Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Best orange eyeshadow?
  • Best red lipstick?
  • Best coral blush?

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110 thoughts on “Survey Says… February 2nd, 2011

  1. Vanessa S

    Best orange eyeshadow? I dont own anything orange :(
    Best red lipstick? MAC Russian Red
    Best coral blush? NARS Orgasm

  2. Gaelle

    eyeshadow: the orange one in the nars mediterranee duo
    red lipstick: lady bug
    coral blush: peachykeen

  3. Kylie

    Best Orange Eyeshadow: MAC Rule
    Best Red Lipstick: Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red
    Best Coral Blush: Benefit CORALista

  4. laura

    Best orange eyeshadow: MAC paparazz-she!!

  5. Danielle

    Russian Red

  6. Best orange eyeshadow?
    -I don’t like the colour orange. lol

    Best red lipstick?
    -The closest lipstick I have to being a red is Clinique A Different Grape

    Best coral blush?
    -I have been on the lookout for a nice coral blush! Can’t wait to see other answers! Maybe CORALista?

    • ak

      I don’t but like orange either but sickeningly so it’s a color that I look great in. LOL But if I’m gonna do it I prefer to wear a rusty-ish orange, a darker one. I like orange as a blush because it just lends a warmth to my skin as opposed to a full on screaming color to my cheeks.

  7. Deb

    Best orange eyeshadow? I like Urban Decay Jones.
    Best red lipstick? Does Viva Glam Cyndi count?
    Best coral blush? I don’t own any…

  8. anonymous

    Best orange eyeshadow? thebalm mischievous marissa I love this color to death– it’s also named for the founder so I’m guessing she likes it too lol

    Best red lipstick? no real red here, closest would be EL black wine, Korres orange-red and revlon colorstay in stay ablaze

    Best coral blush? Korres Coral absolutely! I’m not a fan of corals but this turned out to be a surprise hit– it’s my go to powder blush. I like Hot Mama too but it’s kind of shimmery for me for daily.

  9. Jessica

    Eyeshadow: MAC Straw Harvest
    Lipstick: NYC Sheer Red
    Blush: MAC Marine Life or MAC Stereo Rose

  10. kfm

    Mac Follow Your Fancy pigment
    Chanel Rouge Lacque Dragon
    MAC Marine Life

  11. tia

    Best orange eyeshadow? mac rule, mac saffron (i love orange eyeshadow)
    Best red lipstick? mac russian red, chanel dragon (i love red lips)
    Best coral blush? dont own any blush

    • lihannaah

      for those who own rule and saffron e/s, can you please advise me on which one to purchase? thanks:)

  12. Marcela

    >MAC Rule
    >I have an aversion to red lipstick, but best i’ve seen is MAC Queen’s Sin
    >MAC Hipness (Fafi collection)

  13. Jen

    Best orange eyeshadow? I dont own anything orange
    Best red lipstick? MAC Russian Red or Kat Von D Adora
    Best coral blush? NARS Orgasm or MAC Bite of An Apple

  14. Cynthia

    Best orange eyeshadow? Does Saffron count?
    Best red lipstick? Ruby Woo
    Best coral blush? Coralista

  15. kayleigh

    Orange eyeshadow: i don’t own any!
    Red lipstick: L’Oreal Drumbeat Red (the ones in the gold tubes)
    Coral blush: Benefit CORALista

  16. Laura

    Best orange eyeshadow? I dont really like orange eyeshadow – I think the only one I own is Urban Decay’s Jones and I never wear it.
    Best red lipstick? MAC Russian Red <3
    Best coral blush? MAC Bite Of An Apple

  17. Diana B

    1.Mac Texture eyeshadow
    2.Mac Heartless L/S
    3.Mac Melba

  18. Diana B

    1.Mac Texture eyeshadow
    2.Mac Heartless L/S
    3.Mac Bite of an Apple

  19. Ani_BEE

    Best orange eyeshadow: Sugarpill Flamepoint
    Best red lipstick: MAC Cyndi for me but Russian Red once i get it int he mail.
    Best coral blush: MAC Ripe Peach (tad more peach), Benefit CORALista and MAC Bite of an Apple. I love coral blushes!!

