Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried?
  • Last product you returned?
  • Least favorite beauty product?

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115 thoughts on “Survey Says… November 17th, 2010

  1. Vanessa

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? i guess the old formula of VS gloss it was so freaking sticky!!! grossssss
    Last product you returned? I dont really return anything i give it away
    Least favorite beauty product? NYC i just dont like it at all

  2. Estee Lauder makes nice colors but I think their glosses are just too slippery, too watery. For the money, I’d expect more substance, less oil.

  3. Avatar of Sally Sally

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? MAC Plushglass- It made my lips break out in little tiny bumps! Had to give it away, luckily I got it with Back2Mac
    Last product you returned? Don’t think I’ve ever returned a product, usually if I don’t like it I give it away or throw it out if I can’t find any takers.
    Least favorite beauty product? Foundation, just can’t get it to look or feel natural on me.

  4. Frances

    Worst lipgloss: Not brand specific, but I can’t stand anything that is too sticky or too glittery.
    Last product returned: Bobbi Brown lipshine – I have really sensitive skin and apparently I am allergic to the sun protection in this product. Having a rash on one’s lips is not fun.
    Least favorite beauty product: lip liner. I find it unnecessary for my lips and I have yet to find one that does not turn gunky on my lips.

  5. Suzanne

    * Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? Diorshow. Sticky. Gummy. Ugh!
    * Last product you returned? I gave away Nyx Smokey Eyes Palette
    * Least favorite beauty product? Lipstick & Foundation. Really.

  6. Steph2

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? Nars Turkish Delight lip gloss. Very strong plastic-y smell. Milky color settles in fine lines.
    Last product you returned? DuWop flight stick. Pills on the skin.
    Least favorite beauty product? Creamy sunscreens. Almost all of them give me irritation or breakouts. So now I usually stick with powder sunscreens such as the one from Peter Thomas Roth.

    • Tina

      Jan Marini’s Daily Anti-Oxidant Protection is the best sunscreen I’ve tried. It is a liquid, but it doesn’t irritate my skin like Neutrogena’s does. And, I can apply makeup over the top a minute later because it doesn’t leave a lot of residue on my face.

  7. Erika

    Worst Lipgloss: Body Shop kind in a long squeeze tube, also CG Shineblast is terrible too
    Last product returned: MAC Shockaholic e/s yesterday, already have MUFE #92
    Least favorite beauty product: blush and anything with glitter

  8. Pam

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? Sephora (the ones in those tubes), maybe Estee Lauder lipglosses (sorry, not too crazy about these)
    Last product you returned? I haven’t returned anything, so yay!
    Least favorite beauty product? foundation. I don’t know how to use this properly.

  9. Frances

    * Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried?
    Probably Estee Lauder or Bobbi Brown. Estee Lauder has such an oily, greasy formula as someone mentioned earlier. Bobbi Brown has that awful scratchy brush and so little product for the price.

    * Last product you returned?
    None, never returned a product before.

    * Least favorite beauty product?
    Either MAC Black Funk eye liner or Chanel Sublime de Chanel Waterproof mascara. BF ran cross-country across my face and the mascara just would not come off.

  10. Coco

    Worst Lipgloss ever tried? Smashbox’s highlight lipgloss. I got a free sample from Nordstrom. It was a pretty gloss, but it was stickier then glue! It was sooo sticky, even the outside of the package was sticky! I threw it away.
    Last product returned? That would be UD’s NYC pallet. But That was only because someone opened the package and there were finger prints in it, and some of the shadows were already swatched! Luckly before I left the mall, Sephora swapped it out for another one.
    Least favorite beauty product? MAC’s clarity eyeshadow. Ugh. it was one of those Matte squared eyeshadows. Sooooooo chalky! Super pretty color, but if you blend this shadow out, you will have spots of different colors on your lids. this shadow is impossible to blend!

  11. Marcela

    In terms of MAC as i’m a MACoholic….
    worst lipgloss: Strobe Blossom spf tinted lip conditioner… the spf just gives it an awful sunblock-grease-chemically smell. i can’t stand it even though it looks nice. i use it only for beach days.
    last product returned: can’t remember
    least favorite: in general, “face gunk”. i think too many women overdo the whole powder/foundation/concealer thing. the inch-thick layer of gunk just doesn’t look pretty. of course, i think such products are helpful for those with serious skin issues. but otherwise, there’s nothing better than a clean, fresh face au naturalle (with a bit of blush for color, of course!)

  12. Gisele

    Worst lipgloss ever: Bare Escentuals Buxom. Burns the lips (those lip “plumpers” are mean). Sticky and does not apply evenly.

