Monday, May 21st, 2012

Spadaro Noche del Fuego Eau de Parfum

Spadaro Noche del Fuego Eau de Parfum ($155.00 for 3.3 oz.) caught my attention because of the packaging. It looks a bit like a lantern to me! The bottle I have is sample packaging, so the real deal looks a bit different (click the link in the beginning, which will take you to a photo of what you’d get if you purchased).

Irresistible bergamot gains unexpected depth when mixed with mysterious patchouli and an exotic blend of sandalwood, vanilla and honey spiked with paprika and saffron. Black pepper, at once warm and cool—like a fire dance in the night—completes the seduction. (You can read the behind-the-scenes story here.

Fragrance is such a personal subject! There are scents we love and hate that are equally loved and hated by others. For instance, I’m not into sugary confections or spring florals when it comes to perfume. I love food-inspired scents for bath products, though. I tend to gravitate and wear more masculine scents, ones often with sandalwood, amber, vetiver, and the like somewhere in the composition.  Patchouli and I sometimes get along, so I was curious to try this scent, which has both patchouli and sandalwood in it.

Noche Del Fuego starts out with a rich burst of bergamot before the patchouli makes an appearance. And it’s distinctly marked by patchouli, and if that’s not a note that you enjoy, I’d recommend keeping away from this scent. In the background, there’s pepperiness, a little smokiness, and a subtle sweetness that makes an entrance late in the game. It’s masculine, woody, and fiery. It’s not overwhelming, though, and there’s a subdued citrus that dances in background that gives it a refreshing, clean feel.  It wears close on my skin, but it wears for eight to ten hours.  The citrus quality makes me reach for this during the summer, as I tend to opt for less heavy fragrances during the season.

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10 thoughts on “Spadaro Noche del Fuego Eau de Parfum

  1. Well count me as one intrigued..  I do not do well with fruity or floral either and I love the smell of patchouli.  I gravitate towards earthier smells and always use handmade soap and Aveda haircare products which also have more natural earthy smells.  These do not make me sneeze.. fruity and floral send me into horrendous sneezing fits and I hate walking through the perfume section of a department store. LoL  I will definitely check it out!

    •  @wwendalynne That’s like me, Wendy! A lot of the floral scents tend to make me sneeze!  I don’t sneeze with fruity scents, but I just find them… almost cloying? Even though they’re not too sweet or anything, but they’re just not to my personal taste when it comes to perfume. It’s like I love smelling it, but only for that moment, and I don’t want to smell like cookies all day, lol!

  2. Mariella

    As you say, Christine, scent is so personal and even 2 scents that have many of the same ingredients -well, you can love one and loathe the other.  I love patchouli, sandalwood and, to an extent, bergamot (though I hate Early Grey tea!) and since I’ve no idea where I could even try this scent, it’s a “leave it” for me. I can’t purchase a fragrance “scent unsniffed”.  Do you know of places where this might be available?

    •  @Mariella Nordstrom! It’s exclusive to Nordstrom, but if you go to their website, they also have it available. I saw a sample set available, but I’ve never shopped through them before.

      • Mariella

         @Christine (Temptalia) Well, if I’m ever at Nordstrom’s (not likely in the next while), I will absolutely check it out (I wonder if Holt’s here in Canada might get it – they often have those sorts of items, also in an exclusive type of arrangement and they’re not really in competition with any US dept. stores who might have it).  Not really keen to order it without having tried it out first so even ordering the sample set just wouldn’t be for me.

  3. CiaraAinsleyFears

    Hm… I usually stay away from sandalwood and vanilla- I guess I’ve smelled lots of cheap body sprays with these scents, and I automatically think “Bath and Body Works” even if it’s a really nice perfume! I love patchouli on other people, it reminds me of my mom, but I would feel weird about wearing it myself (a trying on mommy’s clothes sort of thing). Despite all that, this perfume sounds too interesting to pass up. The pepper sounds awesome.

  4. Ugh, this sounds EXACTLY the notes I love. I tend to like men’s cologne over women’s and i love patchouli, sandalwood, and “earthy” scents. This sounds amazing. I have an extremely difficult time finding fragrances I love, so if this one is it, I suppose I would be willing to pay more for it.

  5. What, patchouli!  I have not “worn” patchouli for years.  I use to put it in a spray bottle with water and spray it on my clothes when I ironed them .  One spray of this perfume should send all kinds of memories flooding back.  Thank for sharing!

  6. April Sellers

    Sounds like something I’d be VEEERRY interested in… But where is it available at??