Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Favorite bold lip color?
  • How often do you wear bold lip colors?
  • What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color?

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43 thoughts on “Survey Says… December 18th, 2013

  1. Ismanie

    1) Your skin tone/coloring:

    Milk Chocolate (think MAC NW 45 / NC 50)

    2) Favorite bold lip color?

    I currently have three: Goes and Goes (Medium Purple… Dark Lavender-ish) and Ruby Woo (bold, rich red), by MAC; Lip lock (blue tinted lavender) by KA’OIR

    3) How often do you wear bold lip colors?

    Maybe once a month or less, now that I’m back in school… med school that is… studying too hard to make myself look decent

    4) What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color?

    I like for the lips to take center stage, so not a lot:
    Eyes, I keep plain or eye liner in dark brown or black
    Cheeks, a neutral color or plain….

  2. Avatar of liz liz

    Your skin tone/coloring: pale, cool, medium brown hair and dark eyes.
    Favorite bold lip color?: toss-up between MAC Russian Red and OCC Hoochie.
    How often do you wear bold lip colors?: Any time I’m out in public! (which admittedly is not often these days; lol unemployment)
    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color?: usually I just do a swipe of brown eyeliner and Maybelline One By One mascara, and then lightly sweep NYX Bourgeois Pig on my cheeks, and then dust my cheekbones with a pink highlighter!

  3. Avatar of kate Kate

    Skintone: NW20

    Favourite bold of the moment: Dior Minuit, Mac Absolute Power & OCC Stained lip tars, among many others!

    How often: As often as possible! Unless I am going heavier on the eyes then I may tone down the lips a little. Bolder lip colours suit me better I think.

    Try to keep eyes more neutral but rarely go bare! Cheeks depend on what I am wearing but rarely go bare either.

  4. 1.) I have light skin
    2.) Favorite bold lip is Venom by Urban Decay
    3.) I don’t wear them on the daily but I like to wear a pretty bold lip a few days out of the week to make my makeup more fun :)
    4.) For my eyes, I like to keep it neutral with golds, browns, bronzes, and champaigns, for cheeks I like a nice flush of pink that’s not too overpowering

  5. Avatar of ElKay ElKay

    ■Your skin tone/coloring: NW-25
    ■Favorite bold lip color? Mac Candy Yum Yum
    ■How often do you wear bold lip colors? Not very
    ■What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? A litte Nars Desire on the cheeks and Mac Vanilla Pigment with a little bronzer in my crease for the eyes.

  6. Avatar of T Violet Lee

    Your skin tone/coloring: Very fair, slight yellow undertones

    Favorite bold lip color? I have loads, I love bright blue based pinks. Right now I’m loving Mac’s Daddy’s Little Girl from the Archie collection, it’s got a really nice texture.

    How often do you wear bold lip colors? Almost every day. If I’m working outdoor or exercising, I might just wear gloss but otherwise I have a bold lip on.

    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? Usually the cheeks will be a subdued pink and I’ll use neutral shadows. I especially love taupes with cool pinks.

  7. Your skin tone/coloring: I think I’ve given up trying to figure out my undertone, hahaha. But I’m very light skinned!
    Favorite bold lip color? Orange or red! OR BLACK.
    How often do you wear bold lip colors? I don’t wear them as often as I would like to only because I can get really lazy and it takes time to make it look pretty lol
    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? BOLD EYES, ALWAYS
    Rikki Recently Posted: Bright Green Christmas Holiday Makeup Tutorial

  8. Avatar of Mar A. Mar

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair-Light/Neutral
    Favorite bold lip color? NARS Terre de Feu.
    How often do you wear bold lip colors? I’d say about 4 days a week. Which is likely a soft number on my part. I love bold or unusual colors. Reds and purples especially.
    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? Highlight, brows, soft liner, neutral cheeks. I’ll use a pencil liner and likely Illamasqua Zygomatic or a fair bronzer on the cheeks.

  9. Your skin tone/coloring: Light-medium with yellow undertones (G. Armani 4.5)
    Favorite bold lip color? I’m afraid of a good bold lip honestly! But do like red, and I’ve been practising by wearing a bold lip around the house!

    How often do you wear bold lip colors? Haha, not often. 3-5 times a year in public?

    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? Really natural eye & cheek makeup. Like using MAC’s paint pot in Groundwork, it’s the perfect everyday taupey colour for me. NARS Sin blush is a nice berry shade for natural cheeks

  10. Na

    NW 18
    Vintage from OCC
    5 days a week
    just black mascara, a little shimer on the cheeks and that’s it.

