Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

A Cirque du Soleil-inspired look by GoldieStarling

Happy Sunday!

How are you?  How’s your weekend been?  What has been the most exciting thing you’ve done?  I can’t believe it’s December!  I can’t believe 2012 is almost gone.  We had brunch earlier (veggie omelet for me), and we’re hoping to decorate the exterior of the house a bit for the holidays–well, attempt to do so, anyway.

I spent my Saturday making Mellan miserable, aka gave him a bath and washed his bed cover.  He can’t even wait for it to dry; he had to curl up (damp and all) on the innards of his bed.  Sometimes I think he likes his bath, other times I don’t know.  As soon as I turn on the water, he’ll come running and will jump in, but he never looks all that happy once he’s in the tub.  In case anyone’s looking for a rec, I highly recommend Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe shampoo.  One of my favorite characteristics is that it has a nice, natural scent (nothing synthetic or perfume-y) that lasts two weeks or so (on Mellan, who is mostly an indoor dog).

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41 thoughts on “Sunday Link Love, Volume #119

  1. Anne

    Dammit Christine, your Mellan is so well-behaved! My dog (a huge golden retriever) was always fooling and jumping around, and tearing stuff apart when we weren’t careful. He was a fun, loving and energetic dog, but man, he would have destroyed any bed we’d give him. He did have an old carpet, but he let my cats sleep on it. So it amazes me how Mellan’s’belongings are in such good shape!

    I had an unexpected visit from a friend this saturday, it was brief but really fun! Another friend also came over for dinner on friday, and we had a great time. I’m really looking forward to this Chrismas- it’s one of my favourite times of the year. I’ll be the one to do the cooking this year though, and I’m still uncertain about what I’ll make, which stresses me out!

    • If it helps, the very first bed I bought Mellan (I believe he was 4 months old), he sniffed it, then peed on it. I couldn’t believe it!

      Have you tossed around any recipe ideas yet? Christmas is my favorite holiday – I just like it all – the music, lights, decor, cheer. It’s always been a non-religious holiday for my family and I, but I adore it.

      • Anne

        If you knew the things my dog could do when he was four months old… We loved him to pieces, though. In fact, we truly adored the fact that even when he was quite old, he could still be the same joyful, undisciplined clown! I like seeing all those Mellan pictures, it makes me think of my dog.

        My sister wanted me to make some “foie gras poêlé” (that is, foie gras in a frying pan), so that’s a given, but I’m not sure what I’ll cook to accompany it. Some Chutney would be nice, but it’s not really a dish. Something with fig (or sweet potatoes, but we did that last year already!) would go well with the foie gras, too. I originally thought about quails (poultry just screams Christmas to me, but we have some turkey nearly every year, so I wanted to mix things up a bit), but it might be too much with the foie gras. No clue about the desert, but I’ll be making the traditional bredele (traditional alsacian Christmas cookies) and my famous hot chocolate! What about you? :)

        I celebrate Christmas in both a religious (we’re catholic) and non-religious way. It’s full of meaning to me. I associate it deeply with my family and my childhood. It sometimes snows on Christmas when I live (in France, near the border with Germany), so it can be quite magical!

        • We’ve only lost two things – a wooden camel figurine and 75% of one drum stick (for Rock Band). You can see, he has a like for wooden objects. We never realized what an easy puppy he was until more recently–he never chewed on anything he wasn’t (with those two exceptions, and they were when he was 6-8 months old). But don’t let Mellan fool you – he has selective listening, I’m-so-excited-I-could-die joy for 1) food, 2) people, 3) the swimming pool, and he can be stubborn at times!

          Sounds delicious! How do you make your hot chocolate?

          My mom usually does all the cooking on Christmas Eve. I believe last year she did a prime rib roast, along with ham. Sometimes we have turkey!

          • Anne

            Aaah my dog was the same! Well, we’d NEVER have let him near a swimming pool lest he should get the water all dirty, but rolling in a big, muddy puddle when I took him for a walk in the country side? It was like his best fun ever (rolling in the dirt in general, now that I think of it!)

            For the hot chocolate, I put some whipping cream (crème fleur, in French. I’m not sure it’s the right translation: it has a rather liquid consistency) on low heat, with a vanilla pod slit open in it. Then I add the chocolate in chunks small enough to melt easily (you can use a stick of chocolate too and hold it so it’ll gradually melt). You can put some sugar, but I usually don’t need it. If there’s some cream left I whip it and add it on top when the beverage is in the mug. I personnally like to add a bit of cinnamon! I’ll be trying some chocolate with hot pepper in it this year, I’m hoping it’ll be delicious.
            I’m sorry I don’t have my recipe book with me, I can’t tell you about the quantities. But I assure you it’s completely foolproof and it tastes AMAZING. It’s quite different from what you can do with chocolate powder- and much better too, in my opinion!

