Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

Instructions: Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share it with us in the comments section! :)

Love waterproof mascara?: [answer]
Blue or green shadow?: [answer]
Favorite Makeup Style: [answer]

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77 thoughts on “Survey Says… February 11th, 2009

  1. Love waterproof mascara?: not really. it’s hard to take off. but i love the fact that they can hold a curl better than washable ones.

    Blue or green shadow?: green!

    Favorite Makeup Style: smokey and light lips.

  2. Love waterproof mascara?: not quite

    Blue or green shadow?: Green – mostly olive and mossy tones.

    Favorite Makeup Style: All around pin-up.

  3. Katherine

    Love waterproof mascara?: Hate it, actually.
    Blue or green shadow?: Can I choose both?
    Favorite Makeup Style: Classic taupes & browns with slightly flushed pink lips.

  4. cloudburst

    Love waterproof mascara?: Yes, it is the only kind I wear actually.
    Blue or green shadow?: Green – golden tones
    Favorite Makeup Style: Smokey neutrals, anything that plays up skin and bone structure

  5. Love waterproof mascara?: Only the Blinc one, everything else seems too harsh on my lashes.
    Blue or green shadow?: Both if worn properly
    Favorite Makeup Style: Dramatic

  6. tatiana

    Love waterproof mascara?: Yes and I can not imagine life without it. I wear contacts and glasses, my eyes water like crazy sometimes.
    Blue or green shadow?: I love both! I have an easier time applying blue though.
    Favorite Makeup Style: Smokey for night, simple for day, mascara, rosey blush, pinky brown lipstick, a little color in the crease

  7. Love waterproof mascara?: Not really. I’ll wear it but I prefer the non-waterproof kind.
    Blue or green shadow?: Green. For some reason I have a hard time pulling off blue shadow.
    Favorite Makeup Style: Bright, bold eye shadow. Completely lined eyes. Mascara on top and bottom.

  8. Brittany

    Love waterproof mascara?: sometimes!! but ya it is hard to get off!
    Blue or green shadow?: BLue is my ABSOLUTE favorite color but it doesn’t look to good on me… green with gold is fabulous!
    Favorite Makeup Style: I love trying new things, but browns and golds with lip gloss, or purple/ pink (creme de violet) is fun!! just whatever im feeling at that moment:)

  9. Amanda Rene

    Love waterproof mascara?: not really
    Blue or green shadow?: green
    Favorite Makeup Style: smokey sexy

  10. Love waterproof mascara?: I’m a water baby so I love it but I hate getting it off!
    Blue or green shadow?: Green! The best color ever for brown eyes!
    Favorite Makeup Style: My usual is a light smokey eye and a neutral lip.

  11. Joanna

    Love waterproof mascara? Of course its the only way to keep ur lashes curly.
    Blue or Green? I can decide i love them both…but if i had to BLUE!
    Favorite Makeup Style? SMOKEY SMOKEY SMOKEY, mainly bright & dark colors, neutral are boring!

  12. Shayla

    Love waterproof mascara?: Not really…I find the stuff I’ve used flakes.
    Blue or green shadow?: How about teal? If I had to choose, probably green, though.
    Favorite Makeup Style: Lately, a neutral eye with RED LIPS! That’s probably not a style…but meh!

  13. Crystal

    Love waterproof mascara?: I like how it hold curl, but never fails when i wear it swimming it ALWAYS smears!
    Blue or green shadow?: Love greens!
    Favorite Makeup Style: Flawless glowing skin, nude lips and LASHES!!

  14. Love waterproof mascara?: try hate. Don’t like scrubbing my lashes off, just to get it off.
    Blue or green shadow?: Actually, I don’t like either. I can’t pull off blue, and green makes my “hazel” eyes look muddy
    Favorite Makeup Style: i LOVE bright lips, but I can’t pull it off, not even my fav.; pin up :[

  15. Jessica

    I LOVE waterproof mascara…its the only formula that keeps my lashes curled…I just hate how hard it is to get off (my solution –> Sephora Waterproof Eye makeup remover…best Ive ever tried!)
    I like blue eyeshadow…but only for a pop of color in the outer corner
    Natural beauty –> makeup without looking like you have makeup. Champagne and brown lids, pinky-peach blush, nude ligloss and black mascara.

