Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Worst lipgloss?
  • Best makeup remover?
  • Blush you’re wearing right now?

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145 thoughts on “Survey Says… February 9th, 2011

  1. Lauren

    Worst lipgloss? mac lip glass or anything by nars= horrible smell
    Best makeup remover? still looking…
    Blush you’re wearing right now? the natural flush of rosacea haha

  2. Natalie

    Worst lipgloss? Sephora brand lipgloss…0 color payoff no matter how many I try and even stickier than MAC.
    Best makeup remover? MAC Cleansing Wipes!
    Blush you’re wearing right now? BeneFit CORALista

  3. Bahar

    Worst lipgloss? Smashbox. Dont know the name of it but yuck! Hated it!

    Best makeup remover? Baby wipes

    Blush you’re wearing right now? NARS Gilda

  4. Bianca

    Worst lipgloss- MAC lipglass too sticky
    Nars horrible taste & smell
    Milani they burn my lips & smell horrible

    Best makeup remover- Sonia Kashuk

    I’m wearing MAC Style blush! OMG I love this blush it’s gorgeous!

  5. Gina

    Worst lipgloss: Bare Escentuals Buxom lip gloss. Too thick and goopy, and a weird smell.

    Best makeup remover: Pond’s cold cream!

    Blush: NYX dusty rose as a contour.

    • Heather

      OMG YES! I thought I was the weirdo that hated Buxom bc everyone raves about their glosses! I SWEAR it burned my lips- I put it on and my lips were burning and irritated and stayed dark red for like 4 days after… horrible!!!

      • Maggie

        The Buxom are supposed to give your lips a tingle because they have lip plumping ingredients!

        • Heather

          I know but I actually got a chemical burn from it! If you google “chemical burn + Lips” you’ll see what I mean… I think it’s actually Buxom itself, because I’ve used other plumpers and they never gave me a reaction (even a cheap Sally Hanson one)

  6. Inga

    Worst lipgloss? Anything by MAC.
    Best makeup remover? Still looking…
    Blush you’re wearing right now? MAC Ladyblush and NYX powderblush in Angel over.

  7. rosa

    Worst lipgloss: Probably Diors Kiss gloss… but it isn’t *that* bad.. it just contains huge glitter particles which I don’t like. The ironic thing is that I have a lot of Dior Kiss glosses.

    Best makeup remover: I haven’t found my HG makeup remover yet, I don’t remember what it is called, but the one I currently use is by Chanel and it’s ok.

    Blush: Guerlain Blush G Serie Noir. I usually go for Peaches (MAC) every day, but this one really gives me a supernice glow.

  8. Maria

    Worst lipgloss? Smashbox, NARS
    Best makeup remover? anything oilbased
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Rimmel Peach

  9. ChristineD

    worst lip gloss-lip smackers
    best makeup remover-vichy acne prone face wash
    blush i am wearing-none at the moment but hopefully my MUFE HD blush will show up in the mail today!

  10. Laurina

    Worst lipgloss? Stila Lipglaze in Blush. I hate the texture, the color, and the smell!! I just can’t love this lip gloss :-(
    Best makeup remover? Right now I am using Almay’s makeup remover but I need to find something better
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Too Faced Candy Leopard

  11. coco72

    Worst lipgloss? everyone! i hate them (lol)
    Best makeup remover? Vichy Oligo25 foam cleanser
    Blush you´re wearing right now? Benefit Coralista and Hoola for contouring

  12. Tanushree

    MAC Dazzleglasses: SO sticky!

    Maybelline Makeup Remover is too greasy

    MAC Hipness Blush from the to the beach collection….i am so ready for summer already!

  13. Lady Di.

    Worst lipgloss? Smashbox. doesn’t last at all
    Best make up remover? Kirkland wipes
    Blush you’re wearing now? MAC Mighty Aphrodite (It just came in the mail earlier this week and Im testing it out today!)

