Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What information, products, etc. would you like to see me cover for Spring 2010?

As always, I’m most interested in how I can better serve and help you, so before I start preparing for what kind of content to earmark for the spring season (yes, I do mean spring).  I’d love to get your input on any particular products you really would love me to review, whether you want full reviews of certain spring launches, or if there’s some issue or concern you have that you’d love to see covered come January.

Here are some plans I can share with you now…

  • The Spring Season: Soft, light, pastel lips – nudes, beiges, pinks
  • Spring Collection Reviews — don’t have any specifics penned down yet, but definitely some of the usual suspects; I’d love to hear if you’re interested in full reviews OR just reviews of standout products (e.g. a palette) OR nothing at all? (This doesn’t apply to MAC — I will and always will review MAC Collections in their entirety.

I don’t make any promises to be able to fulfill everyone’s request, but when possible, I certainly will make every effort to do such.  Please note that I test very, very limited skincare (both for the sanity of my skin as well as the fact that skincare takes so long to review, so I am extremely selective)–but I definitely welcome your suggestions, I just wanted to be transparent about the process and all that :)  I only have one face!  (As my mom would say, “You only have two eyes, why do you need 200 eyeshadows?”)

I appreciate your feedback TREMENDOUSLY. I cannot stress enough how valuable and vital your feedback and suggestions are–they help me direct content and do the things and write about the products you are interested in, that help you, and help me serve you best.

Thank you!!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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136 thoughts on “Spring 2010: Your Input!

  1. Skinsational

    Would love to see more on mineral cosmetics; Youngblood in particular. Work in spa industry and mineral products are hot items!

    • Thanks for the feedback! One of the reasons I don’t review most mineral makeup (at least not in recent history) is I never find myself liking it–if I did find something I actually liked, I’d definitely review. Sometimes we all have that product type or whatever that we just can’t groove with and makes us very biased!

      I did do several mineral makeup brand reviews in early 2008 (I think that was the timing), but I just never found a brand that I could fall in love with!

  2. Gwyneth

    Hi Christine :)

    Would you be so kind as to do a full review of Cliniqie’s Spring collection? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh yes, and here’s a BIG Hug for all you’ve done for us readers ~ reading your posts in the evenings (with a nice cuppa hot chocolate & marshmellows) is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day!

    Love, gwyn

  3. I looked around and you don’t have a review or any swatches for YSL Golden Gloss. I’d love to see that reviewed! :)

  4. Kristina

    Hi Christine,

    I love how you incorporate us readers in your blog, I love your dedication to this site.

    I would like to see the latest additions to the YSL rouge volupe’s I think there are 4 more nudes added to the collection.

    As far as the new spring line ups, I always trust your selections whether they are press samples or your personal haul products.

    If I could choose “one” aspect for consideration it would be the addition of permanent collection swatches included in your catalogue. Such as Chanel and Bobbi Brown lipsticks. Also it would be nice to see brands that do not receive much attention in blog world added to your library of swatches such as Shu Uemura.

    Oh and I think our Mother’s read the same manual.

    • Hey Kristina,

      How’s your day going?

      I will have to go check out the new Rouge Voluptes! Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how much new stuff is coming out, so I have this “does it excite me?” test, LOL. If it excites me, I tend to gravitate towards it and try it sooner rather than later.

      I was working on permanent swatches (did NARS and Guerlain), and maybe I’ll work on Chanel next!

      What other brands would you like to see besides shu?

      LOL – my mom uses that phrase for *everything* I have “too much” of.

  5. claudia

    I’m a MAC addict and I’m pretty happy with Temptalia as it is :)

    But since there’s so much cool stuff around and it’s impossible for you to review and swatch every product from all brands, perhaps you could review/swatch the trends, similar to what you’re already doing on the Scarlet Season for instance.

    I trust your selection, Christine, you pick up the highlights of every brand and I adore !! Thanks !!!

  6. Natalia

    I’d LOVE to see a review of the whole of Chanel spring collection, especially the Empreinte de Chanel powder, Rouge Allure lipsticks and eye shadows! That collection is most appealing to me.