    Last product I returned: Today I am returning Rouge Coco in Perle which my husband picked up for me. The shade perfectly matches my lips so all I see is a bit of glimmer, if that. It was more like an expensive lip balm. Lovely color, though, so the “problem” is very pigmented lips.

    Least favorite beauty product: I haven’t run into anything that bad! Maybe mineral makeup.

  13. Avatar of Jill AnGeLwInGz

    Worst lipgloss: Physician’s Formula released a collection maybe 10 years ago with cameos on all the packaging. The gloss was so bad – smelled awful, tasted even worse, and had no lasting power. I bought every color anyway because the containers were so pretty.
    Last product returned: An online MAC e/s haul.
    Least favorite beauty product: Foundation.

  14. Ani_BEE

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried: A lot of drugstore brands and MAC Dazzle Glass formula is way to stick for my taste
    Last product you returned: Triumphant Blush Fit, I ordered the wrong one. >_<
    Least favorite beauty product: Coloured lip liners, unless I'm doing a crazy lip look there not necessary and I just stick to my DuWop Reverse lipliner if I want my lipstick to last longer. For crazy looks I buy NYX liners at $2.

  15. Ru

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? VS lipglosses (bday gift) had a plasticy smell and nasty taste.
    Last product you returned? Pretty lazy about returns, but I’m considering returning the Boscia Black Mask because it did nothing for me
    Least favorite beauty product? Recently, Philosophy Purity. I was breaking out like crazy in cyst like acne, and didn’t know why especially because it wasn’t a normal skin reaction. Stopped using purity and skin has cleared up.

  16. Avatar of Saffron Mo

    gloss: I can’t stand the smell of the Benefit glosses, or really any gloss that smells like candy or food.

    return: I return stuff pretty regularly, my last return was Tarte’s underperforming jewelry box set.

    least favorite product: fragranced hair care – I love styling products but I don’t want my head to be a clash of fragrances from every product from my shampoo to my finishing spray.

  17. Tawny

    Worst lipsgloss? Not a lipgloss kind of girl but so far, I hate the DIor lipgloss… really gummy, and plus I don’t like the ultra glossy finish.
    Last product I returned? NOthing recently. I wish I could return my Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in Pink Please; that thing has the most overpowering smell; it gives me a headache.
    Least favorite beauty product? LIp Liner; I do not like my lips to be too defined, nor do I like to fill my lips with lipliners.

  18. Vanessa G.

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? Lip Fusion I can’t stand the tingling feeling on my lips
    Last product you returned? Tarte Clay Liner, it dried up in a month
    Least favorite beauty product? Face Primer

    • Tina

      Aww, LipFusion is my favorite. It doesn’t dry out my lips, and most lip products do. I don’t like the clear LipFusion, but I do like the bare and sugar colored lipfusion.

  19. Debbie

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? Philosophy – too sticky
    Last product you returned? NARS Lipstick – wrong color
    Least favorite beauty product? Lip liner

  20. Linda

    Worst lipgloss: Urban decay pocket rocket, i just can’t stand the taste or scent.

    Last product returned: Never returned anything, just don’t feel right doing it, well unless it was because i had a bad illergic reaction or something but not for something like it didn’t suit me or i changed my mind as thats my fault not theres.

    Least favorite beauty product: Under eye concealer, just because i’m still struggling to find one i like that doesn’t cake or sit in fine lines.

  21. Karen

    Worst lipgloss you ever tried: tokidoki, smelled like cherry cough syrup
    Last product you return: Smashbox Photofinish Primer in green, turned me bright red!
    Least favorite beauty product: blush waaayy to easy to overdo it

  22. monika-luiza

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? an old YSL formula, it really stank

    Last product you returned? were I live you can’t return beauty products after you opened them (only highend facecreams if you should be allergic to them) so I never returned a beautyproduct. but if I could it would be the fatale mascara by lancome

    Least favorite beauty product? dior, I like their eye-shadows but not the other products + I really hate the design of their products

  23. Ruth

    1. Cargo quad glosses, last all of 2 minutes !
    2. MUFE lipstick for a different color
    3. Maybelline Great Lash mascara

  24. * Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried?
    Kat Von D Lightning Lipgloss. Just horrible! I got it on sale thank god, but these had the worst pigmentation and staying power ever.

    * Last product you returned?
    Benefit’s The Porefessional. Did nothing for my pore situation

    * Least favorite beauty product?
    Ditto Lipliner

  25. Julia

    worst lipgloss? VS. threw it out…
    product returned? MAC eyeshadows – apparently I am allergic to some ingredient. eyelids turned red and eyes were swollen for a couple of days. not pretty!
    least favorite product? lipliner! i just don’t find it useful.

