Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Happy Sunday!

I’m about to get started on some of the less-glamorous chores of the weekend, like giving Mellan a bath, cleaning my desk, and vacuuming up the mini-Mellan that makes a weekly appearance (note to anyone considering a Labrador, be prepared for nonstop shedding of massive quantities of such proportions that you won’t understand how your dog still has any fur left).  I hope your Sunday plans are more fun than mine!  And if not… well, I’m right there with you :)

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30 thoughts on “Sunday Link Love, Volume #111

  1. Lily

    I have 2 yellow labs so shedding of massive quantities is normal for me now and I adore my labs.

  2. That is one really gruesome pirate….yuck…She did a good job, but its scary looking…..I wonder if those real pirates look like that in those days..Hope you show her woman pirate too.

  3. Emily

    Ahhh the vacuuming of the dog “tumbleweeds”…having a long haired border collie I can relate. I swear I could build another dog out of the hair he sheds….

  4. Too funny.. H just vacuumed because we were getting to the point where we could see “small furry animals” all over the house. The Jack and Dach are small and do not shed much. However, the border collie/springer spaniel and the GShep/Swiss Mountain dogs both shed out said small furry animals. It’s that time of year when they blow out their coats in prep for their winter ones.

    Lots of fun links! I love Phyrra’s eye colour.

    I wish someone would take issue with the runway photos though where they haven’t blended out their eyeshadow enough. How dare they parade around like that *gasp* ;0) LOL

    • I’ve read that since we live in California, where it never gets too cold, they just shed all year long. Which is true. Though I feel like summer is always a bit worse.

    • blueraccoon

      you have a border/springer mix? My last dog was one of those, with some extra who knows what thrown in. I loved him to pieces, but he was tooooo smart for us. Had us trained really well!

      • Chloe is brilliant, but Bernice the Gshep/Swiss Mountain dog is even smarter. Our border/springer is a purebred ‘accident’ I rescued from a breeder. Bernice is a puppy rescue from a little tiny apartment in the City. I’m pretty good with dogs. You have to be to have 4 and run a fairly peaceful household. I’ve been riding/training horses and training dogs since I was a teen. I would love to have more, but Harald reigns me in. In about a week or so we will have 5 with a purebred border as a houseguest. We routinely have him here while H’s brother is away on business. We’ve got plenty of land for them to run around and they participate in the morning and evening chores.. help bring in the sheep and the horses, etc. Animals are definitely my passion.

  5. We have a mixed cattledog/shepherd…I also have to sweep up mini-dogs every week! How do they still stay so fluffy?

  6. TrippyPixie

    I have two beagles, and whoever told my family that beagles don’t “really shed” was a liar. We find dog fur in the weirdest places, and it’s all over my clothing. Oh well…my dogs are so adorable, I just put up with it!

    • We had two dogs growing up, and I don’t remember the shedding being so bad – but I’ve since learned that terriers (they were both terrier mixes) tend to be low-shed or no-shed!

  7. grlnxdor

    You aren’t kidding about the Lab hair, Christine! Someone once told me that yellow Labs shed more than any other dog. I was at the grocery store and an older woman behind me said rather loudly “You must have a cat!” I turned around and said “No, I have a Lab and I wouldn’t trade her for the world!”.

  8. maebee

    I have the sweetest Black Lab in the world but sheds so much I have to take her to the “beautician” monthly to have her coat thinned out, she’s so beautiful but waaaayyyy bigger than Mellan.

  9. Dinitchka

    I love Goldie’s videos! I wish I had 1/10th of her talent and drive!!

    Hi Christine :) Hope you and the boys are having a funtastic day! I have a Rottenese (1/2 Rottweiler and 1/2 Great Pyrenees) who used to shed terribly!! FISH OIL!!! Fish oil will stop the shedding. At first I didn’t mind because my floors are wood and tile (bathrooms and den/study) and clean up was simple, BUT I like to wear black A LOT and going to work hairy was NOT an option (LOL!) and changing just got to be too much of a hassle. I suggest going on Google and read up on it. Or pick your vets brain. My vet said fish oil would not harm her. I think that if you choose to give Mellan-Cutie fish oil, you will be amazed at the change.

  10. Whoa–that Davy Jones pirate tutorial was AMAZING work! I’m very impressed!

  11. Julene McDonald

    Funny, one of the owners of the firm I work for has a lab. She’s the sweetest puppy ever and boy does she shed! I’ll pet her for about five minutes and find myself surrounded and covered by enough dog hair that I wonder why she isn’t bald where I was just petting her.

  12. Janet Brannan

    We have two Labs. Our 5 year old female is named Jello, and she totally lives up to her name. She’s a 100 pound yellow blob. But she’s the best dog in the world and we love her more than words. Our second, is a 4 month old Chocolate demon. She is such a handful and will be needing quite a bit of training. She’s cute though, so it helps us to restrain ourselves when we are so mad we want to strangle her. If you don’t have a Dyson, get one! Mine gets used every day and is worth it’s weight in gold.

  13. Leticia

    “Mini Mellan”!! LOL :) !! I also have “Mini Kasumis” around the house…I had no idea Labs shed so much hair. used to own an Old English Shepherd and even though apparently half of her was hair and of course shed, it seems that in proportion, she did not shed as much as Kasumi does. But they are so worth the trouble, aren’t they?