Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Choose or Lose

Is your stash made up of more high-end or more drugstore/budget-friendly brands?

  • High-end (55%, 2,730 Votes)
  • Perfect 50/50 mix! (30%, 1,468 Votes)
  • Drugstore/budget-friendly (14%, 705 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,919

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75 thoughts on “Is your stash made up of more high-end or more drugstore/budget-friendly brands?

  1. Cat

    I would say it’s pretty even now looking at my whole collection, but not if you divide up the products into categories. I don’t own any foundations or face powders from drugstore brands and I think I have only one drugstore blush but I own A LOT of lip products from drugstores. If I keep going at the rate I’m going with buying high end products now though, soon my collection will be mostly high end products!

  2. Courtney K

    If stuff you buy at Sephora counts as high-end, then yes, that’s me. I find that some with some items, especially mascara, quality product makes a HUGE difference. I can’t even wear L’oreal mascara because it irritates my eyes. And non-cheapo nail polish almost always applies better.

  3. Christina D.

    I used to purchase only drugstore cosmetics but once I forayed into high-end — there is no going back.

  4. Dylan

    haha, i’ve never been into the whole drugstore thing. i’ve tried a few things, ended up just chucking them. i found my favourite products and i’ve stuck with them. i have backups of them in my drawers haha.

  5. xamyx

    When it comes to eyeshadow, I would say it’s well into the 90th percentile higher end; however, my absolute favorite palette of the moment is NYX Butt Naked, which I’ve been using exclusively for the past 2 weeks.

    My foundations, on the other hand, are primarily DS, although other face products are pretty much a 50-50 mix.

    As for lip products, as well as other eye products, I’d have to say it’s predominantly DS.

    • Karin Ho

      Butt Naked 1 or Turn the other cheek?

      I just bought Butt Naked Eyes…love the matt colors on my puffy lids, better than shimmers.

  6. Honestly 40% is industry/indie makeup. 30% is drugstore and 30% is high end. 😉
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  7. Alia

    High end….I have tried some budget or drugstore brands after reading some of your reviews but am never happy with their performance compared to the higher end items…

  8. Lauren

    I have tried to buy drugstore cosmetics but, other than lipstick, I rarely like them. Too hard to get the right match for foundations, powder is often too powdery looking, blushes have chintzy packaging and are rarely pigmented enough, eyeshadows are usually poorly pigmented and powdery, packaging is generally poor. I buy mid-range cosmetics – Urban Decay, MAC, Tarte, Smashbox etc. I tend to be happier with my purchases and actually use it.

  9. Xero

    I’d say 99.9% of my collection is from the drugstore. I only own two mid-end items: one MAC lipstick and one Clinique Intense Chubby Stick. And I have a LOT of things (I’m a bit of an impulse shopper)….I’d probably be flat broke if I regularly bought more expensive things. All in all I’m pretty happy with the things I do have, though.

  10. Probably more drugstore brands, but I’ve been getting more and more high-end stuff recently.

  11. I mostly stick with indie brands, and given their quality in comparison to drugstore/high end, they’re definitely on par with the high end, even if they’re not quite as expensive as dior/chanel/etc.

  12. CatherineM

    It’s mostly high-end products, now that I can afford them. Overall they really seem to be better, with some exceptions: I still love MaxFactor mascaras, Maybelline lipsticks, and essence gel eyeliners. Most of my nail polishes are Essie as well, which I consider a drugstore brand at $8 a pop.

  13. Miss_Silk

    hmm I’m in love with Asian beauty products like BB Creams, lip tints, skincare etc. and all their cute packaging from the box to the product itself. Then I have a mix of drugstore/budget friendly brands like Revlon (a ton…like no joke) all the way to E.L.F. then high end products from Sephora/Ulta/Nordstrom/Macy’s etc….