  16. Sheila

    Love waterproof mascara?: Depends, some waterproof mascaras stay really put and are easy to remove with oil-based makeup removers, but other waterproof mascaras are not just waterproof, but oil-proof too so I end up having to pull and tug at my lashes… not good if you already don’t have a lot of them!
    Blue or green shadow?: Blue! Love those peacock blue shadows =)
    Favorite Makeup Style: Dramatic eyes (dark and seductive), and nude, plump, glossy lips.

  17. Claudia M.

    Love waterproof mascara?: Absolutely!
    Blue or green shadow?: I fancy green now
    Favorite Makeup Style: No faves, I’ll try anything =)

  18. nikki

    Love waterproof mascara?: not usually
    Blue or green shadow?: oooh, that’s hard…. GREEN!
    Favorite Makeup Style: bright fun colors with a subtle pink nude lip.

  19. Love waterproof mascara? Uh not really unless I need for a specific reason…going to the lake (yes I wear make-up swimming)
    Blue or Green shadow?: Green I have green eyes
    Favorite Make-up Style: Purple/Pink/Taupe a mixture of one or the other or both, Glossy lips (pink), and flushed cheek

  20. Stephanie

    Love waterproof mascara?: not really, I used to use it but it was a pain to get off
    Blue or green shadow?: never tried either:O
    Favorite Makeup Style: toned down smoky eye(love using satin taupe), and rosy pink cheeks

  21. Shopaholic

    Love waterproof mascara? Just some brands.
    Blue or green shadow? I love to play colors, so both of them!
    Favourite make up style? I don’t sure about my favourite, sometimes smokey eyes and nude lips, sometimes bright fun looks, and sometimes sexy red lips 😉 It depends on how I feel.

  22. Crystal

    Love waterproof mascara?: i do love it
    Blue or green shadow?: green
    Favorite Makeup Style: pink and brown smokey eye, soft pink lips

  23. Eva

    Love waterproof mascara: YES!! It

  24. Kat

    Love waterproof mascara: I don’t wear a lot of mascara…but waterproof is definitely handy.

    Blue or green: Green! I have brown eyes and they look so intense with green.

    Favorite makeup style: Neutral with unexpected pops of color

  25. Inky

    Love waterproof mascara?: Not usually, but I have one just in case.

    Blue or green shadow?: Rarely, but I do have some dusky blues and a pistachio green from Besame that I love.

    Favorite Makeup Style: Definitely 40’s classic.

  26. Jessie

    Love waterproof mascara?: LOVE LOVE LOVE, I work at a pool so waterproof is great as it doesn’t cause raccoon eyes when I jump in the water to teach swimming lessons/save someone and i have really short asian lashes so waterproof holds the curl 10000000000x better than any non-waterproof mascara!

    Blue or green shadow?: Both, I couldn’t choose. I love wearing blues when I’m feeling creative and want to do something dramatic but I like greens when I’m feeling like doing something a little more neutral (I pair them with browns to get a really pretty earthy look)

    Favorite Makeup Style: Anything that accentuates my facial structure! I will try anything at least once!

  27. Julie

    Love waterproof mascara: not really, but always have one when needed. I prefer to coat my lashes with magicproof from HR to make them waterproof, it is much more gentle on my barely there lashes.
    Blue or green: Green for sure, but I have very green eyes, so it looks funky. So I purchased brown coloered lenses, that works well.
    Favorite makeup style: colorful with thick black liner.

  28. Love waterproof mascara?: Havent tried it in a really long time.. so i’m not sure
    Blue or green shadow?: Green for sure my fav!
    Favorite Makeup Style: Smokey with a bright color.

  29. CeeBee

    Love waterproof mascara?: No. I only have 1 and that’s a purple Lancome one – it goes on nicely, lasts well, but taking it off is too much hassle for me.
    Blue or green shadow?: Green (though I have some rockin’ blues as well!)
    Favorite Makeup Style: Elegant neutral defined eyes (taupe, gold, brown, soft pinks, etc), glowing cheeks and luscious lips.

  30. reesa

    Love waterproof mascara?: Yes, love!
    Blue or green shadow?: Green
    Favorite Makeup Style: Love smokey eyes, and natural, glowy skin.

  31. Bunny

    Love waterproof mascara?: Yes gotta have it. Never know when ull have a good cry

    Blue or green shadow?: Green-loving mac bitter at the moment

    Favorite Makeup Style: Colorful. Browns are so overdone!