  7. Celeste

    i would love to see the full bobbi brown collection swatched and also any collection that is moderately priced such as urban decay. right now $50 lipstick isnt an option lol! i love your site and when i miss my daily reading i have to go back and catch up! thank you for being so involved with your readers :)

  8. Julia

    Hi, I would love to see reviews of upcoming NARS collections. Also, I loved seeing your reviews for LUSH products, so maybe start those up again. Thanks!

  9. Alison

    I’m just a huge fan of swatches; I’ve remarked before that products look SO much different on an actual person. I’d love to see more Too Faced, MUFE, and Shu Uemura swatches.

    Can I just add that your Scarlet Season series is one of my favorite things ever? It’s just hard trying to find some of the discontinued products you show. I love how knowledgeable you are with dupes!

  10. happyhippo

    I would love to see D&G spring (Madonna is the face for them, I don’t think she would be as good and appealing as Scarlet Jo).
    I would love to see Chantecaille spring
    I would love to see your favorite reds soon too! loving all the Scarlette season!:)

  11. Angelique

    Hey there, thanks for all the work you put into the site, looking forward to seeing the upcoming pink lipstick reviews!

  12. VJNS

    Hi Christine. You know the quad ideas were great and I’d like to see you continue that. Lately, I’ve been into total look ideas. I don’t always buy from the same line to pull it together. Even hair ideas would be awesome. I’m always changing my hair color or style to fit the look I want to achieve. So I guess “total look” is something I would love to see.
    Also, switch ups are fun. For example, a monochromatic pallette switched to a complementary pallette or a seasonal pallette. Thanks Christine. Love your website.

  13. You should cover more peach blushes, since I look better in those than pink blushes. Thanks!

  14. Hi Christine!

    I am most looking forward to Guerlain and Dior’s spring collections, it would be awesome if you can review those!

    And maybe some inexpensive brands, like NYX or Coastal Scents.


  15. shontay

    Hi Christine. I respect that you want to put focus on soft lips, but can you do brown girl friendly colors,too? I mean can you spotlight colors that can actually show up and look good on women of color as well? I know that might be hard to do b/c you are you and your lips aren’t extremely pigmented, but as an African-American woman, I would like to find light pink or nude shades that I can rock without it looking like clear gloss.
    Also, can you do bold, bright eyes?Full looks and show what kind of lip and cheek to do when you focus on the eyes.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, Shontay! I don’t usually focus or showcase colors based on skin tones at all (it doesn’t even enter my mind until I start to write the actual review), so there’s no bias towards or against one skin tone or another. It sounds like the best shades for you, ultimately, are more opaque shades/formulas overall – did you see my recommendations for lip colors for those with darker skin from a few weeks ago? I do believe I listed some nudes in that!

  16. I would also love to see Shu Uemura added to the brands that you review – I just recently got a few items from the brand and I am in love with them, but I find it so hard to find any reviews or swatches at all! In fact, when I bought the Fleur de Source palette on a whim, the only reviews that popped up were from Jojoba and The Muse – only TWO!! I would love to see you review the Tsumori Chisato collab holiday collection as well… I bought the highlighter and lipstick unseen (and love both!) since there is apparently no counter within 50 miles of me that will carry the collection and I haven’t seen swatches of the eye/face palettes anywhere yet!

  17. Tianna

    I too love how u ask for us for feedback and I love how u make the effort to respond back to us!! Thank u so much for your help. This site has actually helped me build my makeup kit! I would love if u add more colors for us more browner woman!! I love color!! God Bless u girly!!!

    xoxox, Tianna

    • Hi Tianna,

      I’ll try to be more conscious of it — I’m really not selecting products or shades to review with skin tone in mind, so I don’t want anyone thinking I’m trying not to include those of darker skin tones! I usually just pick and choose whatever is new or excites me or gets a lot of buzz… and if I think it might work better for a certain skin tone, I might mention it in the actual review, but it doesn’t factor in whether I try it or review it period :)

      Thank you!

