Thursday, February 7th, 2008

SCENARIO: In a week I will visit my a love interest in Australia. Since I live in Europe this will involve two long-haul flights. From experience I know that I won’t look stellar upon landing. I would like to be the most glowing version of myself and blow him away, without applying masks every five minutes on the plane. We have a strict liquids rule, so can’t bring any big packages. Do you have advice on achieving a radiant look (hair and skin) after traveling for over 24 hours?

Situation courtesy of Olivia!

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8 thoughts on “Step Into My Shoes – 24-Hours and Counting!

  1. deepblue

    For your hair: put some leave in conditioner in your hair!
    Forr your face: Face Spritz from “Caudalie” is perfect for moisturing. No make up, eye cream, moisturing cream. Here is the link for Caudalie products – they are very fine!
    Have fun reading! Join your flight!

  2. Nicole

    From lots of air travel experience, including trips from the States to Europe, my advice for you is lots of the following:

    -moisturizer (Philosophy Hope in a Jar)
    -eye cream (Philosophy Hope in a Tube)
    -MAC Fix +
    -lip balm (Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream)
    -and plenty of water!!!

    I hope that helps, it’s done well for me and I have very dry skin.

  3. Nora

    Plenty of water and NO alcohol, of course. As for traveling, I’ll point out cake mascara (I love my La Femme cake – it’s HUGE) and cake eyeliner (Clinique just brought back their classic one that tons of people love).

  4. Tanya

    suggestions –

    Board your flight with no make-up on (your not trying to impress anyone ON the flight).

    Bring a eye cover sleepy mask thingy.

    Get some sleep on the flight, the more the better…you want to look rested.

    Take something to help you sleep if you need, however, be careful not to take something thats going to make you a walking zombie when you land. A half a Xanex or a half Valium works well to get me to sleep on a flight.

    Bring your Ipod or some nice relaxing music, it will make you feel calm, which will help you look calm.

    Bring some type of spray, spritz bottle with a spray on moisture type product. You can decant and fill into a small size travel bottle if your worried about liquid limits on flight. If your bottle of spray is not decantable, use Avian water mixed with just a tiny bit of lemon essential oil. This will make you feel better and is very refresshing.Spray your face hourly.

    Bring moisturizer, apply it several times – hands, feet, face.

    Drink lots of water and no booze.

    Get up every hour and stretch, walk around the cabin. Sounds dorky, but do a few exercies in your seat (stretch, get the blood moving)

    As your flight gets close to landing, apply a nice light make-up to look beautiful and “fresh”. If you can put on a white eye liner, its suppose to make you look awake.

    Best of luck and I hope your trip and the boy is everything you hoped for :)

  5. Erin

    I think if you moisturize, that’s the best you can do. At least then you’ll be fresh-faced. Bring an eyelash curler, maybe, and just open your eyes a bit before you land. I’m not sure whether you’re allowed to carry on chapstick or things like that since there’s that rule against things having a smushy consistency, but bring some lipstick and just blend it into your cheeks and throw it on your lips and maybe a little on your lids just before you land. Make sure, of course, that it’s like a pinkish gold or peachy shade. Not sure how ruby red goes on eyelids.

  6. Tanya

    Oh I forgot about hair. Depending on your lenght and style I would suggest two things. Braid your hair in two cute braids, then take them out just before you land to create a cute soft wave in your hair. For that matter my man LOVES when I wear my hair in braids. You can also twist your hair up into a bun, taking care to wrap it in a nice even twist bun, when you spray your face with mister also mist your hair. Then just before landing take out the bun, throw your head upside down and toss your hair about. This will create the yummiest soft wavy curls…sure to drive any man crazy!

  7. shar

    Drink lots of water on the flight, moisturise and use Clarins beauty flash balm under your make up just before you arrive.

  8. Tekoa

    Two words: Malt and Shroom. Those two eyeshadows will have you bright eyed for the whole day. Probably waterproof eyeliner and mascara too. Reunions tend to be all misty eyed.