Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Favorite blush finish?
  • Favorite eyeshadow finish?
  • Favorite foundation finish?

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45 thoughts on “Survey Says… June 12th, 2013

  1. Amanda

    ◾Your skin tone/coloring: NC 20 (Anne Hathaway)
    ◾Favorite blush finish? Mate (Light Baby Pinks)
    ◾Favorite eyeshadow finish? (Mate, prefer browns)
    ◾Favorite foundation finish? (Natural)

  2. – medium to tan (I wear NC40/NC42)
    – matte. I can tolerate a light shimmer, but I hate having glitter on my face.
    – I prefer a pearl finish for an all over color and matte in my crease.
    – favorite foundation finish would be a matte to satin finish.

  3. Your skin tone/coloring: NC05

    Favorite blush finish: Satin then Matte

    Favorite eyeshadow finish: All of them really! but Satin and pearl are the ones I gravitate too.

    Favorite foundation finish: Matte, but looks like skin so the silicon based ones.

  4. daheep

    Skin tone/coloring: Medium, Neutral/Yellow undertones (BECCA Noisette, MUFE HD 123, UD Naked 5.0)
    Favorite blush finish: Natural-looking, the kind that melts imperceivably into the skin (Tarte Amazonian Clay ones are my favorite to date)
    Favorite eyeshadow finish: UD Stardust. I have deep set eyes, so most shadows, regardless of finish, look very dramatic & overdone if I’m not careful. The UD Stardust ones are sparkly but go on fairly sheer. I also love, love, LOVE duochromes;I just wish I could wear them without looking like I was heading out to Carnival. :(
    Favorite foundation finish: Natural-looking/Satin. I love the way Illuminating ones look, but I have oily skin. By lunch they no longer glow on me, they just look gross.

  5. Your skin tone/coloring: NC 25
    Favorite blush finish? during winter I like matte & during summer I like some shimmer
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? depends on the look
    Favorite foundation finish? matte during summer (because its so hot in texas) and luminous during winter to help my skin look hydrated and healthy

  6. Your skin tone/coloring: Light-medium, peachy (NW20-25)

    Favorite blush finish? Satin (Not too frosty/shimmery, not too matte, just a nice subtle sheen)

    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Shimmer or slightly frosty, but I NEED completely matte for my crease!

    Favorite foundation finish? Mostly matte with a hint of dewiness

  7. ElKay

    ■Your skin tone/coloring: NW-25 Light Medium
    ■Favorite blush finish? Satin
    ■Favorite eyeshadow finish? Matte
    ■Favorite foundation finish? Luminous
    Can you tell I’m older?

  8. Your skin tone/coloring: light to medium warm

    Favorite blush finish? matte

    Favorite eyeshadow finish? oooh, tough choice, can’t decide… matte. No wait, shimmery. No. Wait. Matte! Oh I dunno…

    Favorite foundation finish? matte, definitely

  9. marti

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC25/NC30
    Favorite blush finish? Matte
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Matte and frosty
    Favorite foundation finish? Matte for summer and natural for winter

  10. Cat G

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light with yellow undertones
    Favorite blush finish? Matte
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Shimmery
    Favorite foundation finish? Natural / matte

  11. Your skin tone/coloring: Very pale, slight pink but mostly neutral. Chanel BR-12, MAC NC-15.
    Favorite blush finish? Satin. No shimmer, just a nice sheen.
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Satin.
    Favorite foundation finish? Matte. (I have mostly dry skin, but my nose gets a little oily, for reference)

  12. Your skin tone/coloring: Fairest with yellow undertones. (Nars Siberia)
    Favorite blush finish? Right now, it’s frosted or glittery.
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Metallic and matte.
    Favorite foundation finish? Satin or luminous.

    I like bling, if it isn’t obvious!

  13. erin

    pale with blue and pink undertones
    for blush i like a matte or semi matte finish
    for eyeshadow i prefer satin finish
    and for foundation i prefer either a soft dewy finish or a semi matte finish.

  14. becca

    skin tone/ coloring: NW/NC10, very pale neutral

    favorite blush finish: I like sheer ones that have a little sheen, sheer satin.

    favorite eyeshadow finish: the ones that have multidimensional shimmer and color. I like the ones where you can wear one eyeshadow color and it looks like your wearing 3, i don’t know what that finish is called.

    favorite foundation finish: medium coverage, somewhere between satin and matte that looks like real skin.