  26. Vanessa

    worst lip gloss- nyx frosted beige. wayyy too frosty!

    last returned product- clean and clear pore perfecting moisturizer. no bueno for my oily skin

    least favorite beauty product- ?? not really sure

  27. Courtney

    Worst Lipgloss: Fyrinae. Great color concepts, but the product bleeds in minutes.
    Last product returned: I don’t remember, but the last thing I sold off was Mac Briar Rose.
    Least favorite beauty product: Mascara. So boring and overpriced. Plus you have to replace it often.

  28. Avatar of Kayla Kayla

    VS is the worst. I love their minty lip shine but the rest are a sticky mess, and I hate the application.

  29. Avatar of Natalia natalia

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? I don’t know the exact product name but it was a L’oreal lipgloss in a tube that kinda looks like Juicy Tubes packaging. It was sticky and smelled bad.

    Last product you returned? I’ve found I have very high expectations and therefore return things frequently. The last things I returned were Benefit’s Powderflage, (for the results, I could not justify the extra step in my routine) Diorskin Extreme Foundation (color match), and UD De-Slick in a Tube (didn’t work for me!).

    Least favorite beauty product? Ummm I would have to say nailpolish because no matter what I use I have chipped polish by day two.

  30. Megan

    Worst Lip gloss would have to be stila…..I just dont like it at all and I hate having to click the little brush forever with no product results…..

    Last beauty return was Vera Wang Princess, I got it as a gift and it just seemed to teeny bobber to me so I exchanged it for some flower bomb hair mist to go with the rest of my flower bomb stuff

    Least Favorite Beauty Product is liquid liner….I love most pencil liners and powders but I hate using liquid liner as I feel I have absolutely no control over it. I would also say I dont care for false eyelashes even though I love the end result….the application just sucks.

  31. Anya

    » Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried?

    I hate the formula of Smashbox glosses. Too sticky and drying, and they taste awful.

    »Last product you returned? Stila Road to Radiance Across USA Travel Palette. The colors were washed out and chalky – totally untrue to pan color.

    » Least favorite beauty product?

    I guess foundation. I like the idea of it but have yet to find one that doesn’t accentuate my dry skin.

  32. Callen

    Worst lipgloss: Elizabeth Arden. So sticky and managed to attract my hair more than usual. UGH! One of the most frustrating things is having your hair constantly stuck in your lipgloss when you’re walking around.

    Last product returned: I don’t really return anymore, I swap stuff away. I swapped away NARS Ashes to Ashes. Poor pigmentation and hard to work with.

    Least favorite beauty product: Bronzer. I’m a very pasty Irish girl and I’ve learned to embrace the pale and flaunt it :)

  33. Avatar of Catherine Catherine

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? Anything too oily, it makes my skin feels oily and its gross.
    Last product you returned? Maybelline Lipsticks, they were expired, disgusting
    Least favorite beauty product? Kirkland makeup remover swipes. I litteraly burned my face, it took 2 weeks to heal

    • Avatar of Nadia A Nadia

      Catherine, I am so sorry you had back luck with the Kirkland makeup remover wipes. I, on the otherhand, have had a great experience with them since I started using them last year.

    • Steffy

      those Kirkland wipes were awful for me as well, too harsh, or something.

  34. Bex

    Benefit lip stick/lip gloss, which one is the worst and which one is the best? I love benefit products!

  35. Nina Hu

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? Hands down spell cosmetics lip gloss.
    Last product you returned? Rare minerals
    Least favorite beauty product?

  36. CeeBee

    * Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried?
    It was a Paula Dorf Lipsicle (or something), the wand came out with a microscopic amount of product so you had to dip it back in about 5 or 6 times just to get enough, the texture was thick and tacky and would not spread evenly. Probably the only product I have binned right away.

    * Last product you returned?
    Can’t return cosmetics in NZ unfortunately.

    * Least favorite beauty product?
    Bronzer. It’s either too sheer or too dark and I usually skip it because I am hardly ever happy with the results. I had an Elizabeth Arden one that was really bad – dark, streaky and it went a really weird brownish orange colour on me.

  37. Leah

    Worse lip gloss ever tried?? Maybelline Lip Polish
    Last product returned? Urban Decay Bourbon eyeliner. Great color but the glitter chunks were too much.
    Least favorite beauty product? Lip plumpers and lip liner

  38. Miss J

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? – Napoleon Perdis, the one in a tube. Huge glitter and awfuly sticky
    Last product you returned? – I do not return anything
    Least favorite beauty product? – Lip liners. I have only two and i never use them.

