Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

SCENARIO: My hair is fried and brittle! I think it is just beyond damaged, and I have no idea where to start on repairing it. Should I be doing leave-in conditioners? I blow dry my hair every day, and then flat iron it every other day. It is just a hot mess!

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12 thoughts on “Step Into My Shoes – Hair-Be-Brittle!

  1. naomi

    Definitely start with a protein mask. This will repair most damage and make your hair super super healthy again- my recs would be Sexy hair concept’s Pumpkin Masque or Frederic Fekkai’s Protein RX Reparative treatment mask.
    Hope this helps 😉

  2. MrsDiaz

    I would also suggest using a heat protectant spray for when you flat iron your hair that way you dont do as much damage to your hair. Definitely deep condition at least once a week as well!

    • Shefali

      Mrs Diaz – what heat protectant would you recommend? I’ve been trying to figure out which one to get b/c I dry my hair and flatiron too. Thanks!

  3. pinky

    the above suggestions are great, but getting a trim to remove split ends is the best way to start the repairing process.

  4. FD

    maybe star with a hair cut?

  5. Shefali

    I regularly use Redken’s All Soft Silk Fuel treatment to repair hair and keep it soft. It’s awesome and I highly recommend it. Here’s a link to check out the product: http://www.beautysimplicity.net/reallsosifut.html

    • Sanayhs

      I absolutely adore Redken’s All Soft line. I’ve yet to find anything better to my hair than their shampoo and conditioner – and I’ve tried pretty much everything. On that note, their shampoo and conditioner with regular use really do help to keep hair soft and silky.

  6. dee

    Get yourself to Sally’s and buy Aphogee 2-Step Treatment – it’s a protein treatment that works really well. This along with deep conditioning treatments will be your hair’s best friend. Here is a link to lots of useful info regarding protein treatments, how to use them, and tips on taking care of damaged hair: http://www.makeupalley.com/account/sn.asp?username=KatDan

    Hope that helps! =)

  7. Amy

    When I used to bleach out my hair it was terribly dead, and I started using Bed Head’s Dumb Blonde reconstructive conditioner as a hair mask a few times a week and it did wonders for me. Just be careful with it, because it’s extremely heavy. Also, like someone else mentioned, try using a thermal protecting cream/spray/etc. if you blow dry or use heat on your hair often.

  8. Sal

    Get a trim for the split ends, or a chop, whichever is better. Get some good products- shampoo, conditioner, mask, treatment, etc. Forget your hair dryer and flat iron for awhile. I know that’s hard, but the fact is the heat will damage your hair no matter what you put on it. The heat/thermal protecting creams can only do so much. Let it be for a month or so, and in the meantime you can keep your hair in check with smoothing creams and maybe putting it up while it dries, so it doesnt dry as frizzy.
    Also it looks like you wash everyday. If you absolutely have to, shampoo only your scalp/roots, the suds washing down the rest of your hair is enough for the length, without drying it out too much.
    All of the above comes from personal experience. Right now I use baby oil for my hair, just the length of it. Its cheap and it works. Never blowdry, haven’t flatironed in over 6 months.I’ve got hair down to my bum :p

  9. I never do anything to my hair, so I haven’t had any of these problems. However, I have recently started straightening my hair since it’s cut shorter at the moment, and what you said about blow-drying every day and straightening every other day struck me. Since that may be one of the biggest reasons for your fried hair, I suggest you look into a wet-to-dry straightening iron. That’s what I use, and I really like it. It does take a little time to get your hair dry with it [and mine’s really fine, so I suspect it’ll take you a bit longer], but it does dry and straighten at the same time. The package also boasts that it’s much better for your hair than blow drying AND straightening [since it takes a step out], so it’s convenient as well as good for your hair.

    I know a lot of different brands make them, and I got one at Target for something like $20-$30. HTH!

  10. Jade

    I also blow dry and straighten my hair every day, So I know what your going through! What I do is when I take my shower I wash my hair first, Then once thats done I put conditioner on and leave it in my hair until I wash the rest of my body. Then I’ll rinse my body first and leave the conditioner until last. The conditioner is usually on my hair for about 3-4 minutes until I rinse it. That way its like a deep conditioning everyday :)
    Before I blow dry or straighten my hair I use Tresemme heat defense spray.

    It doesn’t help me from getting split ends, But it leaves my hair soft and shiney and can wait until I make my next visit to the hair dressers 😛