  20. Mariella

    Best orange shadow: I’m another who doesn’t own orange shadow
    Best red lipstick: MAC Dubonnet
    Best coral blush: Coralista (coral’s not a colour that loves me so this is my only coral blush)

  21. Ben Nye Grand Lumiere in Tangerine
    Urban Decay Gash
    MAC Fleur Power

  22. Femme_Fatale

    Best orange eyeshadow? not sure. I have one from an indie company I love, but can’t remember the name. lol
    Best red lipstick? Mac Ruby Woo or Buxom Barcelona
    Best coral blush? Mac Bite of an Apple or Marine Life.

  23. Haya

    D&G scarlet, or Estee Lauder- classic red
    Chanel coral tweed:D

  24. Joanne

    MAC’s Saffron
    MAC’s Red
    MAC’s Peachykeen

  25. Leticia Silveira

    Best orange eyeshadow? Rule – MAC
    Best red lipstick? Russian Red – MAC
    Best coral blush? Peaches – MAC

  26. Hend

    Best orange eyeshadow?
    I will never wear an orange eyeshadow in my life 😀

    Best red lipstick?
    YSL rouge volupte in 18 red taboo

    Best coral blush?
    Estee lauder radiant peach

  27. Vermicelli

    Orange Eyeshadow: mac rule
    Red Lipstick: Does OCC Harlot lip tar count?
    Coral Blush: Mac Salsa Rose it’s a coral right? 😛

  28. Abril

    Best orange eyeshadow? MAC Orange.
    Best red lipstick? MAC Russian Red.
    Best coral blush? I don’t own one =(

  29. Cindy

    Don’t like orange e/s
    MAC So Scarlet
    MAC Hipness

  30. Alyssa

    Rule by MAC
    MAC Red by MAC
    Instant Chic by MAC

  31. lauren

    Best orange eyeshadow? mac orange
    Best red lipstick? mufe mouloin rouge #43, all time fav
    Best coral blush? coralista or orgasm, love them both!

  32. Rei

    Best orange eyeshadow? Amber Lights, even though it’s a “gold”
    Best red lipstick? Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Ignition
    Best coral blush? MAC Hipness…even though it’s mostly a peach

  33. Preeti

    Saffron by MAC
    Red by MAC
    Orgasm by Nars

  34. Kayla Maw

    Orange eyeshadow : Don’t own any !
    Red lipstick : Russian Red
    Coral blush : Peachykeen

  35. Vania

    Red lipstick: YSL Pur Couture #16 Rouge Roxanne
    Coral Blush: Nars Orgasm

  36. NeenaJ

    Orange eye: MAC Sexpectations, although before that it was a Black Opal eye color that they don’t make anymore and is so old, the label’s fallen off – but I loved it!

    Red Lip: NARS matte in Vesuvio

    Coral Blush: NARS Deep Throat

  37. Michy

    Mac Russian Red and Gesina
    Nars Orgasm

  38. Michy

    Mac Russian Red and Gesina
    Bobby Brown Calypso Coral

  39. Eleni

    Texture (that is orange enough for me! lol)
    Queen’s sin
    Dior sunset fiesta

  40. Best orange eyeshadow? Dunno
    Best red lipstick? Bobbi Brown Vixen Red
    Best coral blush? MAC Springsheen

  41. Jesse

    MAC’s Devil (Even though it’s a blush!) or MAC’s Orange
    OCC’s Lip Tar in NSFW
    MAC Pro’s Salsarose!

  42. Amber

    Eyeshadow: Scorching Sun (duo) – NARS
    Lipstick: Mat 8 – MUFE
    Blush: Bite of an Apple – MAC

  43. Natalie

    Best orange eyeshadow? I don’t own any oranges yet, I’m sorry!
    Best red lipstick? YSL Rouge Volupte #17
    Best coral blush? BeneFit Coralista..I was blown away! Love it.

