Monday, April 20th, 2009

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

Instructions: Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share it with us in the comments section! :)

Your favorite moisturizer?: [answer]
Skincare step you can’t miss?: [answer]
Worst skincare product you’ve used?: [answer]

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61 thoughts on “Survey Says… April 20th, 2009

  1. Nicole13

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Yes To Tomatoes Hydrating Moisturizer (also Clinique’s Surge)
    Skincare step you can

  2. kam

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Marcelle Aquarelle lotion for oily skin
    Skincare step you can

  3. AbbyL

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Gel de la Mer. (I don’t own this b.c its so expensive, but the last time I bought makeup at Saks the sales lady gave me a big sample. It is unbelievably amazing. Doesn’t feel greasy, moisturizes with absolutely no breakouts! In fact I honestly think it was helping control my acne. And then I ran out… )
    Skincare step you can

  4. tremorviolet

    Your favorite moisturizer?: PURPOSE Redness Reducing Moisturizer with SPF 30 for day, at night I just use Cadaulie Eye Cream & prescription Differin.
    Skincare step you can

  5. Nars

    Your favorite moisturizer?: hmm… tough one here. I think it’s nearly a tie between Cle de Peau Beaute La Creme (despite its uber ridiculous price tag) and Creme de La Mer. I’m going through my third jar of La Mer’s, and while I love how it moisturizes my skin and all I like how La Creme feels so nice and light. Since I have very dry skin with eczema I’ve tried out so many high-end cremes for dry skin and so far I’m most satisfied with those two.

    Skincare step you can

  6. Nicole15

    Favorite Moisturizer: Right now, i’m using Hope in a Bottle by Philosophy. This one is for congested pores. A good drugstore one I am liking lately as it works well on my skin is Clean & Clear SOFT day lotion

    Skincare Step I can’t miss?: Cleansing & moisturizing. Without those two, my skin would be disastrous

    Worst skincare product I’ve used?: Kiehl’s Centella Skin-Calming Cleanser. This just did not clean my face. It left a horrible residue on my skin & when i took toner to my face after to see if it was clean, the cotton ball came out with makeup on it which meant – dirty! Ugh! I did not like it and usually i like Kiehl’s products but this was a big no-no!

  7. Your favorite moisturizer?: I don’t use moisturizer; My dermatologist advises against it for my skin type – it clogs my pores and causes more oiliness and breakouts. I need to keep my skin a bit on the drier side in order to keep breakouts away.
    Skincare step you can

    • Nicole15

      Wow! I never knew this. I use blotting sheets a lot too cause I have very oily skin. I never thought there were ingredients in them. I thought it was just a kind of paper. Interesting….learned something new today.

      • I never suspected it, either! I read about it on makeupalley and it totally makes sense now – the more I used them, the oiler I got and the harder my breakouts were to control.

        Now I just use tissues… and it sounds gross, but those toilet seat covers (clean ones :) )work *wonders* for removing oil!

    • K

      Have you tried Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissue?
      They seem to work well for me and my face always gets oily during the day. However they clearly have ‘oil’ in them too lol. Not sure if it is the same thing….but you could try them out =)

  8. Emm

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Neutrogena Oil Free/Clinique Dramatically Different gel
    Skincare step you can

  9. JennXOXO

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Oil of Olay’s All Day UV Moisture Lotion
    Skincare step you can

  10. Andrea

    Your favorite moisturizer?: My favourite moisturizer is by Faces Cosmetics called Ever Young.
    Skincare step you can

  11. Your favorite moisturizer?: Clinique Dramatically Different Gel
    Skincare step you can

  12. Teresa

    Your favorite moisturizer?: I use a Cetaphil one that I love.
    Skincare step you can

  13. Your favorite moisturizer?: Lancome Hydro Zen
    Skincare step you can

  14. carriespooner

    Fav moisturizer: Eqyptian Magic (for evening). I put this on and sleep in it. It’s propolis, royal jelly all the bee products. I LOVE it more than anything. Not good for under makeup though.. it’s not for that.

    Skincare step can’t miss: spf for day. Retin-A for night.

    Extra product I love is Vitamin C serum. I mix my own. Google it! It’s cheap.

    Worst skin care product ever: OMG.. Serious Skin Care with Jennifer Flavin. I bought a kit on HSN and it smelled like petroleum. I wanted to love it because all the products had phyto nutrients but they were all horrible products.

  15. cmferrets

    clinique dramatically different mousurizer and moisture surge.
    i cant miss washing my face off and applying a mousturize, if i dont my face feels paper dry.
    hmmmm i dont know, i usually stick to whats good, cant think of a bad one right now. i cant stand ones that smell when u have them on your face.