  11. Your skin tone/coloring: medium arm

    Favorite bold lip color? raspberry pink

    How often do you wear bold lip colors? at the moment quite often, like 3 or 4 days out of 7

    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? keep the blush subtle, and go for a smokey in a neutral shade

  12. Your skin tone/coloring:
    Pale-ish, NW10-15

    Favorite bold lip color?
    I like me some blue toned darker pinks. Current favourite is Rimmel’s As You Want Victoria and I’ve got my eye set on Urban Decay’s Catfight.

    How often do you wear bold lip colors?
    A few times a week. Doing touch ups can be a bit of a drag unfortunately.

    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color?
    Simple black eyeliner and my normal pink cheeks, since I don’t really do darker blush anyway.

  13. Your skin tone/coloring: Light, warm / brunette

    Favorite bold lip color? Red. I’m loving Revlon Matte Really Red, Maybelline 14h Ravishing Rouge, Urban Decay lip pencil F-Bomb and Revlon lip butter Cherry Tart.

    How often do you wear bold lip colors? Lately, everyday lol. I’m working on getting more comfortable with wearing bold red lips out of the house.

    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? Neutral earthy tones makeup, but not necessarily minimal as I like a nice eye look regardless what’s on my lips / neutral blush, i.e. Tarte Exposed, Chanel Accent, bareMinerals The Love Letter or Burberry Cameo.

  14. Very fair, yellow undertone

    I bought Aveda Nourish-Mint Soothing lip color in “Cana” this spring. It was a limited edition shade–a bold orange red. I love it!

    I wear a bold lip color once or twice a week. It depends on what I’m wearing. I prefer to wear bold makeup with black clothes or something equally simple to keep the look work appropriate.

    A peachy pink blush like Tarte Amazonian Clay in “Blissful” always seems to work with a bolder lip color for me. Then I just do a swipe of a champagne gold shadow and black liner to compliment instead of detract from the lips. I like Bare Minerals “Queen Phyllis.”

  15. Chris

    MAC Candy Yum Yum
    Eyes-bw/bl liner, mascara and groomed brow
    Cheeks – faint pink blush/subtle highlighter

  16. Aelita

    chanel b20-b30
    bold lip-mac morange, occ anime

    how often? – I wear it if its appropriate, not too often, once a month or less

    how to wear-as less of other makeup as possible, tinted moisturizer, concealer, mac paint pot in groundwork (I have super pinky eyelids, so I need some kind of an eyeshadow) and a tiiiny bit of natural looking mascara

  17. Avatar of Sarah Sarah

    Skin tone: nc25ish
    I can’t just pick one so I’ll pick three=D Mac Ablaze, Mac Party Parrot, and Maybelline Hot Plum. I’ll do very neutral blush and a good contour and highlight. On eyes I’ll do something pretty basic and neutral although sometimes I’ll run a little red yhrough the crease to make it more interesting

  18. Lucy

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair; think NC15
    Favorite bold lip color?: I love Chilli by MAC and Rio Rio by Topshop
    How often do you wear bold lip colors?: Once in a while, every week or so
    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color?: I keep it simple – usually just stick with eyeliner and a subtle peachy blush to give my face some definition

  19. Your skin tone/coloring: fair, Chanel BR-12 in Vitalumiere Aqua foundation
    Favorite bold lip color?: YSL glossy stain in shade 20 (it’s what’s on in my icon)
    How often do you wear bold lip colors? I wear them quite often around the house but not too often out and about
    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? My bold lip choices are always either reds or berries so I like to do a golden or champagne eye with NARS “Madly” or MAC “Well Dressed” blushes because they go well with everything but are subtle.

    Audrey Recently Posted: College Makeup Collection/Setup

  20. redvixen

    Your skin tone/coloring: very fair with a fairly neutral undertone/hazel eyes/natural red hair

    Favorite bold lip color? currently loving Revlon’s Colorburst matte balm in Standout but love all deep reds/blackened burgundies. Love OCC’s Black Dahlia (both traditional and metallic versions) and I want MAC’s Nightmoth lip pencil

    How often do you wear bold lip colors? At least 4 times a week (often more)

    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? At work I go very minimal on the eyes and cheeks both usually just a little black liner, mascara and my everyday neutral blush
    Going out I love all out glam dark smoky eyes and bold lips are a go to even if I just put my hair in bun I still feel dressed up and ready to have fun!