    Altogether I’d say….50% drugstore/budget-friendly products, 25% High End and 25% Asian/Foreign products…..but slowly my 25% Asian products…will become 30-35% real soon…..I can’t help it, their makeup is just soo friggin cute haha

    • Summer

      I love my Asian BB creams sooo much too!.. I however can not stand the american ones. I think that Asian/Foreign have some really good skin care too. :)

      • Miss_Silk

        yeah I think the only American one I like is by Dr. Jart products at Sephora…..but I’m pretty sure that It’s Korean. I didn’t know this until recently but Sephora also carries AmorePacific O_O I need to try that Cushion BB cream…wait a moment lol those are both Korean.

        Yup I guess I don’t like any of the American ones haha. The skincare products in Asia are quite unique too

  14. Jessica

    I used to buy only drugstore because I felt like I was saving a ton of money, but I gradually realized I was wasting more and more money on things that were so-so quality or bad color matches, etc. Now I tend to research products and go get samples before I make purchases so, even though most of my collection is high-end, I have fewer items and I actually love and use all of the things I buy. I have a few drugstore things now that I kept, and I’ll still experiment around with mascara from the drugstore since I have to buy that pretty often anyway, or lipstick if I’m experimenting with a color I don’t typically wear. I feel like this has been a lot more cost-effective for me.

  15. Sophia B.

    I like to do a lot of research on my makeup and that includes looking at formulas. I have pretty sensitive skin and a lot of high end foundations contain irritating ingredients like fragrance which make them seem more luxe. I am able to see past marketing, packaging and brand/product hype and really evaluate the quality of the product. I own a few high end items/pricey items from dior, chanel, mufe but they don’t hold a candle to my drugstore in quality or price.

  16. TECHNICALLY I have way more drugstore items, but only because I’m slowly moving into more high end products, and I haven’t used them since I found a better quality product of the same type. I will be throwing them out when I pack up my stuff to move and will end up with approx 75% high end and 25% drugstore. I may keep a horrible ELF blusher brush for dusting/cleaning in tight spots where a swiffer duster can’t get into :)

  17. Em

    All high and mid-high end for daily use (Cover FX foundation, Tarte concealer, Korres mascara, Tarte blush, Marc Jacobs under-eye concealer, Stila eyeliner, Too Faced Naked eyshadow palette), but the things I don’t use daily — highlighter, bronzer, bright liners and shadows, nail polish, lip stains and balms — are a more even mix of mid-high, Sephora house, and drug store brand.

  18. I’m more of an high-end middle range price girl. I do have a couple of drugstore products here and there, but I tend to prefer the experience and the pigmentation of high end products
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  19. Higher end, me thinks. I have some drugstore products like some blushes, mascaras, brushes, got some NYX stuff for lip products, but… eh, drugstore stuff just hasn’t been impressing me so much lately.
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  20. Tinose

    I find that I spend so much money finding drugstore products that work that I might as well just buy the higher end products to begin with. (Really more mid-end than high-end for me. I stick about at the UD/Benefit/etc. level, slightly higher on occasion when something catches my eye and I think I’ll use it, but never planning on buying Cle de Peau in my life.) Exception is sunscreen, because I use too much of that to pay Sephora prices.

    I do buy a fair amount of cosmetics brands aimed at makeup professionals, though, which tend to be close to drugstore pricing and mid-end or higher quality. They tend to make fantabulous staples and I love making weird idiosyncratic palettes with Yaby eyeshadow.

  21. Kica

    Definitely more DS and I’ve been very happy with my choices as far as pigment, colors and staying power. I do think though that I’m gong to venture into the mid-end, high end world for my bday treat and see it there truly is a difference or if it’s just marketing hype.

  22. Jules

    Would you consider M.A.C. to be high-end?

  23. Easily the bulk of my makeup is from indie brands. I have about an equal smattering of high-end and drugstore.

  24. I used to only buy high end, but I have ventured into drugstore in the last year or so. There are a couple of products I really like, but overall my collection is high end.

