Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Biggest skin concern?
  • Find a fix yet?
  • What’s helped (at least a little)?

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79 thoughts on “Survey Says… May 2nd, 2012

  1. AnGeLwInGz

    – medium/light
    – acne and scars
    – yes!
    – Murad Post – Acne Spot Lightening Gel.  It not only treats blemishes (rather quicky!) it also contains hydroquinone to lighten the dark spots. I had dark purple spots all along my jawline that had been there for years and they were so embarrassing. I’d tried all kinds of products from my dermatologist and nothing worked. After about  6 weeks of using this product I had ZERO acne scars, no exaggeration. It’s a miracle worker for me. At $60 it’s expensive but all you need is a drop to cover your entire face. 

  2. rrr

    Your skin tone/coloring: pale with strong yellow undertones
    Biggest skin concern? (except the sporadic little pimple that goes away on its own) deep irritation around the eyes. It got so bad I couldn’t really put eyeshadow on because the deep red would show through.
    Find a fix yet? not fully, but I found something that helped
    What’s helped (at least a little)? surprisingly, eye drops helped tremendously. Also, Garnier Essentials Day. I put a little bit at the corner of my eye a couple times a day. (before sleep I even top it with a liiiiitle bit of vaseline.) It helped a lot. Now it’s like a faint orange-y shadow.

  3. Cat G

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fairy light with mostly yellow undertones
    Biggest skin concern? Being able to wear sunscreen on my face everyday without breaking out (I don’t want sun cancer!)
    Find a fix yet? Nope
    What’s helped (at least a little)? Trying many different sunscreens.. still looking for the one though! Going to try Vanicream sunscreen next, it’s specifically designed for people with VERY sensitive skin and is supposed to be non-comedogenic and free of many ingredients/chemicals other sunscreens and skin products usually have. Recommended by a dermatologist I recently spoke to so hopefully it works!

    • Sara B

       @Cat G If you’re interested, BareMinerals has a powder sunscreen–I believe it’s called SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen or something like that? Sephora carries it. It’s a great alternative to liquid/cream sunscreens because it won’t make you oily. I have trouble with sunscreens clogging my pores too or just irritating my skin in general, but this one has been great, and it protects against UVA and UVB rays. It has a little bit of a color to it and comes in 3 shades, so you can wear it on its own or over all your makeup, which makes it very easy to reapply throughout the day. Hope that helps, or if it doesn’t, that you find the perfect sunscreen for you. :)

  4. JaneenArias

    Your skin tone/coloring: Yellow skin tone and light coloring (125 in MUFE Foundation, Sunny Beige in Laura Mercier)
    Biggest skin concern? ACNE!!! Had the cleanest skin while in my teens, turned 20, bam, explosion.
    Find a fix yet? When I had cystic acne, dermatologist gave me antibiotics and topical gel which worked wonders. Now I have just clogged pores, no fix yet, I have good weeks and bad weeks.
    What’s helped (at least a little)? What I”m trying is coconut oil, which I heard is wonderful. Of course with acne meds, they always make you worse as they bring everything to the surface to clear you up, before you get better. It’s slowly getting better, compared to last week anyways. :)

  5. Emma

    Skin tone/coloring: Olive-y light-medium skin, NC25 (although that’s a bit too yellow for me)
    Biggest skin concern: breakouts! Recently I’ve broken out like crazy, I never ever had any issues with that but all of a sudden… idk. The dermatologist says “mild acne”
    Find a fix yet? Not really as I think it’s hormonal, so skin products won’t “fix” it
    What’s helped (at least a little): Reducing my skin care routine to the min.! I only remove my makeup, splash my face with water and use a moisturizer that my derm prescribed and that was made exclusively for my needs. It got a lot better, but as I said, it’s hormonal and skin products won’t fix it, but it does help them fading quicker.

    • mirian v

      i find the’s daily regimen keeps my breakouts at bay! try it. life saver for most of my friends

  6. ChiaraC

    My skintone/colouring : I’m an NW15, but I tend to use yellow toned foundation, since they conceal the redness in my face and looki healthier overall
    Biggest skin concern : Hormonal chin acne … *sigh*Find a fix yet : I’m already on pill, which has helped alot, but I still need to treat cysts with benzylperoxide.What’s helped : Keeping my skin routine as simple as possible, no fancy stuff, just cleanser, toner and a great, lightweight moisturizer. And benzylperoxide, without a doubt. 