  39. Liliane

    Juicy Tubes Lancome
    None I remember
    All those face-products that have silicone in them – hate those :(

  40. Worst lipgloss ever tried: Yves Rocher Les Plaisirs Nature – Cherry Lipgloss

    Last product I returned: Can’t remember… xD

    Least favorite beauty product: Diadermine Hydra Balance for normal to oily skin. Claims to have a mattifying effect, but I end up with an even more shiny face >_<

  41. Avatar of Beatrice Beatrice

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? NARS lipglosses, they smell meh and the texture is really hard to put on and drying, a nightmare for my already dry lips.
    Last product you returned? I usally don’t return makeup products (here in italy is not that customary), but it would have been Diorshow Iconic mascara, so not worth the money.
    Least favorite beauty product? Liquid liners: I found them so much difficult to use than the gel ones

  42. Anni

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? I guess all essence glosses! I don’t like their textur!
    Last product you returned? Biotherme day creme – I have received from this cream on my skin many little pimples.
    Least favorite beauty product? All nail polish from MNY

    Greetings from Germany

  43. z

    Worst lipgloss- none, I LOVE lipgloss even when its sticky!!! I’m a lipgloss junkie :)

    Last product I returned- none, I’m really bad about returning.

    Worst beauty product- brand specific would be juice beauty lip balms. They’re very hard. Non brand specific for me is eyeshadow in general. It just looks awful on me. Maybe I just need to take a class and learn how to apply it properly.

  44. Hend

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried?
    Maybelline’s ones , they smell and taste awful

    Last product you returned?
    We have a very poor return-policy in UAE

    Least favorite beauty product?
    liquid eyeliners, my hands are too shaky to handle them
    also glitter liners, who needs a line of glitter framing his/her eyes !

  45. Worst lipgloss: I don’t buy lipgloss often so I haven’t had a terrible experience… yet.

    Last product returned – I don’t know if this counts but I bought MAC’s Noturnelle shadow online. I threw the receipt out (because I didn’t think ahead though I wish I did). If I could’ve, believe me, I would’ve returned it!

    Least favorite beauty product – Powder foundation. I have really dry skin and I don’t like the finish at all.

  46. Air

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? Can’t remeber a specific one, but I’m very sepcific about lipgloss. The only one I really love is mac lustreglass, especially love nectar
    Last product you returned? Deviously stylish from venomous villians. Had too many colors like that, not worth the money

    Least favorite beauty product? Nailpolish

  47. worst lipgloss-MAC Wrong spell. It settled into the center of my lips within minutes of applying, and kept doing it every time I smoothed it out. My lips looked scabbed and blotchy less than ten minutes after putting on makeup!

    Returned? MAC Wrong Spell. and Buxom cream eyeshadows. I return VERY few things.

    Least favorite beauty product? I’m not a huge fan of powder foundations, particularly mineral ones.

  48. Wendy

    Worst lip gloss: a clear nyc one, the smell was horrible!
    Returned item: I’m returning the nars cheek and lip set. The orgasm Laguna duo is tiny! Not worth the $30
    Least favorite: eyebrow pencils. So many people apply it wrong, giving them weird expressions!

  49. Avatar of Karen Karen

    Worst lipgloss: The Juicy Tubes-like ones from L’Oreal. Very messy.
    Last product returned: MAC Courting Lilac lipstick from Tartan Tale collection. Just didn’t look right on me.
    Least favorite product: Bronzer…always looks muddy on me. Also, not crazy about lipliner…not worth the effort.

  50. Amelia

    i actually really dislike mac Dazzleglass.

  51. z

    Oh actually I remember a gloss I don’t like now…dolce and gabbana. (Sp?) The overpowering rose scent kills me! I love love the gloss but can’t stand the scent. I really wish they would change that because the actual gloss is awesome.

  52. Avatar of Vanessa Vanessa C.

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? ~ UD Pocket Rocket. Horrible taste!

    Last product you returned? ~ I haven’t returned anything in a long time. I hate to do that for something?

    Least favorite beauty product ~ Any skincare by Philosophy. They are the only thing that breaks me out.

  53. S. A.

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? Hrm… probably any with mint in it. I hate mint flavour, for the most part. Also hate that tingle that comes along with mint oils. Makes me scrub at my lips to get it off.
    Last product you returned? MAC Studio Stick Foundation. Entirely my fault, though. I didn’t check to make sure that I grabbed the right colour; I just assumed the ones lined up behind NC15 would be NC15. Which… was not the case, and I haven’t been NC20 in years. (And, honestly, I’m almost too pale for NC15 now…)
    Least favorite beauty product? Smashbox Primer. My make-up would melt off my face even faster than usual! I’m also going to say any beauty product with a really heavy fragrance. Can’t stand that. I spend enough time as it is making sure my shower gel and shampoo scents go together and don’t clash with the perfume of the day… so why would I want to add in lotions and hair products and such that would make it even more difficult?

