Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Sunset Eyes with Maybelline Eye Studio

As promised, here’s a look using Maybelline Eye Studio Give Me Gold Eyeshadow Palette. I think these are definitely some of the better drugstore eyeshadows I’ve tried in recent history, particularly from such a mass marketed brand as Maybelline. I don’t think they are better than MAC or other high-end shades, but for $6-10 for four shades compared to $10-15 for a single shade, they’re a worthwhile option for those on a budget or who just want to try out a certain color and don’t want to shell out $16 for one shade that they’re not even sure they’re going to use.

I found these eyeshadows very easy to blend, but do remember to use a light hand, because it can be easy to over blend soft shadows such as these (I often have the same issue with soft eyeshadows from Urban Decay and Stila). I’m expecting to try out a few of the more colorful palettes in the next few weeks, because I am definitely curious to see just how well they do true color (because this palette is still neutral, which I do feel is an area drugstore brands are stronger at as compared to bright, bold color, for instance). I’ll keep you updated, but what better way to show you how these perform than with a look, right?

I also gave Bobbi Brown’s Extra Tinted Moisturizing Balm a try in this look, but it seems to run a little yellow-ish on me, so I think Medium Tint might be too dark or something (maybe I’m Light to Medium). I did love the scent, though — a very lemon-y citrus kind of smell.

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot (neutral beige base), Maybelline Eye Studio Give Me Gold Palette (champagne white-gold, gold, copper-bronze, bronze), Maybelline Eye Studio Sinful Sinnamon Marbleized Eyeshadow (burnt red / pink), Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black (black), Chanel Exceptionnel Mascara (black)
  • Face: Bobbi Brown Extra Tinted Moisturizer (Medium Tint)
  • Cheeks: Lancome Shimmer Mandarin Sky Blush (peach-coral)
  • Lips: Benefit Jing-a-Ling Lipstick (soft rosy pink), MAC Nymphette Lipglass (sheer golden pink)
  • Brushes: 226 (fluffy crease brush), 219 (pointed crease brush), 214 (smudge brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 116 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: For MAC substitutes, try Nylon, Goldmine, Amber Lights, and Bronze

For eyes, start by applying Soft Ochre paint pot as your eyeshadow base all over the lid with the 249. Using the 239, apply the gold eyeshadow on the inner third of the eyelid. Next, apply the copper eyeshadow on the middle third of the eyelid and lightly blend with the inner corner. Darken the outer third of the lid with dark bronze eyeshadow with the 239, gently brushing it into the lower crease. Lightly blend the dark bronze eyeshadow, with the 239, on the outer corner and lid. Next, define the crease by applying Sinful Sinnamon eyeshadow (the burnt red side) with the 226. To finish the eyeshadow look, sweep the white-gold eyeshadow as a highlighter on the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Blackest Black gel eyeliner on the lower and upper lash lines with the 208. Finish by sweeping lashes withΒ  Exceptionnel mascara.

For cheeks, apply Shimmer Mandarin Sky blush to the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Jing-a-Ling lipstick first, and then layer Nymphette lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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115 thoughts on “Sunset Eyes with Maybelline Eye Studio

  1. Mary007

    Very pretty!

  2. Steph

    This is gorgeous! Not sure if these are at my local drug store but if they are, I am going to check them out and pick up this palette!

    Is there a lot of fallout with these shadows? And if you do another look with this line in the future, I’d love to know the staying power.

    • Hi Steph,

      I did this look yesterday, so I can tell you about the staying power — stayed on me with minimal fading. I found that there was some fall out during application, but it’s more a problem with applying more product than you need than inherently a fallout disaster (e.g. a super glittery shadow!). I always find softer shadows (like these, UD, Stila) tend to have more fall out if you get overzealous, lol! If you totally want to minimize fall out, you can always use the included sponge-tip applicator (I know, the horror). It wasn’t enough to make me overly concerned, though, particularly since, once applied, I experienced no fallout whatsoever :)

  3. air

    wow this looks really great on you!

  4. Very pretty, love the lip colour especially!

  5. daphne

    The fine black liner looks great on this. Colors are just gorgeous. I would have done it with a warmer, peachy or coral lip but the lip combo is still just awesome. Seriously, Nymphette is just LOVE! I really need to wear it more often, dangit.

    • Thanks, Daphne! I was thinking it was going to end up more coral than it did, but when I saw it, I liked it enough to leave it, LOL. I told myself “to break out” of my box and not always use a coral lip with golds… at the very least!

      • daphne

        Hah, yeah, that’s fair enough :) For me it’s the bronzey/reddish tones in the eye that call to a slightly warmer lip, but the gold tones in Nymphette do pull it together well. What can I say, I am a little predictable. Wearing Gems today for like the 3rd time this week :)

        • Sometimes I hide products I reach for too often, because y’all don’t want to see me wearing Sugarbomb 7x a week…. LOL. Gems is awesome, though, so it is OK to wear it three times this week. Really πŸ˜‰

  6. raquel

    Oh my goodness, you look absolutely stunning!!!! Loooove this look on you!

  7. Melissa (divinem)

    It’s all the blending and, girl, you got that down. Thanks again for taking the time. You’re so beautiful, smart, talented. 😎

  8. LuckyHet

    I love it. You look amazing!!

  9. Melissa (divinem)

    And how is it you never look tired?! 0_o

  10. gio

    I love it! You look stunning!

  11. allison

    I have been waiting to see these colors on you and hear your dupes! You look gorgeous. Thankfully I already have Goldmine, Bronze and Amber Lights. πŸ˜€

    • This one was an easy one – as soon as I saw it, I was like, bam bam bam! Could totally give ya dupes. Definitely not a necessary palette if you have the MAC versions :)

      Thank you!

  12. amy

    I love the lipgloss/lipstick combo!

  13. shay

    gee.. this look and you.. are SOOOOOOOOO beautiful!

  14. I really love subtle looks like this one on you :) You’re so pretty!

  15. julianna

    you look so pretty!

  16. Roxanne

    It looks great paired with those rosy lips and cheeks! Would’ve never thought about that myself. I need to pick up this palette! Any ideas on international release dates? Jing-a-ling seems like a good candidate for Spring Season πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Roxanne! I actually heard that some countries have had this out for awhile… particularly in Asia!

      Haha, Jing-a-ling is definitely part of the Spring Season :)

  17. tehreem

    This look is great! I love the combination! You put it together very nicely with the Blush and lipstick!!! Very nice! But I did notice one thing…You dont talk about drugstore products as pationately as say a MAC product loll…or is that just me thinking that way? Do you get more impressed with higher end products? Im just wondering..

    • Thanks, Tehreem!

      I’m not really a big fan of the whole shopping experience when it comes to drugstore brands. It’s just a hassle and totally takes the fun out of makeup for me. Like I totally understand that for some, they LOVE finding the best of the best in drugstore – they love finding those amazing, standout products that are under $5. For me, it’s not like that! I love going to the counter and testing things out – I like swatching them, talking with whoever’s at the counter, and I like that it’s an *experience.* Sure, sometimes I dodge in and out and grab what I need, but I can window shop, too.

      I’m also totally grossed out by the fact that all products are accessible by customers at drugstores whereas most counters keep things in drawers. I just don’t always feel confident that something I buy at a drugstore hasn’t been opened or used by someone else (it’s happened… multiple times… SO GROSS!).

      Additionally, while packaging won’t make me purchase something outright, I do really enjoy the packaging to feel good. I don’t like it to feel or look cheap, you know? Even with the Maybelline Eye Studio, the packaging is still that way. Makeup for me is about the joy and feeling I get from it, not just utility, so sometimes I’m willing to pay for those extras :)

  18. These colors look really pretty on you! You should use them more often! :love:
    Though, I love your other looks too. πŸ˜‰

  19. phuong k

    beautiful look on you!

  20. aradhana

    wow! very pretty! i see what you mean about the yellow, but i think it still all jives…
    i initially thought the eyes were spectacular from the first pic, but now i can’t decide which i like best — eyes lips or cheeks! did you wear this for daytime? it really suits you for an everyday glam look…

  21. Annie

    You look great, it’s a great combo for you!
    Am I crazy, or your eyebrows look different?

    • Thanks, Annie!

      They shouldn’t be, but I think I may not have filled them in quite as well as I normally do… that could be in, lol! I’m also arching them a little oddly in the photos (don’t ask me why it happened).

  22. Anna-Marie

    Amazing! I love this. :) You did a really good job. Looove the pairing with the lips and the cheeks. Looks subtle but vibrant and inviting.

  23. It looks nice! I’m glad you did a makeup look using a drugstore brand. That’s pretty rare. πŸ˜‰

  24. Wow, you look gorgeous :)

  25. Princess

    Hows the Bobbi Brown Extra Tinted Moisturizer? Do you like it? What do you like or dislike about it?