  14. Marcela

    lipgloss: of all the ones i own, MAC English Accents lipglass… unbelievably sticky, like 10x more than the usual lipglass.
    remover: i just use my facewash to remove makeup, Neutrogena Oil-Free
    blush: MAC Peachtwist

  15. Worst lipgloss? Bloom lipglosses
    Best makeup remover? The face shop rice brightening lip and eye makeup remover
    Blush you’re wearing right now? smashbox bare

  16. Olivia

    Worst lipgloss- MAC, too sticky for my taste
    Best makeup remover- I put lancome bi facil on neutrogena cleansing wipes and my waterproof mascara comes right off
    Blush i’m wearing right now- MAC mighty aphrodite =)

  17. allyssa

    worst lipgloss?: the cheapy stuff i got at forever 21. it tasted like soap!

    best makeup remover?: i like the target brand wipes

    blush youre wearing right now?: mac trace gold. im OBSESSED

  18. Julia

    u.m.a. volumising lipgloss
    nivea sensitive waterproof cleanser
    e.l.f. blush bronzed

  19. JM

    Worst lipgloss? Lancome Juicy Tubes
    Best makeup remover? Clinique Take the Day Off
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Nars Sex Appeal

  20. Jami

    worst lipgloss: nars for smell and i like sticky gloses cuz they seem to last longer
    best makeup remover: mac wipes and clares for eyes
    what blush am i wearing?: chanel 26 neroli rose

  21. Telma Micheloto

    Worst lipgloss? L’Oreal Infalible Lipgloss – smells funny, dries uneven, sticks on teeth

    Best makeup remover? MAC Cleanse Off Oil – tip I got from Temptalia!

    Blush you’re wearing right now? Soho de Chanel blush and highlighter – great for day or night

  22. Liz

    Worst lipgloss: sally hansen comfort lip glaze
    Best makeup remover: the clear Rimmel kind
    Blush I’m wearing: Stila Make Me Blush Cheek Color

  23. Lisa

    L’Oréal 6 hr glam shine – super sticky and the colour was gone after 30 mins, but the glitter would never come off. EVER.
    Nivea Cleansing Lotion – love!
    MAC Instant Chic

  24. heidi

    Worst lipgloss: everyone seems opposed to dazzleglasses but I love them, I have covergirl wetslicks, the formula seperates so all the pigment is in the bottom of the tube you never get a consistent color and it tastes like yuck yuck!
    Best makeup remover: clinique but I can’t bring myself to pay so much for remover so I’ve been using target.
    Blush I’m wearing right now: Ulta girlie its great for a natural glow from within flufh

  25. anna

    Worst lipgloss? Hmm, I find Nars lipglosses too sticky and sephora’s wear really really badly

    Best makeup remover? I only use baby oil. It works and is hella cheap.

    Blush you’re wearing right now? chanel joues contraste in rose dust

  26. anonymous

    Worst lipgloss? all that comes to mind is lorac mocktails but I’m sure there’s been worse. I just toss the bad ones.

    Best makeup remover? caudalie cleansing water. removes all the makeup but doesn’t burn, strip the skin, etc., even on really irritated skin. it’s my HG

    Blush you’re wearing right now? none

  27. Joanne

    Bare Escentual Lipglosses — can’t stand the smell!
    Does Philosophy Purity Made Simple count? Otherwise I love Neutrogena makeup remover wipes as well.
    MAC Warm Soul Mineralize Blush

  28. Liz Mc

    Worst lip gloss- Tossup between NYX, which tastes and smells awful, and a Dolce and Gabana one I have that is gooey and has giant blue glitter in a fuschia base. Garish and awful.

    Best makeup remover – I second the cold cream vote.

    Blush I’m wearing right now – NYX Angel.

  29. Sarah

    Worst lipgloss? covergirl
    Best makeup remover? olay makeup wipes
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Dame by mac

  30. Macy

    Worst Lipgloss: Smashbox Lip Gloss I got in a set
    Best makeup remover: L’oreal Gentle Eye Makeup Remover/Eyes and Lips – Waterproof Makeup

  31. Dorna

    worst lip gloss: NYC
    best makeup remover: Lancome Bi-Facil
    blush you’re wearing right now: Bobbi Brown in Tawny

  32. Lyndsay

    Worst lipgloss: Clinique glosswear. Waayyy too sticky

    Best makeup remover: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

    Blush I’m wearing now: NARS Sin

  33. pinksoda

    Worst Lipgloss: MAC’s Fold and Tuck
    Best Makeup Remover: Just plain old pond’s cold cream
    Blush: Revlon Cream Blush in Berrylicious

  34. Vicki

    Worst lipgloss? Don’t have that many lip glosses and the ones I have I really like… so none?
    Best makeup remover? Philosophy Just Release Me
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Nars Deep Throat

  35. courtneyseaa

    1. NARS orgasm lipgloss. So sticky & icky!

    2.Mary Kay eye makeup remover is THE BESTT!!