  54. Kheila

    Estee Lauder foundation. Makes me look like im 40!!! NO THANKS!

  55. Avatar of Amber Amber

    Worst lipgloss ever tried – Almay squeeze tube l/g. cant remember the name but i remember telling the clerk at Walmart not to buy it!
    Last product returned – Revlon Colorstay – it was ORANGE on me. :/
    Least fave beauty product – foundations! Very few companies make shades tailored to the extremely fair and neutral toned like me!

    • Avatar of Faith Faith

      I have the same problem with foundation! Nearly everything is too yellow.

      • S. A.

        My problem is that the super-pale foundations tend to be far too pink toned for my more golden-olive (but still uber-pale) skin. I now am curious about what brands are too yellow for you… they might work for me.

    • Avatar of Iren Iren

      Regarding foundations, I know the feeling! I usually just end up wearing translucent powder, since most ‘fair’ foundations look dark on me.

    • Georgina

      Same problem here. However, I’ve found that Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation in 010 is a perfect match for me.

    • Emmers1983

      I have the same problem with foundations. Too yellow or too pink. It’s so hard to find something that is light neutral beige. I only ever found one color that worked for me(high end or drugstore)- Cover Girl’s Classic Ivory. I used it when I was in high school, but I have since come to dislike Cover Girl as a company and don’t like the ingredients in most foundations so I just don’t bother with foundation anymore.

  56. Ivona

    Worst lipgloss I’ve ever tried? The worst lipgloss are the ones from elf. When I put it on I had the feeling my lips are being peeled off. I had to remove it within 10 seconds.

    Last product I returned was the MAC Select Foundation, because it made me brake out.

    Least favorite beauty product? Gel Liner, I just can’t work with it. I prefer liquid liner.

  57. Avatar of Cara Cara

    * Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? Currently not liking the NYX lipgloss I just bought but giving it time…
    * Last product you returned? Bare Escentuals lipstick “Passion Fruit” – did not taste like Passion Fruit, actually tasted awful
    * Least favorite beauty product? Smashbox cream eyeliners — they are very sheer and do not last

    • Lucie

      Bare escentuals lipsticks are the worst! The taste is beyond disgusting…I am not sensitive to taste/fragrance in my products but that lipstick made me gag and frantically try to rub it off. BE needs to get a clue!

  58. Yumi

    Worst lipgloss: Maybelline/Revlon ones for their lack of staying power and poor pigmentation.
    Last product returned: MAC Fibre Rich Lash, it was so dry and didn’t do anything!
    Least favorite beauty product: Benefit Stay Don’t Stray as usual…and anything by Benefit or MUFE.

  59. Avatar of Iren Iren

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried?
    Yves Rocher. Disgustingly sticky, and even the so-called matte shades look way too frosty.

    Last product you returned?
    I don’t recall ever returning a product. If I end up not liking a certain makeup item, I usually give it away/trade with friends.

    Least favorite beauty product?
    Mascara. I’ve yet to find one that stays put for long enough. I wear it once in a blue moon, but when I’m in uni for 10+ hours nearly every day, I can’t have it falling off.

  60. Amy

    Worst gloss: Laura Geller. Hate to say that, but I got a set a few years back as a gift. I can’t even discribe the texture. Matte/Sticky? If that makes sense? Returned items: I don’t return either, but last week I gave my sister my NARS “Orgasm” Gloss. Didn’t look right on me, but she loves it so that’s worth it….Least fav product- Concealer. Everyday I think “Todays the day ONE of these concealers will work!” ..hasn’t happened yet. Tough questions today Christine!! :)

  61. NeenaJ

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? TheBalm Plump Your Pucker Lip Gloss – stung so bad I could not wait to get it off my lips!

    Last product you returned? Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation – made my skin feel really tight (like I was wearing a clay mask), plus the MUA matched me with the wrong color.

    Least favorite beauty product? Red lipstick – it torments me. I love a bold, red lip but most formulas are so drying (I guess due to the pigment?) that after wearing, I’m left with cracked lips for a week.