  7. NeenaJ

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with pink undertones and freckles
    Biggest skin concern? Hyperpigmentation (melasma from pregnancy)
    Find a fix yet? Somewhat.  It’s vastly improved from what it was but, I still have a patch of light brown on my left cheek (it looks like a really big grouping of beige freckles).
    What’s helped (at least a little)?  Triluma (basically Retin-A, Hydroquinone & Cortisone all mixed together) and IPL (4 sessions).  That really took the edge off.  Then I used Hydroquinone and now I’m using Philosophy’s Miracle Worker dark spot corrector to take a break from the hydroquinone. 
    I’ve also started becoming a lot more accepting of it.  And, cheezy as that sounds, that has helped. Fortunately, it’s below my cheekbone so I can pretend like I’ve contoured. 😉

  8. Cris

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light yellow with a hint of pink
    Biggest skin concern? Dry, flaky easy to wrinkle
    Find a fix yet? So So
    What’s helped (at least a little)? Bio Oil, Lush Celestial, Enchanted eye cream
    And skin Shangri la

  9. Caitlin Mary

    Your skin tone/colouring: I am white but have definably have a light olive complexion with yellow undertones
    Biggest skin concern? Blackheads!!!!! and some pimples :c ( I had nothing during high school but starting university my face went hay-wire)
    Find a fix yet? Not really :c
    What’s helped (at least a little)?  I got a cream for the pimples and it kind of works and I use clean&clear’s astringent (the orange stuff) and it seems to be keeping the pimples at bay and blackheads from re-appearing but it isn’t making the ones that are here go away

    • ricky blue

      Have you tried a salicylic acid treatment instead? It’s possible what you’re using could be irritating your skin… Or not. :)

  10. Makaegan

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light/Medium Olive (starting to get into my summer skintone) ~ MUFE 118/123, MAC NC30ish
    Biggest skin concern? Hyper-pigmentation! Evil. I rarely break out, but anytime I do I always get ugly bruise colored scars :(
    Find a fix yet? Not really. Some things help (see below) but nothing has been completely miraculous yet.
    What’s helped (at least a little)? BB cream helps to fade the darkness a bit, but my skin gets angry if I use it too often. And summertime is lovely for preventing breakouts because I can use my salicylic acid products more often than in the winter. I’m trying the Boscia Antioxidant Recovery Treatment C right now, so hopefully that will help with clearing up the hyper-pigmentation, as well.

  11. Hannah S

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair/sensitive, more on the yellow side but my face is usually red so you can’t tell
    Biggest skin concern? Blackheads/big pores
    Find a fix yet? Not a miracle cure
    What’s helped (at least a little)? Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid has helped ALOT, but hasn’t eradicated ALL the blackheads. Yet. :)

  12. ricky blue

    medium light
    fine lines, dry undereye
    I wouldn’t say I’ve found a fix for it, but of all the things I’ve tried argan oil seems to help the most…

  13. Skin tone: Fair Neutral.  Not alabaster, but still very pale.  I used to think I was warm, but lately I think I’m more neutral toned.  I’m testing out new foundations for my winter skin.
    Biggest Skin Concern: I’m 32 and I STILL get pimples!  Mostly hormonal.  Pain in my ass.
    Find a Fix Yet?  Nope.
    What’s helped?  Powdered mineral foundation!  I never thought I’d be able to wear foundation until I discovered it.


    Skin tone/coloring: Medium yellow tone (NC30, TARTE TM “Agent 010″)
    Biggest skin concern: reddish leftover acne marks on cheeks and chin, genetically inherited eye bags and dark circles –> hyper-pigmentation
    Find a fix yet? Not really
    What’s helped (at least a little):
    I once had a full-blown (my kind of full-blown is reddish inflamed skin rather than rupture/cystic acnes) forehead out of stress. I started taking hormone pills and used hydroquinone cream. The pills killed the inflammation once and for all, and the cream cleared up my skin to pristine clear skin in 9-weeks.
    I stopped using the cream a year ago being afraid of the long-term effect of hydroquinone. It totally destroyed my face once I got off it. My cheeks were inflamed badly and I went to the derm, who put me under tretinoin treatment. After a period of raw skin and peeling badly, I got my face back. However I got reddish leftover marks on the process, albeit already somewhat faded by now, but still can’t go out barefaced.
    I’m still taking the pills (on-and-off every 9-12 months, as suggested by my ob/gyn) which help keeping my face smooth (and my sanity checked ;D), BUT am still struggling to lighten the leftover scars.
    I’m now using DIY Vitamin C Serum with Chromabright, Essential Wholesale Paramount Serum, Silk Naturals 8% glycolic AHA toner every other day, and Essential Wholesale 10% glycolic & rose mask every week. They do make my skin tone more even and fade the marks a bit, but I’m still yet to see any significant result.
    As for my eye bags, they are being taken care of by Silk Naturals Cucumber Peptide Eye Cream, which magically makes my eye bags disappear. Concerning my genetic inheritance and my messed up sleeping time (1-5 hours averagely a day), the dark circles seem to be here to stay.

