Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Happy Sunday!

How was your Saturday? What are your plans for Sunday?  Mellan is dire need of a bath, so that’s my big to-do item.  It’s one of those things where thinking about it always seems worse than it is, because he’s really a rather good dog when it comes to the bath. As soon as he hears the water go, he runs and hops in the tub (with a little urging).  At the end, I tell him to “dry,” so he’ll shake off some excess water.  The only thing I have to make sure to do is block the stairs, because he will race down those like he was in the Canine Olympics.

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20 thoughts on “Sunday Link Love, Volume #127

  1. LOL Mellan’s bath story is hilarious. He always looks so distressed in the tub photos I was convinced he HATES it!

  2. Dude, I was totally not awesome enough this week to deserve any link love. A huge THANK YOU! nonetheless, of course, but — /hangs head in blogger shame

    Took a ton if photos this weekend (still not shooting in RAW :P), but I still need to find time to turn them into anything worth reading!

  3. Thank you for the reference! I actually thought of you when writing up the new Guerlain lingerie fragrance spray, not to mention the fact that they’re partnering up to make that limited-edition lingerie collection to begin with! Guerlain & lingerie… it could be a dangerous combination for the wallet. 😉

  4. 18thCenturyFox

    Oh Christine! You are so lucky Mellan loves the bath. I have two big double coated dogs that detest the bath and shake and hide when *I* take a bath. So it ends up costing me an arm and a leg to take them to Laundermutt and get someone else to do it. Plus they are expert escape artists and keeping slippery, determined dogs in the tub isn’t worth it anymore :)

  5. awww I really wanna get a dog this year! and I love Julieg so thanks for sharing ♥

  6. Carolina

    Me and my mum washed our Golden Retriever as well. She doesn’t like it and has to be gently called/coerced into getting in the tub. 😉 She’s well behaved during and she gladly jumps out afterwards. Unlike you though, we DO NOT want her shaking herself dry!!! At least not until she’s a bit dried down, otherwise we ALL take a bath! lol Me and her had a nice long session with the hairdryer afterwards, and she loved it. :) Ah, the difference of a long haired dog… ;D Now she’s all soft and silky and getting even more hugs and kisses than before!

    • How do you coax her, Carolina?

      LOL! I close the shower doors, tell him to dry, and away he goes – so it gets all over the shower doors but not me!

      • Carolina

        Well, we call her, Lusa, and try to sound really excited about it, but she has seen all the goings on and she knows what’s coming, so she sort of ambles over slowly, hesitates, gets lots of petting and ‘good girl’ and eventually deigns us with her collaboration. lol
        We have to take the bath doors out for ease (due to the bathroom conformation) and Lusa has a tendency to slip out of the tub once she’s had enough or when she gets water in her face, which she hates (she’s a slippery little heel lol).
        After she’s fairly dry (which takes a long time), we clip her nails and clean her ears, and she goes off to doggy snooze (aka sulk) while we collect a few pounds of hair off the tub drain, put the bathroom back together and go off to our own well deserved showers.
        (I’ll tweet you a photo :D)

  7. Amy

    Christine, thank you sooo much for the huge compliment! And thank you for doing such a great job on Temptalia–you’re a blogging inspiration! :)

  8. As ALWAYS I THANK YOU for including me in your Link Love. You are awesome!