  15. ◾Your skin tone/coloring: C3/NC20
    ◾Favorite blush finish? Matte and Satin. Definitely not glittery (think Nars Super Orgasm D:)!
    ◾Favorite eyeshadow finish? Matte!!!
    ◾Favorite foundation finish? Satin or matte depending on weather/look, but generally satin.

  16. Your skin tone/coloring: NW15
    Favorite blush finish? Satin
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Matte
    Favorite foundation finish? Demi-matte

  17. Mariella

    Your skin tone/coloring: fair/cool toned, dark brown eyes and hair
    Favorite blush finish? while I don’t like the colour on me, I love the finish of MAC’s Early Morning Mineralized Blush. It has the most beautiful sheen. I also really like the finish of the Tarte powder blushes I have. They also seem to leave a lovely sheen when you buff them onto your cheeks.
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Gotta be Inglot’s Pearl finish followed by MAC’s Veluxe Pearl
    Favorite foundation finish? Somewhere between matte and a bit dewy (now that I’m getting older). I really love the finish of Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau and also Clarins Skin Illusion.

    • Mariella

      I also wanted to say that I really love MAC’s Sheertone Shimmer finish but I was having so much trouble posting (not sure if it’s my ISP or my own modem) and couldn’t check out the finishes of some of my favourite blushes.

  18. Lauren

    Your skin tone/coloring: Caramel Tone – NC45; Matchmaster 7.0,

    Favorite blush finish: Matte or mineralize for the most part. Depends on what time of year it is.

    Favorite eyeshadow finish: All of them. As long as they provide good pigmentation and coverage, I’m all in.

    Favorite foundation finish: Natural looking/Satin finish. Matte if I’m doing a photoshoot. I have combo skin and I sweat a lot in the summer so I don’t like a lot of make on.

  19. Laurel

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light, neutral, MUFE 117, Bobbi Brown Warm Ivory. Dark brown hair, amber eyes
    Favorite blush finish? I like matte a little more so that I can add the shimmer where I want. I do like shimmer though, HATE GLITTER
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Shim shim shimmer shimmery!
    Favorite foundation finish? Luminous or Natural

  20. Skin tone/coloring: Cool & pale lol (why must I have red undertones!); UD NAKED 0.5, tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in Fair
    Favorite blush finish: really starting to love mattes, but I like the shimmeriness of Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush as well
    Favorite eyeshadow finish: LOVE glittery/shimmery shades (particularly if its micro glitter), enjoying mattes
    Favorite foundation finish: Really prefer mattes and satiny finishes; dewy finishes make my combination skin look super oily.

  21. Megan Beemster

    ■Your skin tone/coloring:NC20
    ■Favorite blush finish? I like both Matte and slight shimmer, but the overly shimmery/glittery blushes(read:Benefit Bella Bamba) are just horrendous on me.
    ■Favorite eyeshadow finish? Depends on my mood! Sometimes a little shimmer is needed to make things more interesting,haha.
    ■Favorite foundation finish?Matte, definitely.

  22. Veronica

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, cooler toned. NC/W15 in summer, NW10 in winter.
    Favorite blush finish? I like matte the versatility, but I enjoy a good satin, as well.
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Satin.
    Favorite foundation finish? I’m willing to wear any finish except the super dewy look. I just can’t get on that wagon.

  23. Marian

    ■Your skin tone/coloring: warm/fair
    ■Favorite blush finish? shimmer or matte
    ■Favorite eyeshadow finish? shimmer or matte
    ■Favorite foundation finish? satin

  24. liz

    Your skin tone/coloring: fair, cool-leaning-neutral (peachy pink undertones)
    Favorite blush finish?: satin!! so pretty. and mattes too but only if i’m using a satin or shimmery highlighter
    Favorite eyeshadow finish?: pearls, duochromes, mattes.
    Favorite foundation finish?: natural/semi-matte, light-medium coverage.

  25. NC 42/43
    Satin mostly although I love a good matte

  26. Amy

    Skin” NC30
    Blush: Satin/Sheen
    Eyeshadow: Matte!
    Foundation: Satin

  27. Jan

    ◾Your skin tone/coloring: Try this: kind of a dark tan that is simultaneously golden, ashen, and ruddy. I know – hardly the picture of glamour but there’s no better way to describe it. Looks fine until one tries to apply make-up.
    ◾Favorite blush finish: Satin or matte
    ◾Favorite eyeshadow finish? Lids: satin or light shimmer. Crease and brow: matte or satin
    ◾Favorite foundation finish? Dewey with no shimmer.

  28. CeeBee

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light medium, warm, yellow based

    Favorite blush finish? Satiny with a little bit of glimmer, so flattering!

