Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Happy Sunday!

How’s your weekend so far? I’m always curious how others spend their weekends!  I’m taking my parents’ to brunch later on today, but after that, I really have to buckle down and get a lot of work done.  I’ve planned out my to-do lists for the next week, so I’m really hoping to stay productive and on track!  I’ll probably let Mellan plod around in his giant water bowl (aka 6′ pool) later this afternoon, too, as my afternoon break :)

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15 thoughts on “Sunday Link Love, Volume #096

  1. I like Julie. I read somewhere that someone else also made that comment.  I really like listening to her voice when she does these U Tube tutorials.  Her voice is not annoying.  She doesnt side track and rambles on like someone I can think of.  In another words, there are no distractions.  Her tutorials are fast and clean and quick.  And I can really use her tutorials for pointers.  They are reasonable.  It may be fun to watch someone put on glitter or green eyeshadow onto their brow bones…but that is not a everyday look…  I was really hoping she would do a SugarPill heartbreaker look and I got my Sunday wish.  I hope Julie sees my comments.

  2. Kafka

    Weekend has been busy and, though I’ve been out and about, I swear, my life seems perpetually chained to a keyboard.  Wrote until 6 a.m. today, watched some of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations while cleaning the house, hit Central Market and then the dog park, and since then, have been back attached back to the keyboard until now. Currently, I’m Googling/pricing diff. basket muzzles for Zola along with diff. sorts of slings, then trying to figure out if there is possibly a Wagner recording out there that my father doesn’t already own and/or disdain. I always dread Father’s Day because what do you get the finicky classical music snob (and “snob” really is the key word) who has over 1,000 CDs/DVDs already?! And he’s particular in his tastes about everything! I suspect I’ll eventually give up and just buy him yet another Monsieur Givenchy, Guerlain Habit Rouge or Vetiver, no matter how predictable that is. If only (most) men liked lipstick & makeup! 😛 

    •  @Kafka Sounds like Zola may be heading into surgery soon? :(
      I never know what to get my Dad for Father’s Day either. At least you have a few ideas!

      • Kafka

         @Christine (Temptalia) What do you normally get him? Do you end up resorting to the same-old, same-old thing, too? It’s so hard buying fathers anything! Christmas, Father’s Day and his birthday each require at least a month’s research on my end and I just end up getting him the same things. Last year, it was *all* Expresso/Coffee stuff. LOL! Re. Zola, yeah. I was lucky to get a June 27th operation date (there is usually a 3-5 month wait list for this surgeon). His main vet said that the HD has “finally impacted his quality of life.” :(  I’ve spent a fortune already getting ready but the basket muzzle is stumping me as I’m dubious he can drink water properly given the protruding length. (Don’t you think the metal ones look like Hannibal Lecter’s mask? But $65 for Italian leather?! Yikes.) I’m leaning towards a regular non-basket one. Oh, and I’m looking at $100+ pet stretchers with wheels (to help get him to the grassy area for potty.) It’s becoming totally insane. And who knew male doggie diapers cost so much?!

        •  @Kafka My mom usually tells me an item he wants, and that’s how I get something to give him. I’m pretty sure last year I resorted to an Amazon gift card! 
          So sorry to hear about Zola! Glad you were able to get a quick appointment, and Mellan will have paws crossed, while I’ll have fingers and toes crossed, that all goes well with Zola.

  3. Veronica

    I decided to make this my big relaxation weekend.  Rented a bunch of movies I’ve been meaning to see, bought a new controller so I can start Assassin’s Creed (my brother’s been bugging me to play it), took the dog hiking, and have otherwise been gloriously bored.  :)  Most weekends are not like that, so this was kind of a nice break before I head into work this weekend and then a huge vacation after that (which are many things but rarely relaxing).
    The more looks I see done with that Sugarpill palette, the more tempted I am to try it.  I’m generally a bit intimidated by bold colors, but this one is very pretty.  :)

  4. This Makeup is perfect to summer. I really liked.

  5. JolieAngie

    Wow perfect summer color combination. I love green.

  6. wow

    I can’t see what is it for fake lashes ?…

  7. Sarah

    Wow, I love this makeup!

  8. I had a crazy busy weekend! Met up with friends in Orlando for dinner and drinks on Friday. Saturday I went to a Neiman Marcus Beauty Blogger Breakfast. Saturday afternoon/evening I went to Disney Hollywood Studios to see the Star Wars Hyperspace Hoopla and run around the parks a bit. Sunday I went to Premiere Beauty Orlando and ended up with an impromptu haircut from Michael O’Rourke.
    I LOVE your Summer Heartbreaker Look! <3

  9. JoanneHarries

    just from the vid image i knew it was julie g from the false eyelashes lol