don’t like it, lol)

  56. Kim

    First brand you used? Covergirl. Specifically, a little purple eyeshadow palette. It probably had 3 shades in it. The makeup line Jane really got me into loving makeup, but they’re not around anymore. =,(

    Favorite brand now? Urban Decay, and Make Up For Ever. I couldn’t choose just one! I could purchase products from only these two brands and be happy with it. I think that the products that I enjoy from each brand are complimentary to one another. I like Urban Decay for any kind of eye products. I love MUFE for face products.

    Least favorite brand now? Covergirl. I think I figured this out because I don’t own any Covergirl products anymore.

    • Kim

      Oh, I forgot to mention that I really dislike ULTA brand makeup. That’s probably my least favorite over Covergirl. Has anyone smelled the ULTA lipstick? It’s like a wax crayon. Ick!

  57. First Brand: Avon
    Favorite Brand Now: NYX
    Least Favorite Brand: Covergirl

  58. Sue

    First brand: First ever is Wet ‘n’ Wild, first higher-end: MAC
    Favourite brand now: Make Up For Ever and NARS
    Least favourite now: drugstore is CoverGirl (at least Maybelline has some decent mascaras and concealers) higher-end is probably MAC for churning out too many collections with mediocre products, though their customer service is quite good

  59. Marian

    First brand you used? Yardley
    Favorite brand now? Chanel
    Least favorite brand now? Rimmel

  60. Catherine

    First brand: Covergirl I think.

    Favorite Brand: MAC, Makeup forever, Too faced, Lancome.

    Least favorite Brand: Almost anything drugstore, *I won’t buy from companies that tests on animals.*

    *Side note:According to Michelle Phan’s twitter last year, Lancome has stopped animal testing in the western world. But they still have to do it in lesser developed east nations like China since it’s the law.*

  61. Daniela

    First brand you used? Probably L’Oreal
    Favorite brand now? Urban Decay
    Least favorite brand now? Every brand that does animal testing :(

  62. alli

    First Brand I used? MAC
    Favorite Brand now? NARS or DIOR
    Least Favorite Brand? MAC

  63. First brand you used? Clinique, maybe? I got some clinique products from my grandmother’s cousin as a christmas present many years ago. Some eyeshadows…
    Favourite brand now? GOSH
    Least favourite brand now? I’oreal and H&M (their eyeshadows)…

  64. First brand you used? Revlon
    Favorite brand now? Chanel or Nars, probably.
    Least favorite brand now? I avoid any that still do animal testing.

  65. wendyh

    First brand you used? lancome
    Favorite brand now? NARS
    Least favorite brand now? Bobbi Brown

  66. Dayday

    First brand used: Well it was some cheap no-name brand from drugstore. The first real brand, the brand that started my addiction.. is MAC!
    Favorite brand now: Don’t have any, I use what I love!
    Least favorite brand: …So hard!! Maybe MUFE, because I think this brand is over-hyped…

  67. First Brand Used: Cover Girl
    Favorite Brand: MAC for lipstick, Urban Decay for eyeshadow, Nars for blush.
    Least Favorite Brand Now: Cover Girl boring, boring colors.

  68. First brand you used?
    Coastal Scents
    Favorite brand now?
    Least favorite brand now?
    Coastal Scents

  69. First brand you used ? YSL and Guerlain (yes, at the same time !)
    Favorite brand now ? Shu Uemura & Giorgio Armani <3
    Least favorite brand now ? Do not really like Lancôme…

  70. Krystal

    First brand = Clinique was my first love! :) and we still visit from time to time. 😉
    Fav. Brand Now = I think it would be MAC, but i have been loving Benefit lately! oh and i love all my inglot eyeshadows!
    Least Fav. Brand = hmmm… i don’t know, i don’t buy things that aren’t good..

  71. First Brand: Maybelline, Avon or ELF

    Favorite Brand: I think I have the most brand loyalty to theBalm!