  32. hi

    Love waterproof mascara? No, because its hard to get off my lashes (I only use cold cream to remove makeup – anything else will irritate my sensitive skin), and I can get a mascara formula just as long-lasting without the harshness and difficulty of removal.
    Blue or green shadow? Blue if its either a silver-gray blue or a dark grayish blue, and green if its olive-toned (I can’t stand blue-toned or yellow greens – I have a pink skin tone so its WAY bright on me).
    Favorite Makeup Style: My favorite look is smokey dark brown eyes, perfectly shaped brows, flawless skin and sheer, glossy red lips. I wear this almost everyday, but instead of red gloss I go with a creamy mid-tone warm pink for daytime. My favorite style is definitely smokey, and I HAVE to have perfect brows and my liner must always be on my lash lines. The waterline would be too harsh.

  33. Rosie

    Love waterproof mascara?: Hate it!
    Blue or green shadow?: I love Humid by MAC
    Favorite Makeup Style: smokey

  34. Taylor

    Love waterproof mascara?: Yes…total saviour for those teary days!
    Blue or green shadow?: Blue…any shade, I love it.
    Favorite Makeup Style: Anything fun :) (smoky or bright), and never involving browns (they just don’t suit me AT ALL)

  35. Love waterproof mascara?: I love waterproof mascara sometimes, depends on the situation. way to drying.
    Blue or green shadow?: Green, is one of my fav. colors.
    Favorite Makeup Style: neutral smokey eyes with mid tone coral or peach lips.

  36. Marieke

    Love waterproof mascara?: Don’t know, haven’t really tried one yet, I keep buying the normal formula.
    Blue or green shadow?: Green!!! I love greens! It’s probably my fav colour!
    Favorite Makeup Style: Smokey/ Neutrals/ Dramatic/ Colourful/ Pin-up with Pink or Nude lips and Rosy cheeks.

    CiaoOo Marieke

  37. Kathleen

    Love waterproof mascara?: I NEED waterproof mascara…my watery eyes always make my mascara smudge on my lower lash line.
    Blue or green shadow?: How about both, together? I can’t choose. 😀
    Favorite Makeup Style: Dramatic/Goth/Super Bright/Drag Queen :D, but NEVER neutral….it washes me out.

  38. Doreen

    Love waterproof mascara?: I only use waterproof, lol. It holds curl much better for my dense lashes.
    Blue or green shadow?: Green. It’s easier for me to wear than blue!
    Favorite Makeup Style: Some natural, easy-going, classic looks with dewy skin.

  39. Lexi

    Love waterproof mascara?: no, its too hard to take off, and still doesnt hold well in the pool
    Blue or green shadow?: green, on me, at least.
    Favorite Makeup Style: natural/ish. i have blue eyes, and love to make them pop so i use orangeish colors almost everyday. it really works!

  40. paola

    Love waterproof mascara: it’s ok…i made sure i had it for my wedding…lol but i heard it’s bad for ur lashes so i avoid using it a lot

    Blue or green shadow ; both i’ve done looks that i love with both colors

    fave makeup style: bronze bronze bronze gold eyeshadow light pink lips

  41. Mele

    Love waterproof mascara?: no. too flakey usually and it always gets in my eyes. I’ve been a long time contact wearer and now just got lasik..too afraid!
    Blue or green shadow?: green – blue can look too clownish of not done exactly right
    Favorite Makeup Style: dark/smokey eyes, neutral rest of face and/or red lips

  42. Ruth

    1. No, it’s a pain to remove
    2. Neither for me
    3. Natural

  43. Julia

    Love waterproof mascara?: Yes, as long as makeup remover takes it off easily

    Blue or green shadow?: GREEN! I’m a sucker for any lime green or olive green

    Favorite Makeup Style: As of now, I like soft romantic looks… allll about the cheeks 😛

  44. Shorty.

    Hell no lol unless Im on vacation and I know the beach water is crystal clear :)
    Its not easy being green :)
    Well yesterday for some reason I was in a rush and I reach for this cloud white color which I placed all over my lid – It looked really pretty – I must look into this, no? :)

  45. Ceci

    Love waterproof mascara?: Only if it stands up to oil as well, since my skin (even around my eyes…grrr) is pretty oily
    Blue or green shadow?: How about teal (blue-green)? I can’t see why I can’t have both :-)
    Favorite Makeup Style: Love, love, love pin-up style, but at times I like it tailored to make it more a little more current (for instance: instead of a red, matte mouth, I like to change it up with hot, semi-matte pink with dark gunmetal (instead of straight up black) cat eyes made w/liquid liner).

