Monday, February 11th, 2008

SCENARIO: I would like to know any suggestions, ideas or help for wearing brighter eyeshadow colors during the day…so in a more subtle way. I am trying to get outside my comfort zone and be more adventurous with brighter colors, but I simply am not sure how to make purple, blue or even pinks look subtle enough to wear during the day.

Situation courtesy of Tanya!

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23 thoughts on “Step Into My Shoes – Give Me Color, But Subtle?

  1. A subtle way to tie in bright color is to use it as a bottom liner. Use an angled brush & some mixing medium to line the lower lashline with shadow or pigment.

  2. Tekoa

    I saw this on What not to Wear. Carmindi is a great makeup artist who focuses (mostly) on subtle looks. You could watch that show for ideas…here’s a Carmindi/Tekoa hybridized idea.

    Wiggle a matte dark purple into both lash lines. (Poison Pen would be spiffy) then over that, a light hand with smoulder on top.

    • Tanya

      Oh Tekoa you always have such sage advice and unique ideas. I don’t have TV in my home so I will ask my parents if they can burn me a few episodes of the show so I can watch it. Its always great to see ideas done live so I’m sure this will really help me. I am really digging the idea of purple and am going to make a trip down to the MAC store soon and pick up a bunch of purples….I don’t own a single one.

      • Tekoa

        Ah, it just occured to me that she has a book out. Its called “The 5-Minute Face: The Quick & Easy Makeup Guide for Every Woman” by Carmindy. I haven’t looked at it personally, but that could be worth flipping through at the book store.

  3. Kristen

    There are some nice pastel shades you can wear during the day that are very subtle and fresh. My favorite, though, would have to be Pink Freeze. I love wearing it on my lid with Da Blind for a nice pink look. If you put Satellite Dreams on the crease, it makes it look purple. Nice, but not too much.

    • Tanya

      I really like the idea of pastels :) I don’t usually wear really dark colors during the day neutral or bright…darks are better suited for evenings on me. I will look into Da Blind, Satellite Dreams and Pink Freeze. I really like the idea of pink’ish and purple’s as I adore pinks and purples are really intriguing me.

  4. Erin

    Try the color of your choice in the crease and then use a highlighting color on the lid and browbone, that way you can showcase a color without looking crazy… then use that or a paired color under the eye as a liner.

    • Tanya

      Erin the color that is done as the highlight color what type of color works best for this idea? If it were a blue that I wanted to try…I would put the blue in the crease….would I use a light blue as the other color? Or can this idea be done with a less bright color as the highlight color? Thanks for your help :)

  5. One thing I like to do is to start with neutral eye makeup and then apply a pop of color to my lower lid. <a href=””Such as with this look of mine. This way you have a pop of color, something more exciting than a plain neutral eye, but you aren’t committing to a full eye of bright color. You can ease yourself into it by using a light hand when applying as well.

    • Of course, I forget to close the first tag on my link. 😛

    • Tanya

      Wow beautiful eye :) I really really like the way this looks!! The green looks REALLY great with the browns…but blue, pink or purple wouldn’t really work with a neutral eye like this would it? maybe it would and I am just too afraid to venture outside my comfort zone. Anyways the picture example really really helps me! Thanks for that.

  6. Carrie

    Personally I feel funny with bright color on my lower lid, so I like to use a thin line of bright shadow/eyeliner on the top lid, and keep everything else simple.

    Here’s an example from a recent Fashion Week post:

    • Tanya

      Thanks for the link Carrie :) I really like the simple way this is done and its nice because its super easy to try and do at home. I think the colored liner on top is a fun way to add a pop of color thats really bold but at the same time really simple.

  7. As others have said, you could use bright colours as liner, or on your lower lid.
    Also what works for me is putting the bright coloured eyeshadow from lashline to crease only, not above the crease. That way the flash of colour shows only when you blink :)
    Or, same technique as above but tone down the amount of bright shadow by applying only to one half of the lid. Then use a pastel / neutral shadow on the other half. Be sure to blend both colours well though!

    • Tanya

      OH I love the idea of just putting the color on the lid :) what a smashing idea!!! and the toned down version with a bright color and a pastel/neutral color is also super duper!! I will for sure be trying this :) It seems very simple and a very fun way to ease me into using bright colors.

  8. Hana

    I pretty much just go by the idea of less is more. I use any color I want, but I use a brush and don’t put too much on. And I don’t bother with shading or contouring when I’m doing that.

    • Tanya

      Hana I like your attitude towards bright colors :) I saw a tut on youtube where the MA just picked up the color from the lid of the pigment and just used that on the lid…it gave a nice flush of color. I think its the same idea you have and it seems like a nice, simple way of adding a splash of color :)

    • Tanya

      OH WOW I really love the way they made the color pop!! Its sooo easy and it really makes the blue pop. Thanks!!!!