Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Happy Sunday!

What’s the weather like where you’re at?  It’s been cold, fairly chilly, but clear skies, around here.  Of course, my definition of cold is entirely your definition of “nice” weather this deep into December :)  I would not do well in a snowy climate at all.  I don’t think Mellan would enjoy it much either–he always curls and cozies up against us!  Excited to see my family for a bit later today as they pop by for dinner and a movie!

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37 thoughts on “Sunday Link Love, Volume #167

  1. keG

    We just moved to a snowy area, which is a lot of fun for us…..but, we have a pot belly pig who does not like snow at all- it makes it very challenging for our 200 lb girl to roam around the house all day!!

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  3. Kellie

    It is a whopping 3 degrees in the part of MN that I live. We are full of snow, too. The cold is not bad. However, the icy roads are. I hate sliding around when I drive. Your description sounds lovely. Thanks for the links!

    • I have no idea how to stay warm in the cold, lol! I’m like, “How do you get from place to place?!”

      • Veronica

        Layers, my friend. LAYERS.

        • What do you do for legs?!? I’ve worn leggings underneath my jeans, but then it’s HOT inside anywhere. LOL!

          • Veronica

            First – double up your socks when you have boots on. I use a tight foot sock underneath a thicker ankle-high sock. Make sure that the boots can go over your pants or can be tucked in – when you close the gap between the pant leg and foot, you keep cold air from flowing through that area.

            As for the legs themselves – longjohns are a big help for the really cold days, but for more practical purposes, I keep a pair of slightly oversized sweatpants around. I pull them over my jeans when I leave the house; then, when I get to wherever I’m going, I just slip them off in the bathroom and fold them into my bag. It may look bulky when I’m walking around, but hey, when it hits below 20F, I throw the fashion rules out the window.

            (Also, on the really cold days when you don’t need to drive, use mittens! The warmth of your hands is more condensed into one space.)

            • Hey Veronica,

              Thank you!! I actually appreciate you saying you wear sweatpants and then remove them, because I’m like, “How can you wear long johns AND then sit in an office or restaurant or wherever?!?!” I can layer sweaters and jackets and coats, plus a scarf, and at least they’re easy to remove, but pants…

            • Kellie

              Everything you posted sounds about right! tee hee. I am currently trying to find ways to be more fashionable in artic-like weather.

            • Brenda

              lol, love your advice!! I”m from Northern/Central Ontario (live in the GTA now) but that’s still exactly how I dress. The socks layering is key. As soon as I get home it’s big track pants, layers of tee shirts and sweater and slippers, no socks. I find my feet are warmer that way. And yep, anything below -10 and good bye fashion, hello toques – i’d rather be warm! I even drive with mitts on, gloves are too cold.

          • Brenda

            As a kid I remember wearing tights (not footless leggings but full on tights!) under our pants. (hello northern ontario)

          • Alicia

            Pants over pants! Everything takes longer in the winter, and one of the many causes is how much time us Northeners take to bundle up, then strip it all off once we get inside! At a certain point (For me it’s around 15-20*F) you just don’t care about fashion anymore. :):)

  4. liz

    we just got 8 inches of snow dumped on us here in Maine! my neighbor was nice enough to snowblow our driveway out for us, thankfully.

  5. Jaa

    Hi Christine!

    Thank you so much for the Link Love! I am completely honored. 😀

    It’s been snowing all weekend here where I live. I wish I had your kind of chilly weather ha ha.

    Enjoy your evening with your family! :)

  6. Amy

    Thank you so much for linking to our review, Christine! I’m so honored to be highlighted on Temptalia! :)

  7. Karen

    It has been cold here lately, -29 F brrrrr……
    Super snowy, slippery icy driving conditions every day.
    It’s very pretty and serene to look at from within my warm house, makes it difficult to motivate myself to leave the house though.

  8. Karen

    I was wondering if you are not posting Sunday videos anymore, or you are and I am not able to see them?

  9. Veronica

    What do they consider cold in California? Sixties or somewhat? That’s still t-shirt weather where I am. 😛 We just had an ice storm Saturday, which miraculously cleared up today, though we still have a pretty viscious wind chill factor going on. Last week’s low was 6-7F. I’m happy with today’s 19F. My mom’s dog is thrilled, though – he’s a border collie mix, so he’s bred for those cold Irish winters. The snow-laden woods are pretty much heaven for him.

    • I’m in northern California, so I’d say 40 degrees is quite cold for us. 50s are more typical for daytime during the winter, I think!

      • Veronica

        Forties is good jacket/light coat weather here, but for somebody used to warmer weather, I can see forties being cold. 😀 Winters have gotten milder in my area since my childhood, so we more often wind up sitting pretty in the twenties and thirties these days. I’ll take it over my coworker’s home state of North Dakota, though, where winter temps in the -20F to -40F range are normal according to him. 😛

  10. Oh, then you definitely don’t want to live in Canada (Alberta, especially). I can’t even take my car out because I am scared it will get stuck in the street outside. Really thinking of taking a vacation!
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  11. Jacky Bridgewater

    Boy am I jealous. I live in NE Ohio (i.e. the Great Frozen North) and it’s 12 degrees here. Oh, and the wind is blowing. I would LOVE to live in a climate like yours! I wonder if my husband would buy it if I told him the warm climate would be better for my Yorkies? lol

  12. Happy Monday from Australia! It was a balmy 36 degrees celsius here today (97 fahrenheit!), which actually felt alright after the 40 degrees we had for Friday Saturday and Sunday – that’s 104 fahrenheit lol.

  13. Brenda

    lol – I went on the Weather Network to check out what California would be like right now…looks like you’re around 57 degrees or so?? I’ll admit for warm weather that does feel cool (our summer nights/early fall equal that and when you’re used to 85 degrees during the day, it’s cool!!). However yes, I would happily take 57 when tonight Toronto has an extreme weather alert and warning the homeless to find shelter. they’re calling for -15 and I think it’s close to that right now! My truck tires keep going flat it’s so cold!

    • Oh, yeah, don’t get me wrong, it is not COLD by any real standards 😉

      Although, it’s just started to warm up (or return to normal) over the past couple of days – but we were seeing 30s to maybe 40 as the daytime high last week, which is pretty low for us!