  44. Dianna*

    Orange Eyeshadow: The one that comes in my 88 palette? haha. I’ve never owned one or felt the need to use one so I can’t really weigh in here.
    Red Lipstick: MAC Russian Red!
    Coral Blush: Benefit CORALista

  45. Alexandra

    Best orange eyeshadow: MAC Rule
    Best red lipstick: CHANEL Rouge Allure #14 Passion
    Best coral blush: New´s CHANEL one, Espiègle (Spring 2011 collection)

  46. Best orange eyeshadow? NARS Mediterranee Duo
    Best red lipstick? NARS Virdiana
    Best coral blush? Tarte Eco-Cheek Cheek Stain

  47. Lola

    Eyeshadow in Rule – MAC.
    Lipstick in Russian Red – MAC.
    Coral Blush in Bite of an Apple – MAC.

  48. Best orange eyeshadow? MAC Texture, though it is more of an orange-y brown
    Best red lipstick? MAC Dubonnet
    Best coral blush? NARS Gilda

  49. Orange eyeshadow: No thanks!
    Red lipstick: MAC Cyndi
    Coral Blush Benefit Coralista

  50. Orange Eyeshadow: MAC Coppering
    Best Red Lipstick: MAC Russian Red
    Best Coral Blush: NARS Torrid

  51. Mec

    -MAC Rule
    -MAC Ruby Woo
    -MAC Melba

  52. Pam

    Best orange eyeshadow? MAC Off the Page
    Best red lipstick? MAC Viva Glam Cyndi
    Best coral blush? don’t wear blush…

  53. Best orange eyeshadow?
    Haven’t found it yet
    Best red lipstick?
    MAC Viva Glam Cyndi!
    Best coral blush?
    MAC Instant Chic

  54. Khalia

    Best orange eyeshadow? No idea, don’t have any…yet
    Best red lipstick? MAC Viva Glam I
    Best coral blush? Benefit Coralista or MAC bite of an apple

  55. Elizabeth

    Best orange eyeshadow: I dont have any..
    Best red lipstick: MAC Russian Red
    Best coral blush: MAC Utterly Game

  56. fabiola

    Best orange eyeshadow?mac Paparazz she, best red lipstick? Don’t own one, love my nudes or soft color lipstick, best coral blush? Mac springsheen and mac style.

  57. egon

    Best orange eyeshadow? MAC Orange
    Best red lipstick? Nouba Long Lasting Lip Color #7
    Best coral blush? Benefit Coralista

  58. Lisa

    Orange Shadow – I don’t have one yet, but I’ve ordered MAC Paparazz-She :)
    Red Lipstick – Viva Glam Cyndi or a Manhatten one (can’t remember the number)
    Coral Blush – ELF Candid Coral and MAC Instant Chic

  59. Jenna

    Orange Eyeshadow: My favorite “orangey” color is MAC’s Expensive Pink. It’s more peach than actual pink.
    Red Lipstick: MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #8
    Coral Blush: NARS Orgasm

  60. CeeBee

    H’mmm, tricky…

    * Best orange eyeshadow?
    TheBalm Hot Mama blush used as an e/s, it’s a lot like Lancome’s Kitten Heel. It’s actually more coral but the closest to orange I’ve got!

    * Best red lipstick?
    Estee Lauder Signature Rich Red – luscious!

    * Best coral blush?
    TheBalm Hot Mama, it looks really orange in the pan but goes on with a tinge of pink and lots of gold glimmer – it’s really, really pretty! I’m in LOVE.

  61. Annick

    Best orange eyeshadow – I don’t really own any! :)
    Best red lipstick – I love Cockney by MAC
    Best coral blush – By FAR Virgin Isle CCB by MAC. LOVE.

  62. Renee

    Best orange eyeshadow: Urban Decay Jones(not BRILLIANT Orange, but PERFECTLY wearable)!
    Best red lipstick: Shu Uemura 165 M
    Best Coral Blush: Urban Decay Score Powder Blush (discontinued, whyyy!?) I haven’t tried the new blush tint on for Score so I can’t say it’s the same color, but I swatched one (Quickie) and they have a great cream-to-powder finish that I think will work over foundation beautifully.

  63. Chandra

    Im gonna say

    Orange shadow , Mac Firespot
    Nars Dragongirl I think its called in the Matte pencil
    Coral blush, peachykeen

  64. Melina

    Best orange eyeshadow?
    I dont have any orange eyeshadows :/ i do have coppery ones!