  18. Tianna

    Thanks for replying back! I respect what you are saying! You are so sweet! Well can you do some tutorials on some glitters? Or do u think that they are too messy?? I love Mac Pro’s 3D glitter!! IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SITE, HAHA!!


  19. Cherie

    Hey! I would love to see soft, Spring/Easter type makeup looks along with bright pinks. Oh and more nail polish reviews. It would also be great to have a series on blush (like the reds l/s series) – not sure if you have done something like that.

    Thanks for helping me navigate through the busy cosmetics world and helping me build my makeup collection with your fantastic site & reviews :) You are fab!!!!!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Cherie! :) I’ll try to do more polish reviews in the future. My boyfriend and I both work and live together at home, and he really can’t *stand* the chemical scent of polish so I don’t like to kill his nose too often, LOL.

      • Cherie

        HAHAHA, I died laughing when I read this!!! I also live with my bf and he HATES the smell of nail polish! I once did it at work and people were like ‘what is that smell? smells like nail polish!” so I hid in my cube and nobdy knew it was me! hahaha

        Now I do it when my bf isn’t home, open the patio door and light a candle 😀

        So I completely understand why you don’t do polish reviews that often 😉

        • I try to do them when he’s sleeping, LOL! I figure he won’t know. Too bad our sleeping schedules are fairly similar, so it’s not always enough time to get the job done! I’m working on it, though 😉

          I’ll have to try lighting some candles next time!

  20. Lorna

    keep the reviews and swatches of the spring collections coming. i like your scarlet season running theme you have going so if you did one for spring to demonstrate spring makeup that would be great. keep up the great work!

  21. Eden Landers

    Blushes blushes blushes! I only own like three blushes and I honestly don’t think I’m very good at picking any out for myself. I think blushes are great for adding color and brightening up a face! I like all colors, but even though I have light/medium skin it’s hard for me to get them to show up on me, thought that might be a brush problem. lol :) I also would love to see the nudes/beige/pink lipsticks you mentioned, I haven’t found a great nude lipstick that works for me. I have Creme d’ Nude and Nude Rose, but Creme d’ Nude looks strange (kind of like concealer on my lips) and Nude Rose just doesn’t show up on me. So yup, that’s what I will be looking forward to, You are already doing a REALLY good job, and i have learned so much from Temptalia! Keep up the good work, I don’t know how you find the time but it’s super appreciated!

    • Thanks so much for the suggestions, Eden! :) I appreciate you adding your thoughts to the discussion! I’ll be sure to be on the look out for blushes this spring!

  22. Tianna

    Thanks Christine! Keep the glamours looks coming and the hott pinks! You are fabo and u ROCK!!! God Bless u!!

    xoxox, Tianna

  23. mary007

    Hi Christine! Hope you’re having a great Saturday!! I enjoy surfing temptalia…so much wonderful information! Hopefully you can incorporate some more foundation reviews, such as Chanel. I understand that you only have one face and you’re more than welcome to borrow mine. :)

  24. yvette

    i think it would be very, very hard to improve upon! i wish i’d discovered it long ago instead of so recently. i am loving the red lipstick series, since that’s a current obsession of mine, and i like most of the brands you cover. i used to be a stila eyeshadow diehard but you’ve encouraged me to try new products and new techniques, which has been so good because i definitely got in a rut. keep up the amazing work!

    • Thank you, Yvette! :) Even just suggestions like, “I’ve always been curious about X, do you think could review it?” is helpful – I can’t always, but I can try and see if it’s possible!

      What are your favorite new brands?

  25. Han

    Christine, would you please do upcoming Chanel’s and Dior’s collections. Much appreciated, thanks :) I love your blog!

  26. DonnaN

    Please forgive me if you’ve covered this before, but howabout self-tanners and/or bronzers?

    Oh, and on the same wave of the Scarlett….how about a ode to the perfect PINK or NUDE lip for Spring?

