Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Happy Sunday!

How are you? What’d you do with your Saturday? Do you have any fun plans for Sunday?  I bought Mellan a kiddie pool for summer (which usually lasts about a week with Jaws over here), so I let him have his fun twice yesterday.  It’s my second summer doing this for him, and I still don’t think he gets what it is.  We’ll splash a bit more later today, once it heats up, which it is sure to do this afternoon.

Summertime at Temptalia HQ!

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Link Love, Volume #147

  1. Yeah, puppy pool was a big hit last year and all great and fun for our youngest, Bernice, until she started running out her doggy door in the middle of the night, jumping into the pool, then running back into the house absolutely soaking wet and proceeding to jump on top of us while we slept. Bernice is a g-shep/swiss mountain dog mix.. not small. Puppy pool is history.

    Friday, Saturday has been crazy busy. Harald’s Oma is over from Holland and we are going to take her and the in-laws out for some swank eats tonight. We are so looking forward to the much needed break too… and the food!

    It’s insanely hot here too. :(

    • What kind of pool did you get for them? This one lasts about a week or less. There’s a very slow leak already, and since he can’t actually swim in it, I only fill it about 1/3 of the way up.

      If Mellan had full access to a real pool, he would do the same. He practically leaps out of skin at my parents’ house (they have a pool). It’s his worst habit/behavior, and yeah, he’s totally nutso about the REAL pool.

      Enjoy the swanky food!!

      • Ours was also just one of those hard textured on the inside plastic preformed kiddie pools that we grabbed for next to nothing from Wally World. Neicey couldn’t swim in this little thing either, but she would go totally batsh*t crazy and jump in and out of it splashing around like a mad dog. None of the other three dogs even bothered with it. Shockingly, she never put a single hole or tear in it either. We finally tossed it in the fall after her nocturnal sojourns were getting out of hand and she was getting bigger and bigger. She still hangs outdoors at all hours of the night. Our backyard is fenced–we have raccoons, coyotes, skunks..etc…we’re in the boonies. Anyhow, she definitely takes a page from my book, a complete night owl.

        I know some dogs get so excited and pumped up around pools they pace constantly and wear the pads on their feet until they bleed.

  2. That tutorial is incredible!

  3. Cyndi c

    We spent the day yesterday at Garden State Plaza mall, one of my favorites. Unfortunately traffic was crazy and it took us almost 45 minutes to find a parking spot. I like this mall because there’s an Inglot store (closest one to Philly) and Burberry MU in Nordstrom (ditto). It was so crowded in Nordstrom for Anniversary sale and the SA’s was so overly aggressive that I didn’t have a good time. I picked out a new powder foundation in shiseido only to find out its OOS. they will send it. Inglot was fun, but I was disappointed I couldn’t dupe the new Dior Constellation quint. Guess I’ll keep he Dior. Lol today was a lazy day of reorganizing my bedroom.

  4. He’s so cute in the pool! We have an inground pool but Phaedra hates it. She hates it so much if she sees me swimming she whines and vocalizes in distress until I get out. I wish she would enjoy it.

  5. stacey

    He sure starting to look mature.

  6. How awesome for Mellan! I bet it’s great stress relief for you too, nothing quite like a happy dog to make you smile. :)