    Best red lipstick?
    I’m not that into reds yet, but I love the new MAC Strut Your Stuff and MAC Cyndi

    Best coral blush?
    I was in love with NARS Orgasm, but I feel like there is more of a gold shimmer sheen, so i wanted to stick to something more coral and nothing else but a super pigmented coral blush. SO with that said, my favorite would be Rock & Republics Immoral.

  65. Amanda

    1. The orange in the NARS Mediteranee duo
    2. Chanel Rouge Allure Laque 72 – Coromandel
    3. MAC Instant Chic

  66. sarah

    Best orange eyeshadow? that is a look i am yet to pull off
    Best red lipstick? mac ruby woo
    Best coral blush? mac springsheen

  67. * Best orange eyeshadow? Make Up Store or Sugarpill
    * Best red lipstick? Mac VivaGlam 1
    * Best coral blush? don’t really have any

  68. Rayna

    The Scorching Sun duo from Nars
    Dior Serum de Rouge 850, or Buxom Barcelona
    Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Lush Nectarine, or DiorBlush in Passionfruit

  69. Julia

    Mac Samoa Silk
    Mac Ruby Woo
    Benefit Coralista

  70. Pamela

    shadow-MAC Orange and MAC Rule
    lipstick-MAC Cockney and L’Oreal Sunset Red
    blush-MAC Marine Life

  71. ak

    Best orange eyeshadow? MAC Saffron eye shadow, it’s so good I use it as my blush now everyday

    Best red lipstick? MAC Charred Red
    Best coral blush? Saffron shadow again, or possibly MAC Raizin blush

  72. Lorena

    Best ornge eyeshadow i have is in a milani runway eyes pallet callet 08catwalk. Best red lipstick is N.Y.C ultra moist lipwear in ruby and best coral blush is coralista by Benefit

  73. P

    Orange Eyeshadow: MAC Expensive Pink
    Red Lipstick: MAC Viva Glam I
    Coral Blush: MAC Springsheen

  74. Katie

    Orange eyeshadow: 120 pallete orange

    Lipstick: kat Von d adora

    Blush: I don’t own any

  75. marina

    shadow: flamepoint from sugarpill
    lipstick: mac dubonnet
    blush: melba by mac

  76. Marian

    Best orange eyeshadow? I don’t do orange eyeshadow
    Best red lipstick? MAC Ladybug for me
    Best coral blush? NARS Torrid

  77. Lilly

    Best orange eyeshadow? Don’t have orange shade
    Best red lipstick? Never own one because will not wear.
    Best coral blush? Of course goes to Nars deep throat and Nars orgasm!

  78. MissChels

    Best Orange eyeshadow: I own a couple but reach for MAC Orange and Sweet & Punchy the most.
    Best red lipstick: Viva Glam I and Russian Red. I also have one from a UK brand that I adore.
    Best coral blush: maybe NARS Deep Throat? Is that a coral? I reach for it quite a bit.

  79. Ashley

    Orange eyeshadow isn’t my thing (but orange lips are amazing!)
    Red lipstick- haven’t found one I like, thinking about gettin Russian Red
    Coral blush- Mac’s Melba!

  80. Adelita

    Does it have to be one answer only for each question? Ooohhh, how can I choose! *LOL*

    • Best orange eyeshadow?
    » I don’t wear orange e/s 😛

    • Best red lipstick?
    » Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Dragon, Bobbi Brown Blackberry, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Cruella, MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #48 & MAC Sin.

    • Best coral blush?
    » NARS Torrid, MUFE HD #6 Quickie, CARGO Rome, Illamasqua Rude & Bobbi Brown Calypso Coral.

  81. Jenn

    Best Orange Eyeshadow: MAC Mega Metals Paparazz-she
    Best Red Lipstick: MAC Dubonnet/Heartless
    Best Coral Blush: MAC Marine Life

  82. Isabela

    Best orange eyeshadow? Rule by MAC

    Best red lipstick? Ruby Woo!!!!

    Best coral blush? Coralista by Benefit!

  83. Laura

    1. Sayuri by Meow Cosmetics!
    2. Haven’t found a good red lip yet. :(
    3. Coralista by Benefit

  84. Veronica

    Best orange eyeshadow? Don’t own any! Orange looks terrible on me (although I really want to try NARS Taj Mahal blush!)