    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Shimmer!

    Favorite foundation finish? Dewy

    I think skin (and makeup generally) always looks lovely and natural with a little bit of light to it

  29. JEN

    Your skin tone/coloring: Tan/yellow undertones (MAC NC42, C5 in MAC Face and Body)
    Favorite blush finish? I love mineralize blushes by MAC as well as satin blushes.
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Veluxe Pearl, matte and STARFLASH!!
    Favorite foundation finish? Sheer, dewy, radiant.

  30. Mariela B

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light/Medium, Yellow undertones.
    Favorite blush finish? Tarte
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Inglot & Urban decay
    Favorite foundation finish? Mac Face & Body

  31. xamyx

    Skin: Fairly light, very neutral; dark features.

    Blush: Creamy mattes.

    Eyeshadow: I have a use for all finishes, and I like to use at least 2-3 different ones in any given look. That said, I love really complex shades, like duochromes & colored “pearls” (as in NARS Night Series).

    Foundation: Dewy; however, I haven’t found one I really love, yet… I have drier skin, so most foundations just end up looking completely matte, and in turn, emphasizes pores.

  32. Jackie

    Your skin tone/coloring: Very fair, neutral undertones.
    Favorite blush finish? Satin or matte. I love the slight glow a satin can give, and love the intensity mattes can give.
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? I love all finishes really, but things like satin and matte tend to be my favourte.
    Favorite foundation finish? Satin! I love having almost matte skin with a slightly more natural vibe.

  33. ◾Your skin tone/coloring: NC25 (Chinese)
    ◾Favorite blush finish? Shimmer
    ◾Favorite eyeshadow finish? Shimmer/Luminous (like Chanel Illusion d’Ombres)
    ◾Favorite foundation finish? Matte powder (only because I have oily skin, and even with matte finishes, my skin can still look luminous)

  34. Courtney

    Your skin tone/coloring: olive/medium brown with yellow undertones
    Favorite blush finish? mainly matte but I do enjoy a nice shimmer
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? shimmer
    Favorite foundation finish? satin and on occasion dewy

  35. Jenn

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with cool undertones, NW20
    Favorite blush finish? very sheer, shimmery
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? satin
    Favorite foundation finish? natural

  36. Lauren

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light-Medium (approx MAC NC30)
    Favorite blush finish? Matte
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Satin or shimmer
    Favorite foundation finish? Satin Matte. I have oily skin but I can’t stand a SUPER matte finish.

  37. Your skin tone/coloring: NC20

    Favorite blush finish? satin and shimmer

    Favorite eyeshadow finish? pearl and duochrome

    Favorite foundation finish? medium coverage, but natural-looking (specifically Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau)

  38. ◾Your skin tone/coloring: NC15/NW20
    ◾Favorite blush finish? Probably Satin, but I’m open to all finishes (including Frost)
    ◾Favorite eyeshadow finish? Frost (and Veluxe Pearl from MAC)
    ◾Favorite foundation finish? Anything really dewy because my skin is so dry.

  39. Ola Wysocka

    Your skin tone/coloring: very fair, pale
    Favorite blush finish: satin
    Favorite eyeshadow finish: shimmery
    Favorite foundation finish: luminous

  40. teddy

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC20
    Favorite blush finish: satin
    Favorite eyeshadow finish: shimmery
    Favorite foundation finish: natural-dewy

  41. Miija

    • I am NW43 in MAC Studio Sculpt foundation.
    • I like shimmery blushes. (MAC Sheertone Shimmer or Frost)
    • I like shimmery eyeshadows as well. (primarily browns/bronzes)
    • I prefer a natural to dewy foundation finish.

  42. Your skin tone/coloring: Light/yellow
    Favorite blush finish? Satin or matte
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? It’s easier to say what I don’t like: glittery or metallic e/s
    Favorite foundation finish? I like a natural finish, not too dewy, not too matte. I like my skin to look like skin, therefore I rarely use foundation, I prefer the BE neutralizing primer, which is perfect for evening out my skin tone.

  43. Karla

    Your skin tone/coloring: MAC NW35 right now, or Revlon’s Natural Tan/Early Tan
    Favorite blush finish? Matte or Satin Love Mac’s Pinch O’ Peach, Nars Exhibit A
    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Velux Pearl, Matte. They look great together.
    Favorite foundation finish? Satin/Dewy I have VERY dry skin.

  44. Nikki

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC50

    Favorite blush finish? Matte

    Favorite eyeshadow finish? Matte

    Favorite foundation finish? Satin