    Thanks so much for ALL you do……your extensive information on MAC has led me to drop TRIPLE digits there this afternoon. I thank you, but I think my husband will curse you……LOL!

  27. Anja

    I’ve said it before, but I have to say it again, I love your site! Your dedication to this is amazing. I agree with the votes for some Shu reviews. I also wouldn’t mind seeing some pretty, neutral looks for spring.

  28. shontay

    Hi Christine. I wasn’t all trying to imply that you show bias towards a specific complexion. I already know it’s just easier to review things based on your own coloring. It would just be nice if you could keep an eye out for us darker sistas. LOL I’m not even that dark. I am close in complexion to beyonce, but I just have pigmented lips.
    I saw your post about colors for dark skintones and I loved it. I researched every color. I found Touch lipstick at Mac and it is AMAZING! It’s the perfect nude for me. I also got entice lip glass. They make my face look brighter and it’s subtle for when I want to bust out my nars blushes or makeup forever shadows.
    My lips are just weird because I have tons of chanel aqualumieres and they show up perfectly on me. I bought the hirondelle from the holiday collection yesterday and I am on cloud nine. It’s such a soft, beautiful pink that actually shows up on me.

    • No problem! I just wanted to clarify :)

      I’m so glad you are loving Touch!

      And I’m totally surprised Hirondelle shows up so well on you! It was pretty light on me, but I’m happy it’s working out for you! It was a bit pale on me, I think.

      Lips are weird! Mine aren’t super super pigmented, but not everything shows up very well on me (lots of readers have told me that x color shows up much brighter/darker/opaque on them than me) either, so it’s so frustrating!

  29. shontay

    Christine, I know this is off topic, but I am trying to get into shu uemera cosmetics. I’m wondering about the lipsticks. The only scents I can stomach are from Urban Decay and Mac. Are the shu lipsticks really strong in scent or taste? I would hate to have to mail them back since I don’t have a shu counter near me. Thanks!

    • Hey Shontay,

      I’m not at home (otherwise I’d go and smell a tube), but I know in the past, they were scent and taste free. I’m pretty sure they are scent-free, and I don’t really lick my lips, so I always forget about taste!

    • Hi! I’m not Christine but in my experience, Shu lipsticks are tasteless and scentless :)

  30. Ida

    I’ve noticed that there are a lot of multi-coloured pink blushes/face powders (Dior, Guerlain, Clinique etc), so maybe a theme on pink blushes? It is a huge trend for spring of course, as always lol.

    And YSL Rouge Volupte has gotten rave reviews, some say it’s the best lipstick out there. That could be worth a swatch or two, perhaps?

    I really love reading your blog, I must say! You actually test the products, contrary to some bloggers who are obviously are paid off by certain companies, and you’re not afraid to give bad reviews. Love it!

    • Hey Ida!

      Thanks for the suggestions!

      I blogged about the Rouge Voluptes when they first debuted, actually —
      They’re definnitely a fantastic lipstick formula. They’re very creamy, pigmented, and hydrating. Some dislike them because they DO have a bit of slip, since they are very, very creamy. The colors aren’t as fab as I’d like (like some are very pale, others very bold) — but they keep expanding the range, so hopefully that’ll be addressed going forward!

      Thank you so much :) I’m happy you enjoy the blog!

  31. Ida

    I forgot to add the if you do a blush-theme, be sure to include Shu Uemura. The shade Peach M 44 is insanely popular, and their blushes are supposed to be brilliant. I’m still waiting to receive mine 😀

  32. shontay

    Thanks a lot Christine. I think I’ll go ahead and order a few. The scent is number one for me. The only time I’ve tasted lipstick is when I’m eating and if the taste is funky enough, I will notice it. That’s why I only stick to Mac and Urban Decay. As much as I love Chanel, I cannot do their lipstick!

    • Funny enough, I hear a lot of complaints about Urban Decay’s taste/scent (taste = bitter, scent = bad). They smell like burnt caramel to me (not in a bad way), though I don’t remember any off taste.

