Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Dusty’s Guide to MAC Concealers

Happy Sunday!

As I finish up some last-minute studying–which is just me reciting about 4 pages of memorized information to my boyfriend and/or Mellan… whoever is willing to listen–I took a quick break to check out what’s going on in the beauty blogosphere.

I’m excited for finals to be over (two more to go!), because I really have to get my act together and get through 10,000+ photos I’ve taken of products that I haven’t been able to go through… and review it all.  I want to start the new year with a clean slate, rather than feeling behind with no chance to catch-up.

A Mellan photo because I couldn’t resist… I have no self-control when it comes to that guy!

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40 thoughts on “Sunday Link Love, Volume #053

  1. Alyssa

    That is the cutest picture ever!

  2. Leslie

    What a great picture :)

  3. that is actually one of the coolest dog pictures i’ve ever seen! tell him how cute i think he is!!! :)

  4. Whirl

    I soooo love Mellan!
    Why don’t you post him more often?
    He is such a cute change of a topic!
    How is his health actualy?
    I remember you wrote that you had some worries…i hope all is well.
    He is such an adorable dog.

    • When he was a puppy, he actually had his own weekly post called “Magellan Says…” which was loosely tied to beauty/looks in some way (e.g. dog grooming), but it was the most hated post on Temptalia as voted by readers, so I removed it.

      He is good, thanks!

  5. !!!!!!!! Mellan is seriously too cute for words!

  6. Amy

    Wonderful photo! He is such a handsome boy!

  7. Awwww Mellan looks sooooo cute! Just see that pic with his Santa hat makes me say “Awwwww!!!”

    • Bettina

      This is a great shot. The little bit of the tree there makes this whole shot look almost professionally done. Well done to both you and Mellan for this one Christine. It’s adorable. :)

  8. Bernice


  9. Pamela

    Such a sweetie! Has he been naughty or nice?

  10. Kat

    Mellan is adorable. I’m totally fine with your lack of self-control in that area :)

  11. Marie

    That picture is so cute and awesome! He looks adorable. :)

  12. Roslyn

    I love that picture of your dog! I really want to get a hat for my cat, but she totally destroyed her Halloween hat.

  13. Carrie Ann

    That picture is absolutely adorable! =)

  14. Nichole


  15. Gretchen

    Mellan is just beautiful!

  16. Miss Silver

    Love to the cute doggy!! 😀 What a charmer!

  17. Andrea

    He reallly looks cute

  18. Linh Pham

    Mellan is a total cutie!!! *LOVE* (>_______<)

  19. Cheryl

    Cute! My dog has the EXACT same hat, but smaller. He actually doesn’t mind wearing it since the elastic is adjustable and pretty soft…and the hat part isn’t itchy. Yay for Santa doggie hats! :)

  20. shuz4ever

    OMG…Mellan looks really ‘doggy-handsome’ in this photo… love his expression and that festive collar he has on…too cute. BTW did he make a fuss whilst you strapped that cap on…better yet how long was it on for:)

  21. This is Christmas card-worthy! He’s the cutest thing ever.

  22. HT

    That picture is adorable! I tried to get my kitties to wear Christmas-y stuff and they *hated* it. :)

  23. Ru

    Good luck on finals! Thanks so much for keeping up with the blog despite being swamped by school/life. Can’t wait for those 10,000+ photos and the posts that come with them :)

  24. amelia

    gorgeous photo, i cant get past mellan’s eyes! great photography skills too 😉

  25. kasiaj85

    He is super sweet!
    Great dog! and so patient! He’s like the best dog model I’ve ever seen! :)

  26. asha

    Christine, are you going to tint and shape ur eyebrows or just shape?
    pls post pics of your HD brows once it’s done..

  27. Good Luck!!! Law school finals are the worst! I only have two law school finals left toooooooo! I am so excited! I am done Thursday! I hope you finish sooner than me!

    P.S. If you haven’t already seen this, I thought it might cheer you up:

    You know you’re in law school if…

    1) insofaras, insomuchas, hereinafter, heretofor and thereinafter are all a part of your every day vocabulary;
    2) someday, you’ll own Blackacre;
    3) Emanuel is your best friend;
    4) your grade in a class depends on a single examination;
    5) you spend more time with a study group than with your family;
    6) when you see a car crash, you wonder who was at fault;
    7) you have a minimum of three books for each class, plus supplemental materials;
    8) your books for one class are the same weight as a small child;
    9) people start telling you about their legal problems, and asking for advice;
    10) IRAAC is the beign of your existence;
    11) going through the day on 4 hours of sleep and 4 large cups of coffee is normal;

    There are tons more here:

    Makes me laugh! Hope it makes you smile too! :)

  28. kate

    cutest dog ever!!

  29. melissa

    I love him!!! This needs to be on cards this year if you send them out! What a cutie!!!!!

  30. Gaga4Gaga

    He is ADORABLE! Is there any significance to his name (the name in general and it’s spelling)?

  31. Mia

    OMG! Cuteness attack!!!

  32. MARGO

    one of the most adorable dog photos i have ever seen. oh you must be so proud of this beauty……………