  21. Avatar of beka beka

    skin tone: light, warm undertones
    favorite bold lip color: i have too many to pick a favorite. i’ve been wearing my armani 610 a lot this winter, but i’ll give anything a go (at least once). i haven’t worn blue or black lips in years (i’m 34 now), but i’m not opposed to it. i love reds, purples, plums, oranges, burgundies…the list goes on.
    how often do your wear bold lip colors: almost every time i do my makeup. I’m a stay at home mom, so I don’t do makeup every day. occasionally, i will go for a softer lip.
    what do you like to do one eyes/cheeks with a bold lip: anything! i usually go all out. i’m not afraid of a bold lip with a bold eye! i think it looks a bit more balanced if i do it that way. i know it looks different on everyone, but my lips are really big and i can’t really do just lipstick and mascara. i think it looks funny. sometimes i will stick to neutrals or just a bit of eyeliner. it just depends on my mood. really the only time i won’t wear a really colorful lip and eye is when i’m going to church. any other time, its fair game-even if I’m just going to pick up the kids from school or running to the grocery store. as for cheeks, i’m pretty light and have a lot of redness, so i often skip blush.

  22. 1. Warm, NC 35/40

    2. MAC Hibiscus or Chanel Rouge Noir

    3. Not very often, I have very large lips so I often downplay them in favor of my eyes.

    4. I love MAC A Perfect Cheek to pair with bold lipcolors because it adds some color without looking like I’m wearing blush. I also pair bold lips with a lots of black mascara.

  23. Chelsea

    Skin tone/coloring: Fair with neutral undertones
    Favorite bold lip color: MAC Viva Glam I
    How often do you wear bold lip colors: Special occassions only, although I wish I felt comfortable wearing a bold lip more often!
    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color: Shimmery, neutral colors on the eyes, with a matte cheek in a natural color with a touch of highlighter toward my temples.

  24. nc 15
    pink pigeon, smocked purple riri woo and chanel velvet lip color in 97
    as often as possible:-) The only place i don’t wear my boldest colors is at work. I am a doctor and i don’t find black, dark purple and neon pinks appropriate for the ER
    clinique lucky penny (pink/peach frost), wedge by mac in the crease, matte beige highligter on brow-bone, a little ultra frosted shadow, fx nylon, right under the brow+in the inner corner of the eye+ right in the center of the lid. to bring it all together a black winged liner.
    for my cheeks a blush that’s complementary to my lip color but not to bright or strong.

  25. 1. I would say I’m pale, leaning more toward the yellow-y end of the spectrum.
    2. Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie (this may not be bold for everyone, but for me it definitely is).
    3. Maybe once or twice a month, usually if I go out country line dancing.
    4. I usually wear neutral colors on the eyes (tans with a darker brown crease or light grey with a darker grey crease and a bold lower lash or waterline eyeliner). Since I am a bit new to the world of blush, I only have a couple of choices currently. One is a light coral and one is a pink shade. So I just pick one!

  26. Miss J

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC20ish/Light-Medium Ash Brown hair/Blue-green eyes

    Favorite bold lip color? I won’t go into specific shades because that would take forever to list, but I love wearing bright or dark reds, pinks, and berries. Some corals, too.

    How often do you wear bold lip colors? Once a week, at least. I’m wearing MAC Diva right now.

    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? I’m a fan of bold lips and big lashes. Usually, I just load up on mascara and pop on some lashes to go with bold lips. If I do any shadow, I tend to use few products and keep it very neutral. On cheeks, I’ll stick with some bronzer, a nude blush like NARS Madly, or a sheer pop of color in a similar shade to the lipstick.

  27. Skin tone/ colouring: Fair skin (NC or NW15), black hair, blue eyes
    Favourite bold lip colour: At the moment, I’m loving Guerlain Provocative and Madame Batifole, but honestly it changes a lot. Armani Maestro #400 “The Red” earns its name.
    How often do you wear bold lip colours? Fairly often. I’d say a couple of times a week on average.
    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? I try to keep things pretty clean, meaning I usually don’t do too much else, but I make a conscious effort to really complex shades, since I find the effect is muddy when there’s such a bold focal point already. I tend to go with a light, natural cheek (like Nars Deep Throat or Day Dream). For the eyes, I’ll usually do light neutrals or something with a lot of contrast (Marc Jacobs The Mod palette). Flat black liner works too.
    Kate Recently Posted: making faces :: let’s talk about this nars guy thing

  28. Your skin tone/coloring: NC40-42
    Favorite bold lip color? – Catrice, Sleek, Rimmel – they have very nice reds, rose-pinks and corals.
    How often do you wear bold lip colors? – Not that often… this summer I wore a lot of them, but it’s not really a summer/winter thing – just depending on my mood. In autumn, I was in a dark lip mood and now I’m really in a nude lip mood.
    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? – I nearly always wear neutral eyes, either no eyeshadow or a golden bronze shade, which looks very natural on me. Smokey brown eyeliner or winged liquid eyeliner goes great with bold lip colours. For cheeks I go for lighter, more subtle blushes – nudes, browns, light peaches and bronzes. With a dark lip you can go for more colour so that your face doesn’t look too ashy but with bold lips I think it’s better to be subtle with blush.
    Plurabelle Recently Posted: Introduction: a different kind of makeup blog?