      I even Googled around a bit, and it seemed like the consensus was no scent (my girl Karen at said they were scent and taste-free back in 2008).

  33. shontay

    I stayed away from urban decay for a long time because I heard about complaints, too. Even the samples I smelled were horrible. I went ahead and bought confession and oil slick because I fell in love with the colors. The smell was really pleasant to me. I think it’s delicious.

  34. kritika

    you should do a review on the new brand INGLOT….they’re really good…..would love to see swatches of their products….

  35. Kristin

    From the Spring collections, I’d love to see Dior and Guerlain reviews. Both of these collections are so pretty and tempting (worth it or not?.

    I’d also love to know your thoughts on some of the Soap and Glory products from Target, and how they compare to Bliss products (made by the same company, or founded by the same owner, something like that).

    Thanks so much for your blog. I love it and read it every day.

    • The biggest difference I’ve noticed between the two is mostly that Soap & Glory products have a sweeter, perhaps a little more synthetic, fragrance in their products compared to Bliss (which seems more lemony, citrus-y, etc.). I’ve only tried a variety of body lotions/creams from both sides, and they were on par. It came down mostly to scent in the end :)

  36. Macaddict

    Hi Christine!
    I am in LOVE with your `The Scarlet Season`in-depth dossier of the best red lipsticks & lipglosses. So much so that (being a red lippies lover, of course, I have managed to buy the Giorgio Armani Rouge in number 401, and order online (ebay) both discontinued lipglass and lip varnish! Thanks to you! Most of the other ones I alreday own! Want to buy UD Revolution still and Cargo Cherry Bliss…
    I would love for you to do other special series like this one with all the best products in all the color ranges available (nudes,browns,pastel pink,hot pinks,purples,lilacs…)
    Especially suitable for the spring would be the pink pastels and lilacs categories.
    Also, as someone else mentioned, more in-depth full coverage of Nars collections and maybe their skincare line…Being a Macaddict, all the coverage of all the Mac collections (please don`t change that!). In fact, you might want to know that most MAC MAs in my city rely on me to give them the scoop on all the upcoming MAC collections because they don`t even get to be trained as fast I guess. I have referred some of them to your site! :-)
    Thanks for asking for our input!

    • Definitely doing a series on nude/beige/pink lips in the spring already!

      Thank you for the suggestions! :) I’m so flattered you have referred them to this site!

  37. Macaddict

    Oops! I also want to add my voice to more Shu Uemura reviews. There was no way for me to get my hands on them until recently since they don`t ship to my country but now I have a Shu counter!!! Yay!
    I am very interested in getting to know their skincare line, lash bar, make up better.
    Thanks so much for all you do for us!

  38. Jasmine

    It would be cool if the site had a shade converter chart (if you are a NC43 in MAC you’d probably be a x in x brand.) It’s so hard to find a match.

    Also I’d love to see a series on the best concealers :)

    • I’ve thought about that, Jasmine! I even have one half-built. I just have no idea how to go about finishing it, because I don’t have the time (or the patience, LOL) to run around and try to somehow compare all the foundation shades. Any ideas?

  39. mary007

    I really enjoy and find it more helpful when you actually wear the products foundation, blush, lip and especially eyeshadow. It would be awesome if you can continue with those. Thanks!!

  40. Lindsay

    more Dior and Chanel!

  41. lisa

    I would actually like to see some products from Carmindy!

  42. I’m glad you’re doing pink/nude lips. Can you do it like you do for “The Scarlet Season” with red lips, but do pink/nude lips instead?

    Also, could you do like “Mac Shadow of the day” or “Mac lipstick of the day.” and feature a different shadow/lipstick and talk about it/swatch it. That’d be great! Also what you like to pair with it, get others input on it too

    • Yes, that’s the plan!

      I won’t be doing MAC [insert here] of the day, just because there is a *lot* of MAC coverage on the regular. I do “Build a Quad” which features, primarily, MAC eyeshadows and then includes how to wear them, what to combine them with, etc. You can always view our gallery ( for photos and swatches of a lot of permanent items too!

