Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Happy Sunday!

How are you? I hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend–perhaps cozied up with a good book or catching up on TV.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be spending most of our morning grocery shopping, because our refrigerator is empty.  And I’m hungry!

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Link Love, Volume #074

  1. Andrea

    nice post distinct like it :)

  2. Jenn

    Christine, I can understand the link for the makeup look, but I’m not so into the “Twilight hate” thing. I’m not a fan of the series myself, but I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I was offended by the comments in that video. If your blog is about makeup, please let the spotlight remain on that.

    • Hi Jenn,

      It’s a makeup tutorial, and actually, Lauren (Queen of Blending, the person who did the tutorial) LOVES Twilight. I’m not sure if you read/watched before commenting but you should do so because then you might realize you’ve misinterpreted everything :) I just checked and the top two comments would clear up any confusion you have. I cannot control the comments that people leave on someone else’s video – I’m not spotlighting their comments but the person’s work!

      • Jenn

        If she liked it and respected the fans, why would she say at 0:37 “I’m not a Twilight fan… I think the whole thing is really stupid” and “Twi-hards or whatever they’re called, why are you wasting your life?”. That’s what I thought. I admit I stopped watching after that. After your comment tough, I rewatched and yeah ok she bought tickets and has a twilight calendar… I guess it is simply a poor choice of words, or she maybe think it through that people might stop watching after such comments.

        • Hi Jenn,

          The whole thing is SUPER SUPER sarcastic – I know Lauren, and she is a die-hard Twilight fan. She and her daughter even visited where the movie is set or takes place earlier this year (I think it’s in Washington–I’ve never read/watched Twilight).

        • Ani_BEE

          Lauren has a very sarcastic streak of humor as well if you watch some of her videos. lol

    • Amy

      It’s pretty obvious that she’s kidding. At the very beginning she had the camera panned toward all of her Twilight posters plastered all over her room for crying out loud.

      Even if she DID mean what she said, your entire comment is irrelevant. Christine posted a video on a makeup look, so she’s entitled to post that up. Telling her that her blog should remain focused on makeup was a little condescending and unnecessary.

  3. The Queen of Blending, Lauren, is unique in her makeup application, but I, for one, has to get used to the way she speaks, present herself, her opinions and such. I can get her make-up application as to why she is posted, but she is a unique character herself…and takes some getting used to with her style.

  4. Zozolina

    I liked this, it is nice and your tehnique is great. I love the look you made, and it is more that just twilight inspired look. But , I agree that you should work on your representation, but your makeup tehnique, and ideas are flawless.