Friday, February 18th, 2011

Summery Bronzes with Lancome Bronze Amour

Wore this for the Viva Glam Gaga reviews, though I fully intended to change the lip to something more appropriate originally, I didn’t quite end up doing so in time to take photos.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249.  Apply the pale gold eyeshadow to the inner half of the lid and tearduct with the 239.  Next, apply the orange-copper eyeshadow to the outer half of the lid with the 239.  Using the 222, apply the the medium dark brown eyeshadow to the crease and blend towards the inner crease.  Deepen the crease by applying the chocolate brown eyeshadow with the 219, then diffuse with the 222.  Highlight the brow bone with Trench eyeshadow with the 239.  Apply Bourbon liner on the lower lash line.  Finish by sweeping lashes with Inimitable Intense mascara.

For cheeks, apply Blush G blush on the apples of the cheeks and pat towards the temple with fingers.

For lips, apply Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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131 thoughts on “Summery Bronzes with Lancome Bronze Amour

  1. love this! and it convinced me to pick up viva glam 2!!

  2. This is one of my favourite eye looks that you’ve done so far…gorgeous!

  3. kfm

    I really like what you’ve done here- a softer, more subtle eye and lip with a bolder cheek. I just spoiled myself by getting the Blush G and I can’t wait to try something like this!

  4. That blush is stunning on you! Have you reviewed it/will you be reviewing it?

  5. Such a lovely look! Beautiful as always!

  6. I actually love the look with the super-nude lips. :) x

  7. P

    Stunning eyes! Love it!!

  8. This looks lovely on you!

  9. Farida

    Love this look. I really like the brown on the waterlne. It looks gorgeous.

  10. Rachel

    Everything looks amazing except the lips. I just cannot get into this color. :(

  11. helen

    The eyes are perfection but (i’m sorry to say) IMO, the lips are hideous..

  12. Tanya

    I really would like to see something different in these posts – all of these eye looks are pretty similar. You use the same formula for all of them – lighter color on lid, a darker shade on outer V with liner in water line. I think these posts would be a lot more popular if you went outside the your box.

    • I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel – simply having fun with products, and of all the things, I like playing with color, not shapes or placement, which has always been my style. I want the look to show you how a product performs, how I tested it – does it blend, is it sheer, is there fall out, does it coordinate with other shades in the palette.

      I cannot and rarely use liner on the upper lash line because I can’t – unless I want a swollen lid for the next day, which is why I always wear it on the lower lash line – I know of course that some readers have told me I should do it because otherwise I am wasting their time but sometimes it is just too painful to endure.

      If readers do not like my looks, they only need to tell me and I will stop posting them. After all, all I want to do is please my readers!

      • Liz

        You don’t have to try to please us. I’m sure everyone here appreciates the hard work and effort you put into providing all these meticulously detailed and honest reviews. As for whatever LOTD you choose to do, it’s your own preference! We have no right to tell you what to do, so don’t ever feel obliged to please us by tailoring your looks to suit the ungrateful minority.

        Hope you get well soon! (:

        • I run this blog based on what readers want, not really what I want :) That is how it should be. It is, after all, only successful if it is content you want to read!

    • Bianca

      Christine has stated that she is a beauty blogger not a makeup artist! Her looks are beautiful! Better than some other people out there! If you don’t like the looks she creates then don’t look @ them! There’s plenty of other people that you can watch on youtube that do makeup tutorials that are “outside the box.” Christine does amazing & honest reviews, which you don’t see very often b/c some people don’t give honest opinions b/c they’re being paid. It’s not about popularity… She does this to please the readers that appreciate her & all of her hard work!

    • Mariella

      More popular? I think Christine’s is probably the MOST popular beauty blog out there (and for a lot of very good reasons)! I find she has a lot of variety in the looks she offers though (from bright and very flamboyant to more neutral/work-friendly). To be honest, the ones I like the best are the very ones you describe as being a bit too predictable.