  25. Being a student, unfortunately I can not afford high end makeyp yet :(

  26. The one place where drugstore brands rule is my lipstick drawer. It’s just too tempting to pass up Revlon when it’s 40% off, or to use a Maybelline coupon before it expires.

  27. Most of my makeup is in the Mac/Sephora range. I have very little from higher end of the high end spectrum (YSL, Givenchy, Chanel, Tom Ford, etc.), but slowly branching out. I tend not to buy drugstore brands (except nail polish) unless something is very highly reviewed, like Maybelline color tattoo or nyx lip pencils. I have a few revlon lipsticks too – one I even chased down after it was discontinued. And then a handful of indie/industry stuff.

  28. Sarah

    I have 4 Maybelline Color Tattoo’s and the rest are high end makeup. I find it a lot easier to color match and to try before I buy with high end. It’s worth the money for me totally.

  29. PianoGirl1985

    It used to be mostly drugstore but the more I tried high end products the more I began switching to them. Drugstore is OK for some things, but I’ve noticed that some of the face products don’t perform as well as some high end. I usually try everything and only stick with what truly delivers. If a high end product is no good, I return it and vise versa. I also don’t like any of the drug store eyeliners, no matter what others say. Tried Rimmel, tried Milani, tried Jane cosmetics and all of them ended up in the garbage after I discovered Marc Jacobs gel eyeliner and IT Cosmetics eyeliners. Price is high, but nothing else beats them for sure.

  30. carolina

    love this website ur the best

  31. Ann

    Good question!
    I would have to say 50/50 if you include nail polish. Excluding nail polish it would be 75% High end and 25% drugs store. Now as I get older I can’t afford the high end brands I used to drool over. One thing I keep the same is I still continue to but mascaras and lipglosses from the drugstore. I run through mascara so quickly my current favorite is 3 euros so I couldn’t spend 20 euros per month on one. Powders, foundation, eyeshadows, and blushes are high end because I hate having to reapply or touch up something during the day. With high end products I can count on them to last and not have to worry about it being completely gone. Plus color matching myself is very difficult and I just found out why. All this time I thought I was warm toned but I am more neutral toned. You learn something new everyday 😀

  32. Two years ago, it was 100% drug store products. Then I tried Dior’s Nude foundation and never looked back! Since then, every cosmetic I own is mid-range to high end. There is definitely a difference quality, longevity, and just overall superiority (to me)…especially since I used drug store stuff for years and can really compare from my experience.

  33. Liz

    It depends on what it is. I have a mostly drugstore nail polishes, lipsticks, and mascaras. I have mostly high end blushes, complexion products, and eye shadows. It’s 50/50 for eye liner.

  34. MizLottie

    80% high end, 20% drugstore.

  35. My collection is mostly mid-end. Chanel and Guerlain and Dior are just too much money to spend right now but one day it won’t be hopefully. I much prefer high end over drugstore, the quality is just to much of a difference IMO, although there are good things at the drugstore too but there isn’t an overflow of those.

  36. Veronica

    It really depends on what type of product it is, but for the most part, my collection is a 50/50 mix. Some items (like eyeshadow, face powders, etc.) are almost exclusively high end, while more items like foundation, concealer, and lipgloss tend to be overwhelming drug store. My lipstick collection is more or less 50/50, though. :)

  37. AngieButterfly

    I’m more mid-end, such as Urban Decay, Too Faced, theBalm and Tarte. I do have a decent amount of Revlon and Chanel, though, just not as much.

  38. Barbie

    More indie/drugstore than high end. I’m happy with the drugstore/indie makeup that i have bought so far.

  39. alyssa897

    I could probably copy/paste little bits and pieces from everyone’s comments 😀

    I technically have more drugstore products because I only ever bought from the drugstore when I was younger (well the drugstore and Avon lol). I have realized in the last year or so that I have wasted so much money on drugstore products that have been crappy. Like I tried 5 or 6 drugstore foundations thru high school and all were wrong for me. At close to 10 bucks a pop I could have just shelled out for one nice high end foundation.