    3. NARS Deep throat

  36. Jenni

    Worst Lipgloss – Ones I got from Coastal Scents, they look good but they always do that gross slimy thing around your mouth after a while
    Best Makeup Remover – for eyes: Bobbi Brown or Boots, for face: MAC wipes
    Blush I’m Wearing – Style by MAC – loves!

  37. Jasmin

    worst lipgloss: NYX Nude Lipgloss
    best makeup remover: still looking but at the moment… Lancome Bi-Facil MakeUp Remover
    blush you’re wearing right now: MAC Petticoat Mineralize SkinFinish (LE)

  38. Hend

    Worst lipgloss?
    Nars lipglosses,
    smells and tastes like poison !

    Best makeup remover?

    Blush you’re wearing right now?
    😀 It’s mid-night here!
    and I’m going to sleep right after this post !!

  39. Julia

    worst lipgloss- clinique. way too thick and sticky!

    remover- Neturogena wipes

    blush- Milani Luminous

  40. TonTeezy

    1. I don’t wear lipgloss.
    2. For my eyes cold cream from the 99 cent store. Face Nu-Pore also from the 99 cent store.
    3. NARS Taj Mahal.

  41. Tina

    Worst lip gloss- Hmmm….Revlon anything

    Best Makeup Remover-Clinique Take the Day off

    Blush I’m wearing right now- DuWop Blushbooster in Apple

  42. Kitty

    worst lipgloss: MAC dazzleglass cremes– disappointing color pay off and so gritty >.<

    best makeup remover: maybelline expert eyes moisturizing eye make up remover– the only thing my dry skin will tolerate!

    blush i'm wearing right now: MAC ripe peach. love forever ^^

  43. Katie

    Worst lipgloss: Smashbox…doesn’t last!!
    Best makeup remover:Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes.
    Blush you’re wearing right now: MAC Virgin Isle + Physicians Formula Happy Booster

  44. Jadyn

    Worst lipgloss: MAC Dazzleglass, Lancome Juicy Tubes, Sephora brand
    Best makeup remover: (I’ll use any of these): pond’s, neutrogena, or garnier makeup wipes
    Blush: NARS creme blush in cactus flower set with elf blush from blush/bronzer duo (NARS super orgasm dupe)

  45. Alison M

    Worst Lipgloss? Anything by Sephora. No lasting power and I don’t like the fruity/chemical scents.
    Best Makeup Remover? Oil-Free Makeup Remover by Senna Cosmetics
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Moonstone by Senna Cosmetics (it’s the ultimate for super pale skin like mine)

  46. Tina

    Worst lipgloss? mac lip glass…way too sticky
    Best makeup remover? neutrogena face wipes
    Blush you’re wearing right now? petticoat MSF

  47. Amy

    Mac Lip glasses-all but Nymphette and Viva Glam Cyndi
    Clinique Take the Day off
    Mac mighty aphrodite

  48. Whippetlady

    Worst lipgloss- MAC, too sticky
    Best Makeup Remover – Signature A makeup Meltdown- like a great old school cold cream, sold in big tubs.
    BLush of the day- MAC Desirous.

  49. Emily

    Worst lipgloss: Illamasqua Intense. The stickiest, messiest lip gloss I’ve ever worn.

    Best makeup remover: Olive oil

    Blush I’m wearing: Maybelline Mousse Blush.

