Friday, July 2nd, 2010

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC In the Groove Collection

Sneak Preview: In the Groove Collection

Time’s up — will post everything else as soon as I can! This is not the full collection — I’ll be buying the rest when it launches in-store on Thursday, July 8th.

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19 thoughts on “Sneak Preview: In the Groove Collection

  1. Zara

    Pretty!! Can’t wait. (:

  2. Freya

    Britain has got this collection already! I’m going to order sterio rose and petticoat msf, they look gorgeous! :)

  3. Gisele

    On the fence about this one. I’ll wait for swatches and your assessment. I’m a sucker for green eyeshadows and might be duping with the Calm, Cool, and Collected. The name is targeted for me!

  4. Colette

    I’m so excited about finally getting By Candlelight. I passed on it when it launched with Warm and Cozy and I always regretted it. Passing on everything else though, even Stereo Rose. That will be too intense for my skintone.

  5. Charlotte

    Stereo rose is already sold out on the UK website (after 4 hours!)

  6. Paige

    Is that a mineralize skinfinish that looks like its made for pale skin! I’m gonna die!

  7. Laura

    Ack! Tease!!

  8. Ashley Avocado

    Can’t wait for swatches of the Cremesheen Glasses!

    So excited to finally be able to pick up Stereo Rose. By chance of the makeup god I somehow managed to magically get Thursday off and I can assure you that I will be at my freestanding store as soon as it opens LOL.

    I want to buy By Candlelight, it’s sooo pretty but I think I might have enough highlighters… okay no, you can never have too many (I’m highlighter obsessed!) but despite owning the dozens that I do, I still find myself reaching for Shimpagne time and time again and never touching the others :/

  9. Victoria

    I know you go to Santa Clara University (saw it in one of your posts… I’m not a stalker I swear!) so I was wondering where you usually by all your MAC products… do you like the MAC store at Valley Fair or Nordies/Macys better? Also have you swatched Stereo Rose before? Dang I’m going to Valley Fair tomorrow… maybe they’ll have it out already? *too much to hope for*

    • Valley Fair is my store :) I only go to Nordstrom when I have to — though I like all the lovely artists at Nordstrom (and not just the MAC counter) — but I really love VF. They’re such dolls & know me. “One of each, please!”

      I have, but not in a very, very long time. Pre-blog!

  10. Shantastic

    I only want one thing from this collection is the one bluish creamsheen glass that is pictured. I tried it in the store and it was the most interesting one to me.

  11. t_zwiggy

    I can’t wait for this collection! I know I’ll be getting 3 of the MSFs, 2-3 of the eye shadows, a couple of blushes and maybe some lipsticks if they’re not too bright. Soooo excited! Finally Petticoat and Stereo Rose will be mine. I love MSFs! 😀

    • t_zwiggy

      Oh, and I forgot about the glosses. Cremesheens are my favorite glosses (allthough I hate that they are so expensive), so I might get ALL of those, if they are pretty enough. 😮 Bye bye money!

  12. Krys

    I preordered stereo rose today at nordies and got to swatch the products! They rep said that nordstroms was the first department store to carry mac so they get the privlege to receive the products before other department stores. I’m still tempted by comfort but stereo rose was my only must have :)

  13. My MAC store had it all out. I hauled a lot, but I may go back for some more later today.

  14. virginiaisforluvrs

    Will you be swatching the lipsticks and lipgloss as well? I’m looking forward to the lipsticks but I’d like to see swatches before I buy them! Thanks :)

  15. LNU

    *just* picked this up! I literally must have called 8 MAC locations until finally the pro store said they’d sell it to me if I picked it up today! I got three MSF’s, one in stereo rose, petticoat, and by candlelight! 😀