Friday, December 4th, 2009

Affordable Makeup Brushes:  Sonia Kashuk’s Twist of Fate Brush Set

Sonia Kashuk Twist of Fate Brush Set ($19.99) is a limited edition holiday brush set with six brushes housed inside a gorgeous, shimmering black clutch.

The six brushes you get are: blush brush, foundation brush, blending brush, small eyeshadow brush, smudge brush, and lash/brow groomer brush. The only brush I felt was kind of a throwaway was the lash/brow groomer – it’s just not a great brush, and it certainly couldn’t comb my lashes worth a darn, so I wasn’t pleased with it. The other five brushes, however, are much better and certainly more useful.

Sonia Kashuk is an extremely reliable, trustworthy brand, particularly for beauty tools. Whenever someone asks me about a budget-friendly brush brand, Sonia Kashuk is my go-to for a reommendation. These brushes are soft, fluffy, and useable. They’re not as good as my MAC brushes overall (I would say MAC brushes are softer, particularly for face brushes), but they’re around 75% there. Close, but not the same – but much more affordable.

In comparison, I would say the blush brush is similar to MAC’s 129 (a little bigger and not as rounded), the foundation brush is closest to MAC’s 190 (but a little smaller and thicker), and the other brushes don’t have as close matches. If pressed, I’d say the small eyeshadow brush is similar to MAC’s 239, while the blending brush is similar to MAC’s 222. Finally, Sonia Kashuk’s smudge brush is closest to MAC’s 231.

Even though the brushes are totally great for the price (and pretty good, period), my favorite part about the set is the CLUTCH. I usually hate the bags, clutches, etc. that come with brush sets and never use them again (they just sit around collecting dust, because I feel guilty tossing them), but this one is really fun and perfect for the holidays. It’s big enough to actually be used as a clutch and looks elegant and festive. I’d probably pay $19.99 just for the clutch!

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  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Recommendation:  For affordable brushes, Sonia Kashuk always has you covered!

Availability: Target

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26 thoughts on “Sonia Kashuk Twist of Fate Brush Set Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Janella

    Where can i buy these brushes? i don’t believe they sell in canada

  2. These 6 brushes seem great…and the price is good too. The clutch is really elegant and beautiful, I like it too, indeed is something special.

  3. roslynd

    anyway you could post a picture of the inside of the clutch also? i a now lemming it but would love to see the inside.


    also how do the brush lengths compare to MAC brushes?> anyway to see the brushes inside the case?


    • There’s really nothing special in it, sorry! It’s pretty much just a hollow space that mirrors the way the outside looks. These brushes are about 1-2 inches shorter than MAC ones!

  4. Lily

    Talking about brushes, has anyone used Sigma brushes before? They’re supposed to be MAC comparables and the reviews on YouTube sound positive. I have a thing about brushes lately…

  5. amy

    I hear so many good things about Sonia Kashuk brushes and I really would like to try them. Too bad there are no Target stores up here.

  6. Michele

    Wow, the clutch looks really nice – I think I’ll check it out. I have a lot of brushes because I like to play around with colors. I’m just beginning to start collecting MAC brushes to get a good set but these look worth checking out.

  7. alice

    lol sigh. i guess an impromptu trip to Target is in order today.

  8. Alejandra

    The clutch is indeed beautiful.

  9. Luisafer

    Like the case very pretty and seems resistant LOL
    my brushes were stolen :-( so now I only have like 3… but with all the Christmas presents can’t buy brushes now, so hopefully someone will surprise me LOL

    • It is pretty resistant, LOL! It’s definitely a hard clutch – I imagine if you toted it around EVERYWHERE for months, you might lose a sequin or something, but otherwise it’s definitely sturdy.

      Sorry about your brushes being stolen :( I think I’d cry!

  10. Cherokee

    Hey Christine, I purchased the Twist of Fate Limited Edition Kabuki brush and I love it. It is very soft and blends very well. The only con is that it sheds alot. But, other than that it is really good. I don’t have another kabuki brush to compare it too but it is great.

  11. Lorna

    i am going to break down and get this. i love sonia kashuk brushes and this is just too good of a deal. love the clutch as well.

  12. Cassy

    Oooh, finally something I can put on my holiday wish list! Thanks as always for the review. I can’t wait to get this set!

  13. Liz

    After reading your review last night I high-tailed it Target to pick these brushes up… you are right, the clutch is a TOTAL bonus (it even fits my Blackberry). The brushes really add to my collection :) Thanks for an awesome review

  14. CRiSTaL

    OMAI! lol
    i am in need of affortable brushes! they look like they are great quality..and since i trust your review I’ll definitly have these on my Christmas list! =D

  15. Brian Kelly

    I’m so sad! I’ve been eying these brushes since you reviewed them and as soon as I finally get the chance to go to Target, they’re all sold out of this set. I cried. :(

  16. Lirazly

    I received this set as a xmas gift from my little brother. I have to say, the foundation brush is my favorite brush to date. I’ve been using it everyday. It’s super duper soft, heavily packed, and applies concealer (powder and liquid formula) on extremely well. I mainly use it for under the eye and nose area. The rest of the brushes are just ok. I personally wouldn’t buy the other brushes. They are not soft. The eyeshadow, crease, and smudge brush are scratchy. The blush brush is just not packed enough to hold color. And the lash and comb brush does what it’s suppose to, nothing special about that. You can get one for a $1 and it would still work the same. Overall, this set is cute but if you want quality brushes buy the Sonia Kashuk brushes individually. Don’t forget to buy the foundation brush!