Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Talk about a mess! It’s been several months since I’ve organized my makeup, and this was my first “free” weekend in quite a bit, so I thought I’d spend the afternoon re-organizing all of the makeup I’ve accumulated in the past few months. I use an assortment of clear containers from The Container Store for the majority of my stash. I do have a few plastic organizers from Ikea, as well as metal silverware drawers from various stores like Target and Ross. I usually store all of my accumulated products in a shoe box-sized plastic container with the intent to “sort later.”

This post just shows most of my non-MAC products nicely put in their little homes :) I didn’t take pictures of some of my lower end body products (like Bath & Body Works), since it hasn’t changed at all since last time I did a collection post! My MAC organization coming soon!


Cilnique, Lancome, Estee Lauder

Chanel, Dior

Left Container houses brands like Smashbox, Urban Decay, Jouer, Tarte, etc.
Right Bin houses all of my self-tanning, bronzing, suncare products (shoe box-sized bins)

All sorts of random lipglosses/lipsticks (shoe box-sized bin)

Perfumes I don’t use (ha!)

LUSH Stash (large bin)

Extra skincare products (large bin)

Nail polishes galore (each bin is shoe box-sized)

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35 thoughts on “Storage / Show Offs – Updated Non-MAC Collection

  1. kat

    Wow! And your MAC collection is massive, too! You’ll never use all of this makeup in a life time hahahaha!!

  2. Emily

    I really want to try some Lush products!!!

  3. Maggie

    ahhhh, jealous!! :)

  4. Rachael

    Wow, impressive. Can’t wait to see your updated MAC collection!

  5. Wow.. look at those nail polishes.. how pretty!!!!

  6. My-Linh

    Holy craaaaap, that’s a lot! Wow!

  7. Angie

    That’s a HUGE collection! I think you should totally have a garage or backyard sale whatever you call it :S

  8. Rena

    WOW! do you touch your other make up often? i have trouble getting around the small stash of make up i have.

  9. Natalie

    Omg I’ll take the nail polish LOL

  10. Susanne

    Thanks for sharing your collection. I use these clear boxes to organize my makeup as well . I really like them!!

  11. cloudburst

    You are very organized! You are inspiring me to re-organize my stash – unfortunately I have work I have to do today :(. Are the clear boxes from Ikea?

  12. Christy

    Heheh, we can tell you love makeup and beauty products! Also, love using those plastic shoe boxes for nailpolish! I have just one plastic shoebox filled after a purge last summer to get rid of some stale ones myself.

  13. Gemma

    lol-I spot a runaway 188 brush hiding in your extra skincare products box!

  14. Laura

    Christine, I am so jealous(lol). BTW great collection.

  15. Kara

    like i said be for holy crap and I WANT TO SWIM IN IT lol

  16. Sarah

    lovin’ the collection!

    eye spy some j-lo deseo, if you don’t want it, can i? i love that fragrance! 😉

  17. WHY [NOT] MEEEE?!?!

  18. Grace

    Your so lucky to have so much make-up! Haha i bet your bin with all the Lush products smell really good. I absolutely adore lush :)

  19. izabela

    I am jealous of all of your makeup! Haa