  50. Worst lipgloss? Plumping glosses, I hate the sensation !
    Best makeup remover? Clinique Take the Day Off
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Blush G Serie Noire Guerlain

  51. Heather

    Worst lipgloss? I’m the lipgloss queen and I have about a million of them (ok, maybe only like 150 lol) and out of all that either Buxom (seriously gave me like a chemical burn)or Smashbox- beautiful looking but lasted like 30 min tops. I’m the weirdo that loves NARS glosses though- I don’t mind the burnt plastic smell bc they always look gorgeous on me.
    Best makeup remover? Pond’s cold cream
    Blush you’re wearing right now? None, I was running late to work this morning

  52. Ana

    Worst Lipgloss? Urban Decay’s Pocket Rockets (WORST SMELL EVER! Usually I could go past a funky smelling product, but these glosses are so rank…such a shame cuz those things are CUTE!)

    Best m/u remover? MAC wipes

    Blush I’m wearing- MAC Pink Swoon

  53. Linda

    Worst lipgloss? Urban decay pocket rockets, the smell and taste makes my stomach turn

    Best makeup remover? Lancome’s bi-facils

    Blush you’re wearing right now? BeneFit’s bella bamba

  54. Mel

    Worst lipgloss? Anything super sticky.
    Best makeup remover? Pond’s Makeup removing towelettes.
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Nars Hungry Heart.

  55. carissa

    Worst Lipgloss: Mac is horribly sticky, so yep.
    Best Makeup remover: I like a neutrogena eye cream
    Blush: Benefit Bella Bamba

  56. Sharon

    Worst lipgloss: Buxom – terrible smell and feels horrible
    Best makeup remover: Neutrogena makeup remover wipes
    Blush I’m Wearing Right Now: Bare Escentuals Golden Gate

  57. Abril

    Worst lipgloss? Nars Lip Laquer! The smell is horrible!
    Best makeup remover? MAC Cleanse Off Oil.
    Blush you’re wearing right now? MAC Cantaloupe.

  58. Ali

    Worst lipgloss: MAC lipglas – very sticky
    Best makeup remover: still looking
    Blush: BeneTint

  59. Marina

    Worst lipgloss? YSL Golden Gloss – so stinky i couldn’t even put it on! and whenever someone in my proximity is wearing it i smell it and feel nauseated.
    Best makeup remover? Apricot oil. I only use natural skincare stuff.
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Chanel Tweed Rose.

  60. Meg

    * Worst lipgloss? An avon one >___<
    * Best makeup remover? Neutrogena makeup remover towlettes
    * Blush you’re wearing right now? none :) … I'm giving a breath to my face.

  61. Worst lipgloss?
    Essence lipgloss… Cheap.. Cheap smell and big glitter
    Best makeup remover?
    Kruidvat, a dutch drugstore brand
    Blush you’re wearing right now?
    MAC Dollymix

  62. Cindy

    Worst lipgloss? Mac Viva Glam Gaga, worst color on me and MAC lipglasses are soo sticky :/
    Best makeup remover? Kirkland facial wipes
    Blush your wearing right now? Maybelline dream mousse blush in Peach Satin

  63. Destinee

    Worst lipgloss? MAC Lipglass – Too sticky
    Best makeup remover? Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes
    Blush you’re wearing right now? MAC Melba

  64. iris

    Worst lipgloss: Mac prrr – way too frosty and cheap looking
    Best make up remover: Bioderma
    Blush I´m wearing: Mac Bite of an apple

  65. Helen

    The worst lipgloss for me are Mac Lipglass- way too sticky for me, and Bare Escentuals Lipglosses have a horrible taste.

    Right now I am using Chanel’s makeup remover when I use waterproof liner and mascara, and Arcona’s white tea makeup remover. Both are good, but the Chanel is more effective– still haven’t found my HG remover though.

    Right now I am wearing Chanel’s Joues Contraste in Pink Explosion (LE in the US- still available in Europe)

  66. Adrianne

    Worst Lipgloss: Lorac gloss stick- the color is patchy. MAC lipglass, any gloss with huge chunks of glitter.
    Best Make Up Remover: L’Oreal oil-free
    Blush I’m wearing: Stila “Make Me Blush” Just got it this week and I love it.

  67. Glenda

    Worst lipgloss – Anything ny MAC. Particularly their dazzleglasses. Ugh!

    Best makeup remover – Neutrogena cleansing wipes.