  2. AmyD

    totally having an awesome weekend – a good friend held a great holiday party last night, and today i’m going makeup shopping :) during the week, i picked up the new guerlain foundation, parure de lumiere – having never used a guerlain foundation, i think it’s amazing – it feels like silk on my skin! are you planning to do a review of it, christine? – i see you’ve been wearing it in some recent looks and your skin looks great wearing it!

  3. fireinthehead - Bunny

    I’m just about to go drag the Xmas tree out of the box and assemble it. Mmmm that delicious plastic aroma!

    • Fun! We bought our first REAL fake tree (when I say real, I just mean of a full height, not a baby tree!) this season.

      • fireinthehead - Bunny

        Well, I guess it’s fun if one enjoys pulling every muscle in one’s upper body LOL The tree is twenty-something years old and has assembly issues. Have to wait to decorate, it needs to settle for a day or two. May your fake tree live a long semi-realistic life! 😉

        • My parents’ tree is probably as old, but it’s not too big (I think maybe 7′), so it can be assembled without too much work. Good luck with yours!

          • fireinthehead - Bunny

            This one is 7′ but, it’s a flat packed tree so all the branches have to be stuck into the trunk and some are so tight to get in owwww LOL

            • Awww! That’s how my parents’ tree is. I wear gardening gloves, because it’s so prickly!

            • fireinthehead - Bunny

              Why didn’t I think of that!

            • Lark

              Mine have the branches on hinges. I just put the top onto the bottom and the branches fall out on the hinges. Just fluff and shape; The lights are led and I plug the top to the bottom. Worth a few extra bucks! New trees get lights tied on once.

              But I have seven trees. So far.A forest in the living room. Its awesome! Decorating is all the fun for me. Little kids freak. Every year there’s different themes, a Roswell alien tree in the hall because I have sickly green Halloween lights and a case of little green men from a dollar store. Now- glue and glitter! The Big Tree is butterflies this year. All pink, white, or gold trees. Lots of pink lights- every one looks good in soft pink light. A white tree will turn the color you light it, too.

              I don’t cook or shop. I do a couple other houses and get paid in liquor for The Party. Bring food.

              Fifty rocks because I set new holiday rules and my friends who like to shop and cook are delighted! We trade off.

            • I wish I had seven trees — that is awesome :)

    • Veronica

      I actually came home last week to find that my roommate had gotten overly excited about Christmas coming and assembled the tree by herself while I was at work. 😛 I consider this a fine in my book. 😛

  4. Zainab

    I love the ‘innards of his bed’. My sister’s fox terrier used to *scream* when we’d give him a bath, one time he even leapt clean out of the laundry sink (his tub), shot through his doggy door and was rolling like crazy in the dust in under a minute… He’s calmed a lot with age fortunately.

  5. Mirian

    Mellan looks SO pathetic! Our husky usually acts like this when we clean up all her toys. saddest face ever. I don’t even want to start on how she is in the bath. It’s like we’re torturing her. Good rec! I use that as well and she smells so good after!

    • Aww! If you don’t let Mellan in the pool, he sounds like he’s being tortured. Like you’d think there were a thousand knives stabbing at him!

  6. Ashley

    Do you have a non-slip mat in the tub? My dog got way happier about having a bath once I got a mat to put in there; I think she feels more secure when her paws have something to grab on to.

  7. Icequeen81

    He looks soo cute , it ,my be miserable for a couple of hours, but then He will have a nice lean fur and also a fresh and clean bed cover.

  8. Veronica

    My mother’s dog, Murphy, HATES baths. Oh, that filthy, muddy stream in the woods? Just fine. But the nice, clean, warm bath? Absolutely not. He’s started to figure out that the sound of the bath water running but not flipping to a shower cadence means he’s in for it and will actually high tail it out of the area until he’s literally dragged – DRAGGED! up a staircase! – into the bathroom. Then he’ll sit there looking pathetic with his tail tucked between his legs until he’s finally like, “NO MOMMY NO MORE.” He spends the rest of the day sulking after that.

    I spent the weekend mostly working, but I did get a lot of holiday shopping done, too. I also did my roommate’s makeup for her all weekend since she had multiple parties to attend, which left me sulking for the rest of the day about how versatile her almond shaped eyes are in contrast to my hooded ones. 😛

    • Poor thing! One of my family’s dogs did that – we’d have to chase him around until we trapped him in a corner. Bath time was always SO FUN!

