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When I was like, 13, and entering high school I’d been really influenced by emo and goth (they were interchangeable to me at that point) and did my makeup badly with a heavy view on romanticism and dark beauty. My sister, 3 years older, was blonde, pretty and adored by boys. As I had such a heavy emphasis on romance in my little teenage mind, my worth was defined by if boys liked me or not and being a chubby young goth, they didn’t. I could not be my thin, blonde sister so to lend myself another type of beauty, I turned to makeup and jumped right in with bold colourful eye makeup.

I’m older now and of course my worth isn’t based on others’ opinions of me. My family has always had an emphasis on high-end consumerism so I was practically being brought up to respect Chanel and Guerlain even though I prefer indie now. I guess it’s been a mix of my family, my sister’s popularity and the amazement at what you can do with makeup as an art form.

A little somber but that’s how I got started! It’s only been in the past couple of years I’ve been bothering with neutrals at all and getting into blush and lip products. I’ve come a long way in a little time.

The same reason anyone wears accessories; I just feel it enhances any outfit. I also love the idea of playing with color combinations, light & shadows, and pretty much anything artistic about it. I always excelledmin subjecta like Color Theory, but unfortunately I was never any good at translating ideas onto paper. Once I learned how to apply my ideas to a 3-dimensional surface, I was hooked!

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My parents are quite conservative and growing up I never thought they’d allow me to wear makeup but, lo and behold, my dad got me a makeup book (It was by Carmindy from TLC’s What Not To Wear) for a Christmas present my sophomore year in high school. I was too shy to ask to wear makeup before but then it was like the green light was turned on and I have been obsessed ever sense. My father has actually commented that he regretted buying me the book because I have such a passion for collecting and wearing makeup now. LOL
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Hi. This is a good question! I started wearing makeup because I wore glasses and felt that my eyes were hidden behind them. I think this is why most of my effort when I do my makeup to this day is focused on my eyes. Its weird to think back to why you first started. Im glad I did 🙂

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I have always loved makeup for as far back as I can remember, so when I was about 13 my mom let me wear mascara and lip gloss. Then I just started adding things here and there after that. So, I guess my answer is because I REALLY wanted to! 😉

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Starting at a young age I was always impressed by really bold and colorful makeup looks and designs. Whether it was a fancy pop of color in an everyday look or something avant garde. Then once I got the parent approval to start painting my face, it was as you said, downhill from there haha!

Oh man my favorite makeup story! I have very big/full brows and when I was in year four I shaved half of them off and then my mom shaved the rest off, so we had to buy eye brow penciles for me ahahaha.

I started wearing makeup regularly at the age of 29, that is when I became a Mom. I got really conscious about my dark circles so I researched about how to get rid of it until i knew about concealer and found a lot of youtube beauty channels which I am obsessed right now. Now I am hooked with everything beauty related which I am happy about because now I know how to take care of my skin properly. 🙂

A friend starting wearing it around October of my freshman year in high school (2004). And I had to keep up with her. It wasn’t til I got hooked on Temptalia and MAC back in 2010 that it became an addiction. Lol! Now I collection that’s as big as some of my favorite beauty bloggers. Temptalia with always have a special place in my heart. 🙂 My current frenzy is buying blushes. So many goodies have came out in that deptment recently!

I started wearing eyeliner from when I was 12! I didn’t know much about base makeup and lipsticks at that time. After turning 15, I started experimenting with different shades!

I have small eyes, so when I was a teenager I started to try different things and techniques so that I would actually feel more pretty and therefore more self confident.
Looking back at it I have to laugh because some of these things were horrible but we all make mistakes, right? 😀

Totally “ooh, pretty colors”! I snuck a few things into my stash when I was…maybe in 6th grade? Then, in high school I actually added the ubiquitous (for late 90s teens) CG pressed powder into my routine, just to even out skintone? I was lucky that I only had the infrequent breakout, though they were always deep, angry, hormonal zits, so I wasn’t covering too much.

I don’t know that I was ever not allowed to wear any makeup (I seem to remember my grandma dabbing a bit of lipstick on me before church if I asked when I was bitty), but I was hardly allowed to own anything until my mom bought me a few very subtle products when I was in 7th grade. And she was a bit weird about eye products–I didn’t fully try and develop the ability to apply eyeliner until I was in my twenties, mainly because she was so down on me even trying it. Actually, nail polish was really similar, she never wore it, so wasn’t on my radar until I was a teenager.

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