  15. GlamorPuss

    Skin coloring/tone:  fair with neutral undertones (NC15, MUFE115)
    Biggest concern:  Adult acne!  I went off hormonal birth control awhile ago and my skin hasn’t been the same! I’m much more prone to breakouts.  Grrr.
    Find a fix?  Not completely but working on it.  I think the dry winter weather makes it worse.  Now that things are warming up and my skin’s in better condition, it’s getting better.
    What’s helped?  Oddly, doing as little as possible to my skin. I used to use creams and gels and face scrubs and blah blah blah.  If I just wash my face, use a basic moisturizer and resist the urge to pop or squeeze, it works itself out.  I also just bought some straight up salicylic acid in a tube that I spot treat with.   I still get small zits but if I leave everything alone, they seem to go away a lot faster and the breakouts are fewer and far between. 

  16. Lauren13

    Skin tone/coloring:  Light-medium.  I’m somewhere around NC30, maybe NC25.  
    Biggest skin concern:  I have two.  First my skin is very sensitive and breaks out easily.  Second, my T-zone is SO INCREDIBLY OILY.
    Find a fix yet?/What helps (at least a little)?:  For breakouts, I basically have a fix. I take off my makeup with oil free makeup wipes every night and then wash my face with Neutrogena Stress Control cream cleanser.  In the morning, I exfoliate with the Neutrogena oil free grapefruit scrub.  This keeps breakouts at bay and also seems to moderate oil.  For oil and shine, I don’t have a perfect solution yet, but I am choosy about makeup products (Estee Lauder Double Wear is the best foundation for me, I really like the Smashbox BB cream for something lighter) and I always use Smashbox Light Primer on my T-zone.  All products must be topped with powder (I use BOTH Smashbox Halo and Estee Lauder Double Wear pressed powder).

  17. Violet

    Your skin tone/coloring: Nordic/scandinavian fair, neutral-to-pink/cool.
    Biggest skin concern?: Dryness around the nose/general tight feeling of the skin. Some oiliness on my forehead. Small blackheads on my nose.
    Find a fix yet? Sort of.
    What’s helped (at least a little)? The Body Shop Aloe Vera Toner/Exfoliator. These are great for my sensitive skin, and has helped clear any red spots and occasional blemish I’d get. If you have big acne problems, it may not be for you, but sensitive skin that doesn’t have a lot of outbreaks, it will work just fine for. Less is more, don’t put anything stronger on your skin than absolutely needed! :)
    Natu Vive SPF 15 + sun screen SPF 50 moisturiser is what I use by day, and by night I just use Vaseline Intensive Care. During the long and cold winter I may have to use something extra on around my nose.

  18. mpca66

    Coloring: redness
    Concern: clogged pores
    Fix: eh, nope.
    Helped: facials with an esthetician

  19. mirian v

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light/Fair with cool tones (i tend to be more rosy also)
    Biggest skin concern? dryness! My skin gets so flaky around my nose and cheeks. It get red and aggravated so easily.
    Find a fix yet? insanely deep moisture almost twice a day and if I don’t, the flaking forms immediately. I try not to exfoliate too much because it can cause irritation
    What’s helped (at least a little)? LUSH Skin Drink after washing my face with cetaphil morning and night. I may need to find a deeper moisturizer.

  20. Raquel

    Your skin tone/coloring: medium lightBiggest skin concern? oil control vs dehidrated skin / ocasional breakoutsFind a fix yet? have been trying some products (tonics, moisturizers) but since im on a budget i can only try one thing at a time until i finish them :(.  some makeup products help me to disguise my oily nose, like loose and pressed powders.

  21. Marian57

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair/ warm
    Biggest skin concern? Milia
    Find a fix yet? Nope
    What’s helped (at least a little)? keeping anything with any oil away from my skin as per my dermatologist.

  22. Your skin tone/coloring: light to medium to yellow undertones (combination/oily skin)
    Biggest skin concern? Pigmented cheeks
    Find a fix yet? Not really! I don’t remember having such pigmented cheeks. I think the St. Ives Apricot Scrub I used for like a week 5 years ago did this to me >:O
    What’s helped (at least a little)? Well what really bothered me was that I couldn’t use blush correctly because my red cheeks would get in the way. Whenever I shower at night instead of morning, I wake up with a pretty even skin tone, so that’s helped I suppose. I still get really flushed throughout the day. Maybe I should drink more water o.O

    • paneradfisk

      If you haven’t tried a green corrector/primer to cancel out the redness, you can try that :)

  23. Jenny

    Skin tone: olive tan Asian skin (NC 35-40)
    Biggest Concern: crazy, sensitive combo skin
    Fix?  Unfortunately not :(
    What’s helped: blotting sheets, but not by much….

