Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Best peach polish?
  • Best peach eyeshadow?
  • Best peach blush?

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36 thoughts on “Survey Says… February 6th, 2013

  1. ■Your skin tone/coloring: Fair
    ■Best peach polish?: Sally Hansen
    ■Best peach eyeshadow?: Foxy by UD
    ■Best peach blush?: Tarte Steller

  2. GUSnail

    Your skin tone/coloring: Medium tan w/olive undertones
    Best peach polish? Don’t have one
    Best peach eyeshadow? MAC Orb
    Best peach blush? MAC Peaches

  3. Emme

    Skin Tone: Fair
    Best polish: Wet ‘n Wild “Private Viewing”
    Best blush: Milani “Luminoso”

  4. Jennifer

    Your skin tone/coloring: MAC NC20; light warm
    Best peach polish? Illamasqua Purity
    Best peach eyeshadow? Urban Decay Flow
    Best peach blush? Tarte Blissful

  5. LauraR.

    Your skin tone/coloring: very pale with yellow-neutral undertones

    Best peach polish? haven’t found one

    Best peach eyeshadow? In the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone palette there is a beautiful shimmering peachy (slightly coppery) color that I love.

    Best peach blush? Right now I use Physician’s Formula Cashmere Wear blush in Natural which has nice peachy tone. It works pretty well with my complexion, although I’m open to suggestions :-)

  6. Angelika

    Your skin tone/coloring: MAC NC30
    Best peach polish? I get acrylics
    Best peach eyeshadow? UD Bootycall
    Best peach blush? Nars Gina

  7. Monica in SoCal


    Not a big polish fan

    Mac Orb

    Mac peaches

  8. Amanda

    Skin tone/coloring: Fair (Porcelain)
    Best Peach Polish: Melon of Troy by OPI
    Best Peach Eyeshadow: Mischievous Marissa by theBalm (in the Shady Lady Vol. 2 palette I believe)
    Best Peach Blush: Frat Boy by theBalm (a peachy pink)

  9. Ana

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC30-35
    Best peach polish?: CG Peachy keen
    Best peach eyeshadow?: The orangey/peachy shade in the Call me Bubbles quad from MAC
    Best peach blush? MAC Warmth of Coral (it’s more of a peachy/orange shade)

  10. Your skin tone/coloring:
    MAC NC30
    Best peach polish?
    I haven’t found the perfect peach yet.
    Best peach eyeshadow?
    MAC Tweet Me Mega Metal Eyeshadow
    Best peach blush?
    MAC Instant Chic

  11. Skin tone: Fair
    Best Peach Polish: China Glaze Peachy Keen, and I also love Essie A Crewed Interest as a paler peach color
    Sorry, I’m a nails girl, don’t know much about make up. 😀

  12. Dominique

    ■Your skin tone/coloring: Medium/fair

    ■Best peach polish? Nars Trouville, more rosy shell than peach

    ■Best peach eyeshadow? UD Scratch rose/peachy rose

    ■Best peach blush? Chanel JC Espiègle

  13. t_zwiggy

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light-medium, peachy (NW20-25)

    Best peach polish? China Glaze Bare If You Dare or OPI Melon of Troy

    Best peach eyeshadow? theBalm Luscious Lani or Chanel Fusée <3

    Best peach blush? Pout Blossom Belle or Benefit Dandelion

  14. Mariella

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, cool-toned
    Best peach polish? Don’t have one, wouldn’t wear one, don’t like ’em
    Best peach eyeshadow? Does All that Glitters from MAC count? That’s the closest colour I have to outright “peach”
    Best peach blush? TheBalm Hot Mama (I think that’s what it’s called) and I only have that because it came in a palette. I’ve also got Coralista and it was a freebie. I hardly ever wear either of them.

  15. Joyce

    Your skin tone/coloring: light to medium with yellow undertones, dark brown eyes, black hair
    Best peach polish? I’ve never met a good peach polish! :( Revlon’s Peach Petal is so beautiful but terribly thin and streaky.
    Best peach eyeshadow? I like theBalm’s Luscious Lani. It’s more of a very light peach champagne.
    Best peach blush? Hmm I don’t think I own any peach blushes :)

  16. Let

    Your skin tone/coloring: currently NC 20-25, can go up to NC40 in the summer
    Best peach polish? None. They all look awful on my nails.
    Best peach eyeshadow? UD Scratch
    Best peach blush? MAC Melba

  17. Your skin tone/coloring: Light medium, yellow undertones

    Best peach polish? Butter London Trout Pout

    Best peach eyeshadow? MAC Rubenesque!