  29. Your skin tone/coloring: Light medium neutral cool
    Favorite bold lip color? Dark/darkish reds – Nars Damned, Givenchy Grenat Initié, Nars Mascate, Shiseido Nocturne, Nars Afghan Red
    How often do you wear bold lip colors? Every weekend.
    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? Nude shimmery eyes, sometimes with a little matte black smoked on the crease, Nars Madly on my cheeks and just a tiny bit of a subtle illuminator.

  30. Melissa

    Your skin tone/coloring: medium tan/warm
    Favorite bold lip color? Nars Terre de Feu and Chanel La Favorite
    How often do you wear bold lip colors? Not often. I’ll pull them out some evenings but during the daytime I tend to stick to nude lips or sheerer colours.
    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? Very light simple smokey eyes or a clean black/brown liner, usually with Nars Luster on the cheeks.

  31. Your skin tone/coloring: NC20

    Favorite bold lip color? Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick in Bright Plum, Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in Rouge Noir, and Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait in Orgueil

    How often do you wear bold lip colors? As often as possible! :D

    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? I like my lip color to standout, so I prefer using neutrals on my cheeks (my current favorites are Becca Mineral Blush in Sweetpea and Chanel Joues Contraste in Accent) and eyes (bronzes, champagnes, olives, and taupes). Winged eyeliner works too.

  32. Nikki

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC50
    Favorite bold lip color? MAC Rebel
    How often do you wear bold lip colors? I typically wear bolder lip colors during the fall and winter seasons. I tend to reach for them for special occasions too.
    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? Eyes – eyeliner only or a brown smokey eye; cheeks – blush that coordinates with my lip color

  33. Your skin tone/coloring:
    NC50/ Yellow Based Brown

    Favorite bold lip color?
    Ruby Woo or Diva by MAC, Coloured Raine Plum Fairy

    How often do you wear bold lip colors?
    Most of the time! I’m not a big fan of nudes as I find most of them too ashy for my skin tone.

    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color?
    I keep my eyes minimal with just winged black liner and tones of mascara, cheeks are kept natural and warm with an orange/terracotta toned blush!


  34. Avatar of Lauren Lauren

    1) Very very fair, neutral complexion; dark brown hair (as close to black as my colorist will let me); green eyes
    2) I love a bold lip! It’s my favorite. Presently, NARS Pure Matte in Amsterdam is a go-to, as is Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Sensuelle. Sometimes I keep it matte or, if I can’t stand it, I’ll put just a touch of gloss on in the center (literally almost ANY gloss will do, but NARS Gold Digger is in my purse right now).
    3) More than I should. I’ll wear blood red lipstick to the market, but feel really overdone if I have on more than, say, a neutral champagne wash on the eyes.
    4) For cheeks, I either go with a red flush or a super pale pink that’s the same hue as the lip. So, even though it was panned here, I love to wear NARS Outlaw, applied with a big fluffy powder brush, or I’ll go in the other direction and do, say, Chanel’s Stardust Joues Contraste from Holiday 2012. On eyes: just a wash of something nude, like Laura Mercier Stellar, with maaaaybe a touch of taupe in the crease for balance (LM Topaz is good), then black tight-line and LOTS of mascara. The whole look is almost a cliche, but it really works for me. Nine times out of ten it’s what I do for going out or dressing up.

  35. Avatar of Veronica Veronica

    Your skin tone/coloring: NW10-NW15
    Favorite bold lip color? ALL REDS, ALL THE TIME. My current favorite that I own is Smashbox Grenadine.
    How often do you wear bold lip colors? More often then not! I only wear nude lips when I do an intense eye or am working in an environment where I can’t (i.e. IV room).
    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? I generally wear neutrals or a cat eye. I use a very neutral brown-pink blush or pale pink on my cheeks if I wear blush; otherwise, I just skip it all together.