    Just recently I have started getting into high end and I don’t think I will ever look back. The drugstore is great for certain things (Wet N Wild eye shadows, Maybelline Color Tattoos, Revlon and Maybelline lippies, Rimmel Stay Matte powder, ELF brushes, Milani blushes, etc.) but not so great for other things (I don’t think I’m going to find a holy grail foundation at the drugstore). So while I am still interested in some items from the drugstore I am definitely more into high end items right now. And by high end I mean Benefit, TARTS, Too Faced, Lorac, Stila, etc. I’m not interested in Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, etc. because I cannot afford that at all. I love dreaming about the items though! I think the most high end products/brands I am interested in are probably the Ambient Light powders from Hourglass and eyeshadows and blushes from NARS.

  40. smfrances

    I tend to buy HE products for several reasons. They will give me a sample. They have testers. They will take it back without summoning Homeland Security. I also think, with the exception of mascara and nail polishes, that HE products perform better. The powders are more finely milled, the eye shadows are easier to blend and are more pigmented and the lipsticks are less drying.

  41. Being that I’m a Lip Glass junkie, my collection is probably 75% MAC (I use StudioFix and also MAC eye shadows and lip liners). My mascaras tend to be drugstore (some from Sephora though like Buxom). I use L’Oreal for concealer and have a few other brands here and there…but mostly MAC!
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  42. Alison

    I love budget friendly brands but since I started my new job I’ve been working such long hours that I hardly have a chance to go to the shops anymore, so I end up ordering high end cosmetics online to “treat” myself or if I need to replace a staple like foundation or some other neutral product that I usually wear to work!

  43. I feel like drugstore makeup has only been catching up quality-wise with higher end makeup within the last few years, so my makeup stash started off exclusively as high-end but drugstore products slowly creeping in now. If I’m looking into buying drugstore products, it’ll most likely be an eye shadow or lip product. I don’t care too much for drugstore foundations since my face can be sensitive at times.

  44. I’m always delighted to find high quality drugstore makeup like NYX, Wet n’Wild’s great shadows, products from Maybelline, etc. but the truth of the matter is that I rarely think to use them. My high end stuff is what I reach for automatically. When I do think to take out a drugstore palette or a few shadows, I will use them but often-times, I just forget. I think the exception to these are the Maybelline and L’Oreal cream eye shadows…I do reach for those frequently.

  45. I think I’m 50/50. I just recently got into makeup so when I started out I was hauling a lot of drugstore brand, Elf and Coastal Scents. Once I became more comfortable I started indulging in high end makeup and hauling at large amounts too lol. I must admit that I haven’t looked back since I’ve started buying high end though
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  46. DJ

    Overall, I have more drugstore makeup. But it varies depending on the product type.
    Highend–eyeshadow, powder, primer, blush, highlight, eyeliner
    Drugstore–foundation, concealer, mascara, lip products, nail polish
    I’m harder to please in certain areas (powder and eyeliner), so I’m willing to spend the money for something I really love!

  47. Steph

    I would say my stash is more drugstore and “mid end”- I don’t have very many high end brand items but I have a lot of things from brands in the middle like MAC, Inglot, Illamasqua, Too Faced, The Balm, Sugarpill, etc. I guess these brands are generally considered more high end rather than drugstore but they’re nowhere near the prices of brands like Chanel, YSL, Givenchy, etc.

  48. Lori P

    For me it’s pre-dominantly high end because my skin is pretty sensitive and I can’t wear DS foundation or blush because of allergic reactions I’ve had in the past. Eyeshadow is mostly high end though I do like NYX and Wet N’ Wild and Milani’s Eye primer is really good. I guess nail polish might be considered drug store since I only wear OPI and their price is somewhat in the middle. Lip products are a tossup because right now I am loving both Tarte’s lipsurgence AND Revlon’s Matte and Lacquer Lip balms. (LOL!)

