Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Favorite aqua eyeshadow?
  • Favorite blue eyeliner?
  • Favorite coral lip color?

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19 thoughts on “Survey Says… April 24th, 2013

  1. Your skin tone/coloring: Light with yellow undertones
    Favorite aqua eyeshadow? MAC freshwater
    Favorite blue eyeliner? MAC fluidline in “waveline” or Urban Decay “electric”
    Favorite coral lip color? Maybelline shocking coral

  2. Elle Jaye

    ■Your skin tone/coloring:MAC NC50
    ■Favorite aqua eyeshadow? MAC Parrot
    ■Favorite blue eyeliner? MAC Petrol Blue
    ■Favorite coral lip color? Revlon Papaya or MAC Lychee Luxe

  3. Dominique

    ■Your skin tone/coloring: NW20

    ■Favorite aqua eyeshadow? : definitely Nars cream duo in Burn it Blue ( I purchase very pretty cream eyeshadows from Kiko summer 2013, one of them is aqua and really beautiful, can’t wait to try it out ! )

    ■Favorite blue eyeliner? : I don’t wear eyeliner in fact

    ■Favorite coral lip color? : Nars Niagara or Dior Dior Addict in On the Beach ( summer 2013 )

  4. Your skin tone/coloring: medium warm

    Favorite aqua eyeshadow? I don’t think I own anything aqua, unless MAC Deep Truth counts?

    Favorite blue eyeliner? Lush Emotional Brilliance liquid liner (can’t remember the name… Strong maybe?)

    Favorite coral lip color? My newest Smashbox Longlasting Lipcolor in Whirl

  5. xamyx

    Skintone/coloring: Fairly light, very neutral; dark features.

    Aqua eyeshadow: The closest I can think of is LORAC Sapphire Storm (Multi Platinum palette), or MAC Freshwater. I need to go with deeper, more intense color, so I don’t do “true” aqua, which can run a bit light.

    Blue liner: Again, not a color I wear often, but I picked up a Kat von D pencil a while back on clearance in Rhi-venge. I really like her pencils as a whole, and I think her makeup line is quite underrated; I know many don’t like her persona/brand, and aren’t willing to try the line, but it really is worth looking past all that to try the makeup.

    Coral lipstick: I haven’t worn this since 1988, when I was 15… I had one from Revlon that I really liked at the time, until I walked into Algebra & saw my reeeally old teacher applying the *exact* same shade; then, I realized just how many older women wore coral lipstick, and ever since I’ve thought of it as an “old lady” color (OCC Liptar in Grandma is a coral…).

  6. Keo

    Your skin tone/coloring:
    – Medium tan/olive NC37-NC40

    Favorite aqua eyeshadow?
    – Milani Liquif’eye in ‘Aqua’

    Favorite blue eyeliner?
    – Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow Pigment in ‘Mingles’

    Favorite coral lip color?
    – Mary Kay Lipstick in ‘Pink Twilight’

  7. Your skin tone/coloring: NC15/NW20
    Favorite aqua eyeshadow? MAC Shimmermoss
    Favorite blue eyeliner? Urban Decay Deviant
    Favorite coral lip color? Lately it’s been MAC Betty Bright. But I also love Lancome Sweet Marmalade (& many others).

  8. Your skin tone/coloring:
    MAC NC30
    Favorite aqua eyeshadow?
    MUA Trio Eyeshadow Blue Babe
    Favorite blue eyeliner?
    MAC Marine Ultra Chromagraphic pencil
    Favorite coral lip color?
    MAC Ever Hip

  9. Mariella

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, cool-toned (MAC NW 15-20)
    Favorite aqua eyeshadow? The closest I have to “aqua” is MAC Steamy, which I love
    Favorite blue eyeliner? Probably GOSH Pretty Petrol or Lise Watier Marin
    Favorite coral lip color? No such thing. I don’t like coral lipstick on me at all.

  10. Ana

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC30-35
    Favorite aqua eyeshadow? MAC Steamy FTW
    Favorite blue eyeliner? Yves Rocher Waterproof Eyeliner in Bleu (UD Chaos Eyeliner/Shadow dupe)
    Favorite coral lip color? MAC Sheen Supreme in Gotta Dash

  11. Michelle

    Your skin tone/coloring: Medium with yellow/olive undertones
    Favorite aqua eyeshadow? Urban Decay Shattered
    Favorite blue eyeliner? L’oreal HIP Chrome Blue Spark
    Favorite coral lip color? I don’t really wear coral. But I’d like to see if I can find one that I like on me!

  12. Monica

    Your skin tone/coloring: NW43
    Favorite aqua eyeshadow: Haven’t found one yet :-/
    Favorite blue eyeliner: Bobbi Brown “Cobalt Ink”
    Favorite coral lip color: Smashbox Melondrama! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

  13. Katie

    Your skin tone/coloring: Neutral/Beige
    Favorite aqua eyeshadow? MAC Aquadisiac is the best!
    Favorite blue eyeliner? I don’t own a blue liner, just neutral shades.
    Favorite coral lip color? MAC Flamingo or Chanel La Favorite!

  14. skin tone:deathpale neutral
    aqua eyeshadow: sugarpill’s mochi
    blue eyeliner:mufe aqua liquid liner #6
    coral lipstick: the saem’s global eco red

  15. kastehelmi

    *Your skin tone/coloring: I’m guessing MAC N30, but I almost never wear foundation, and don’t own any by MAC.

    *Favorite aqua eyeshadow? Honeybee Gardens Minerals in Castaway (beautiful aqua turquoise color)

    *Favorite blue eyeliner? Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Denim Ink

    *Favorite coral lip color? So many! Bobbi Brown Soft Coral and Mac Hibiscus I wear often, but if Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Coral lasted more than an hour on me it would be my HG.

  16. Az sunshine

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC25-30
    Favorite aqua eyeshadow? Not a fan of aqua eyeshadow
    Favorite blue eyeliner? Don’t wear blue eyeliner
    Favorite coral lip color? Currently loving Chanel’s En Vouge Rouge Coco Shine

  17. Leeza

    Your skin tone/coloring: gold medium/dark tan
    Favorite aqua eyeshadow? Best Dressed by Lancome (color design)
    Favorite blue eyeliner? Urban Decay Mainline (more of a teal but it looks amazing on)
    Favorite coral lip color? I like MAC’s Lychee Luxe on its own for a youthful burst of coral, or on top of Revlon’s Coral colorburst lipstick

  18. Nikki

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC50

    Favorite aqua eyeshadow? N/A

    Favorite blue eyeliner? N/A

    Favorite coral lip color? MAC Whoops! Pro Longwear Lipglass

  19. Heidi

    Nc 20
    Zuii mermaid
    Terre d’oro eye kohl 704
    Zuii mandarin for day and coral red for evening

    I use them all the time now