  46. HoneyBrown1976

    Love waterproof mascara?: No
    Blue or green shadow?: Green, thanks. I’m still working on the blue.
    Favorite Makeup Style: Retro Glamour as well as natural

  47. Love waterproof mascara?: anything that takes too long to remove or remains there even after multiple rubs…i can’t bother with…and mascara doesn’t run for me really..but if i have to…then i guess i wud love it.
    Blue or green shadow?: MUFE turqoise pigment, mac chartreuse pigment
    Favorite Makeup Style: neutral and colorful..bold. i love everything lol

  48. KaylaK

    Love waterproof mascara?: Yes. I also love my Lash Power mascara from Clinique! Washes off with warm water.
    Blue or green shadow?: Hmmm I like both!
    Favorite Makeup Style: Mascara, grey smokey eyes, and a pale beige lip!

  49. sarah

    Love waterproof mascara?: totally, i m in highschool and have swimming class so waterproof is a must.
    Blue or green shadow?: neither. as of now, i have not tried bright colors.
    Favorite Makeup Style: nude lips, peachy-bronzey cheeks, lot of mascara, kohl rimmed eyes, gold shadow

  50. My-Linh

    Love waterproof mascara?: Definitely not, it’s so waxy and clumps my lashes
    Blue or green shadow?: Haven’t worn either (I tend to stick to taupe-y colors, used to wear pinks and purples) but I think I’d look good in a blackish green or navy. More so with the green though.
    Favorite Makeup Style: lots of mascara, eyeliner, hint of rosy cheeks, and sheer berry lips

  51. Love waterproof mascara?:Yep! my fave type of mascara..
    Blue or green shadow?: Green!! bcoz many greens can look great on my tan skin.
    Favorite Makeup Style:neutral with a pop of bright colors, peachy bronze cheeks or pink nude lips. dark lips are my fave too.

  52. karen

    Love waterproof mascara?: yup love it, regular kinds just dont work for me
    Blue or green shadow?: green,i think blue is so extreme on me n look clownish
    Favorite Makeup Style: smoky cat eye , nude lip

  53. Arika BH

    Love Waterproof Mascara? No. I use L’oreal Voluminous and it never flakes and is really long wearing. Blue or Green Shadow? Blues. Im still in love with the blues from Cool Heat, and Deep Truth. Favorite Makeup Style: Dramatic! Smokey eyes or Bold color! I try to switch up my shadow placement too.

  54. Natalie

    Love waterproof mascara?: can’t live without it
    Blue or green shadow?: both
    Favorite Makeup Style: whatever that works!! different styles everyday, otherwise it would be TOO boring

  55. Love waterproof mascara?: I don’t really use waterproof mascara. It’s really weird though, it’s just….I don’t use it.

    Blue or green shadow?: both! Any eyeshadow color is great haha

    Favorite Makeup Style: I like everything…colorful, smokey, nude with dark lips…:)

  56. Emma

    green. blue looks kinda wierd on me
    bronzes and golds on the eyes. nude pink lips

  57. inani

    Love waterproof mascara?: Used to wear only waterproof since my lashes are long but straight so it holds curl better, but since I have found Bourjois clubing (or something) mascara, I only use it – it holds, not waterproof but stays on morning2evening.
    Blue or green shadow?: more green, I play with blue but never have guts to wear it…maybe as a pop of color.
    Favorite Makeup Style: well structured eyes – eyebrow, highlight, crease, eyeliner, the whole thing, any color, rosy cheeks and glossed lips.

  58. Melanie

    Love waterproof mascara?: Yes! Can’t imagine life without it. (Well I suppose I could, I’d look like a raccoon.)
    Blue or green shadow?: Blue but like a really deep navy. I’m scared to wear bright colors on my eyes.
    Favorite Makeup Style: Very natural and girly. Eyeliner, mascara and flushed cheeks.

  59. Nicole

    Love waterproof mascara?: yeah
    Blue or green shadow?: green
    Favorite Makeup Style: neutral, smokey eyes

  60. Angie

    Love waterproof mascara?: No
    Blue or green shadow?: Both only if they’re bright or dark
    Favorite Makeup Style: Red lips with soft eye show and cat eye liner

  61. rowan

    Love waterproof mascara?: [answer] no, it’s too hard to get off.
    Blue or green shadow?: [answer] blue, i like pale and sky.
    Favorite Makeup Style: [answer] naturally made up, with some splashes of colour now and again.