    Least Favorite: Jane cosmetics

  72. Heidi

    First brand you used? – Wet n Wild or Covergirl. First “high-end” product was by Too Faced.
    Favorite brand now? – I don’t really have a favorite, but I’d say Tarte and Wet n Wild, how ironic.
    Least favorite brand now? – MAC

  73. Izzy

    First brand you used? I think Sephora Collection…
    Favorite brand now? Probably Urban Decay- love love love. I’m also a big fan of Tarte…and MAC…and NARS…I could go on…
    Least favorite brand now? I really don’t like Lorac for some reason…it’s just all so tacky and blah. And that 3D sparkle juice they put out? I think it’s really cheesy. Also, Lorac is just the founder’s name backwards…Covergirl also sticks out to me as gross and gimmicky.

  74. Carol

    First brand you used? Lancome
    Favorite brand now? Chanel
    Least favorite brand now? Clinique

  75. Kristin

    First brand you used? My mom was an Avon lady and she would give me dozens of little lipstick samples. I was in heaven.

    Favorite brand now? Makeup Forever! I still do love Avon though. :)

    Least favorite brand now? Covergirl’s color choices are a major snoozefest.

  76. First brand you used?
    Bonne Bell! Also NYC, wet n’ wild, CoverGirl. First high-end: Lancome

    Favorite brand now?
    Many indies, wet n’ wild, Estee Lauder

    Least favorite brand now?
    I’m not really into anything CoverGirl has done lately, aside from mascaras.

  77. CJ

    First brand: Bonnebell. CoverGirl was the 1st “real” brand I used
    Favorite brand now: Maybelline
    Least favorite brand: … Can’t really think of one, I think every brand has good and bad… Never seen a brand where I hated everything

  78. Ruth

    1.Cover Girl

  79. M.

    First brand you used? Hard to remember exactly, but probably Cover Girl.
    Favorite brand now? NYX.
    Least favorite brand now? Cover Girl – so little color payoff for the price, and unattractive packaging.

  80. Daphne

    First brand you used?
    Maybelline!!! I remember my first concealer :)

    Favorite brand now?
    Shu Uemura, NARS, Napoleon Perdis, MAC, and Urban Decay!

    Least favorite brand now?
    Physician’s Formula

  81. Jenn

    First brand you used? Cover Girl

    Favorite brand now? Too Faced and Revlon

    Least favorite brand now? Maybelline

  82. Stephie

    First brand you used? MAC
    Favorite brand now? Too many to choose MAC, Urban Decay, Makeup Forever, Nars, Chanel..
    Least favorite brand now? Bare Escentuals

  83. Meg

    First brand you used? Maybelline (watershine liquid diamonds gloss)
    Favorite brand now? MAC (high end), Wet & Wild (drugstore)
    Least favorite brand now? L’oreal… (I like their mascaras though)

  84. Natasha

    First brand you used? Jane
    Favorite brand now? Nars and Bobbi Brown
    Least favorite brand now? Covergirl – They have the worst concealers and boring colours for everything else!

  85. First brand you used? must have been Manhattan (German drugstore brand)
    Favorite brand now? Mac, MUFA and Chanel
    Least favorite brand now? shiseido

  86. Kazzy

    I believe Maybelline was the first I used.
    My favourite is a tie between Make Up Forever, NARS.
    And my least favourite brand is actually MAC. I haven’t been impressed with anything (Limited edition or permanent) and I’ve tried things from nearly every range with the exception of foundation. I find MAC is incredibly overhyped.

  87. Saffy

    First brand: L’Oreal
    Current favourite: Tarte, Benefit and Urban Decay
    Least favourite: Cover Girl and MAC

  88. Hilary

    First Brand I have ever used: Bonne Bell/Lip Smackers and CoverGirl
    Favorite Brand Now: Revlon and sometimes MAC (LOL!)
    Least Favorite Brand Now: I don’t really have any but I do really hate the allegations ELF makes to high-end brands (when they don’t really live up to what they claim) Also, the NYX Mega Shine Glosses I tried ended up being pretty bad on me.