  24. AmyHe

    Skin Coloring/Type: Extremely fair neutral (Waaaay below NC/NW 15. I use Graftobian HD Crème in Porcelain or Lady Fair.) I have slight oily skin when the weather is humid. Great skin for the most part.

    Skin Concern: Near each time of the month since the start of 2012, I would get one or two giant painful pimple >

    • AmyHe

      My comment didn’t post correctly :

      Fix: No

      Something that helps: Plain yogurt masks and a mixture of chilled green tea and honey to treat and get rid of inflammation/redness.

  25. ashtraygirl6

    Your skin tone/coloring: light  neutral 
    Biggest skin concern? dry, sensitive skin with large pores on the cheeks
    Find a fix yet? not really, only things that help but don’t fix completly
    What’s helped (at least a little)? Acids, acids, acids! I get a series (2 appointments) almond-acid peels two times a year at my derm. Other then that my derm recommended me Bioderma’s Sébium Pore Refiner, it’s meant for oily and acne prone skin so I use it only every other day and it really makes my pores finer/less visible but unfortunatelly they are still there :( oh and besides that I use a glycolic-peel (15%) by SVR (a french pharmacy brand) 2-3 times a week.

  26. sshine0923

    Your skin tone/coloring: medium olive skin, NC37
    Biggest skin concern? hormonal acne on cheeks, and some dry patches on face
    Find a fix yet? Nope, desperately looking!
    What’s helped (at least a little)? Almond oil on cleansed skin during the night. Makes my skin look glowing and gorgeous in the morning, but still break out once a month

    • paneradfisk

       @sshine0923 I started getting acne on my cheeks when I had a birth control implant in my arm, it’s getting better since I took it out. Some birth control pills can even help with hormonal acne, Yasmin and Diane are known for helping people with acne :)

  27. Skin tone: Medium dark with yellow undertones
    Skin concern: Big pores visible especially around the nose and chin
    What’s helped: Being trying out the Estee Lauder pore refining treatment and finisher. Basically it a scrub and serum. I have noticed a difference in the size of the pores.

  28. Kristabelle

    Your skin tone/coloring: very pale with slight yellow undertones
    Biggest skin concern? tons of red acne scars on about 75% of my face.
    Find a fix yet? nope. everyone tells me it’ll get better with time but i’d really love to be able to go without makeup sometimes. if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear!
    What’s helped (at least a little)? good foundation and concealer.

    • paneradfisk

       @Kristabelle Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair has helped me a little bit with fading red acne scars!

    • NeenaJ

       @Kristabelle If you can afford to get laser treatments, they would probably help the fastest.  See your dermatologist or call around to find a reputable one.  There’s a special wavelength used for eliminating redness in light skin tones.  It’s an intense pulse laser (IPL) treatment.  It may take 4-6 sessions, but it works wonders.

  29. paneradfisk

    Your skin tone/coloring: Lighter than NC15
    Biggest skin concern? Hormonal acne (because of birth control) + dry skin.
    Find a fix yet? Not really
    What’s helped (at least a little)? For the acne on chin and cheeks/jawline, it helped to STOP using scrubs on my face. I stopped using MAC foundations, that helped alot. Trying to keep it as clean as possible with Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and REN ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser. My face has become less dry since it started getting warmer outside, but it’s still dry, and I use Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream with Dermalogica Hydrating Booster.

  30. t_violet

    Your skin tone/coloring:  Very pale, slight yellow undertone
    Biggest skin concern?  Dull skin, wrinkles (especially between the brows)
    Find a fix yet?  Differin (prescription retinoid) for the dull skin
    What’s helped (at least a little)?  For my between the brow wrinkles, I’ve been using Frownies which are these adhesive patches you put between your brows when you sleep.  The lines aren’t gone but they’re not as deep and angry looking.  I think if I’d started using them when I was younger, I wouldn’t have had wrinkles at all.

