Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Best green eyeliner?
  • Best green eyeshadow?
  • Best green eyeshadow combo?

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21 thoughts on “Survey Says… December 23rd, 2009

  1. Wilcoa

    Best green eyeliner?
    Urban Decay 24/7 in Covet

    Best green eyeshadow?
    MAC Golden Olive Pigment

    Best green eyeshadow combo?
    Any! Haha I’m not even going to give a combo because I love green eyeshadows so much that every combo is my favorite! (In saying this I do love me some gold shadows paired with greens in the outer corner and a deeper green in the crease – take your pick of product :P)

  2. daphne

    * Best green eyeliner?
    Probably Urban Decay’s Covet. I like the color of Graffiti more, but Covet applies better and the color is more versatile.
    * Best green eyeshadow?
    Big old awful toss-up between MAC’s Wondergrass and Humid.
    * Best green eyeshadow combo?
    Absolute favorite is this one that you did. I substitute UD Covet for the Prescriptives liner. It’s so easy and so gorgeous.

  3. Sara

    Best green eyeliner?
    MAC Liquidlast in Inkspill
    Best green eyeshadow?
    MAc Pigment in Forest green (amazing!!!)
    I love dark greens!
    Best green eyeshadow combo? I usually use MAC humid on the lid and Forrest green or other dark green in the crease and a little pop with MAC Gorgeous gold 😉

  4. MAC Tarnish is the only one I’ve really used, which I really like but I’m sure there is better.

    MAC Sumptuous Olive

    Sumptuous Olive on the lid and lower lash line, Blanc Type or Ricepaper from crease to brow, and sometimes Nocturnelle in the crease. Tarnish liner on the upper lash line. I always get compliments on this.

    • viva

      Tarnish is so pretty but weird on me. It goes on dark forest green and turns to bright teal after a while.

      Christine, can you think of a good deep forest green pencil liner? I have one from Victoria’s Secret but it’s falling apart!

  5. viva

    too hard! green is my favorite.

    best eyeliner: MAC Uniform
    best eyeshadows: MAC Lucky Green, UD Mildew
    best combo: not sure

  6. Sarah M

    Best green eyeliner? Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Covet.
    Best green eyeshadow? MAC eye shadow in Humid.
    Best green eyeshadow combo? MAC Gorgeous Gold eye shadow on the inner corner, MAC Juxt eye shadow above the iris of the eye, MAC Humid eye shadow on the outer 3rd, MAC Ricepaper eye shadow as a brow highlight.

  7. Emily

    Best Green Eyeliner?
    Urban Decay 24/7 in Stash

    Best Green Eyeshadow?
    MAC sumptuous eyeshadow

    Best Green Eyeshadow Combo?
    When i wear UD Stash I wear it with a plum colour called 1999. If I wear green I normally just use Stash either all around my eyes, or on the bottom lash line and water line with 1999 on the top, topped off with Benefit Bad gal lash in Plum :)

  8. AnGeLwInGz

    eyeliner: UD 24/7 Covet
    eyeshadow: UD Graffiti
    eyeshadow combo: there’s no going wrong when you mix green with gold

  9. Reza

    Best green eyeliner?
    Urban Decay 24/7 in Mildew (LE from Hi-Fi Collection)

    Best green eyeshadow?
    Ulta Golden Olive or Bare Escentuals–Bamboo

    Best green eyeshadow combo?
    I have brown/hazel eyes, so I mix greens with plums or golds the most. UD Mildew eyeshadow on the lid works well with UD 24/7 liner in 1999 and a mid-tone to deep eggplant or purple in the crease, like Ulta’s Rockstar or Amethyst.
    I pair Ulta’s Golden Olive eyshadow (sooo smooth, silky and pigmented!) with Bare Escentuals True Gold eyeshadow used as a liner and in the inner corner. ROCKIN’!

  10. Amanda W

    Eyeliner: I don’t think I’ve had a green EL in a while, but I did like the twist up one Avon, of all brands, used to have.

    Eyeshadow: MAC Golden Olive pigment. I can make that work with just about any outfit.

    Eyeshadow combo: MAC Golden Olive on the inner lid, and MAC Fiction to line and contour.

  11. Best Green Eyeliner: UD 24/7 Liner in Covet

    Best Green Eyeshadow: MACs Humid

    Best Green Eyeshadow Combo: i like to keep it simple, Gorgeous Gold on the lid, Humid in the crease, and a little carbon on the outer corner if i want to smoke it out a little, and ricepaper as a highlight

  12. Marissa B

    Best green eyeliner? Urban Decay Covet
    Best green eyeshadow? Urban Decay Mildew
    Best green eyeshadow combo? UD Mildew with MAC brun to darken the crease and MAC gorgeous gold in the inner corner :)

  13. Marina

    LOL the only green product i own and use is MAC Steamy. That’s saying a lot, i guess.

  14. melissa

    Liner- shade fluidline
    Eyeshadow- Bitter and Wondergrass
    Combo- 1.Put Pagean McQueesn Paintpot all over lid 2.Take Bitter and pack on lid 3.blend Biogreen in outer “V
    4.blend Femme Noir in furthest outer corner 5. Blend kid and Beautyburst is above crease 6. Top Nylon in inner corner and browbone 5. Blacktrack liner winged out and plush lash black on lashes.

  15. K

    Best green eyeliner: MAC Fluidline in Shade
    Best green eyeshadow: MAC Humid eyeshadow
    Best green eyeshadow combo: MAC Golden Olive pigment in the inner corner with MAC Humid eyeshadow in the outer corner

  16. Leah

    Best green eyeliner?
    Urban Decay 24/7 in Mildew

    Best green eyeshadow?
    NARS duos in Rated R (green side) and Misfit (green side)

    Best green eyeshadow combo?
    Nars duo in Habanera (green side) paired with Urban Decay’s Mildew eyeshadow.

  17. Rosie

    Eyeliner: I like UD 24/7 in Stash or Liquid Liner in Smog.
    E/s: the green from NARS Bladerunner is my favorite darker green
    Combo: I really love green with many colors, gold, purples, blues, it’s just such a pretty color and the color variety is fun to play with.

  18. Susie

    yellow green on lid & Rust brown in crease. Makes hazel eyes pop

  19. Anna

    Best green eyeliner?
    It’s a toss up between UD’s Covet and Stash. I love them both sooo much.

    Best green eyeshadow?
    Hmm, MAC Sumptuous Olive or Humid. Yes, I am quite indecisive :P.

    Best green eyeshadow combo?
    This one is hard. I love green shadows on my eyes. I like to pair Sumptuous Olive with so many colors because it’s so versatile. I like greens with golds the best though. So pretty.