  62. Katrina V

    Love waterproof mascara?: yes
    Blue or green shadow?: green!
    Favorite Makeup Style: smokey eyes & neutral lips

  63. ms bonita

    Love waterproof mascara?: no. it’s so much harder to get off at the end of the night.
    Blue or green shadow?: greens. especially MAC’s swimming. blues are hard to blend to make it look good, especially on asians (like myself! LOL)
    Favorite Makeup Style: nudes and smoky golds & browns.

  64. Hannah

    Love waterproof mascara?: No. It is so hard to remove!
    Blue or green shadow?: I love both, but blue is my favorite color!Favorite Makeup Style: Colorful & shimmery with lots of mascara, with blush & sheer pink lips.

  65. Macaddict

    – HATE any waterproof m/u, esp. mascara!

    – I prefer blue

    – not 1 in particular (I do a different style & different colors every day). I guess, I tend to favour the smokey eye (in various colors).

  66. Love waterproof mascara?: It’s the only kind I use. I don’t trust non-waterproof ones.
    Blue or green shadow?: I love both of em but I prefer Green as it looks better on me.
    Favorite Makeup Style: I love to experiment but my main focal point would most definitely be my eyes. Lip-wise, I love nude lips. Not natural, but nude.

  67. Love waterproof mascara?: not at all, doesn’t have the same effect and consistency of normal mascaras
    Blue or green shadow?: blue, definitely!
    Favorite Makeup Style: smokey eyes and pink lips!

  68. Ashley

    Love waterproof mascara? Only if it is absolutely necessary…it can be tough on your lashes

    Blue or green shadow? I love humid from mac…i love deep truth too… I’m a fan of both.

    favorite makeup style? flawless looking skin, deep eyes, soft lip, contour

  69. Love waterproof mascara?: [not really, it tends to go crisp on my lashes]
    Blue or green shadow?: [blue, i love MAC’s deep truth]
    Favorite Makeup Style: [dramatic or smokey]

  70. turkishdelight573

    Love waterproof mascara?: Nah not really, too hard to take off.
    Blue or green shadow?: I am warm skin so golden greens goes better on me.
    Favorite Makeup Style: lately, im really in to deep burgundy smokey eyes and nude golden lips with bronzer. i dont know why but i love that so much. My new HG e/s is Burnt Burgundy piggy :))))

  71. Lissa

    Love waterproof mascara?: Indifferent about it. Holds curls better, but nasty to get off.
    Blue or green shadow?: green! It just looks better with my yellow skin
    Favorite Makeup Style: Colorful with black cat eye liner. Too bad i only have time for black eyeliner, blush, and lipgloss before i leave for school in the mornings!

  72. katie

    Love waterproof mascara?: meh. non-waterproof seems blacker and works better on me, so no.
    Blue or green shadow?: blue. but neither are my favourite.
    Favorite Makeup Style: neutrals with a pop of colour! or just simple black eye liner, an even, clean face and pink lips.

  73. Love waterproof mascara: Yes! It’s necessary, really, considering how much my eyes tear up.

    Blue or green: Green; I can’t seem yo pull off blue.

    Favorite makeup style: Neutral with details or pops of color…unless I’m taking photos; then, I’m dramatic. 😀

  74. Kaylabella

    Love waterproof mascara?: Not so much.
    Blue or green shadow?: Green.
    Favorite Makeup Style: Goldish Brown Smokey look ;D

  75. Ciara

    Love Waterproof Mascara? Well, infact i do. But i mostly just add one thin layer of WP to fixate the curl. (Fixate? Probably i’ve just invented a new word there, excuse me for my terrible english :p)
    Green or Blue? Ehh .. Purple? I have a pale skin, with very dark brown hair and brown eyes. So both green and blue dont work for me.
    Favorite Makeup Style? Smokin’ black eyes with a hint of purple and glossy, pinkish lips.

  76. audrey

    No, I HATE waterproof!

    Blue! I love Tilt by mac!

    Smoky eyes with a nude lip

  77. izabela

    Love waterproof mascara?: Nope. Its a pain to take off.
    Blue or green shadow?: blue (:
    Favorite Makeup Style: Neutrals