    Blush I’m wearing now – MAC Petticoat MSF

  68. Worst lipgloss? Juicy Tube, over rated too expensive
    Best makeup remover? Garnier lean sensitive 2 in 1
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Illamasqua lover

  69. Worst lipgloss?

    MAC Lipglass. Although I’m not a fan of the stickiness of the gloss, my biggest problem is when the lipglass gets all over the outside of the tube and then all sorts of stuff (like dirt and dust) begin to stick to it. Gross.

    Best makeup remover?

    I use Chanel because it’s the best and because it matches all the other face products on my bathroom counter but Lancome is pretty good too. I’ve used L’oreal (useless), Nars (had to scrub pretty hard, not a lot of product, left a gross white film on my face), and Bobbi Brown (even more useless than L’oreal – I gave it to a friend).

    Blush you’re wearing right now?

    Chanel Irreelle Blush in Incognito #70 I find that I’m beginning to like NARS multiples less and less. Chanel’s blush is so subtle.

  70. Karen

    Worst lipgloss? Stila…I don’t like the clicky-pen type/brush applicator
    Best makeup remover? MAC Wipes; Almay Eyemakeup Remover Pads
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Benefit Posetint topped with MAC Hand Finish blush

  71. Julia

    Lancome Juicy tubes – wet and wild quality with a ridiculous price tag.
    Baby Oil!
    Mac MSF in Pink Power!!

  72. Vincent

    Any dazzleglass by MAC
    Neutrogena oil free eyemake up remover
    Panic by illamasqua

  73. AnGeLwInGz

    worst lipgloss – there’s too many to name specifically. Anything that’s gritty or tastes/smells bad is a no-go for me.
    best makeup remover – Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover
    blush you’re wearing right now – Chanel Espiegle

  74. Mlynn

    Worst lip gloss? Something I borrowed from my sister once. SO sticky and almost runny.

    Best makeup remover? For heavy Halloween makeup I like Pond’s cold cream but it is a little heavy for everyday use for my sensitive skin.

    Blush you’re wearing right now? Smashbox’s O-Glow! I just got it and totally love it!!

  75. karen

    worst lipgloss: urban decay pocket pal glosses are HORRIBLE!!!!! so is mac superglass
    best makeup remover: elf makeup wipes
    blush i’m wearing: mac petticoat msf

  76. Marian

    Worst lipgloss? I’m still looking for my best lipgloss. There’s always something I don’t like. MACs is sticky. I like the consistancy of NARS but they smell bad. Some have too little color payoff. Some taste like candy…blah
    Best makeup remover? Lancome Bi-Facil
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Bobbi Brown Nectar

  77. Shilpa

    worst lipgloss: i detest anything “plumping”

    best makeup remover: still looking
    blush: nars amour

  78. Sunnygfunk

    Worst lipgloss= havent tried one because I love mac and only use mac
    Best makeup remover= neutrogina eye makeup remover
    Blush I’m wearing right now= Sonia kashuk cheek stain in poppy

  79. Jen

    Worst lip gloss: easy. Maybelline ShineSensational. So oily and smelly on your lips…
    Best makeup remover: I loved Lancome Bi-Facil for water-proof makeup, and I just use Bio-Specific Derma Calm Cleansing Lotion from Yves Rocher for non-waterproof. Not oily and works fine!
    Blush: MAC Style and MAC eyeshadow in Soft Brown to contour.

  80. Colleen

    Lipgloss: Rimmel – ugh
    Best Makeup Remover: MAC Pro makeup remover (purple bottle) Love It!
    Blush: MAC mineralize blush in Hand Finish

  81. Kimberly

    Worst lipgloss? In my opinon it’s mac, they are wayyyyy to sticky for me. I prefer a more moisturizing gloss.

    Best makeup remover? Coconut, JoJoBa oil, or my home made remover.

    Blush you’re wearing right now? Nars Orgasm.

  82. Stacey

    Worst lipgloss – E L.F. studio minty lip gloss…very gritty!

    Best make up remover – currently using origins’ pure cream

    Blush I wore today – a Mac mineralize one, the name of which currently escapes me!

  83. Sandra

    Worst lipgloss? Stila lipglaze, the smell gets really bad after a week.
    Best makeup remover? Boscia makeup-breakup cool cleansing oil. Using my third bottle.
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Estee Lauder Plum Nuance.