  36. Avatar of Lacey Lacey

    Your skin tone/coloring: warm/light

    Favorite bold lip color? Urban Decay in Bang

    How often do you wear bold lip colors?2-3 times a week

    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? I like a bold lip color to take center stage so I pair it with a pale blush or none at all and go more subtle on the eyes with a beige/cream shadow in any finish and mascara. Maybe minimal tight lining.

  37. imaginary

    Your skin tone/coloring: pale (above MAC scale), cool pink undertone
    Favorite bold lip color? neon pinks, dark purple
    How often do you wear bold lip colors? as often as I can :D which is few times a week
    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? simple neutral (usualy grey) eyeshadow in outer corners, thin black eyeliner, mascara, light coral or pastel pink blush

  38. Avatar of Wyvie Lyn

    Your skin tone/coloring: – NW43

    Favorite bold lip color? – Currently, I’ve been wearing Rebel with Nightmoth Lip Liner or Ruby Woo with Nightmoth.

    How often do you wear bold lip colors? – Every single day! I work in retail, so my face is made up – 5 days out of the week. It’s become my staple for the fall/winter look. I’m really into the vamp lipsticks and cannot wait for the Punk Couture collection with MAC!

    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? – With my eyes, I do a winged liner – it’s my staple. I’m a big blush wearer, I know shoot me. I’m all into the rosy looks with my lipsticks, it brings my face to life and warms me up. With that being said, I wear Stubborn by MAC on my cheeks. Or sometimes Taj Mahal by NARS. Once I find the perfect bronzer with my skin tone, I’m sure that will replace the blush ;)

  39. Avatar of Christina Crissy

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, Light Yellow undertones (MAC NC15)

    Favorite bold lip color? MAC’s Candy Yum Yum – Bright, Neon Fuchsia Pink

    How often do you wear bold lip colors? Maybe once every few weeks, or for a special occasion, like a party.

    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? I always make sure to bronze my face quite a bit, and wear a neutral blush like MAC’s Warm Soul or Tenderling. And then just play up the highlight and contour. I keep the eyes neutral-toned, and do a winged liner and lashes.

  40. Your skin tone/coloring: Light with warm to neutral undertones

    Favorite bold lip color? I like burgundy and warm reds. I like when other people wear black or black red lipstick.

    How often do you wear bold lip colors? Not very often. My husband doesn’t like lipstick, so I don’t often wear any. Plus, I’m afraid it makes my lips look even thinner.

    What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color? I would go by the old chestnut of bold eye, nude lip and vice versa. I just got a little Stila kit of Kitten eyeshadow, black liner, and red lipstick – I think that’s a great combination.

  41. Avatar of Jerrilyn Jan

    NC 40/42
    Favorite lip color: this time of year, MAC Viva Glam III
    How often do I wear bold lip colors: this time of year, 2-3 times a week
    Makeup: part of the rich, deep wine color tour for me is silky smooth skin but with tinted moisturizer or foundation that looks barely there. I usually pull my hair off my face. Eyes are simple. But dramatic. Id I wear shadow, it’s primarily matte. The lid is usually a couple of shades softer/lighter than my skin, or a soft pink/mauve mix from the LORAC Pro palette. I use a transition shade that’s a mauve taupe blend, again with that barely there look. I do darken the outer edge of the crease a little. Black liner. Sometimes false lashes.
    Blush is a plum brown or deeper plum/wine shade, softer than the lip. Other times, I’m likely to simply contour under the cheek with a touch of highlighter on the Cheek bone.

  42. 1) Your skin tone/coloring:
    Light, with neutral undertones
    2) Favorite bold lip color?
    Bright pinks and reds. I like Ruby Woo and Lady Danger by MAC and Vivid Rose by Maybelline. I have a lot of bold colors but these are the ones I wear a lot lately.
    3)How often do you wear bold lip colors?
    Daily! I like to brighten up the office with my lips!
    4) What do you like to do on eyes/cheeks with a bold lip color?
    Neutral colors on my eyes and a bit of black gel liner. A soft pink or soft peach on my cheeks, depending on the llip color.

  43. Avatar of Jennifer Jennifer

    -Skin tone/coloring: NC 35-37
    -Favorite bold lip color: Too many! I love a bold lip! I have more bold lipsticks then anything else. Mac Heroine, Mac Ruby Woo, Mac Potent Fig, Mac Viva Glam Nicki, Hourglass Raven, OCC Nylon to name a few LOL
    -How often do you wear a bold lip: Not as often as I like I’m a nurse so I can’t wear to work so mainly on the weekends
    -What do you do for eyes/cheeks with a bold lip: Usually black winged liner and a neutral blush like benefit hoola or nars madly