Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Stila 24kt Lip Gloss: Golden Charm, Precious Coral, Radiant Sunset, Vintage Merlot

Stila Cosmetics 24kt Luxe Lip Gloss Set ($30.00) is an excellent value set with four of the five 24kt Lip Glosses. Funny enough, Stila has since dramatically dropped the prices on their 24kt Lip Glosses to a measly $8 a pop, so you can actually go ahead and get all five of them for $40 instead of four for $30.

The shades included in this holiday set are: Golden Charm (a sheer warm-toned yellow gold with copper and gold shimmer), Precious Coral (a sheer, soft orange-coral with pale orange-gold shimmer), Radiant Sunset (a semi-sheer, fiery orange-red with golden and copper shimmer throughout), and Vintage Merlot (a semi-sheer berry-wine with gold and plum shimmer). The other 24kt Lip Gloss shade available is Brilliant Pink, which is a semi-sheer bright pink.

The 24kt Lip Glosses are non-sticky to slightly tacky, they’re not too thick, and they tend to be sheerer rather than opaque shades. They’re ultra shimmery and have a nice high gloss sheen to them as well. They can be a little gritty after they’ve faded away as some of the glitter hangs on, but it’s something I’ve experienced the majority of glittery glosses.  These also come with a brush-type applicator that requires you to twist the bottom to dispense the product–kind of an ew factor for me, personally.

Bottom Line: They’re fun glosses, and while at $22 a pop (the original price), I hesitated, at $8 each, there’s not much to think about!

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  • Product: 26/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 3/5

Recommendation: For super shimmery lips that are as affordable as they are bling-bling, Stila’s 24kt Lip Glosses are a steal!

Availability: Stila Cosmetics

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Stila 24kt Lip Gloss: Golden Charm, Precious Coral, Radiant Sunset, Vintage Merlot

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28 thoughts on “Stila Cosmetics 24kt Luxe Lip Gloss Set Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. daphne

    Christine, are these click-pen glosses like all of Stila’s? I think the 24kt was in a doefoot form before and I heard they changed it, but maybe I’m wrong *crosses fingers*

    BTW, I think you’ve got your math a bit off regarding the value…all 5 would be $40, the set works out to $7.50 each…still barely less than buying individually!

    • Thanks, Daphne! This is why you’re not supposed to do math at 5am… LOL. I don’t even know what multiplication I was doing.

      The ones in the set had the brush applicator. I already bought all of the 24kt glosses previously (I want to say there had to be some sale, because I know I didn’t or wouldn’t pay $22 each), but they are still in their boxes, LOL. I figured I was going to give them to my sister or a friend but if they have the doe-foot… maybe not.

      • daphne

        You know, when I’m here on the east coast seeing your posts when I get into work at 8:30, I find myself wondering how many posts you set on a schedule vs. how many you actually write this early in the morning…good to know! :)

        You’ll have to let me know about that, ha. I think they are very pretty and sure wouldn’t mind having Radiant Sunset (okay, it’s just another variation on MAC Pink Grapefruit – I must have 5 lipglosses in that color family – but obviously I need more!), and could live with the brush for $8. I may have been crazy thinking they had the doefoot. But it would be awesome obviously.

        • Typically, if it posts before 5 or 6 am PST (so 8 or 9 EST), then it was probably scheduled. And by scheduled, I wrote it at 10PM the night before. I pretty much blog as soon as I get out of bed :) Especially if you see like 3-4 posts go up wayyy close to each other, then I probably am writing them as they’re publishing.

          They used to have them, I do believe you are right about that, though!

  2. amy

    I love stila glosses, they smell and taste great! And the colour selection is wonderful. I love that it is a click pen packaging with a brush but these look doe foot.

    • These actually have the twist-up brush applicator. Originally, they had the doe foot (which I liked more), but I checked these again, and they’re clickable.

    • Annette

      I love stila glosses too, but I was disappointed with this set. I did not like how sheer they were and the grittiness. I don’t really like the packagining either. It is not the same as the click pen of thier regular glosses. When you twist it it does not click and it takes forever to come up onto the brush. I think these would have been better with a doefoot applicator.

      • I’ve always found Stila glosses to run sheer! I actually thought these were a little more pigmented than the average Stila gloss (like their Lip Glazes). I agree that I’d have preferred the doefoot applicator, too.

  3. that first picture of them all in their packaging is so beautiful! love the gold shimmer.

  4. Pretty, but they don’t ship to Canada. :(

  5. I am very tempted now that they are priced more reasonably. I hate to be a pain but do you happen to have any pics of yourself wearing these? I’m wondering how sheer they are, how much shimmer/glittery stuff shows up, etc. Either way – many thanks for all the pictures you post on your site!

  6. Missy

    Really pretty set, I want almost all of them=)xoxoxo

  7. Rosalie

    I’d love to see lipswatches

    they look gorgeous

  8. These are nice! Too bad Stila doesn’t ship international :(

  9. karen

    Very pretty, unfortunately I can’t get to stila’s website from my laptop. :(

  10. Luisafer

    Bplus, not so great, but love them…so… if nothing else comes, I’ll have to get them LOL

    • LOL! They’re good — don’t get me wrong. They’re not something I necessarily believe you have to *rush* out and have to add to your collection. At the price tag? They’re worth getting. But at the end of the day, the product itself has a huge impact on the overall grade!

  11. Helena

    Gorgeous! Yeah, I saw the price change when I last visited the Stila website. I WTF’d. xD