  13. Kristen

    I absolutely love these colours on your eyes. This look is simple, elegant and really underscores your natural beauty.

  14. Jesi

    Hey Christine: I absolutely love it! It’s soft and subtle…great day look. I did a look similar to this just last nite when I was folling around with my makeup but in place of the orangy shadow mine was more pink.

    • Oooh, sounds pretty, Jesi! What did you use?

      • Jesi

        Well… I recently started purchasing my collection since I was a plain jane. I got a lot of Mary Kay stuff and some Mac stuff around Christmas time. I used Mary Kay’s Honey Spice as my highlighter for not just my browbone and first 1/3 of the lid but for my cheeks too. Then I used MAC’s A Tartan Tale in Follow Your Fantasy (coral) on the center of the lid, Mary Kay’s Hazelnut (Medium Brown) in the crease, Mary Kay’s Espresso (Dark Brown) in the outer v blended with the crease color.

  15. amy

    You look flawless! Such a beautiful look

  16. Caroline F.

    Hi Christine,
    I would have matched the look with either one of these three Lancôme lipsticks: Tempt me, Coral Goddess or Blusing Royale.

    • Thank you for the suggestions – I think I mentioned it, but I intended to do the full look with another lipstick but I proved to be too sick to deal with it later in the day.

  17. lawli

    wow you look fantastic!

  18. Steph

    I think the lipstick would work great with this look with a bronze sort of lip gloss on top! Overall very nice, as always. :)

  19. Maja

    viva glam gaga 2 just doesn’t look good.

    • Yup. The lipstick killed it!!

      • I noted in the post that I wanted to do something else, but I’ve been sick for the past two weeks and just couldn’t manage to do it yesterday. My deepest apologies – always wish I could do more than I do since I know I would be better for it. I had a few readers ask me what I wore yesterday, so I decided to post anyways, but I guess I shouldn’t have :( Sorry again for my poor decisions!

        • malen

          Christine, your looks are always something to look forward to! Maybe once in a while some readers will not be totally getting it but that’s just normal. Different folks, different strokes. You come up with a gamut of looks, from simple to colorful to “interesting” and that’s what makes your blog a delight! Please continue to do what you are doing. There are much more of us who love this blog. And to those who find the looks here not “out of the box”, nobody is forcing you to “look!” Check out other blogs then. Christine, you rock!

        • Jesi

          Christine… You should not be apologizing. Honestly, we appreciate what you do here. I think you do an amazing job. I look at a handful of makeup blogs on a daily basis and out of them your blog is the most updated. Every day there is like 3 or more posts on your blog while others generally do one every few days. Blogs have really helped me want to go the extra mile to learn how to apply makeup and wear looks in public. This is a free service that you provide for us as a resource. Not only for looks but for honest reviews that can actually save people time and money. For the people that don’t appreciate this: No one is forcing you to look at this site although if you ask me you should. If there is something you don’t like then if you really want to go ahead and comment because you are allowed that freedom here but be nice about it. Christine deserves to be respected because she is doing all of us a favor and I am sure it is not easy to do. Thank you for your help in teaching me how to feel beautiful…

  20. Not to be weird but I REALLY like the lps with this look. I think it’s the cheeks. I don’t really know but it works for me! Kind of like a toned down Arabic look. Very pretty. One of your best looks!

  21. Heather H

    What could I use in the permanent Mac line to recreate this look? You look gorgeous!!

  22. Sixx

    You match everything, to be honest.

  23. Haley

    The eyes are really pretty! Not digging the nude lip with it though.

  24. Rae

    Absolutely adore the eye, but I must admit – I’m just not liking VG Gaga II. I’m sure it looks good on *someone* out there, but I’ve yet to find out who that would be! Maybe as a nude on a darker skintone, or something?

    • I think with a really dark eye, it could still work on most skin tones – BUT it really depends on if you like the really nude lip or not. I think some just don’t like it, so it never looks quite right to them. (Same goes with anyone who doesn’t like bright colors or red lips!)

