Friday, January 10th, 2014

Choose or Lose

Do you still wear makeup when you have a cold and have go to out (aka not just sick at home!)?

  • A little makeup here and there. (60%, 1,850 Votes)
  • Nope, bare-faced! (21%, 660 Votes)
  • Full face of makeup, please! (19%, 586 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,106

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37 thoughts on “Do you still wear makeup when you have a cold and have go to out?

  1. Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. Sometimes, I just don’t want to look like a sick person and sometimes I just can’t be bothered to care because I don’t have the energy to do anything with my face.
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  2. Maybe a bold lip gloss to help with chapped lips. I do it in hopes people don’t notice my bright red and sensitive nose.

  3. Carrie

    It’s just such a habit to do my eyes. I’ll generally do something super though – like single color and maybe not bother with brows, etc.

  4. Most of the time, yeah. I try to not apply too much to my chapped nose and avoid the temptation to glob on the concealer under my eyes, but I usually do the foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, setting powder routine.

    If I’m feelin’ pretty bad or tired, I’ll skip eyeliner and shadow.
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  5. Lizzi

    I just put my brows on nothing else.

  6. I don’t bother because I feel too crummy. Besides, I’ll end up wiping off the foundation on my nose every time, and eye makeup doesn’t look as good when one has watery, red eyes. :(

  7. CatherineM

    I actually would never leave home without makeup whenever I have a cold, since it’s then that you actually need makeup to make you look better. A bit of foundation and concealer for the red and splotchy skin. Illuminating concealer for under-eye circles, which tend to be worse when you’re cold. A bit of peachy blush, if you’re very pale. Dark eyeshadow if you have puffy eyes, light shimmery shades if you’re looking very tired. Mascara to make you look more awake (waterproof please, we don’t want panda eyes), and some nude eyeliner on the waterline to counteract any redness there.
    I don’t use a lot of every product, not even all of them at the same time, but I think that camouflaging that “sickly look” when going out can actually make you feel a bit better.

  8. xamyx

    I very rarely get sick, but when I do, it’s never just a simple “cold”. My sinuses are affected, which aggravates my eyes, so no eye makeup (besides, who would want to risk contaminating their makeup…?). The most I’ll do is SPF and/or TM (moisturizer is *very* important) & lip balm. If I’m going somewhere important (ie, not just running errands), I’ll do my brows, and *maybe* blush and/or bronzer.

  9. I always wear make-up, even when I am home alone all day. I just do it for myself :-)

  10. Maggie

    You can always tell how sick I am based on how much makeup I’m wearing. If I’m wearing full makeup and a striking color, I’m just a little under the weather. I like to wear something that makes me feel confident like a bright red lip or a teal/blue/green eyeliner. If I’m feeling pretty bad, I look really pale and have a bright red nose. I so blush and concealer then. If I’m feeling terrible, I don’t wear any at all. And that’s when people start to get worried about me. Possibly because I normally wear makeup, and look dead without it! I have absolutely zero pigment in my lips or cheeks.

  11. Definitely a bright lip gloss, to help with/cover chapping and make me look less like Death warmed over, but probably not the full face… especially since I’m just going to end up rubbing it all off with a kleenex the first time I have to blow my nose.

    I’ll generally get more elaborate once I’m past the runny nose stage and want to at least gain the illusion of health

  12. I’ll slap on some mascara and MLBB lipstick to avoid looking like a zombie. But a full face? Ain’t nobody got time for that if I feel like crap :(

  13. Gabi

    I’m actually sick with a cold right now which changes my answer to this, I wanted to say that I would do a little bit of makeup but I realized I haven’t touched any of my makeup in a week even though I’ve been to class and I’ve worked in the back office at my job, thankfully I didn’t have to work the front desk or deal with costumers face to face this week

  14. Full face. I need to not look sick as a shedog as I feel lol

  15. Yes, I would. I would just need to exfoliate the nose area first, so it wouldn’t look so dry. Other than that I don’t see it really making a difference in me deciding to wear makeup or not.

  16. It depends on what I need to do that day haha. But I would probably not wear much eye makeup, because my eyes are usually more watery & sensitive when I’m sick.

  17. I’ll generally do a light layer of foundation, some nude/peach blush, and mascara. Plus lip balm. Basically, I want to look not-dead, but also not fancy.

  18. StrangeOne

    I only wear makeup on special occasions or a night out so there is no way I could wear makeup during a cold. I wash my face too often for me to successfully retain a full face of makeup (feel gross staring at a computer too long) and too lazy to reapply.

  19. All the time. To look less sick. I don’t get ill often though.
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  20. Lauren

    Timely question. I have a cold right now. For work, normally I use foundation but this week, I’ve been wearing Tinted Moisturizer or a BB cream with powder. A touch of mascara and blush. I don’t want TOO much coverage because I’m going to rub it all off my nose. I hate the look of foundation everywhere but a splotchy, red nose. I feel like it all blends better with less coverage. Right now, my lips are horribly chapped, so it’s just lip balm for me. I’m quite a sight at the moment!