  31. kmk05

    *Your skin tone/coloring: medium with yellow undertones (NC25-NC30)
    *Biggest skin concern? (apart from the occasional whiteheads and pimples) moles/freckles appearing here and there and everywhere! Also, the texture of my skin isn’t very smooth (I have raised bumps that I think are clogged pores, but who knows!)
    *Find a fix yet? Not really :(
    *What’s helped (at least a little)? I have been using Paula’s Choice 2% BHA exfoliant for the past 3 months in the hope of unclogging those bumps and retexturising my skin. It’s cleared it out (I very rarely get pimples anymore) but the bumps are still there. Am also using SPF50 susncreen for the pigmentation issues, but the freckles still seem to be multiplying: I think there is a genetic component to it, but it doesn’t hurt to try to minimise it, right? 

  32. Reasoner_

    Your skin tone/coloring: light-medium, slight yellow undertones with uneven pink areas.
    Biggest skin concern? – Acne, dry patches, and uneven skin tone
    Find a fix yet? – For the flaky, dry patches, yes! For the acne, I’m using some new products that have helped so far, so I might have. We’ll have to wait and see. For the uneven skin tone, it’s been improving.
    What’s helped (at least a little)? – For the dryness: Bio-Oil, L’Oreal Active Daily Moisture Lotion and equate Night-time firming cream. For acne: AcneFree Severe Retinol Renewal Complex, AcneFree 3-in-1 Acne Night Repair Leave-on Foam, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne wash (at night), Clean&Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Scrub, and Neutrogena Rapid Clear Fight and Fade toner. For the unevenness: the Bio-Oil and Skin Brightening scrub. 

  33. Alyssamerrick

    Your skin tone/coloring: Pale with pink undertones (NW20)
    Biggest skin concern? Blackheads and oily skin
    Find a fix yet? Nope :( I feel like I’ve tried a million different things
    What’s helped (at least a little)? As far as removing blackheads, nothing has work well. But benefit’s the porefessional does a good job of hiding them. My oily skin has been the the bane of my existence ever since I started wearing makeup. I’ve been using an oil control moisturizer and milk of magnesia which help a little. I have Clinique’s stay matte pressed powder which I use over my liquid foundation (Mac face and body foundation. I love everything about it except I feel like it’s making my skin more oily) but it doesn’t do anything at all. I’ve just gotten used to blotting my face every few hours.

  34. Your skin tone/coloring: Pale with yellow undertones (MUFE 117, BB Warm Sand, Dior 10 + 21 mixed).
    Biggest skin concern: Large, plugged pores, but VERY combo skin (Age 22).
    Find a fix yet: Every other day use of Retin-a and Benzaclin with good morning and evening moisturizers.
    What’s helped (at least a little): I love Dr. Brandts Pores No More primer, and a great stippling brush for foundation, and doing at home vit-c masks (L-ascorbic acid powder and distilled water). I’m perhaps looking into investing in some professional skin treatments when older, and for now a good at home air brush system. 

  35. GracieGee

    Your skin tone/coloring: pale-medium? NC20-NC25
    Biggest skin concern? it used to be really oily.. and can be slightly red at the cheeks
    Find a fix yet? i find exfoliating less.. once or twice a week with a GENTLE SCRUB.. I use TRILOGY (only in NZ) natural skincare.. LUSH is good also..
    What’s helped (at least a little)? BIOOIL!! once at night time-makes skin smooth and more even

    • GracieGee

      what also helps is drinking loads of water, less makeup and loads of fruit and vegs. you cant want healthy looking skin if you arnt Eating healthy foods and living healthy

  36. xamyx

    Skin tone/coloring: Very light, true neutral

    Skin concern: Large & clogged pores, uneven texture

    Fix: I’ve been using pure jojoba oil as a moisturizer for a little over a month, and I have noticed a very discernible difference in my skins surface and as well as a reduction in pore size. I’ve also removed all products containing mineral oil and parabens from my skincare routine. As for foundations, I use them only on occasion, as I’m a stay-at-home mom & I don’t care what the grocery clerk thinks of my bare face. When I do have a need for foundation, I opt for powder mineral foundation, unless it’s a more formal event. I am looking for a paraben-free liquid foundation, if anyone has any ideas.