  62. Sami

    Worst lipgloss-The bareminerals ones. I loveee their Buxom line but i hate the original.
    Last Product I’ve returned- MUFE HD foundation, only because it was the wrong color. I have my perfect match and I loveee it:))
    Least Favorite Beauty Product-NARS Multiples. Don’t like em:(

  63. Maile

    Worst lipgloss? Got one of those samples when you buy one of their products and it tastedlike I was eating one of those flower shaped guest soaps! WHY oh WHY do some cosmetic companies put perfume-like tastes in their lipstick! Yes! I’m talk to you too Estee Lauter, you own MAC and theirs tastes just fine!

    Latest product I returned: Friend sent me a bottle of Tova Platinum from QVC. Sorry I’m a Philosophy/MAC girl! Smelled like “old rich woman” and even if I WAS, I wouldn’t want to smell like one…”

    Least favorite beauty product: I know a lot of people love it, but its got to be that St Ives body scrub in the pale orange tub. Yes, it gets the job done…but it clogs your tub drains SO fast! Leaves stickly slimy residue in the pipes. Liquid Plumber wouldn’t disolve it! Plumber did…at the price of 150.00…think of how much makeup or higher quality body scrub (Philosophy Gingerbread man) I could have got! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR LADIES!

  64. Ashley

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? I would have to say it would be the mark lip gloss it was super sticky and left a nasty taste in your mouth.
    Last product you returned? I think it was a highlighter is was full of glitter and made me look like a disco ball.
    Least favorite beauty product?Foundation it makes my skin break out every time I wear it.

  65. Avatar of Ellie Ellie

    -Nars lip laquer is the worst I’ve tried (THE stickiest formula ever)
    -Returned my Dior tinted moisturizer. Had only three colors so I bought the lightest one but it’s too dark for me.
    -Lipgloss is my least favorite beauty product

  66. Avatar of Alix Alix

    Worst lipgloss: Bobbi Brown, with the horrible brush applicator and strong scent that irritates my lips. I seem to be one of the few fans of sticky gloss here… I’d love a recommendation for a clear, super-sticky, NONscented one, like clear MAC lipglass *used* to be.
    Re: NARS glosses — yeah, the smell is kinda plasticky, but it’s the *exact* same smell as the old Aziza glosses, so the nostalgia makes up for it for me.
    Last product returned: Sadly, a Tokidoki eyeliner pen. There is *no* black eye makeup that won’t smudge on me.
    Least favorite beauty product: Anything cheap and low quality, like ELF. Also, not a fan of anything in loose powder form. Just a mess.

    • Steffy

      “recs for a clear, super-sticky, NONscented one, like clear MAC lipglass *used* to be” — have you tried WnW’s version, or NYC’s? I think Sephora used to have one as well and still might, they’re all MAC clear lipglass dupes.

  67. Hannah

    Worst lipgloss: don’t really have a specific one. Anything sticky or too glittery (a little shimmer is good, but not a disco ball – unless you’re going to a rave :))

    Last product i rerurned

  68. Hannah

    Worst lipgloss: don’t really have a specific one. Anything sticky or too glittery (a little shimmer is good, but not a disco ball – unless you’re going to a rave :))

    Last product i returned: MUFE smoky eyes that i ordered online. It was dry like old mascara when it arrived. From now on i’ll actually go to the store to get it.

    Least favorite product: lipliner

  69. Chau

    worst lipgloss? GAP (i picked up minilipgloss few years ago)
    last return? Guerlain Bronze d’or eyeshadow quad and Meteorite 03. The eyeshadows look muddy on my lids and Meteorite did little to brighten up my skin. I like the Meteorite, I just don’t think it’s worth the price.
    least favorite beauty products? bronzer and frosty lipsticks

  70. Avatar of Sharron Sharron

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? Cargo PurseGloss. The color (Geneva) was lovely, but the formula was too runny and the packaging sucked. Last product you returned? Smashbox HD Foundation. Zero coverage, plus it irritated my skin.
    Least favorite beauty product? Bronzer. The ones i tried either turned me orange or made me look dirty. I’ll stick with my pasty white goth girl complexion, thank you very much…

  71. Lisa G

    Worst lipgloss? Honestly, it was some random drugstore brand that reaked of chemicals and was uber sticky.
    Last Product returned? I never return stuff if I don’t like it-I just give it away. Like the last 4 Maybelline mascaras I tried. I can’t stand the smell.
    Least favorite beauty product? Concealer-still haven’t found a good one.

  72. Lucie

    Worst lipgloss: The stila jewel glosses. They taste so so so awful and the texture is all grainy and gross. Ick. So disappointed. :(
    Last product I returned: NARS Belle de Jour lipstick. Did nothing to mute out my uber pigmented lips, too sheer.
    Least favourite beauty product: Eyelash primers. Useless and expensive!