    Best red lipstick? I recently added MAC Rebel to my stash. I LOVE the color but not crazy about the formula. Otherwise L’Oreal Infallible in Cerise. It’s my go-to red…it’s not too dark, compliments my skintone and looks great year-round!

    Best coral blush? MAC Marine Life and NARS Super Orgasm.

  85. Dishay

    Best Orange E/S- NYX Tropical. Not too bright, slightly pinky, LOVE!
    Best Red Lipstick- Maybelline Red Revival or Revlon Cherries in the Snow
    Best Coral Blush- Hm… not sure. I don’t really own anything coral.

  86. Jenny

    Best orange eyeshadow: MAC Rule. I think more people should give orange eyeshadow a try. Used correctly, it can act as a bright skin tone. No really. I’m fair and extremely pink and it works awesomely. Stage makeup trick.
    Best red lipstick: MAC Russian Red, but I have always gotten so many compliments using MUFE’s red flash color as a lipstick.

    Best Coral Blush: MUFE HD Blush No. 6

  87. shuz4ever

    Best Orange Eyeshadow: MAC Off the Page
    Best Red Lipstick: MAC Heartless
    Best Coral Blush: MAC Marine Life

  88. Rosanna

    Best orange eyeshadow? NARS Scorching Sun Duo. Amazing.

    Best red lipstick? Elizabeth Arden Poppy Cream Colour Intrigue Lipstick

    Best coral blush? The only one I have is MAC Marine Life.

  89. Niki

    Best orange eyeshadow? I neither wear nor do I own any orange eyeshadows.

    Best red lipstick? L’Oreal Paris Colour Rich Lipstick in Plum Brulee

    Best coral blush? La Femme Blush on Rogue in Golden Sunset.

  90. monika-luiza

    Best orange eyeshadow? I don’t “do” orange e/s 😉
    Best red lipstick? Inglot 814 ( bright red with yellow undertones)
    Best coral blush? mac springsheen

  91. Lex

    Best orange eyeshadow? MAC blush superdupernatural used as an eyeshadow
    Best red lipstick? MAC new york apple
    Best coral blush? Everyday Minerals Weekend Getaway

  92. Ana G.

    Best orange eyeshadow? Making it easy mineralize eyeshadow trio (in the Groove collection)
    Best red lipstick? MAC Russian Red
    Best coral blush? MAC Utterly Game Mineralize Blush

  93. heidi

    Orange shadow, I don’t really have any but the closest orangyish would be amber light which I love
    Red lipstick clinique spiced apple, its subtle but still red
    Coral blush Nars Orgasm of course

  94. Leea

    Best orange eyeshadow? don’t use orange eyeshadoow :)
    Best red lipstick? mac cockney
    Best coral blush? mac peaches

  95. I don’t really like an specific orange eyeshadow, but i think Gleam has a little of orange tones and I like it very much.
    My favorite red lipstick by far is MUFE 43 Moulin Rouge
    The best coral blush by far for me is Coralista by Benefit :)

  96. Courtney

    People wear orange eyeshadow?

    L’Oreal Endless in Beyonce Red or Chanel Dragon

    Bite of an Apple

  97. MsBionik

    Orange E/S: Nars Mediterannee Duo
    Red Lipstick: MAC Russian Red
    Coral Blush: Nars Orgasm

  98. Best orange eyeshadow: Surprisingly, I do have an answer to this question. Make Up For Ever Star Powder #952 (Although I never wear this, this was my first MUFE product and it got me using the brand).
    Best red lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure in Audace and Nars Lipstick in Heat Wave
    Best coral blush: Chanel Irreelle Blush in Incognito (This colour isn’t coral in the pan but I have very warm skin tones and it is coral-pink on my cheeks)

  99. Suzanne

    1.) Ewww!
    2.) Mac Red by Mac
    3.) Marine Life by Mac

  100. Cassandra

    Best orange eyeshadow? I don’t have any orange eyeshadows :/
    Best red lipstick? MAC Viva Glam Cyndi
    Best coral blush? Either NARS Orgasm or MAC Instant Chic (: