Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Happy Sunday!

What have you been up to this weekend?  Have you done anything fun or interesting?  I can’t say much in the way of interesting has happened this weekend, but it’s been a nice weekend regardless!  The weather is surprisingly warm for this time of year, so we took advantage of it yesterday by going for a long walk with Mellan.  Today, playoffs, so we’ll be watching a lot of football!  I’ll be getting through all of the comments and questions that are outstanding during the games, too.

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33 thoughts on “Sunday Link Love, Volume #172

  1. Jen

    I’m taking advantage of the warmish weather to get a much-needed pedicure! It’s been months….:

  2. I’m always looking forward to Sunday Link Love – I discovered Musings of a Muse, Klairedelysart, Kafakesque and so many other cool blogs/channels from it! ^_^

    My weekend was pretty uneventful too, but it was nice to relax for a ittle bit after a very full-on week!
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  3. Frizzylocks

    I spend Sunday afternoon a good chunk of my MAC eyeshadows Into a 30 slot pallet. Because I don’t own a hair straightener and my apartment doesn’t have an oven I used a butchers knife over a candle lol. However it worked out really well and now I have a super pretty colour coded pallet!

  4. OMG..thank you sooo sooooo much for the link! 😀 😀 😀

    I am working today – have to cover for someone – but I work from home and am parked in front of the TV waiting for 49ers game 😀 😀 I never used to watch ..or understand much of what’s happening…but the husband managed to get me hooked to it now 😛

  5. Jaa

    Haha, I *am* in love with Nars Adelaide. <3

    The weather here has been nice, too! At 28F! Not exactly the kind that you can go take a walk but still, so much warmer than last weekend! LOL

    Have fun relaxing and watching the game, Christine! And thank you for the link love! :)

  6. If I could only have one colored makeup product in the world it would be MAC Virgin Isle. It’s so beautiful and versatile. So excited to see it used in a tutorial!

  7. Hating all you folks with nice weather (okay, not really “hating” but we had more snow flurries this afternoon and it was SO cold; hubby took me out for coffee to give me a nice break from marking and even wearing my sheepskin coat, I was COLD just walking from the car to the cafe). But so long as I don’t have clear snow from my car in the morning (or if it’s going to snow, let it snow LOADS so it’s a snow day!), I’m okay with it. Christine, I’ve been meaning to ask you – you used to have a lovely eye look posted in the review of Tarina Tarantino’s Emerald Pretty palette (OLD, I know). I used to love to look at it and refer to it when I used that palette and now, suddenly, it is no longer there. Do you have to delete photos over time to make room for new stuff?

    • Hi Mariella!

      When we add old reviews into the new system, we reupload photos in the process, and some photos I don’t like any more (so they get removed), or I don’t have a high res version (a lot of times I go back to the original photo, re-edit, and re-upload in higher quality, as we’ve changed sizes over the years and removed borders), which might be a reason it doesn’t get included when we reupload. Sometimes, I have no idea where the photo is on my computer, so in the process, some photos are lost! This last reason is my guess regarding the eye look, because I probably named it something different, so it’s not physically with the palette’s photos and somewhere else.

      I know I just added Tarina Tarantino (all of the images have to be reuploaded to be integrated into the new system) as a brand and the relevant reviews we’ve done to those. I’ve just looked through my Tarina Tarantino images, and I don’t see any accompanying looks with the palette’s actual files (I name the looks with the palette now, lol – have learned from my mistakes), which means that I named it in such a way that I have no idea where it is!

      Was it this look?

  8. xamyx

    I just bought my daughter her very own eyeshadow palette! Now, maybe she’ll leave mine alone…? We were strolling through TJMaxx, and I spotted a 40-pan “tween” palette, mostly bright shades, for $2. I figured at 7, she didn’t need a lot of pigment, but these are actually quite nice, LOL! Even the purples have decent pigment. Now I just have to get her some brushes!

  9. We are relocating this month end .. so this is little emotional and busy period for me :)
    was busy with taking all the quotes of movers and packers this weekend and last night watched movie – SHOLEY 3 D
    it is CLASSIC old hindi movie released in 1975 and now they released 3 D version on Jan 3rd …. was overwhelmed to see the young crowd in theater :)
    its Monday morning 7.30 here .. just sent anmol to school and came online to catch the posts :)

  10. I just meant my weekend at Barnes & Noble finishing I Am Number Four, which was alright. Choppy writing, bland characters, but I liked the idea of it so I kept going with it. 3/5 stars for that one.
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  11. Shea

    Had a lot of fun performing in my local production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This month’s theme was Doctor Who. Doing the make up for those shows is always a blast.

  12. LOVE Musings of a Muse! This weekend’s been pretty chilled – but next weekend’ll be spent looking at all these new blog discoveries :)

  13. Celine

    I have paired a coral lip with a smoky eye, and it looks gorgeous together.