Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

SCENARIO: I have a wedding I have to go to in about two months. The dress I bought is low cut in the front and the back is almost completely open (just a few straps going across). Of course, after I bought the dress my back and chest have decided to break out like mad and now I’m at war with them. What can I do to get my back and chest to stop breaking out and clear up before the wedding? Are there any good products for this or regimens I can follow?

Situation courtesy of Christina!

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15 thoughts on “Step Into My Shoes – Body Acne and a Wedding, Oh My!

  1. Camilla

    I heard that sun bed is helping with body acne cause it dries skin so all the pimples to. I tried it once, before my high school leaving ball cause I had similar situation I actually don’t have body acne but before that I got a few pimples on my back and it helped but I actually don’t like sun bed cause I don’t accept orange tan so not too much of it, just a few short visits to dry the acne I think…

  2. Michelle

    I’ve had great results with Neutrogena Body Clear scrub. Consistent use has really diminished my breakouts. Also, if you still have a spot or two, the old “dab Visine on it” trick may help with reducing redness. Good luck!

  3. Latia

    First thing’s first: STOP STRESSING! If you typically don’t have body acne and all of a sudden it pops us, stress is usually the culprit.

    Second, find a body scrub with salysilic acid in it to dry up the zits. Michelle said that Neutrogena was good, I know lots of people who’ve had luck with Benefit’s Zaparella line…

    Wearing looser clothing and taking it easy on the sweating and showering well after every work out session will prevent body acne as well.

  4. Use a body wash and moisturizer on your back and chest with salicylic acid (a.k.a. BHA). It helps the skin exfolliate so it won’t keep clogging your pores and the acne will be gone by the time the wedding comes along. I Put this bod lotion on my husband every night http://shop.paulaschoice.com/product/254/body-hair-care and his “bacne” is now gone. But if we miss a few days it comes right back.

    • Jeni

      Aww youre such a good wife! I started getting a little bit of bumps but I am really not sure if its acne because they dont pop but they get just really red and hurt!

  5. Cosine

    Clinique’s Anti-blemish spray for body – helps to dry up the zits in days and the skin will renew itself then peel off. Do remember to moisturize ur back AFTER the peeling process and don’t worry too much when it peels, let ur back “shed” naturally because when its finally over, ur skin will be glowing. =D hope it helps. Lots of raving reviews about it online as well… u can run a search on google on it just to be safe and to ensure that the ingredients don’t give u adverse reactions if u belong to the sensitive skin group.

  6. Marjorie

    I agree with the SA body wash, Neutrogena Body Clear body scrub was a lifesaver for me in high school when my skin was all a mess all over the place.

    Also up your fluid intake, drinking lots of water ALWAYS helps my skin recover from a bad weekend of lots of makeup, sweat, stress, or hormones (all of which make my skin revert to its 13 year old state… GROSS)

    By the way, I love this blog.

  7. Sarah

    I use Nature’s Cure Body Acne Spray. It works awesome for me when nothing else did. I just spray it on the affected areas after showering each day. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=87777&catid=39649

  8. mithi

    i used to get back acne until i figured out that the hair products i was using were the culprit! i’m also going to promote Neutrogena body wash… it cleared my back up in a few days! i found that the wash without exfoliating beads was more effective. also, grab some benzoyl-peroxide cream, like Clean and Clear Persa-Gel 10, and put that on your back after you’ve showered. i also like a product i picked up at a medical spa–the brand is IS Clinical and the wash with glycolic acid is extremely effective at clearing up acne. http://www.isclinical.com/

  9. Sophia


    Here you go here is a daily regimen I started using 6 months ago,it only took a few weeks at most to clear me up.

    For some reason (hormones) I think I just started breaking out all over my forehead and chin it was not good.

    I started this regimen day and night…Just wash your face with cetaphil gently, do not scrub! Pat dry and use on the spot acne neutrogena please read the website to get full details and you will be on your way.

    The website was created by a guy who had horrible acne and this is what worked for him.

    Drink lots and lots of water and keep a healthy diet.

  10. lisa

    I highly recommend Neutrogena Body Clear body scrub i usto have some in the past and this took it away completely!

  11. Mikella

    Hey Christina, sorry you have to deal with this 2 months before a wedding! Since you NEED something that will work quickly and effectively, skip body washes containing S.A., don’t use anything on your body other than Pears translucent bar soap, Dove sensitive bar, or Aveeno moisturizing oatmeal bar. (Those will NOT irritate your skin). Don’t use ANY scented lotions, or any lotions in general other than aveeno unscented (check the ingredients) baby lotion or lubriderm sensitive skin… and here’s the kicker lol PANOXYL 5-10% BENZOYLE PEROXIDE. It comes in a tube, it’s a cream/gel that you can apply a light layer of all over your chest back (affected areas). That will clear you skin. I’d follow with a LIGHT layer of moisturizer (one I’ve listed). Start by applying once a day, see how it goes, try twice a day, if no irritation, continue. Always keep showered and clean, clean clothes, sheets, pjs, etc. I tried to list products you could find easily in the drugstore, if you can’t find something, just ask your pharmacist for something that will not irritate skin (really mild ingredients) for a moisturizer or something. And if you can’t find panoxyl, there should be other options for BP 10% or 5%. Critty mentioned an EXCELLENT option as well, the Paula’s Choice product.

    Another step you could add is: Clearasil daily blackhead clearing pads with sea salt (something like that), they contain salicylic acid.. my only problem with them is that they contain fragrance… BUT, they should be just fine for your chest/back. Cleanse lightly with the pads before applying the BP and lotion. Should be very easy to find, and a really good step to add, if you don’t mind another step :)

    Hope you get cleared up!! I know how much of a bummer skin problems can be :( But there’s not a doubt in my mind that you will clear up if you stick to this/Paula’s products. Have fun at the wedding!

    1. S.A. pads to cleanse, can do this anytime, even if you get sweaty, can take a couple with you in a ziplock baggie
    2. B.P. cream/gel largeish tube couple oz, 5 or 10% bp (a bit over 5.00 if I remember right… maybe 6 or 7?)
    3. Moisturizer: lubriderm sensitive skin or aveeno oatmeal for babies without scent (a few different options there, some are really inexpensive)


  12. can u go to a dermatologist?
    when my back broke out i went and he gave me cetaphil soap for washing, adapalene gel, and antibiotics which help from within.
    Good luck!!

  13. charlene

    i totally agree on the neutrogena body wash suggestion. i had a friend that broke out during pregnancy (and you know those can be hideous!) and now her skin is clean and clear!! so try neutrogena body wash with i think salicylic acid in it.

  14. hey temptalia!

    Try a citrus soap. Citrus will not only brighten your skin but it will DETOXIFY! I’m suggesting sexy peel soap from lush :]