  37. Ivoire

    Your skin tone/coloring: Pale with neutral undertones (Lighter than NC/NW 15)
    Biggest skin concern? Dry and red patches, dry skin in general
    Find a fix yet? Not really
    What helped (at least a little)? Tons of moisturizer, face mist, a heavy cream overnight and a peeling glove soaked in chamomile tea with which I massage and peel my face regularly. Also, the Bioderma make up remover seems to be really good to my skin, but that is only my first impression as I have only had it for a few days

  38. akhan

    Your skin tone/coloring: medium olive (C4)
    Biggest skin concern: acne, red blotchiness, residual pigmentation marks from healing acne, somewhat noticeable pores on my nose and upper cheeks, wrinkle prevention
    Find a fix yet: my current skin care routine is working very well within the limitations of topical treatments, good primers help smooth out the pores, and I’m fanatical about wearing sunscreen (and also hats in summer). I am considering medical treatments (peels, lasers) in a few years, but have concerns about hyperpigmentation and other side effects that people with my skin colour sometimes experience. More research required I suppose.
    What’s helped (at least a little): chemical exfoliants, retinol and antioxidant serums have helped improve the texture of my skin. More skilled makeup application too :)

  39. Laurence.

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair (NC15,Nars SG Gobi)
    Biggest skin concern? I have a lot of acne scars, some are just colored(dark red and almost purple) and I have a lot of textured scars.I also have big pores and super oily skin with dry patches
    Find a fix yet?I just try to take care of my skin but there’s not much you can do for acne scars,but at least I got rid of my acne.Now I just try to cover it up the best I can
    What’s helped (at least a little)?I took a birth control pill called Diane 35 which really helped my acne,I also washed my face twice a day with an acid salycid cleanser.

  40. EricaN

    Skin tone/coloring: NARA Sheer Glow in Punjab, MAC Face and Body in N3
    Biggest Skin Concern? Breakouts. Acne in general.
    Find a fix yet? Nope, nothing can fix breakouts!
    What has helped ( at least a little)? It might sound weird to some people that read my comment, but Proactiv has worked for me for the past 4 years. I’ve tried many different things and I keep going back to Proactiv. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but it definitely worked for me and I love my skin now!

  41. properlybright

    fair with pink undertones. i’m nw15 at mac.
    my biggest skin concern is dryness/sensitivity. I have very dry/red skin especially on my cheeks.
    I’m still searching for something that blows me away but i have found something that helps a lot.
    i use my clarisonic mia with purity made simple by philosophy and then i mix callendula cream with emu oil. yes it is oil from emus. and yes the emus are killed for food and the oil is harvested for skin issues. it helps a lot. it’s not perfect but if i’m really on top of it i’m almost completely clear of dry, red, bumpy skin.

  42. Cali_Cat_

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light skin with warm undertones
    Biggest skin concern? Acne/hyperpigmentation
    Find a fix yet? Both improving
    What’s helped (at least a little)? acne: devoo skincare system and acneOne step spray hypgerpigmentation: mario badescu whitening mask used as spot treatment every night, overnight

  43. Jackie

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with cool undertones. 15 in MUFE Mat Velvet + and 100 in Lancome Teint Idole Ultra
    Biggest skin concern? Acne scarring and occasional breakouts, but the scarring is the worst!
    Find a fix yet? I’ve tried so many different products to help with acne, although I’ve now realized that it’s the scarring from my past that is worse than my actual breakouts. So no, I haven’t really attempted many products that tend to lean toward that.
    What’s helped (at least a little)? Aloette has been around for years and I finally tried three of their products that has definitely at least improved the appearance of my skin: Lumitone peel serum, Vitamin C concentrate powder and the Spot lotion. The combination of the three is starting to improve my skin!

  44. eltscott

    Fair with neutral undertones. I’m an NC15 at mac. My biggest skin concern is acne. It looks a lot better than it has in years, but I still do get pimples and acne scaring. What has made the biggest difference for me is tea tree oil. I use The Body Shops tea tree oil face wash, Lush’s Grease Lightening, and 15% tea tree oil for spot treatments. 

  45. kathrynvm

    Your skin tone/coloring: Very very pale. Neutral/cool undertone.
    Biggest skin concern? Acne and clogged pores.  It’s gotten way worse in the last year.  The worst part is that I still feel self-conscious when I use foundation, because I can’t find one light enough for me.
    Find a fix yet? No.
    What’s helped (at least a little)? I recently switched to witch hazel astringent and started putting tea tree oil on developing acne which has helped a little.  I also dab on a little neosporin to help popped pimples heal faster.

    • MaggieGrove

       @kathrynvm I recommend ordering a bottle of Illamasqua Rich Liquid foundation in RF105 – it’s literally white with a very slight pink tone, so it’s great to mix with other liquid foundations to make them pale enough :)  If you prefer powder, you might want to look at Meow Cosmetics – their palest shades are very, very pale *and* they make a straight white powder if you’re still too light!  I feel your pain, lol.

    • perfumesnob

       @kathrynvm I have/had really bad acne.  Witch hazel is bad!  It’s going to cause even more irritation (and more acne) and the alcohol causes free radical damage.  I really suggest checking out Paula’s Choice and/or seeing a dermatologist if possible.  You can also check out her website for drugstore recommendations.