      I take everyone’s suggestions to heart and consider them, and I just wanted to let you know why you might not see your second suggestion in the mix!

      Thank you, Ellen! :)

  43. Jenny

    Full reviews of the spring lineup would be lovely but I wouldn’t mind if you skip some of the less impressive products (we know each release has a few!) for some other features.

    I know it’s a lot to ask, but if you have time to go back and point out some of the incredible products in some permanent lineups (as someone else suggested), that would be ultra helpful although not completely necessary. Some old favorites of yours do come up a lot anyways (like the Dior skin shimmers for example) and I love those back comparisons.

    P.S. am loving the scarlet season – you found me my favorite lipstick ever – The Rouge G Giovanna – am going to get a backup tomorrow! <3

    • Hey Jenny,

      If you see any posts like “Best Eyeshadows, Lipsticks/Lipglosses, Blushes for Fair/Medium/Dark Skin,” you’ll see a lot of the permanent items I recommend. (It’s just one example from recent memory!) Could you tell me more about what you’re looking for as far as pointing out items from the permanent line-up? Like what brand?

      Thank you! :)

  44. isis

    Definitely more nail polish. Sorry Christine’s boyfriend..! :) Also perfumes, anything new from YSL (especially the Rouge Volupte shades you have not yet reviewed), Too Faced, Chanel, Dior, Lancome etc.

    You pretty much cover everything I am interested in already. Thanks heaps for all of your hard work >_<

    • I’ll try! I don’t review too much perfume, because I’m a little allergic. A lot of perfume smells good to me, but a lot of scents cause my eyes to itch, water, and get red (and then my nose follows suit–itch, run, and get stuffy!) shortly after, so there aren’t too many I can handle.

  45. I’m all set then =) I’m just crossing my fingers MAC would indeed release Disney Villains collection ^.^

  46. Yvonne

    Perhaps along with covering spring trends in makeup, you could also demo them on yourself and show us pictures? Or you could create a couple different spring looks with unique, fun or just plain pretty eye makeup and lip makeup?
    Seeing people’s EOTD’s always inspires me (and sometimes Lips too, if its a pretty color), and I think it would be fun if you had a regular(ish) segment where you create a look based on some spring trends. Or just some colors that you think would look killer for spring.
    I know you do this a bit already (with alot of the MAC releases) but perhaps you could do it apart from the MAC releases? As much as I love MAC, I’d hate for your creativity to be limited to just their new releases.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your posts on spring makeup and spring releases!

  47. Sixx

    Honestly…I like just about everything you review on your blog except for nail polish. I’m obsessed w/makeup & most other things beauty-related but I still don’t & probably will never understand the nails thing. I just keep mine short & clean and that’s good enough for me. 😛

  48. Fifi

    I laughed at the comment your mother made. My mother says: You only have one head, why do you need so much stuff? What you need is 8 heads so you can make better use of your makeup. Looks like its a mom thing.

    I love your blog and would like to see more coverage of MUFE, Shu Uemura, Paul & Joe and maybe some unique brands like Anna Sui, Burberry (when it comes out) and Giorgio Armani.

    Keep up the great work! Kind regards


  49. Miss QQ

    Hi Christine. I love Chanel so please do a review on the Spring 2010 collection. It looks to die for!

  50. Layla

    glad u’ll still cover all mac products!
    would b great if u would do the same for nars~
    and some yaby perhaps?
    the nude/pastel lips sound fabulous!! cant wait

  51. I’d LOVE a Shu Uemura swatch post- I love their skincare products, but when I go near their cosmetics, I get SO overwhelmed that I just walk away. Plus it does not help they don’t have names, just numbers and stuff, it gets hard to point out something I saw online or something. The ones I do have though, I found, were of great quality and I always reach for them (even over my MAC) ^_^

  52. I enjoy the “build a quad” type segments, and looks or tutorials. I have a well fleshed out collection enough now, where I’m not so interested in seeing posts on new lines and such-it just makes me want even MORE, that i can’t afford, and could make due without! I mean, a new color here or there is ok to lust after, but I already have so many luscious pastels, that i see most new releases and either i already have it, or its close to something i already have, but i want it anyways. Though i still look, for the promotional art, in case that gives me inspiration.

