Monday, February 25th, 2008

Storage Showoffs

Today we have Tekoa sharing her storage solution for her beauty products!  Let her tell you all about it!

1) A view of my makeup area. It’s all done here in the bathroom.

Check out the rest…

2) The countertop view. Frequently used items like my brushes and lipsticks are put here. The stuff on the ledge is unpotted things and my liquid liners. It’s functional and I think it’s pretty. Unpotted eye shadows go mostly on the right and cheek stuff to the left.

3) Right counter. This is all my lipsticks. Most I put in the plastic container. The extra ones (hail Fafi!) stand to the right of that until I get another container.

4) Middle counter: I’ve skillfully acquired some mugs to hold my pretties. Brushes go in the corner black mug. The plastic middle container holds my lip glosses. Pencil eye liners, lip liners and mascara have a home in the right mug. You can see the Liquidlasts and glitter liners behind the brushes.

5) Left Counter: Stuff I use so much that putting it behind the mirror or in the drawer is a waste of energy. To the right is pro pallets and whatever premade pallets I’m into that week.

6) Jewelry armoire. The four bottom shelves hold beauty products.

7) Bottom drawer: Holds hair stuff and prescription acne creams.

8) Second bottom drawer: Makeup I don’t use very much or I don’t like.

9) Third bottom drawer: Empty quad pallets.

10) Fourth bottom drawer: Various pallets I’m not playing with at the moment.

11) Cabinet behind the mirror:  Top shelf has stuff I use regularly, but not every day.

11) Cabinet behind the mirror: Bottom shelf is my perfume collection and a few random items.

12) The drawer: Left plastic container has my paints and paint pots. Above the oval container are cheek products I rarely use, or haven’t depotted yet. The square plastic container has the fluidlines. Above the square container are my Beauty Powders. To the right are my loose pigments, either from MAC or Innocence. The drawer is under the counter.

13) Palettes: Eye shadow or blush lies within. The labels (first row down) are Browns, Gibblits, and Purple/Pink. The labels (second row down) say Grey/Pink, Blush. Blue/Green.

13) The inside of Browns and Grey/Pink pallets. They aren’t labeled on the inside because I move them around a lot.

14) Browns and blushes.

15) The inside of Purple/Pink and Blue/Green.

16) Pigment close-up. Innocence jars are about half the size of MAC jars. I wish MAC would adopt the Innocence top design. I’ve never seen Innocence outside Calgary.

17) Siamese kitten: Luna investigates the situation. She can often be found sitting in the bathroom, watching me as I apply makeup. She isn’t a storage solution, but she’s darn cute!

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37 thoughts on “Storage Show Offs – Tekoa Shares Hers

  1. Very Need How Everything Is Set Hig Five to You! ♥

  2. hey! i like how need your storage is! haha especially propping it up against the wall like a makeup sort of display.

  3. Lingping

    That is some collection, and very well organized :) I like how you show off your skinfinishes and eyeshadows on the tiny little shelf around your counter top.

    I particularly love the kitten, she is gorgeous!

    My maine coon Fenix also loves makeup, he is practically a part of my makeup routine :) And for some reason his favorite thing EVER to chew on are Qtips, so those are pretty much locked up…

    • Tekoa

      A maine coon? They can grow up to become BIG kitties! Some breeds are prone to sucking/eating cotton products. Maybe that explains Fenix’s love of Q-tips.

  4. Nell

    Thank you for sharing your collection. I really like your set-up. Gorgeous cat!!!

  5. Wow.. nicely organized. I’m going to show this to my family when they say I have too much makeup.

  6. Shefali

    Nice organization…my bathroom countertop is set up like yours so maybe I’ll change things around…

  7. Oh Tekoa what a beautiful cat you have! I have a siamese too, and she’s fat lol. Thank you for letting us see your collection! I love looking at other people’s stuff, hehe. :)

    • Tekoa

      She’s pretty and mischievious! Once she knocked a Studio Fix compact into the litter box, and another time an entire eyeshadow pallet. I also hold her responsible for a missing paint pot. But oh, how I love her.

  8. Beda

    LOL I also use a mug for my brushes…

  9. Pia

    My! What a collection! and what a storage solution, too. Thanks for giving me so many ideas. I might not get the cat, though but Luna is so adorable.

    • Tekoa

      You’re welcome. I get ideas for storage solutions by looking at other’s collections too. Luna is even more adorable in person I think…but I’m biased. :)

  10. Ruby

    Your cat is SO ADORABLE!

  11. Sal

    Lol I wonder how many of us rush to show pictures like these to family/friends/significant other when told that we have “too much” make up.
    Very neat btw!

    • Tekoa

      Probably a lot of us do that. I showed Christine’s collection to my boyfriend when she posted hers. His response was “Whoa! How does she remember everything she has?”

  12. esme

    I couldent resist so i showed the pic of your kitty to my family and they said she was sooo adorable! I have my own gary and white Kitty and a siamease and i love them. I also love how you manage to have soo much makeup and keep it soo neat and organized. good job!!

    • Tekoa

      Wow, a lot of us have siamese cats. I love both mixed breed and purebred cats. They’re just little furry bundles of perfection. :) And thanks.

  13. Jennifer

    I’m so envious. I love when everything is neat and organized. Mine is neat, but I’m still figuring out how to organize it better so what I need is at my fingertips!

    Beautiful cat! My cat Misty raises to the bathroom counter every morning, patiently waiting for her cup…yes, cup…of water. (A bowl is too demeaning for Her Highness, it is only appropriate for her minions).

    She then watches intently as I do my makeup and tries to guilt me into not leaving the house. The only things at risk are hair elastics and any form of sponge!

    • Tekoa

      Queen Misty must be served with the finest items!
      It took me a few months to figure out my orginization design and I still move things around to find what works best.

  14. Chix

    OMG I envy your collection and you are so organized!

    • Tekoa

      Its taken me about a year to aquire the collection. And it isn’t always so organized! *lol* During midterm week the counter can get quite cluttered.

  15. wow wad big collection of makeup :) i’m stil starting my collection.. a loonngg wayyy to go! n i love ur kitty! i’m a cat lover! but i’ve no cats though :(

    • Tekoa

      Starting a collection is very exciting. You can legitimatly claim that you NEED that eyeshadow because you honestly don’t have one like it already. I can’t use that line anymore. *lol*

  16. OMG, Tekoa do you work for M.A.C??? That is a ton of stuff you’ve accumulated there. I hope I never become like you *rolls eyes because she knows its inevitable*. At the rate, I’m going I think i’ll end up like you and I love it. Great collection.

  17. disregard the URL in my previous comment.

  18. Robin

    Are you sure you don’t work for MAC!!!??? WOW–that collection sure is IMPRESSIVE!!

  19. d4yc3e

    where did you get the innocence pigments?