  49. Mostly high-end, I really do think there are some products where you get what you pay for.

  50. I’ve got a weird mix. I’ve got a decent amount of NARS & Tarte, a ton of Urban Decay and MAC, and a ton of indie.
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  51. Tori

    Definitely high end. But here in Asia, drugstore makeup prices aren’t that cheap (both independently and compared to high end prices) and we don’t get the selection and variety that drugstores in North America offer. Having said that, we do get Asian drugstore brands like Kate, which offers pretty amazing foundations, brow products and eyeliners (not so much a fan of the eyeshadows because they tend to contain shimmer galore). So I do have the occasional drugstore item in my stash, usually Japanese drugstore and non-coloured (meaning black eyeliner – pencil, gel, liquid – and brow stuff and no eyeshadows or blush).

    • My part of Asia doesn’t even have brands like Kate!
      Its ridiculous really, a drugstore lipstick is around 750-850 and a MAC lipstick is 990! So it just makes sense to go with the higher end brands!
      I have mostly high end.. and I’m a little more fond of the luxury brands because they feel so special – also, as of now, I can never afford a Chanel Purse, but I can save up a bit and own a blush or a Lipstick, which excites me to no end!

      But purse-wise-quality-wise where I live, MAC is your best bet!

  52. Colleen

    Mostly HE. It’s important to me that products are not tested on animals and most drugstore brands are. The exception is Revlon and i am not a fan.

  53. Adriana

    I feel sort of ashamed to say that most of my collection is almost entirely mid-to-high end. I’m not sure I’d say this aloud to friends, but the luxury of having beautiful-looking makeup makes me feel sort of……grown-up and pulled together. I don’t have a very big stash (only three lipsticks, for instance), but it makes me feel good that they’re gorgeous to look at and to wear. I’m a bit like that with most of what I own: I don’t have a lot of clothing, but what I do have tends to be carefully made and wears nicely for many years.

    I’m worried that that sounds horrifyingly snobbish. Oh god. I don’t think my makeup philosophy is the only good one–not at all! It’s just the one that makes me feel like I’m polished and put together, even if nobody else can tell.

    • The very point of makeup is to feel good – it is an indulgence by its very nature – so if your life is in order, you enjoy it, there’s no reason not to enjoy it (whatever it may be). Your money, your life :)

    • Nadine

      Don’t worry! I am just like you. I own a lot of make up but every piece got carefully choosen. I prefer Guerlain, Givenchy, Dior, Chanel, Tom Ford and Burberry. I love the luxurious feeling of the products and the packaging. <3

  54. calzz

    I use mostly Urban Decay and Lancome… is that pretty budget friendly? I don’t do super designer brands.

  55. Daniel

    I have a balanced stash, when it’s about quality (or something I really like), I can really shell out some money! For example, I have a tin of Meteorites, my darling Meteorites, but my go-to face powder is Palladio’s Rice Powder. I tend to go drugstore when talking about lipstick and lipgloss, however, and NYX is my favorite lipstick brand. When talking foundation and primer, though, my favorites will most likely be always high-end: I have extremely oily skin, acne-prone, but it’s also EXTREMELY sensitive, and my skin tone is kind of olive-yellow (I’m from México, but my skin tone is, from what I’ve seen in the internet, most common in India). Drugstore foundations just don’t cut it for me. I will SAVE money to buy my Hourglass foundation AND primer.

    Nail polish, however, is a completely different story. I WILL BUY ANYTHING IF I LIKE THE COLOR. I don’t really trust Channel, because of the quality (Peridot chips very quickly on my fingers, for example) but I’m thinking of actually shipping some Illamasqua from England because it doesn’t come to my country.