  25. Sojourner

    This is one of the best full face looks I’ve seen on you in a while, very sexy look. Gaga suits you very well surprisingly (I thought it would be concealer lips)…makes me almost want to try it :p

  26. Lila

    I LOVE the eye look, I think it shows perfectly the texture and how smooth these eyeshadows are…beautiful.

    (I think the lips doesn’t make you justice, Ive seen millions of colors that would be prettier on you!!! -this one is just hard to pull off, isn’t it? is not for me, at least)

    Lot of kisses!

  27. Arantzazu

    I love the eyes! But I don’t see you with such a nude (almost concealer ¬¬) lipstick =S
    I find something with a bit of color suits you best =)
    Just my opinion! =) =)

    • Thank you for the suggestion, though I was wearing it to do lip swatches earlier and then just didn’t feel well enough to switch out to a darker lipstick.

  28. I love your reviews on cosmetics but your makeup application is so basic. I expect more advance application on your part.

    • I’m sorry to disappoint you! I’m not trying to do anything crazy – I want to share looks that take 10-15 minutes to do :)

      Maybe you could tell me what you mean by “advanced” though? Because I’m not sure what that means. If you could give me examples of what you mean by advanced, it would be of more help.

      Thanks for letting me know – sorry that I cannot live up to your expectations.

      • P

        Please do not bother with these comments on the application of makeup. It seems completely pointless. Personally, I admire your skills and coordination of colors and tones, creating such beautiful wearable looks. I have learned so much from you… While you have time never stop to post the looks, because you do please do vast majority of us!

    • Rosanna

      What “part” of being a blogger says she has to show more advanced techniques? She’s a blogger NOT a make-up artist. Besides, the average mass consumer doesn’t bother with complicated designs or bright colour. If you don’t appreciate it then don’t read it.

  29. iliana

    Love the eyes but I would have topped off the lips with something a little more pink/peach. But as you said in your post you did the look for the VG Gaga II reviews, so no one could really blame you for putting on the pale lips. :) I think you still pull it off nicely anyway! I wish I had your skintone!

  30. LU

    I think the lips look fine! All they need is a little shimmery gloss. :)
    I like the blush on you, and you always do a wonderful job on your eyes!

  31. Jeanne

    I didn’t like the Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipstick at all when you first posted photos in the review but I think it really works in this look! I might consider getting it now

  32. Annick Chantal L. H.

    Your MU tutorial is gorgeous Christine and you push me to kill my credit card because I want this palette lol. Greatings from Paris

  33. Diana B

    I love this look on you. It makes you look so healthy and glowy and the lady gaga nude looks really good on your skin tone.

  34. Katherine

    Christine. Your application is stunning as always. But I must admit that color of ES by Lancome is stunning on you. Just stunning. I wish I could have found the blush online. I always can gage exactly how something will look on me because of your swatches, I am just a tad more warm than you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your blog. I do wish that others would review their response to your blog prior to posting, I always read the replies you get and on this particular entry they read short, curt and many could be construed as downright rude. But of course no one meant it that way I’m sure. Thanks again sweetie. Have a great weekend.

  35. Cindy

    So many of these comments just sadden me. Christine, you should NOT have to apologize for being human or being sick. Period. You do excellent, thorough and informative reviews. You are the go-to source of info for so many people because you are good at what you do, honest and unbiased. I’m delighted with getting so much info for free. When I’m considering a purchase, checking for dupes, or want to see a swatch on skin, I know where to go. Admittedly, I’m getting close to 40, so wild and crazy looks are not feasible for my day to day life, but if people want those, there are numerous bloggers who do that sort of thing. The frequency and quality of posts, considering that you are a full time student in a double degree program is just great.

    Christine – you are beautiful, talented, bright, and seem like a genuinely lovely young lady. Don’t ever let haters bring you down.