  9. My Lady HATES baths so very, very much :/ If she hears the bath running, she makes a run for it and will pick a tiny, dark corner to hide in. It takes me a while to find her sometimes–she’s so sneaky and will huddle down and not make a peep. 😛

    I’ve used Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe shampoo on her and while I like it, it still isn’t enough moisture sometimes for her :/ She’s got VERY sensitive skin and has allergies up the wazoo so I sometimes have to add a separate oatmeal conditioner or give her a colloidal oatmeal soak before using the shampoo. It takes a veeeery long time to bathe her in the winter :/ haha

    • Can she tell it’s bath time before you turn the water on? Maybe grab her before :) That’s what we used to have to do with one of my family’s dogs – but he started to learn how to read US before the water even started!

      Wish the Oatmeal & Aloe worked better for your pup, Becca! I don’t think Mellan’s skin is all that sensitive — well, fingers crossed that’s true.

  10. Dinitchka

    Awww Mellan-Cutie looks tuckered out. My dogs dislike bath-time. I don’t have to fight them on it but they defo are unhappy pups. I had been useing a bathmat but it gets in the way. Once out, I lay down old bedding and they both sneeze, snort and roll around on it. LOL!

    Christine, did you get the hedgehog from Wam-Lart (aka Wal-Mart)? 2 weeks ago I picked up an overgrown LambChop and an overgrown Hedgehog. Sally had them torn into within 45 minutes :( Last week I got them the overgrown winnie dog. Within a few house, once again Sally had torn into it. Lucky shakes the LambChop and Hedgehog … It looks like the floor is covered with snow. Stuffed toys do not last long in my house. Sally goes bonkers for the squeakers.

  11. Lark

    If Mellan jumps in the tub, he trusts you completely Christine. You’re a great Top Dog/ pack leader for him. And most dogs enjoy being clean, they get a lot of positive feedback and learn that it’s worth it! The misery in the tub? That’s mostly the noise of water magnified by tiles. Dogs hear things we don’t and have much more sensitive ears so the noise factor alone is tough on them. I’d think the tub is a huge roar to them, in some very unpleasant ear piercing frequencies. Pro groomers have special sinks for dog bathing but good ones have them freestanding or up against acoustically soft surfaces.

    Cheetos in the tub occasionally work for groomers too, lol! Just a few, but dogs are easily bought off. Ever notice that? ;-D The big problem at home is what happens to the rest of the bag. My pre Flood groomer had a stream of Cheeto eaters all day- here it’s only me and The Bunny…

    So I bought a Guerlain lipstick in a very fancy case, and Peridot showed up on the Chanel site! I’m so excited; That OPI dupe just never quite worked out. And Guerlain will be the money death of me but I’ll look incredible.

    • I didn’t think about the noise – but that is a great point, Lark! That makes a lot of sense. I know at the vet, they dropped treats in the bath once, and he went insane. It was like watching a shark!

      Which Guerlain did you buy? I hope the original Peridot works out better for you than the OPI version!

  12. Michelle

    The weather’s been so dreary and rainy this weekend, boo! I probably should’ve given my dog a bath too but he’d just get dirty again in the soggy yard…also because he loathes baths. I can’t even get him near the bathroom without treats. I then have to tie his leash on the grab-rail, or he will literally escape and make me chase him, which isn’t as fun as you’d think with an 80lbs golden retriever. After the torture, he will look at me like I’d just killed his family and stabbed him a few times. Don’t even get me started on when I blow dry his fur…

    I love Earthbath shampoo for my dog too, it’s wonderful! My dog food supplier (sweet old couple with a home pet shop) always gives me tons of single use Earthbath shampoos. I’m lucky that I haven’t had to make a full purchase yet. Can you share where you got Mellan’s bed? I’ve been meaning to find a good one with a considerable price.

    • It’s been very rainy here, too – we didn’t end up doing any decorating because it was pouring all day!

      No, I can’t imagine any situation where chasing a wet, 80 pound retriever would be fun. None at all. In fact, I have done it – with a pool not a bath – and not fun at all!

      His bed is from Orvis – it’s tne deep dish with the ortho mattress (not Tempurpedic, the one below it). Mellan has a small and a large – the small he fits in perfectly when he’s curled up (and it fits perfectly in his large kennel). When we had more space, I bought the large one – unfortunately, the medium was like 2″ bigger than the small (so hardly any bigger), and the large is quite large. When Mellan is curled up, he takes up half the bed. Super satisfied with both beds – I’ve washed the covers numerous times and they’re still in great shape. Also? I vacuum his cover. Yep – just take my vacuum and put it on top and it sucks up the fur incredibly well.

  13. Malia

    your dog sounds like my kid!! He is really excited for the water running but when he gets in, its probably two minutes until he’s begging to get out!

  14. omg I knew Mellan was an angel. You can tell from his posing and vids that he’s such a good dog. My dog (though sweet and wonderful) was not so “good” about baths. He’d really run and hide and you’d have to crawl under things to drag him out, lol.