  56. pinkboat

    Christine what brands are considered high-end and which are mid range?

    • Mid-range is usually when most products are under $20 – like MAC is generally considered more mid-range. Even brands like Urban Decay, Smashbox, Stila, etc. can be considered mid-range, and then high-end tends to be the more designer brands like Chanel, Dior, YSL, etc. For most, though, high-end is mostly anything that isn’t at the drugstore.

  57. Mariam

    99% high end. I used to have a lot of NYX and mabelline and revlon. But since started using high end, I couldn’t ignore the luxury feel of them couldn’t use drugstore makeup anymore. So I sold away on ebay or gave some to family. Also one thing bothered me too much. Drugstore makeup goes off pretty quickly, highend makeup lasts years. Atleast the smell doesn’t of off. Now I only have a couple of mabelline and reclon lipsticks from drugstore.

  58. attika

    hmmm i have a mix of everything. i really love my drugstore foundations, still saving up for my first full sized high end one (diorskin forever or armani lasting silk). i’m also really into asian bases like bb creams. my powders are mid-range, like lorac and bareminerals. my blushes and lipsticks are from all sorts of brands! from jordana to burberry, and fun cheap local indonesian brands. for eyeliners, mascaras, they’re all drugstore. i almost only buy brow products from korean brands and nyx, they suit my asian coloring and black hair best.

  59. CeeBee

    Eh, I go for both pretty much evenly – my current 2 favourite brands are Jordana and Guerlain :-)

    The only brands I don’t really buy are L’Oreal, Maybelline and Revlon – they’re “drugstore” in the US but pretty pricey in comparison in New Zealand and when I know I can order NYX Black Label or Milani Colour Statement lipsticks for about $6-$7 plus shipping, there’s no point.

    I do love theBalm though, but it’s hard for me to get my hands on!

  60. Tas

    I think my stash is pretty even :)

  61. zainab

    I did a clear out because a few ingredients scared me and I also got rid of anything really old or that I just wasn’t very happy with. What’s left is almost exclusively mid to high end. I just find now that it’s cheaper to get something high end that I know will work than to do the trial and error routine with drugstore or have to get two or three cheap products to get any of them to work acceptably (which isn’t exactly cheap here anyway).

  62. Brittney

    I would say most of mine falls in the mid price range. When I was in high school and early college most of what I used was drugstore. Quality wise it was ok but it was so frustrating to spend money over and over bc I had to keep replacing bc the color was off, didn’t work for me, etc. Then I discovered MAC foundation and eyeshadows and then urban decay eyeshadows and I never looked back lol. I continuously buy these things because they just work. My mascara usually still comes from the drugstore because what I use performs just as well and it’s not $20+ a tube. I don’t own much lipstick but the one thing I’ll splurge on in that area is Chanel. They have a couple in the rouge coco shine that just work really well for me. For me, I’d rather spend just a little more one time on something I’ll use over and over again than having to keep on repurchasing at a drugstore trying to figure out what might work bc I can’t try it before I purchase.

  63. I use mostly mid range products; Clinique, Urban Decay, Lancôme, Benefit, MAC, SMASHBOX and others. I don’t own any Dior, Channel or Givenchy as I don’t think their worth the price and don’t cater to women of color. I tried Dior Flash foundation and the darkest shade was way too light for me.

  64. Iliana

    My stash is made up mostly of MAC! I didn’t start wearing makeup regularly until I started working and I considered MAC as my splurge/treat for myself because their lipsticks were good quality given the price I pay, and I wasn’t allergic to them. But now I noticed that other brands have better quality in some products, so I’ve begun getting stuff from them too – NARS blushes, Laura Mercier caviar sticks, Benefit cheek tints, Revlon lipsticks in particular.

  65. C

    Loads of indie stuff, but also loads of Illamasqua, Chanel and Sisley… I’m an absolute packaging sucker so I love Eastern brands too.