  46. Hwimein

    Your skin tone/coloring: Pale with neutral undertones NC/NW 15 MAC
    Biggest skin concern? Rosacea. REdness with rough patches on my cheeks. Very bad when I’m under the sun, eat something spicy or drink wine.
    Find a fix yet? Yes.
    What’s helped (at least a little)?  Besides the metrogel (prescribed) Try Jojoba oil. 100% pure cold pressed jojoba. I use Dessert Essence. I use faithfully every night after cleansing my skin. 

  47. Miss J

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light/Light-Medium. Golden undertones. I can range anywhere between NC15-NC30, but NC20ish is about normal.
    Biggest skin concern? I have three top ones that bug me. 1) Scaly/flaky patches 2) PORES 3) I’m 26, and have hella crinkly under eyes 
    Find a fix yet? I can minimize flakes with exfoliation and heavy duty moisturizer on the area. The others, no fix, yet.
    What’s helped (at least a little)? What I mentioned above helps with the flakes. Nothing helps the crinkly under eyes. Some primers have helped with filling the appearance of pores, but that’s temporary and primers often break me out or dry out my skin.

  48. JasmineMarieE

    Your skin tone/coloring: Pale with neutral to warm undertones (but lighter than MAC NC/NW 15)
    Biggest skin concern? Beginning wrinkles and random acne during my cycle
    Find a fix yet? Vigilant use of SPF and a 5 step skincare routine for the wrinkles, the acne just pops up (one random one by my nose, one by my hairline, sometimes on my chin) I need to eat healthier and drink more water!
    What’s helped (at least a little)?If I don’t touch the little pimples! (So hard!) and then put on a salyclic acid treatment.

  49. Joni

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with warmish undertones 
    Biggest skin concern? Eczema bumpies
    Find a fix yet? Harsh chemicals from a dermatologist 
    What’s helped (at least a little)? Lots and lots of oil and washing my face only with water and not every day.  Even daily washing with water irritates it and dries it out.

  50. beachgal

    Your skin ton/coloring: Fair with warm undertones.
    Biggest skin concern? Aging skin
    What’s helped? 2 things – help – Peter Thoma Roth Firm X GFX Extreme Neuropeptides, & Dr. Denese Firming Facial Age Correcting Cream
    Fix? – plastic surgery but I am not going for it – would do some if I could afford it!

  51. Amanda

    Your skin tone/coloring: on the dark side of pale with cool undertones, but a little olive. Think pale Italian with a slight tan.
    Biggest skin concern? cloggy pores.
    Find a fix yet? nope.
    What’s helped (at least a little)? nothing unfortunately.

  52. BeverleyHeinze

    Your skin tone/coloring:  Fair with yellow undertones
    Biggest skin concern? Sun spots
    Find a fix yet? Kiehls dark spot solution
    What’s helped (at least a little)? L’Occitane brightening range and Chanel UV 50 as a primer

  53. Your skin tone/coloring: Very  fair with warm undertones (NW!) Around no. 2 in skin base from illamasqua! 
    Biggest skin concern? Oilyness
    Find a fix yet? Lush Angels on bare skin cleanser!
    What’s helped (at least a little)? Vichy Normaderm moisturiser! (doesnt mix well with Face and body from mac!)

  54. Alison Cole

    Your skin tone/coloring: Neutral with a slight cool influence. Pale, asian.
    Biggest skin concern? SEVERE acne. Without taking good care of my skin with my twice daily routine, you can’t see the skin on my cheeks for all the pimples. Its extremely painful, red, and scars. 
    Find a fix yet? Yes, The Clarisonic – It has cleared up my acne almost completely. 
    With the rest of my skin care routine, pimples are rare and not painful at all. 
    What’s helped (at least a little)? As I said, the Clarisonic. Also, a gentle, non-drying, non-greasy, non-heavy cleanser, Dermalogica’s precleanse. Finding the right moisturiser. Dermalogica’s Microfoliant and Bedtime for breakouts gel, all to a certain extent, but the thing that has made a dramatic difference was the Clarisonic. 

  55. hwendy

    Your skin tone/coloring: medium tan/ yellow olive undertone/ super oily
    Biggest skin concern? pores
    Find a fix yet? no
    What’s helped (at least a little)? nothing ever help but i am trying some products from Murad for a bit over a week now and still hoping they will work or something will work one day.