    Best peach blush? Tarina Tarantino Feather

  18. Kiki1988

    Skin tone: very fair, cool/red undertones
    Nailpolish: Melon of Troy by OPI
    Eyeshadow/Blush: I actually don’t own anything peach/coral because I always feel that it clashes with my skin. Once tried MAC’s “Springsheen” which I did like, but it was a bit too shimmery for everyday wear so I skipped. BUT if any of you fellow fair/cool skin toned ladies have any suggestions, please let me know! I’m getting a bit bored with pink…

  19. Dianne


    February 6, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    Your skin tone/coloring: nw43, med-dark
    Best peach polish? None
    Best peach eyeshadow? Don’t have one
    Best peach blush? NYX Cinnamin

  20. Danielle

    Your skin tone/coloring: NW 20
    Best peach polish? Essie Haute As Hello (love the color but not super thrilled with the formula)
    Best peach eyeshadow? UD Free Love
    Best peach blush? Mac Peaches or Mac Style

  21. Marian

    ■Your skin tone/coloring: Fair/Warm
    ■Best peach polish? Orly First Kiss ( a peachy nude)
    ■Best peach eyeshadow? Rubenesque
    ■Best peach blush? NARS Gina

  22. Trillium

    skintone: very fair and neutral leaning cool
    polish: I guess Ulta’s Peach Parfait; I have a huge collection and this is my only true peach polish! (not my favorite for nails)
    eyeshadow: one in the Sleek Oh-So-Special palette
    blush: NYX Peach! 😉

  23. Erin

    Skintone: light neutral
    Polish: Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Starfish Patrick, a peachy coral jelly
    Eyeshadow: Benefit RSVP is my go-to. It’s somewhat peachy but perhaps more champagne.
    Blush: MAC Immortal Flower

  24. Amy

    Coloring: Extremely fair Asian, so neutral NC/NW 5 with black hair and brown eyes

    I’ve actually been searching for good peaches for my fair skin. Everything tends to be too warm or just way too dark. I’d appreciate if someone could help me find my perfect peaches!

    Nail/Eyeshadow: Been looking for a brightened true pastel peach for both. (more of a gel finish for the nail polish though and can be more pinky)

    Blush/Lips: Been looking for a very mod white pastel peach.

    I would love to see your suggestions of products or a combination of products! I’ve been searching for so long! Thanks in advance!

    • Michan Muggleborn

      What about OCC Lip Tars for the pale peach lippie?

    • becca

      I have the same coloring as you do and i’ve learned pinks are more flattering but i still have some peach pruducts. for peach eyeshadow i like chanel emerveille. for a peach blush, nars sex appeal. for a peach lipstick, ysl rouge volupte 30 faubourg peach.

  25. Olivia

    Medium, NW 30-35

    I don’t own any peach polishes! I would like one though, checking out all the suggestions : )

    Fave peach eyeshadow: thebalm’s Mischievious Marissa for sure. Flow (UD) was one of the shades I wanted the most in the 15th anniversary palette, but it is too light & frosty to be of much use as a lid shadow on my medium skin : ( It is a beautiful, beautiful brow bone/inner corner highlight though!

    I also don’t own any peach blush because of my skin tone… I do own an orange one though (Nars Taj Mahal) that I LOVEEEE.

  26. Miss J

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC20/NC25

    Best peach polish: I don’t know if I own any peach polish, actually.

    Best peach eyeshadow: MAC Orb or UD Bootycall. I really don’t do much peach/orange eyeshadow, so the closest thing to peach I really use and love are pale, peachy-beige flesh kinda colors.

    Best peach blush: NARS Gina or Tarte Blissful, but I consider Blissful more of a pinky coral.

  27. Laura

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, cool-toned (NW15-ish), red hair, green eyes

    Best peach polish? I think I only have one Barry M peach polish…I don’t like peach nails really.

    Best peach eyeshadow? I like Urban Decay X

    Best peach blush? Ooh, MAC Peaches!

  28. Your skin tone/coloring: NC05

    Best peach polish: Don’t have one

    Best peach eyeshadow: Mac Tweet Me but Urban Decay X is a dupe for it.

    Best peach blush: Essense 01 Asian Sensation which is a close dupe to the MAC Ripe Peach but more pigmented.

    • BooBooNinja

      Ani_Bee, did you do anything special to make Asian Sensation last on your cheeks? It faded on me within minutes!

  29. Eliz

    Skin tone: Ultra pale with pink/cool undertones

    Peach Nail Polish: OPI Chapel of Love (Pinky Peach), Chanel Emprise

    Peach Eyeshadow: Trish McEvoy Soft Peach, Prescriptives Bellini

    Peach Blush: NARS Sex Appeal, Chantecaille Winter Bloom, TheBalm Frat Boy

    Peach Lipstick: Dior Addict Extreme Saint Tropez, Lancome Sweet Marmalade, YSL Pur Couture Coral Poetique (#23)

  30. Yvonne Magner

    Your skin tone/coloring: Pale with cool pink undertones
    Best peach polish? OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy
    Best peach eyeshadow? Don’t own one
    Best peach blush? Chanel Irreelle Blush in Tea Rose

  31. Lark

    NC 15, blue

    Peach polish? Not! It doesn’t suit me.

    Peacg eyeshadow? Not a look for me.

    Peach blush- Orgasm, we all have it and wear it. And it’s the only peach I have.

  32. Erin Copeland

    NC20, Green
    Polish: Flower So Gladiola or Essie Tarte Deco
    Eyeshadow: Bareminerals Peach Puff
    Blush: MAC Melba or Stila Convertible Cream Blush Gerbera

  33. Shelley

    NC15, red head
    Polish: none
    Eyeshadow: Inglot 347 or Milani Illusion
    Blush: MAC Tenderling, MAC Style or Peaches (they look the same on me)