Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

Instructions: Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share it with us in the comments section! :)

Favorite blue eyeshadow?: [answer]
Favorite blue liner?: [answer]
Favorite blue look?: [answer]

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30 thoughts on “Survey Says… May 28th, 2009

  1. I know this isn’t filling out your survey, but what I really want to know is how you got thhis; “Enjoyed this Post? Then we encourage you to Save and Promote it!”

    Love the look….did someone design that for you specifically?

    • Hi Alison,

      My boyfriend handles 99% of the tech/coding for Temptalia, and he designed that portion for Temptalia exclusively.

      Thanks! :)

  2. Favorite blue eyeshadow: Blueberry Fizz by Spell Cosmetics!!

  3. Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC’s Deep Truth!
    Favorite blue liner?: Prestige’s eyeliner in Rhapsody
    Favorite blue look?: Meaning by anyone or ourselves in particular? If it’s by ourselves it’s one of my FOTD on my blog :)

  4. Jenna

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC Atlantic Blue
    Favorite blue liner?: n/a
    Favorite blue look?: Daisychain all over lid with a splash of Atlantic Blue in the crease, light pink lips

  5. Nadine

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? MAC Blue Calm – got it at the pro store and its such a gorgeous vibrant blue!
    Favorite blue liner? MAC Aqualine Liquid liner – it adds such a pop
    Favorite blue look? Its tough to say. I like wearing others colours with Aqauline liner for a unique look.

  6. Cindyrella

    Blue Eyeshadow–don’t do blue, it would have to be some sort of teal
    blue e/l–toss up between MAC Navy Stain and Chanel Marine Blue
    Blue look-nada for me

  7. Lo

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: Mutiny Pigment (Mac) or Tilt e/s (Mac)
    Favorite blue liner?: got to be Radium liquid liner by UD- bright royal blue yumminess.
    Favorite blue look?: Tilt on lid with Parfait Amour e/s in crease OR Mutiny Pig on lid and Circa Plum in the crease.

  8. Ana

    fav blue es: UD peace
    fav blue liner:n/a
    fav blue look: UD peace on the lid with MAC pigment in deep blue green in the crease.

  9. El

    favorite blue: Freshwater
    favorite blue line: Indigo
    favorite blue look: delft pp, freshwater on lid, deep truth outer lid and crease, carbon to darken crease

  10. Tania

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC’s Bang on Blue
    Favorite blue liner?: MAC’s Waveline Fluidline
    Favorite blue look?: Everyone’s eye looks sound gorgeous! I’m pretty boring! I really like blue mascara on after I’ve curled my lashes. It brightens up any neutral eye look without overpowering. Perfect for brown eyes like mine!!

  11. Neerja

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC’s Freshwater
    Favorite blue liner?: GOSH deep sea art eyeliner
    Favorite blue look?: Moon’s reflection on the inner lid, freshwater all over, deep truth on the outer corner and carbon to give it depth.

  12. Kathleen

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC Stars by Night
    Favorite blue liner?: Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Deviant
    Favorite blue look?: Urban Decay Shattered all over the lid, Carbon on the lashline and deepen the lid using MAC Stars by Night. Highlight with Femme fi

  13. pretty girl

    i only have a favorite blue liner, Bobbi Brown sapphire shimmer ink, which is being discontinued! :(

  14. Andrea

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC’s Freshwater
    Favorite blue liner?: MAC’s Blue Herizon liquidlast
    Favorite blue look?: Moon’s Reflection on the lid, Freshwater on the outer lid and in the crease, and Blue Truth in the crease

  15. Ali

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC Deep Truth
    Favorite blue liner?: does Mystery kohl count?
    Favorite blue look?: Deep Truth on lid, Shadowy Lady on outer corners of lids, Smudged Violet above Deep Truth to blend, Next to Nothing for highlight

  16. Christine

    eyeshadow: urban decay shattered
    eyeliner: urban decay flipside

  17. Okami08

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC Cool Heat
    Favorite blue liner?: Same as above! Right now I pretty much only use shadows as liners
    Favorite blue look?: Stila’s Black Cat shadow as a liner on the upper lashline, Cool Heat on the lid, blended with Gulf Stream in the outer v and crease, Solar White to highlight, and a touch of Gulf Stream on the outer half of the lower lashline. Follow with mascara and maybe false lashes. :)

  18. Siri

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: NARS China Blue
    Favorite blue liner?: L´OREAL HIP Midnight Blue
    Favorite blue look?: Shroom + China Blue + Creme de Violet+ Midnight Blue eyeliner + Guerlain Kohl Bleu