  26. Tami

    Amazing look Christine! I love that cheek color. Is it LE?

  27. Lis

    Thank you for this. I just bought all the palettes and I am looking forward to trying them out. Which marble ones did you purchase?

  28. omg Christine, I ran out and bought one of these today after seeing your swatches from your last post. I bought the Irresistibly Ivy quad, and the turqouise color in it is REALLY amazing. I am really enjoying the quad so far!

  29. Steffi

    Love, love the eyeshadow colors!
    But I think the pink lip doesn’t fit. What about a more “brownish” or golden color?

    Btw: I am from Germany and I really love your blog :)

  30. lmnmakeup

    I love the Bobbi Brown Tinted moisturizer on you! Better than the Kiehl’s.

  31. Luisafer

    that’s BEAUTIFUL!!! you look so pretty!!! I can’t believe that came from maybeline, you did a wonderful job. Now thinking about getting this jajajaja cheap and nice

  32. you look awesome like always I’ll def. have to give these a try

  33. Miriam

    It’s really nice!

  34. Miriam

    what do you use for your undereye area? In this pic you look fresh, so I guess in this one you didn’t use anything…but what about the times you need something, what will it be?
    Thanks for your help :)

  35. Sunsine

    Aw, Christine! You look stunning! One of the bestest pictures of you in the last few months. Is it a better lighting or tinted moisturizer that makes your skin glow??? Many previous pics seemed to make your skin too dark but this one is amazing. And makeup just blends in so seamlessly with your beauty!

  36. OMG love the lip combo there! I think I need that lipstick. πŸ˜‰

  37. Vicky

    I love this look! Looks amazing on you!

  38. Leigh

    OH MY GOSH! Christine! Now I have to go and get these! Love this look so much!!!

  39. truth

    this is actually my favorite look ever from you. its soft and pretty. sometimes the super bright eyeshadow is too much for daytime. love it.

    • You can always wear the look at night or not at all if it’s not to your taste or style… there aren’t any rules :) Just because I post it at 9am doesn’t mean I wore it at 9am or that you’ll want to – always wear what you feel most confident in!

  40. Very very nice makeup :) I love all the colors, the combination is my favorite and since I like this palette so much…I think I’m going to buy it :)

  41. vnssa906

    very pretty look! i love how blended it looks, and you made it seems o simple to apply!!! def. trying this look this weekend :) thanks christine!

  42. lovepotion18

    love this look on you! i went to walgreens last night and they had these palettes for 40% off. i bought this one and the one in copper chic. i wore copper chic today and love the palette. i used it with udpp and it’s not as intense. i’ll try it with one of the mac paint pots next time to see if these colors stick more to the lid, but none the less, these palettes are great for the price.

  43. Carolina

    So basically, tomorrow I’m going out and I’m going to buy the eyeshadow set and the eyeliner. Yeah, you could say I liked this look. ;D

  44. Betsy

    You look impeccable! As a product junkie myself, I love to try a new look with fun and inexpensive drugstore brand. I was thrilled when I realized that while I was playing in the beauty department, waiting for a prescription a month ago, I purchased this eye shadow set!! I love to use the colors alone (the brow bone shade is beautiful) but had no idea how to mix them; you’ve answered my question and I’m going to try the application you used for tonight! I have hazel eyes as well and yours look incredible with these shades! Thanks for the post – beautiful!! xx

  45. Betsy

    And your brows are great!! What products do you use for your brows?! So pretty!

  46. Chrissy

    that lip combo is gorgeous!

  47. melika

    hi, christine! i, like others, ran out to pick one of these guys up after i read your review and saw the look you created. i was sooo tempted by all of them, but got Give Me Gold, because i had seen it on you. wondering…what other of the palettes did you get? do they live up to your opinions of Give Me Gold?
    also…have you tried the liners?
    and when do you plan on reviewing the pearls?
    sorry to bombard you with questions. :)

  48. Katrina

    i really love this look on you christine! i’m going to pick up this palette next time i go to the drug store :)

  49. Lara

    Love love! You look great with natural makeup :)

  50. Blake

    I think your eyebrow coloring is too dark. A shade lighter would be more fitting :)

  51. theShell

    Great look! I saw it last night and since I have th Give Me Gold, went out this morning to buy Sinful Sinnamon and gave it a try. Really loving how it came out. Great look and I am simply loving your site, really amazing stuff here. :)