  36. Ginnia

    Wow I like that Bourbon liner from UD!

  37. Karla

    I love that new Gaga2 lipstick! I used it today with the lipgloss and it`s my new perfect nude. Your eyes are beautiful and I love this look.

  38. serene

    The eyes are looking good. I love that you do basic makeup to show us what a product will generally look like. I come here for swatches and reviews, not interested in seeing advanced makeup techniques. The youtube gurus have a better platform to demonstrate it better than a blog platform. Do stick to what you do best, don’t dilute your blog with other stuff that will weaken it.

  39. Sarah

    I lost all my brown shadows from moving back and forth in the summer, but I can’t wait to get some new ones and do a look like this! I love the blush and I think it works with the nude lip even though I’m not really a fan of nudes. Great look :)

  40. mirian

    SOOOO pretty! i loveyour makeup!

  41. Crystal C.

    I am amazed with how you can pull off that very nude lipstick! I wish I could do that too. Beautiful!

  42. chips

    Love this look! I wasn’t thinking about getting this when i read the review, but now seeing how it turn out on the eyes, it’s gorgeous!

  43. Elysia

    From just the picture of the eye, i didn’t think I would like this look, but i totally love it!

  44. Diana

    Christine, please keep doing what you do. You never disappoint me. I’m scared that a couple unappreciative readers will ruin it for everyone else! I love this look and basically all your other ones too!

  45. Nunuiviet

    I love the eye look, but the application of viva glam spoil everything, sorry I’m not just into too pale lipsticks

  46. lovesmakeup

    Looks lovely! Perfect for summer. Makes me count down the days! And I’m glad you inadvertently left the lip the way it is as I wanted to see it in a look. I think you pulled it off quite well, especially for not feeling well. Seems to me that some people just need to brush up on their reading skills as you were quite clear in your description regarding the lips and look, but I think it turned out well anyways! Keep up the good work!

  47. Jolene

    Hi Christine

    Look this look! Are you able to do a tutorial video on this?

    And Take care of urself!

  48. Grace Chin

    was hoping you would do a look with this palette. and it turns out AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! now where is the ‘LOVE IT’ button?

  49. Soph90

    Love it! You look so fresh & pretty!

  50. Saffy

    This is GORGEOUS on you! It’s too light for me, though :( I love a dramatic, smokey eye.

  51. You have amazing skin, Christine! I wish I could get away with just tinted moisturizer.

    As for the people complaining about your application techniques, they should just go hire a professional makeup artist. Which is better, getting free tips from a beauty blogger, or paying hundreds for a private lesson? Some MUAs actually charge that much. The complainers should be grateful for Temptalia.

  52. Gigi

    I just tried this look out, & it looks amazing! I love it! Thank you so much for making this. :) I think I might wear this as a daily look, now…

  53. Really love this! Just gorgeous :)

      • Bettina

        Christine- You put so much time and effort into this blog. I don’t know how you do it with all the school and other things in your life you have going on. I very much appreciate what you do, this is probably one of the site I enjoy reading. I seriously sit here in the morning and read it while I’m going my own make up. People read the paper in the morning, and I read my daily Temptalia. :)

        It’s ok if people don’t like the nude lipstick. It is mearly an opinion not a fact and people need to remember this first and foremost. You lay out a look for us as a suggestion and nobody needs to follow it to the teeth. If people want darker lips on themselves then they should use a darker shade, there is no need to get so nasty about it. Let’s keep the love in here people after all people are more obliged to do things for you when you keep a nicer tone because it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. :)

  54. natalia

    I’m completely floored at this post. I know I’m getting to it a little late. However, this seems like the perfect opportunity to thank you for everything you do. Your looks, swatches, honest reviews, and overall commitment is very very much appreciated. You are hands down the best beauty blogger out there as far as I’m concerned and we as readers are very lucky to have you as such an amazing resource.

  55. Lara

    ooooh…these enrich your eyes!!!
    love the lipstick!!!!!!