  53. Anitacska

    Guerlain, Dior, YSL, Givenchy, Chantecaille perhaps, I’m pretty happy to see reviews on all spring collections. :) I’m also really looking forward to seeing all the Mac collection info as and when you get them. :)

  54. emma

    I like when you focus on new collections & products that work, but not necessarily drugstore cosmetics, which aren’t really a bargain these days. It’s great to do different looks, but spring is usually just lighter, softer & brighter, year after year. For that, there’s Japanese makeup, which offer soft colors year round. The nude lip trend is so boring, and red lips are just red lips. Hope you show us swatches of other lip colors.

  55. Kiran

    I would love to see you do some looks with Nars eyeshadows and blushes and well lip colors too lol….they look amazing but I have yet to invest in them and it would be great to see them used in your tutorials.

    Thanks as always xx

  56. Heather

    It doesn’t really apply to spring in particular, but I would love to see more posts like you did for the purple mac quad. I have collected quite a few palettes, and putting some into quads might make them more easy to grab in the morning.

  57. Hi Christine, please could you review Biotherm skincare and I’m not sure if your willing to do tanning and body gleamers? I know you naturally have lovely golden skin but it would be great if you could? Thanks!?

  58. Luisafer

    would love too see more of facial care, like lotions, UBV protection… for sensitive skin. Thanks!!!

  59. Katya

    Hi Christine
    it would be awsome if you could review/swatch some nail polish colors such as China Glaze and OPI
    also some of the best face moisturizers (well i have to say skin care products) , from low end up to high end cosmetics!!

  60. sofia

    what not to do for spring! we all read and hear about pretty nudes, pinks and pastels, but i’m sure some of us are guilty of overdoing it (washed out barbie instead of fresh and chic), or picking the wrong types of spring shades for our skintones.

    so it’d be great if you could extend nude/pastel lips to cover some of that! =)

  61. donna

    hey christine! I hope u doin great.. I know this is out of the topic but do u know by any chance if mac is having an online sale again? thanks much!!//

  62. Heather

    Thanks for all the Mac coverage! I don’t know what I would do without it. Maybe in the future you could try out Mary Kay’s skincare line. I have used it for four years now and my skin looks absolutely flawless!!

  63. Jo

    I would love to see more swatch comparison posts.

    I know that you occasionally mention dupes in your reviews of products from brands such as MAC but it would be good to see actual side-by-side comparisons. I also know that you have a database of individual swatches but sometimes lighting and skin colours can vary slightly from photo to photo and it would be good to have it all in one photo along with the review.

    Cross-brand comparisons would also be very useful.

    And if possible swatches using flash vs non-flash and indoors vs natural light.

    You probably can’t incorporate all of these suggestions because I realise that you are probably very busy with school and such but thanks for the work that you and your partner have put into the site already.

  64. Brittany

    I would love to see more about blush. i’m crazy about it. i like to explore different shades, and you are my go-to makeup reviewer, so that would be nice. also, i love when you do those how-to’s on complicated eyeshadow looks. you do that so well. maybe even some good, long lasting red lip stain. i have a few but none are long lasting. i figure that you could find the best of the best. thank you!

  65. Brittany

    oh! i forgot to add, more reviews of Illamasqua. I just recently bnought their foundation from Sephora. Since it is full coverage(which i don’t really need)I mix 70% primer and 30% foundation and use it that way. It loks amazing. It looks like i have porcelin skin. I love it. It also smells amazing. I reccomend it to anyone! Also, how do you even pronounce illamasqua? hm…

  66. Katharine

    ‘Model in a Bottle’. I generally use powder to set my makeup, but heard about this product on TV (I think it was Oprah or some other chat show). I have read some reviews within online stores where people rave about it, but they don’t describe what the product *feels* like in comparison to other products/methods.