Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 has the lovely Stila Charmed Palette for $10. YES, you read right, TEN BUCKS! This is a limited time opportunity.  You can read my review and see swatches here! :) To find it on Sephora, do a search for “stila charmed” and it should pop up!

Here are some codes you can use…

  • DUWOP for a Free DuWop Prime Venom0
  • 3SJ9HQ for Free Shipping over $25
  • JUICE for a Free Juice Beauty 1 oz. Oil Free Moisturizer
  • CRESCENT for a sampler of Benefits new Crescent Row Scents
  • HANDSOME for 14 free scent/skin samples for men
  • URBANLAB for Free Deluxe Primer Potion Lab Sample

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49 thoughts on “Stila Charmed Palette for $10!

  1. Glosslizard

    When I checked this out yesterday, it was already out of stock! :(

  2. Julianne

    Is this only available online? Probably :( but I was hoping not haha

  3. Sweet, $22 to cananda with shipping, better then $40 which it was a few weeks ago. Thanks for the heads up :)

  4. Sarahnade

    ahhhh!!! thank you christine!! i just ordered it ;)

  5. Just called my local Sephora, and they said the had them in stock but they weren’t avail for sale until tomorrow. I sure hope the price doesn’t raise then. :(

  6. Wendy

    Thanks for posting this Christine. I’ve been wanting this palette since March! I just put in my order :) Can’t wait!

  7. jestine

    Do you think this will be available at Sephora for this price? I hate having to pay for shipping!

  8. Tatiana

    Oh snap, I will be in the store tomorrow to finally covet this! Thanks!

  9. adriana

    i taught it was only online…oh well its ok! i got a zillion samples! i cant wait til i get it! hurry mr ups man!

  10. thatstreschic

    is it $10 only on the 18th???
    because i think i can only go to my sephora on friday!!!

  11. Just got mine for $10! I also needed a Clarisonic head brush replacement so I was able to use the promo code for free shipping. They also let me pick three free samples on their site. Annddd with my beauty insider points, I got another sample.

    By far the best bargain ever, thank you Christine!! <3

  12. Grace

    Where do you get those codes? I haven’t seen those anywhere on the Sephora website?


  13. loki

    is it avabible at the sephora store in canada for 10!?!?

  14. Jenny

    Whoa awesome! This gives me another reason to go to Sephora lol. Thanks for the heads up Christine!

  15. Jestine

    I actually answered my own question! I bought the e/s today at my local Sephora. They weren’t supposed to be giving it out until tomorrow but the lady was night enough to give it to me today! I’m so happy!

  16. TLD

    Can I get this in the store?If so I’ll be so happy!

  17. Jessie

    Thank you, Christine! 16 and change is better than what, 30? lol

    It makes me wish I waited lol I ordered the Gypsy Kat Von D Palette yesterday lmao

  18. Annie

    Thank you so much Christine!

    I’m getting mine tomorrow, for 13$ (Canadian). I’ve been waiting for it for months now. I love my Precious Pearls palette that I bought in the spring!

  19. Kristen

    My Sephora had them at the cash registers instead of at the Stila aisle. I picked mine up today during my lunch hour. $10 is such a steal! I asked one of the associates, and they said that they are expecting them to go quick.

    Thanks again, Christine!

  20. melika

    i two of them today. like kristen, my sephora had them on display at the registers rather than in the stila section.
    ended up getting two of them, because the sa said there was no limit.
    will give one to a friend.

  21. Chapis

    I bought the palette yesterday! Thanks Christine ;-) I wanted it since a while ago but I thought it was too much $$, Thanks for the free shipping code too. I plan on using it more times hopefully it doesn’t expire soon…..

  22. A

    I got this today and I LOVE it. Probably wouldn’t have gotten it if it wasn’t $10. :)Thanks for the tip.

  23. Rachel

    I bought this today..i am so freaking happy i did! i wanted it so much when promo pics came out but since i am trying to save for my wedding…I told myself i didnt need this one and to just save for F&F…well…10 bucks? HELL YEA! i got it and I cant wait to play!!! to bad i can’t justify it into my wedding budget ;)