  73. Avatar of Tiffany Tiffany S.

    Worst lipgloss – MAC Superglass, I hate chunks of glitter in lipgloss!
    Last product I returned – Eye liner from Stila, it was totally chalky and dried out before I even used it!
    Least favorite beauty product – MAC liquid last eyeliners! It takes me forever to take them off! Even with a great eye makeup remover!

  74. Abril

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? I would say none… I’ve always used MAC and they are very good in my opinion! I’ve tried Chanel, YSL, Dior… And I mean… they are nice! So, no bad gloss experiencies for me!

    Last product you returned? I can’t return products in my country! =(

    Least favorite beauty product? I like everything I have… I guess it’s because I do a little research before buying something! Haha!

  75. Avatar of Street Jaime Jaime

    Worst lipgloss: For me, it’s Stila lip glazes. I hate all the extra packaging and the little clicky tubes drive me bananas. After you’ve stood there clicking forever, you get this super-sheer gloss that has no pigmentation. Blech!

    Last product returned: I honestly haven’t returned a beauty product, but if I could, it would be Kat Von D’s eyeshadow primer. I got a sample with my last Sephora order, and it is TERRIBLE. It creased in about two hours and by the end of the day, it looked like I wasn’t wearing any eyeshadow at all!

    Least favourite beauty product: Anything by Benefit. They don’t seem to make anything for brown girls!

  76. Lindsay

    worst gloss- a really sticky drug store find
    last returned- amazing cosmetics, amazing concealer
    least fave product- i dont know. i dont really have one, i use eyeliner the least though.

  77. TheMiaomi

    i actually dont like MAC lipglass…too pigmented for my taste so it looks really thick and gross.

    Exchanged a tube of Strobe Cream coz it didnt smell right

    Dont like powder foundations and bronzers.

  78. Avatar of Brenda Brenda

    # Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried: Wet n wild – it was years ago but so bad I threw it away and never tried again.

    # Last product you returned: Dior Extase mascara. Hated it.

    # Least favorite beauty product: I don’t know if it’s my least favourite, but I was so disappointed with Zoomlash. I’ll never buy it again. I’m very hesitant about any of MAC’s mascaras now.

    • Avatar of Brenda Brenda

      I’d like to add, or change, my least favourite. Foundations and undereye concealers. Trying to match colour, always mixing, finding the formula that keeps shine at bay all day, UGH! I actually like my skin but I have some uneven tones so it is useful, I just wish it could be more like magic and less like makeup LOL!!

    • Tina

      MAC’s mascaras run on me. Disappointing to me as well.

  79. Maggie

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? NYX Mega Shine! I’m not usually hypersensitive to taste/smell, but the Robitussin taste and smell of these literally made me nauseous.

    Last product you returned? BareMinerals Purely Nourishing Facial Moisturizer. I use some of their other skin care products and really like them, but this broke me out like CRAZY.

    Least favorite beauty product? Bronzer :P I’m super pale and it looks awful on me.

  80. Worst lipgloss: Toss up between Cargo Purse gloss (it was an oily mess of a formula, goopy, way too much comes out of the strange applicator with brush attached, etc.) and a nude Maybelline Color Sational gloss- strange smell and the gloss did zero for me!

    Last Product Returned: hmm… hard to remember, really. I’ll rarely return items because I research purchases & know what i like- BUT- I did throw out that Maybelline gloss along with Target Up&Up oil free makeup remover (which dried my eyelids out and made them flake).

    Least Favorite Beauty Product: Foundation primers- I rarely find ones that I enjoy (there are a couple I like: Korres, Bare Minerals bare vitamins- which is more of a lotion). Overall, I just don’t get too excited about primers. Also have to add that lipstain markers do not appeal to me, they seem overly drying.

  81. Laura

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? In general I hate anything really sticky, I vaguely remember disliking Juicy Tubes by Lancome.

    Last product you returned? Haven’t returned anything.

    Least favorite beauty product? Lipliner, I only really use it if I’m using bright red lipstick which is like once in a blue moon.

  82. Steffy

    * Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? Rimmel Eastend Snob I think? gack. I don’t care for any Rimmel products but I seem to recall that l/g was just plain awful.
    * Last product you returned? technically it was an unopened LB Fusion mascara I bought by accident.
    * Least favorite beauty product? Lip liner and MMU

  83. Worst lipgloss I’ve ever tried: I actually don’t like lipgloss… Gasp! I know, Shocking.

    Last product I returned: I rarely return a product. However, I recently ordered a Too Faced Bronzer from Sephora online and it looked like it had been opened and swatched already! I promptly returned it.