  89. Jen

    First Brand? CoverGirl (Cream to powder foundation) & Maybelline CoverStick, the first makeup I ever bought… for my senior HS prom.

    Favorite Brand Now? MAC & Urban Decay

    Least favorite brand? Don’t really have any, I rarely try anything spontaneously since I do my research well before I buy anything. I really like Rimmel’s 4 shadow quad (the blue one) but I couldn’t stand the rubbery gasoline smell of the foam brush that came with it, yuck!

  90. Jenni

    First brand you used? First high-end brand that I used was MAC, I was a junior in high school and my friend let me use her Mac eyeshadows. As for budget-friendly brand it was Maybelline, my family was attending a wedding and my aunt put some Maybelline lipstick on me (I was either in 1st or 2nd grade at the time).
    Favorite brand now? As of right now my favorite high-end brand is Chanel, and my favorite budget-friendly brand is Milani.
    Least favorite brand now? I can’t stand MAC anymore, there are too many collections that I can’t keep count on, they seem to discontinue all the products I like, and most of there foundations tend to oxidize and clog my pores (I don’t have oily skin). It’s the one brand that made me so interested in cosmetics and beauty but with the discontinuing of great products and too many collections w/in a year, my head spins.

  91. Catalina Tate

    First brand you used? Avon and clinique.
    Favorite brand now? a tie between Illamasqua, NARS, and MUFE.
    Least favorite brand now? Avon.

  92. angela

    first brand: Clean and Clear compact powder thing lol
    Fav brand now: Chanel
    Lease fav: clinique

  93. First brand: Covergirl. I got an eyeshadow trio at the Navy Exchange when I was in middle school. It was purples and lilacs. I used it almost every day.

    Favorite brand: I lurve Nars, but I’m fairly broke. Coastal Scents does well by my wallet.

    Least Favorite brand: Mary Kay, except for the foundation, has been a consistent disappointment. L’Oreal is too high priced for their market, I think. The products aren’t anything to write home about.

  94. Sofia

    First brand I used: Maybelline…it was some mascara and eyeliner I bought when I was twelve. Clearly I barely knew how to use them as my mom doens’t use any make up at all, but well, at the time I thought it was pretty.
    Favorite brand: Mac, LOVE IT
    Least Favorite Brand: I would say, Maybelline…except for their mascaras

  95. Roberta

    First brand you used? Clinque
    Favorite brand now? Le Metier de Beaute
    Least favorite brand now? Tarina Tarantino

  96. Mel

    First brand you used? Wet N Wild
    Favorite brand now? MAC
    Least favorite brand now? IDK

  97. Stephanie

    The first make up brand I ever used was Covergirl. My favourite brand now is Guerlain (for the moment, it does change quite often!). My least favourite would be most drugstore brands, especially Covergirl oddly enough lol..

  98. Sarah

    First brand you used? – Clinique, mum took me in there when I was 12 for my first skincare, and I eventually moved up to their makeup too.

    Favourite brand now? – Chanel, although my it stretches my budget, have never used products that work so well with my skin.

    Least favourite brand now? – Maybelline, used them briefly in high school, caused breakouts, burning and rashes, just cheap crap that did nothing good for me.

  99. Leah

    First brand you used? Probably Maybelline or CoverGirl, a bunch of random drugstore brands.
    Favorite brand now? MAC, Benefit, UD (mostly for the 24/7 eyeliners haha)
    Least favorite brand now? Hmm… maybe L’Oreal? Haven’t been impressed with their lipsticks. And the Sephora brand stuff, their eyeliners smeared super badly on me.

  100. Veronica

    First Brand: For eyeshadows, Maybelline. For lipstick, Revlon.

    Favorite Brand: Urban Decay, though I’m always on the lookout for a good one!

    Least Favorite Brand: Probably L’Oreal. Other than their lip pencils, I just don’t find the brand appealing.