  19. DevilishDoll

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC Wisteria or Mutiny Pigment
    Favorite blue liner?: MAC Reflecto Soft Sparkle
    Favorite blue look?: Rollickin on lid, Wisteria on lid, Freshwater on outer lid and crease, Shimmermoss on inner crease, a tiny bit of Deep Truth in crease, Nylon on browbone, Pop Blue and Fly By Blu on lower lashline

  20. Rita

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? Don’t have any since blue is my least favourite colour (on me). I have only one blue blue e/s: Blue Flame, but it looks weird on me, and the staying power is not good. I do wear teals.
    Favorite blue liner?: None.
    Favorite blue look?: Teal one I had yesterday: Steamy on inner trird lid, Brash in the middle, Spiced Chocolate outer lid + v (all these overlapping with 217 brush), the latter blended upwards with a hit of Gorgeous Gold + Solar White for highlight and inner corner.

  21. Jenn

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: contrast and tilt
    Favorite blue liner?: MAC smoothblue and Armani l/e #14 silk eyeliner
    Favorite blue look?: hmm the only blue look I’ve been doing lately is Teal pigment in outer v with bronzescape solar bits all over lid; smoothblue eyeliner w/ teal pigment pressed on top (armani fluid sheer no. 2 as base and brow bone highlight)

  22. inuchan

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: Dior quint in Electric Lights!
    Favorite blue liner?: I don’t use liner
    Favorite blue look?: mix&match with said quint

  23. Dee

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC Freshwater
    Favorite blue liner?: Kat Von D Rhi-Venge
    Favorite blue look?: a thick line of blue eyeliner and lots of mascara. One of my favorite things to do is to wear no shadow but a colored eyeliner.

  24. Stephanie

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC Fresh Water and Deep Truth
    Favorite blue liner?: MAC Atuo-De-Blu
    Favorite blue look?: Blue e/s in crease and Vanilla e/s in center of lid.

  25. Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC Freshwater

    Favorite blue liner?: UD 24/7 liner in Deviant or Electric (don’t make me decide!)

    Favorite blue look?: one I did ages ago with all of the blue shades from the Bobbi Brights palette – it was so much fun to do!

  26. Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC Deep Truth or Lancome Personal Stylist
    Favorite blue liner?: UD Electric
    Favorite blue look?: Sky Blue PRO eyeshadow packed over Otherworldly paintpot, Freshwater in the crease and Deep Truth to darken it up a little.

  27. Nora

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC Parrot
    Favorite blue liner?: Designer Brands Ocean (it’s a cheap no-name drugstore brand here in Australia, and the shade is a perfect blurple, like Stylin’ from the HK Lucky Tom palette but so much better!)
    Favorite blue look?: Matte white on the inner corner and first 1/3rd of the lid, Tilt on the rest of the lid, Parrot in the outer V and a highlight. Really pretty, especially the white/Tilt combo. :) A pop of orange or yellow on the lower lashline is cute with this, too.

  28. hi

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? The dark blue from L’Oreal’s Out Of The Blue Wear Infinite Shadow Quad. It’s dark, but it’s bright at the same time with aqua shimmer AND it’s neither purpley or greeny 😀
    Favorite blue liner? MAC Navy Stain Powerpoint!
    Favorite blue look? The teal from the Out Of The Blue quad all over lid, the dark blue from the same quad on outer lid and crease, a touch of MAC Nocturnelle in crease, Blacktrack fluidline on upper lashline, Navy Stain Powerpoint on lower lashline smudged and topped with the dark blue from that quad. <3

  29. mlou

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?: MAC Contrast e/s

    Favorite blue liner?: LM Cake e/l in Bleu Marine, BB sapphire gel or MAC Prussian powerpoint e/p

    Favorite blue look?: usually a grey to dk blue look or Teal to Navy.

    Contrast is one of the most versatile shades -worn it w/Teal pro pan e/s (dc’d now?), Scene e/s, Contrast in outer V. Tightline w/Bleu cake e/l on upper lashes

    Swan Lake (le), with Moonflower (le), to Contrast. Tightline with Lithograph f/l (dc’d)

    Blurple look: LovelyLily pigm with Violet pigm, Contrast e/s. I’ll mix it up and sheer out Contrast on lid, Lovely Lily pigm in crease, Violet in outer corner. Sapphire gel e/l for tightlining upper lashes