  56. Your skin tone/coloring: Light/Medium with golden undertones (NC25)
    Biggest skin concern? Post acne scarring :/
    Find a fix yet? Still on the lookout for the perfect thing.
    What’s helped (at least a little)? Re-gen Oil, works wonders but takes so long!

  57. Veronica

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light/light Medium, mostly pink undertones
    Biggest skin concern? Acne and Acne discoloration
    Find a fix yet? No
    What’s helped (at least a little)? Religious use of sunsceen. Doesn’t help the acne, but does help with the appearance of scars or marks afterward.

  58. CiaraAinsleyFears

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with yellow/golden undertones (I’m pale from staying out of the sun, but I tan really easily)
    Biggest skin concern? Consistent (I’m talking my whole life, never gone away) whiteheads that turn into something more/scar really bad
    Find a fix yet?What’s helped (at least a little)? Honey, tea tree oil, salicylic acid, baking soda. I would highly recommend this regimen to anyone with a similar skin type   

  59. moushka26

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, pink undertones, MAC NW20
    Biggest skin concern: Fighting blackheads, the occasional breakout AND lines/wrinkles, eye bags
    Find a fix yet? Yes, several.
    What’s helped (at least a little)? For the blackheads/spots, Paula’s Choice BHA products, for the wrinkles, Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate of the eyes (amazing product) and Paula’s Choice RESIST line for the rest (also fabulous). NAYY but her products are some of the best I’ve ever used, and they are incredibly well priced.

  60. AmandaP

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light medium with neutral, slightly pink undertones. 
    Biggest skin concern? Large pores, oil, hormonal acne
    Find a fix yet? Not completely, but it’s SO much better in my old age! (28)
    What’s helped (at least a little)? DERMALOGICA! skin clearing wash, daily microfoliant, active moist moisturizer, sebum clearing mask! LOVE

  61. Your skin tone/coloring:  Fair, cool to neutral undertones, freckles, MUFE 115
    Biggest skin concern?   Hmmm there’s so many to choose from :)  Redness takes the cake!
    Find a fix yet?    Nope.  Except for some serious dermatological treatments that I’m not willing to try just yet.   
    What’s helped (at least a little)?   For starters, sunblock every stinkin day, lots of water and generally just being healthy, avoiding triggers like alcohol and saunas, and a good ALA serum.  Being gentle with my skin and only using luke warm water has helped a bit too I think.

  62. teacups

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light medium, yellow understones. NC25.
    Biggest skin concern? Acne and acne scars
    Find a fix yet? Not really! There are things that help, but nothing has really solved the problem.
    What’s helped (at least a little)? Orbis CLEAR series wash and moisturizer, witch hazel toner, 5% benzoyl peroxide for spot  treatment. I want to try the Clarisonic, but am still hesitating because of the price/uncertainty regarding how effective it would be.

    • perfumesnob

       @teacups you may want to rethink the witch hazel.  Naturally it can contain antioxid. & antiirrit. but also irritants.  A lot of the formulas contain alcohol.  Alcohol=free radical damage

  63. Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with cool undertones.
    Biggest skin concern? Visible pores, hormonal acne(only on the chin)
    Find a fix yet? Pores become less invisible.As for acne, still fighting.
    What’s helped (at least a little)?  Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher and they say something about VitaminB to fight hormonal acne.

  64. Nikki

    – Your skin tone/coloring: MAC NC50
    – Biggest skin concern? Sun Protection
    – Find a fix yet? No, every moisturizer or foundation that I’ve tried that has SPF in it has caused breakouts. *sigh*
    – What’s helped (at least a little)? I rarely spend a lot of time outside unless I am doing something that specifically requires me to.  If I know I am going to be outside for hours at a time, I wear a hat to protect my face. 

  65. maureenmojen

    Skintone/Coloring: Very Fair with slightly warm undertones
    Biggest Skin Concern: Forehead Wrinkles. I also have a scar on my forehead but I’ve made peace with it. Actually I suspect that the fact that I had to get so many stitches there made my forehead skin less taut because I don’t have really wrinkles/other signs of aging anywhere else. 
    Find a fix yet? No. I’ve been thinking of trying Dr. Brandt’s glow duo or a more targeted product like Murad’s Time Release Retinol Concentrate for Deep Wrinkles. I would love any suggestions (I don’t have a ton of money so no products that cost $100 or higher, and really I’d like to keep it under $70). Just no Aveeno L’Oreal Olay or any other companies that test on animals please.
    What’s helped (at least a little)?: I’ve been incorporating good skin foods like olive oil into my diet. Product-wise Korres aging oak products made my skin look really nice (and I loved the scent) but couldn’t get rid of these particular wrinkles and probably shouldn’t have been expected to.