    Least favorite beauty product: Lipgloss. I just really dislike the wet/sticky feeling on my lips. I much prefer lipstick. If I want a glossy shine I’ll wear a Lustre.

  84. Dubi

    Worst Lip Gloss – MAC viv glam V, love the colour, but hate the smell of mac lip products…and I always without fail, get that white film on my inner lips…disgusting.

    Returned product – none, I’m in AUS, no chance returning anything. it’s swapped or thrown out.

    Least fav beauty product – Maybelline Great Lash. Most tinted moisturisers…leave me greasy. Face powders with too much glitter…I prefer a glow.

  85. Jo

    Worst lipgloss: I don’t really like lipgloss in general, but especially glittery ones.
    Last product returned: We can’t return products in the Uk!
    Least favourite beauty product: lipgloss definitely.

  86. Kathrina

    I will never again buy a MAC Dazzleglass. I won’t say it is a bad product since it’s rather stupid to buy a gloss that has so obviously a lot of glitter in it and then complain about it being too glittery. I just thought I might give it a try but it looked so awful on me. My lips, being naturally very full and big, looked as if I had them had injected and seemed to scream “BARBIE!” This is pretty much my least favourite beauty product, although I like much of the other stuff by MAC.
    I have never returned a beauty product so far.

  87. bettynova

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried?: LA Colors
    Last product you returned? Usually I give away the things I dont like.
    Least favorite beauty product? Liquid foundation. Tried everything but NOTHING works for me. Powder foundations FTW!

  88. Tina

    Worst Lipgloss: Hmmm, L’Oreal’s PlumpShine is pretty gross. Sticky and thick. NYC’s lipgloss is not good either.
    Last Product Returned: Estee Lauder’s beauty collection and fragrance minis. I got a little greedy while Xmas shopping and bought one for myself because my sister loves that kit so much. After I got home, I felt I couldn’t really keep it because now is the time to buy for others (and, I bought myself La Prairie’s skin caviar concealer combo). When I looked at the kit, I just didn’t feel I would use the products. So, I returned it.
    Least Favorite Beauty Product: I don’t like Benefit’s Brow Zing — Makes my eyebrows itchy. I also don’t like primers. I think they have been the culprit of some cystic acne. I don’t like mascaras that don’t stay on my eyes (that leave marks under my eyes or flake off into my eyes. And, I hate big chunks o glitter in eye products. Those get into my eyes.

    • Tina

      Oh, and I also didn’t know who I could give those fragrance minis to as I’d already bought for the elderly in the family.

  89. kcrystal

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried? Smashbox O gloss. Dry lips to
    the extreme.

    Last product you returned? Smashbox O gloss.

    Least favorite beauty product? Lip gloss. Doesn’t stay and too
    high maintenance.

  90. Alyssa

    Worst Lip Gloss: Bare Escentuals Buxom glosses(very sticky and has a strange smell/taste)
    Last returned product: can’t remember
    Least favorite beauty product: anything with chunky glitter in it

  91. MARGO

    a wrap shirt to avon today…too big, too hot..too much polyester
    mascara…all too goopy and thick on my thin is pitiful.cannot wear any of it. need a thin sparse mascara.

  92. Avatar of Jen JEN

    Worst lipgloss: Covergirl Wetslicks

    Last product I returned: MAC’s Opulash (exchanged it for Haute & Naughty)
    and Benefit’s Prrrowl. The glitter didn’t show up and the lipgloss was wayyy too shimmery.

    Least favorite beauty product: MAC Dazzleglasses and any lipstick/lipgloss with lots of glitter. Glitter is fun on the eyes but not on the lips.

  93. Avatar of Marianne Mar

    Worst lipgloss you’ve ever tried?
    *I’ve tried a lot of cheaper ones but Trucco lipgloss was horrible.
    Gloopy, sticky and it ‘bled’ into the fine lines around my lips.

    Last product you returned?
    *Clinique 3 Step Program
    My face broke out in rash and red patches; no problems with their Blemish Solutions program, so far.

    Least favorite beauty product?
    *Hate to say it but MAC Greasepaint Stick.
    I’m still trying to find a way to make it work but unsuccesfully, so far.

  94. Emmers1983

    Worst lipgloss- I hate almost all lipgloss and rarely ever wear it, so my list of ones I like would actually be the shorter one. But the ones I hate the most are any with glitter in them. Shimmer is one thing, but I think glitter on adults is tacky and gross( with the exception of Halloween or other special occasion looks).

    Last returned product- Haven’t returned anything lately.

    Least fave product- lipgloss, foundation, face powders with shimmer/glitter