  16. Erica

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
    Skincare step you can

    • Gaby

      The same thing happened to me with Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple it broke me out in places I had never had pimples and dried my cheeks it sucks!!

  17. cloudburst

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Lancome Bienifiat Multi Vital SPF 30
    Skincare step you can

  18. HoneyBrown1976

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Ambi’s Even and Clear Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30
    Skincare step you can

  19. Your favorite moisturizer?: Hmmm…Envision Beauty’s The solution or Cetaphil for those extra dry days
    Skincare step you can

  20. Mikki

    Favorite moisturizer: Still haven’t found yet.
    Skincare step you can’t miss: My eyecream !!!
    Worst skincare product used: Dutch Drugstore brand eyecream… it made my eyes very dry and flaky

  21. Kristina

    Favourite moisturizer:
    – Hope in a Jar by Philosophy

    Skincare step that cannot be missed:
    – Cleansing and moisturizing on a daily basis

    Worst skincare product:
    – Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask
    —-> It burned my face like a mother&^%$%* and caused it to peel like crazy.

  22. Luda

    Favorite moisturizer: have not found a good one yet, they usually make me break out after about a week of use.
    Skincare step you can

  23. Sweet_Plum

    Favorite Moisturizer: Olay Complete All Day Moisture Cream SPF 15, Normal Skin. Great product, and even better price! Only $8.50
    Skincare step you can’t miss: Putting on some SPF. Terrified of getting skin cancer since it seems to run in the family.
    Worst skincare product used: Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask. Terrible product! Basically sucked up all the moisture in my skin, but left all the oil causing me to break out all over! STAY AWAY!

  24. sprut

    1. I don’t have one but at the moment I like clinique’s moisture surge.
    2. removing makeup/cleansing
    3. alba cleanser…for some reason it makes my lips and mouth numb. I must be allergic to something in it.

  25. Lindsay

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Clinique’s dramaticially different GEL. it absorbs quickly, doesn’t make me oily, and is worth every penny
    Skincare step you can

  26. [email protected]

    Favorite Moisturizer: Avon All in One Max cream, this is the only moisturizer I can find that helps with my extremely dry skin.
    Skincare step you can

  27. ice

    Favorite moisturizer: I am liking Shiseido Gel-creme Moisturiser. It does the job well (i’m using Retin A cream) so I really need a good moisturiser. It feels gorgeous when applied but I’m a little squemish when removing it from the jar coz of it’s consistency. I just wish it’s available in a pump container rather than in a jar.

    Skincare step you can

  28. CeeBee

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Olay Total Effects in Sensitive or Blemish Control formulas.

    Skincare step you can

  29. hi

    Your favorite moisturizer? Garnier Nutritionisste Skin Renew Daily Regenerating Moisture Cream. This stuff felt like rich liquid velvet in my hand yet didn’t clog pores. It moisturized, but it wasn’t greasy at all. It filled in fine lines, but without buildup or any stinging. It left my skin SO, SO soft, and smells great!! Plus, it’s relatively a cheapie.
    Skincare step you can’t miss? Exfoliating. If I don’t slough my pores, sooner or later I’ll have giant, dirty bumps on my skin no matter how many times I cleanse.
    Worst skincare product you’ve used? Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, in the white-tan bottle/muted green cap. Yeah, it moisturized well enough, but the SPF did me no good, it left my skin a bit sensitive, it smelled weird and was a bit greasy. Plus the packaging is AWFUL – the pump broke and now I have to scoop the moisturizer out with my fingers!

  30. msviolet

    Your favorite moisturizer?: origins mega mushroom face serum
    Skincare step you can

  31. Angie

    Moisturizer: I use Envision Beauty’s The Solution. I have tried every moisturizer in the book, from La Mer to drugstore, and this is the ONLY moisturizer that actually helps my dry skin! And the funny thing is, it is SO lightweight. I didn’t think it would work. It is an all-in-one, so I don’t have to use eye cream or serum anymore. Definitely takes all of those time consuming steps out of the picture. Plus, it’s all natural, and full of amazing things. I’m so glad I’ve finally found my HG moisturizer.

    Skincare step: Exfoliating. Dry skin + flakes = hot mess

    Worst Skincare Product: Too many to count.