  84. Mariella

    Worst lipgloss – I haven’t encountered a really bad one
    Best makeup remover – MAC Cleanse Off Oil
    Blush I’m wearing right now – MAC Pinch o’Peach

  85. Bianca

    Worst lipgloss? BUXOM…it hurts!
    Best makeup remover? Neutrogena wipes
    Blush you’re wearing right now? MAC Venomous Villians “Bite of an Apple”

  86. Sarah

    worst lipgloss: The NYC squeeze tubes

    Best makeup remover: Neutrogena oil free remover

    Blush you’re wearing right now: Mac Mighty Aphrodite love this color

  87. Worst Lipgloss: ELF. so awful!
    best makeup remover: I’ve been using Sonia Kashuk and I love it! :)
    blush: nars orgasm :)

  88. Nicole

    Worst Lipgloss = Borghese (they are sticky and taste like straw. Plus their brush applicators fall out x_x)

    Best Makeup Remover = Soap ‘n Water

    Blush I’m Wearing right now = Natural Flush (from my cheeks…)

  89. Angelcat47

    Huggie’s Baby Wipes
    Maybelline Dream Mousse in Soft Plum.

  90. Adail

    Worst lipgloss: Nars (eww smell, dry up fast, not enough pigmentation)

    Best Makeup Remover: Mac Gentle Cleanse off oil

    Blush I’m wearing right now: Benefit Coralista

  91. Kelsey

    Worst Lipgloss? Stila Lip glaze
    Best Makeup Remover? MAC wipes
    Blush you’re wearing right now? Benefit Bella Bamba (I LOVE it!)

  92. Sara

    Worst Lipgloss? Mac “lipglass”
    Best Makeup Remover? Clinique “take the day off”
    Blush You’re Wearing Right Now? Mac “Instant Chic”

  93. Jamie

    Worst lipgloss? Anything plumping (BE Buxom, TF Lip Injection, MAC Plushglass, etc) they burn my lips!
    Best makeup remover? Clinique Take the Day Off
    Blush you’re wearing right now? MAC Cream Color Base in Fantastic Plastic

  94. Worst lipgloss? Revlon Colorstay – the ones in the round tubes that were supposed to dry down to a stain? All they did was make my lips gum up and dry out.

    Best makeup remover? Kanebo Kracie Naive Olive Deep Cleansing Oil – takes off everything, including Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara, and it’s cheap too!

    Blush you’re wearing right now? I was sick today, so no blush.

  95. Adelita

    * Worst lipgloss?
    » Revlon Lipglosses. Every Revlon’s lip product are super drying on me!

    * Best makeup remover?
    » MUJI Cleansing Oil for Sensitive Skin, Cetaphil and LUSH Fresh Farmacy.

    * Blush you’re wearing right now?
    » Benefit Posietint + Benefit Moon Beam + MAC VV Briar Rose Beauty Powder

  96. ashley

    Worst lip gloss,estee lauder,too thick &anything by stila is gross!
    Best remover, nutrogena wipes & FAB cleanser with my mia
    Blush,I am loving my woner woman- mighty aphrodite with pink power msf for contour & highlight. the large size makes it easy to pick up different colors!

  97. Geo

    Worst lip gloss: Cover Girl ShineBlast Lip gloss
    Best Makeup remover: Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap
    Blush I’m wearing: I was wearing Avon bronzer

  98. Rosie

    Worst lipgloss: That I’ve tried is the NYX girl serious one, not sure of name but they’re really runny and nothing like their Mega Shine ones.
    Best makeup remover? Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a cotton cloth
    Blush I wore today: NYX Terracotta

  99. Worst lip gloss = Murad’s pomegranate lip gloss. Felt really gross and dried out my lips.

    Best makeup remover = Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil (Japanese drugstore product)

    Blush I’m wearing right now = MAC’s Dainty

  100. Katie

    Worst lipgloss: I’ve never been a fan of the Urban Decay lip gunks…they’re too sticky for me!

    Best makeup remover: Neutrogena makeup removing wipes!

    Blush you’re wearing right now: MAC’s Mighty Aphrodite + Stereo Rose =)