  21. I’ll put concealer around my redder area’s: nose, mouth, and under eyes. Then I’ll use blush to add color to my face, and mascara to open up my eyes. If I feel like it, I’ll add a champagne eyeshadow on my lids to brighten up my eyes a little. I’m usually add a tinted lip balm as well since my lips are usually dry when I’m sick.

    Just because your sick doesn’t mean you have to look sick :)

  22. calimom

    Yes I wear makeup every day, period. No matter how I feel. Since my everyday makeup is pretty natural looking anyway, it isn’t too much trouble to do it when I don’t feel well.

  23. Most definitely – it helps me to feel better! However, my usual tool for feeling better (a super bright lipstick) is a bit hard to do when you have to blow your nose all the time! ๐Ÿ˜›

    A little concealer, some mascara and a lipstain can work wonders, however. :-)
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  24. Depends on how sick I am and where I’m going. For grocery shopping or going to the doctor I definitely don’t. If I have to go to an important meeting or something I’ll wear enough that I look a bit more alive. Full foundation is a total waste, though, especially when you have to blow your nose all the time.

  25. Sarah

    I just usually fill in a bit of my eyebrows, use a bit of powder and a bit of blush so I don’t look so pale.

  26. If I have a cold and I’m going to work, I must wear makeup! Instead of foundation, I’ll wear a tinted moisturizer. I will add a little more moisturizer to areas like my mouth and nose. Concealer, lip balm and mascara are necessities. I’ll add a cream eyeshadow and a neutral lipstick and brave the elements. I’m not going bare faced to work even when I’m sick.

  27. Kathrina

    Nah, I’d only be afraid it would be a mess as soon as I need to blow my nose or even if I only have to sneeze (eyeliner).

    Besides, I’m not afraid to leave the house without makeup, whether I have a cold or not. Being ill is nothing to be ashamed of. If I see a person with a red nose and pink cheeks I just think “She/he is having a cold”. I can’t imagine anyone thinking “She/he could do with some concealer”. ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Jan

    I look like I feel when ill. So I have to perk up the skin, hide any swollen nose/eyes/lips, and define the eyes (they tend to be uber watery when I’m ill). In short, I wear more make-up sneaking out of the house to the drugstore when I’m ill then I do going out on a date when I’m well.

  29. Usually no. If I do I’ll just do my brows. Leaving the house is a struggle enough when I’m sick. I can’t put on makeup too lol
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  30. Amy

    I don’t go out without eyebrows, lest I frighten small children. If I’m sick and feeling awful (which has actually been the case the last 10 days – I’m just beginning to be better) and have to go out, I put on the minimum: eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, a little blush, and lipstick. And I do something (not much, but not nothing) about my hair.

  31. Denise

    If I’m sick and have to go out then I generally slap on a pair of sunglasses (which hide a multitude of sins, namely the pair of bouncy castles that have erupted beneath them complete with waterfall!!) and maybe some lip gloss. If I’m too ill to go out then I can’t be bothered with makeup at all.

  32. Veronica

    Not extensively, but I tend to touch up with concealer and the like to avoid frightening people into thinking the zombie apocalypse has started. ๐Ÿ˜›

  33. I do a full face but I try to do my best and make sure I don’t contaminate anything. I pretty much disinfect anything I used before and after I use it while I’m sick. I feel like looking like I’m not sick makes me feel less sick…it’s probably just a reverse psychology thing.

  34. If I have a cold, I’m probably looking pale from lack of sleep (you know how hard it is to sleep when you’ve got a bad cold – all you want to do is sleep but as soon as you lie down, your head and sinuses fill up or your chest fills up), and I’m basically feeling crummy and my nose is red and all the other lovely effects of a cold, I NEED a bit of makeup (or sometimes a bit more than “a bit”) to look half way decent. If I’m going out to work or to do some errands, I apply something (a BB cream – making sure I put on a good deal of moisturizer first if my nose is dry and red from kleenex – some concealer, a bit of blush, eye liner and lip gloss) and I look a lot more human that if I were to go out barefaced.

  35. Mostly not. If I have to look barely presentable, I’ll just fill in my brows and wear lip balm. If I have to go to work, a light layer, mostly just on the eyes.

  36. I’m too lazy to even get out when I’m sick, let alone doing tiny bit of makeup! I normally won’t even bother with skincare except for cleaning my fave. lol!

  37. Cassie

    I tend to go light on the makeup. I’ll stick to some bluer eyeshadow or liners (waterproof liners) to make my eyes look more white and less red, and my nude eyeliner on the waterline (and of course mascara). I don’t normally wear foundation, but maybe a little tinted moisturizer to help keep everything looking fresher and more even (when I’m sick my face gets a little blotchy), and a more shimmery bronzer to help bring some life to my face. I know anything near my nose will be gone after a couple of nose blows, but at least when I leave the house I feel better. Also some nice bright blush to bring color to my face. However, if I’m super sick I don’t leave the house. This is just usually for days that I’m either starting to get sick, but not “sick enough” to justify staying home, or after I’ve stayed home and am feeling a little better, but not all the way. Sometimes hiding that tired look I can get when I’m sick will help make me feel better.