Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Dusty does Pro Paint Sticks!


How are you?  What was the best part about your weekend? I’d love to hear it!  I’ve been struggling with some sleeping issues (the biggest problem is not getting enough and it’s catching up on me).  I wound up with a mild migraine for most of today, which has seemed to abated enough for me to function a bit.  I had all these grand plans on getting several fun posts up but not sure if I’ll manage to get quite everything done I wanted to with the time remaining.

Do you have a beauty blog?  (Or do you have a totally subject-unrelated blog?)

Leave your link in the comments — I’m always on the lookout for new, inspiring authors to read!

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42 thoughts on “Sunday Link Love, Volume #030

  1. i try to do “a look a day”! i plan to expand to reviews and techniques/videos once the school semester ends…

    • I admire you for doing Look of the Day! I used to do it when I was in undergrad but can never find the motivation to do it now! I keep trying, lol!

      Any tips?

  2. LOL Dustin, Your Face!<3
    Best swatch video EVER. Loved the part where he says "they stain incredibly well" LOL XD Totally made my day!

    Hope your migraine goes away Christine!

  3. I write a beauty blog. Do have a look :)

  4. I think you read mine already :-) But I’m finally updating again, and adding more nail stuff.

  5. I just started mine last month! But I try to update since most of the time I’m busy with undergrad schoolwork! Graduating in three weeks so hopefully I’ll be able to post more! It’s not near as awesome as your’s (yet) but I try! lol

  6. Hope you are feeling better. I keep an art blog because I am a painter:

    Oh and on the way back from my convention tomorrow I am going to my very first CCO!!

    Love your blog!!

  7. I have one too but I seriously doubt you’d be interested, lol!

  8. I hope you manage to get some sleep soon.

    I have a beauty blog! It’s mostly about mineral makeup. I’m trying to work on eye makeup technique – there aren’t a lot of examples out there for my type of Asian eye. I hope you can stop by and check it out!

  9. I need a new camera for better swatches and such. But overall I’m having fun.

  10. Rae

    As always, thanks for the link love, hon! Best part of the weekend -> working on a bunch of eye looks, definitely. (Unfortunately, it’s 1:30AM and I’m still up cropping said images for posting tomorrow morning… less than great >.<)

    Have you tried seeing a sleep doctor? I've always struggled with getting enough rest as well, and though I'm still sleep-doctor-less, I've been trying out a bunch of the techniques they have their patients try. Sleeping around the same time every day (okay, today's an unfortunate exception,) waking up at the same time, not looking at screens (computer, TV, and cell phones) within an hour of sleeping, and catching your zzz's in a room that's ONLY for sleeping (no reading, hanging about, or electronic devices aside from an alarm clock!) The last two things have helped a ton for me, personally.

    Hope you have more luck sleeping soon!

    • Of course1 :)

      I talked to my normal doctor about it, but she and I both know it’s just stress. Everyone says I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, LOL! Thanks for the advice, though :) I usually log off at 11pm, do a crossword or some sudoku and go to bed at midnight!

  11. i love reading various beauty blogs. all of you girls have amazing blogs.

    i do have one too, but its all in german. my english isn’t good enough to write reviews and stuff.

  12. I blog at

    Mostly looks, experimental or artistic looks. once in a while I review products, but I don’t do that terribly often for me to want to label it a “real draw”. LOL. That reminds me though-I’ve been meaning to do a swatch and review for the MUFE cream color palette that I use ALL THE TIME, and something for “products that did not like me” so i can remember which ones broke me out and not buy them again.

  13. My blog is, I give reviews, advice, hauls, and looks (:

  14. Hi, Christine!

    I’m a huge fan of your blog, and I started a blog of my own recently. It’s a food blog. Hope to see you visit!


  15. Hey everyone, my blog is Since it’s a personal blog, I write about whatever interests me… lately it’s been makeup :-)

  16. Dude, that’s like the best way of swatching ever!