  32. It changes so often but:
    Fav moisturizer: Lancome High Resolution 3x
    Never forget to: Cleanse & Moisturize – they come hand in hand
    Worse skincare product: Avon Anew Moisturizers-each one peeled off when I did my foundation or peeled off like dead skin on my pillow at night. I returned them for sure. $7.99 thought I was getting a good deal. I think not:)

  33. Allison

    Fav moisturizer: Clinique superdefense
    Never skip skin care: Retin A/ Duac acne meds
    Worst skincare product: primer from cover fx and (broke me out)

  34. Jenn

    Your favorite moisturizer?: armani crema nera
    Skincare step you can

  35. Natalie

    Your favorite moisturizer? Emergin-C Crude Control. I think it’s also called Complexion Control.
    Skincare step you can’t miss? Cleansing!
    Worst skincare product you’ve used? Clinique 3 Step System. All of the products completely wrecked my face.

  36. Michelle

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Dior Hydraction visible defense light

    Skincare step you can

  37. M.

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Lush Skin Nanny Moisturizer
    Skincare step you can

  38. little_house

    Your favorite moisturizer?
    Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant

    Skincare step you can

  39. catherine

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Creme de la mer, love it , makes my skin super smooth and hydrated.

    Skincare step you can

  40. Your favorite moisturizer?: Shu Uemura Phyto Black Lift Renewing Night Cream
    Skincare step you can

  41. Ju

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Is from Aubrey Organics, this is the “Vegecol with Aloe”.

    Skincare step you can

  42. bCreative

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
    Skincare step you can

  43. Jody

    Your favorite moisturizer? Paula’s Choice hydrating creme, I only have to use a little bit of this and I use it mostly where I tend to have dryer skin because this is super moisturizing! I’ve tried using other moisturizers when I run out but I cant live without it.

    Skincare step you cant miss? Moisturizer

    Worst skincare product you’ve used? Hmmm, I am drawing a blank but I would say any drugstore moisturizer I’ve tried. I wish I could find one for times when I am waiting for my Paula’s Choice to arrive.

  44. Ciara

    Your Favourite Moisturizer? Givenchy Skin Drink Matte! My skin is so soft and smooth thanks to Givenchy!

    Skincare step you can’t miss? Lush tea tree toner <3

    Worst skincare product you

  45. Cindyrella

    Moisturizer–Merle Norman Changing Skin Treatment
    Skincare step you can’t miss? exfoliating–Philosophy microderm
    Worst skincare product? Olay thermal scrub–leaves a yucky residue

  46. Christine

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Dove Sensitive Skin Day Lotion
    Skincare step you can

  47. Christy

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Oil Of Olay Complete with SPF 15
    Skincare step you can

  48. kimberly v

    Your favorite moisturizer? clinque dramatically different moisturizing lotion

    Skincare step you can

  49. niknik

    Favourite moisturizer: I’m still looking for the right one! Currently I’m using Neutrogena Spf 15 but it still isn’t hydrating enough
    Skincare step you can

  50. Lisa

    -Your favorite moisturizer?: AHAVA Smoothing Moisturizer for very dry skin/Clinique Dramaticly Different Moisturizing Lotion
    -Skincare step you can

  51. Kirsty Jane

    Favourite Moisturizer .. Just Nivea cream, everything else makes my face greasy, plus its really cheap for using every day. I put it on my hands all the time at work too!
    Best Skincare Step .. Taking make up off before bed, exfoliating and blackhead cleanser once a week. Then use Nivea as a face mask, leave it on for 5-10 minutes.
    Worst Skincare Products .. Haven’t tried anything too bad, worst thing was a foundation I bought House of Colour, just made my skin so oily and spotty!!!

  52. agnes

    Your favorite moisturizer?:VALMONT EIXIR
    Skincare step you can

  53. Kathleen

    Your favorite moisturizer?: HydrAction Deep Hydration Radical Serum
    Skincare step you can

  54. Anonymous

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Dr. Hauschka’s Quince Day Cream
    Skincare step you can’t miss?: Cleansing
    Worst skincare product you’ve used?: Probably Clean and Clear’s Cream Cleanser which broke me out horribly.

  55. Alexa

    Your favorite moisturizer?: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing GEL
    Skincare step you can’t miss?: probably toner… Dr. Weil Treatment Lotion (LOVE)
    Worst skincare product you’ve used?: St. Ives Scrub. I guess. I have never used a very terrible skin product.

  56. audrey

    Fave Moisturizer: Creme De la mer. I splurged on the large jar ($1250.00) and I use it all over my body! It is AMAZING!

    Skincare Step you can’t miss: Washing my face (Wipes dont cut it!), even if i’m super tired!

    Worst Skincare Product you’ve ever used: Clinique 3-step skincare system… made me break out LIKE CRAZY!