Sunday, February 24th, 2008

SCENARIO: I live in a very humid, tropical kind of climate.  It is so hot, and it’s hard to go without sweating at least a little bit!  How can I keep my makeup from sliding off throughout the day?

Situation courtesy of Jenna!

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7 thoughts on “Step Into My Shoes – Hot & Bothered In the Tropics!

  1. Cosine

    I reside in Singapore, a tropical country, and I’m a physical education teacher so it basically means that I cannot avoid the sun nor can I avoid prespiration.

    What I do is that I try to keep my daily make-up to its minimal, with my usual regime of Clinique’s Anti-blemish 3-step kit follwed by All About Eyes Rich eye-cream and then the most important City Block SPF 50.

    Since I am constantly under the sun, I cannot use products that are pore clogging or are oil-based as I am prone to breakouts due to the dirt and everything else in the atmosphere mingled with my own sweat. So I try to keep everything simple with MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer with SPF 35 and then I will set it with MAC’s Select Sheer/Loose Powder.

    The good/bad thing about Clinique’s sunblock is that it is a little greasy or sticky after application but the irony is that it helps the loose powder adhere more properly. As the climate is relatively hot, I do not need to use a blusher so I doubt u need it either. I leave my blushers for weekends in air-conditioned places like the malls or for clubbing/pubbing.

    If you really have to use everything else, use a water and smudge proof mascara especially those from Japan because those from Maybelline, Lancome, Loreal and even MAC will smudge even if they claimed to stay smudge proof. They can’t stay all day in our humid and tropical climate. The ones from Kose and Sheseido are great and if u are on a tight budget, get a drugstore brand like Za’s one. You can totally trust me on that.

  2. naomi

    milk of magnesia works wonders for me in the hot summers!!!!!
    Dab it on a cotton pad, and sparingly apply it (Before you put on your foundation)… and voila! a cheap and very effective primer!!!

  3. You must try Clinique’s Lash Power mascara, developed for the Asian market. It’s not at all a traditional mascara – it’s meant to stay on despite water, oil, sweat: anything! It can be removed with a warm wet washcloth (slightly warmer than body temp). It’s incredible.

  4. Erin

    I would use a cheek stain, like Origins Pinch Your Cheeks, for a little wash of color, and probably a paint or some liquidlast for eye color. Other than that, in the summer here in Utah it gets to be like 104… I prefer MAC Moisturecover.

  5. Sal

    I used to live in Malaysia. You can’t get anymore tropical and humid than that.
    3 things I used, especially during the day- cheek/lip stain, facial blotters (lifesaver- theyre super thin, super absorbent sheets of paper than soak up oil and sweat), and regular powder compact.

  6. Charlene

    i live in Jamaica…Caribbean sun (nothing like it) and I see this happen all the time, makeup just disappears…i recommend a primer, and since it sounds like u don’t have horrid skin, why not try a nice tinted moisturizer that’s oil free and has spf in there?? That way, you’re putting three things on at once, and not loading stuff on, which probably helps the makeup to slide off your face. try Keihl’s tinted moisturizer with spf i think they have an oil free one too. Then you can lightly powder ..etc.