Thursday, August 21st, 2014

MAC Artificially Wild Collection
MAC Artificially Wild Collection

Full reviews, photos, and swatches of the upcoming MAC Aritificially Wild collection coming shortly! For now, enjoy this sneak peek :)

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Artificially Wild Collection
MAC Artificially Wild Collection

MAC Icon Lipstick
MAC Icon Lipstick

MAC Photo Lipstick
MAC Photo Lipstick

MAC Shitake Lipstick
MAC Shitake Lipstick

MAC Artificially Wild Collection
MAC Artificially Wild Collection

MAC De-Nude Lipglass
MAC De-Nude Lipglass

MAC Explicit Lipglass
MAC Explicit Lipglass

MAC Obviously Bare Lipglass
MAC Obviously Bare Lipglass

MAC Spite Lipglass
MAC Spite Lipglass

MAC Artificially Wild Collection
MAC Artificially Wild Collection

MAC Artificial Earth Eyeshadow
MAC Artificial Earth Eyeshadow

MAC Marsh Eyeshadow
MAC Marsh Eyeshadow

MAC Natural Wilderness Eyeshadow
MAC Natural Wilderness Eyeshadow

MAC Stony Eyeshadow
MAC Stony Eyeshadow

MAC Next to Skin Blush
MAC Next to Skin Blush

MAC Next to Skin Blush
MAC Next to Skin Blush

MAC Taupe Blush
MAC Taupe Blush

MAC Taupe Blush
MAC Taupe Blush

MAC Pink Cult Blush
MAC Pink Cult Blush

MAC Pink Cult Blush
MAC Pink Cult Blush

MAC Au Nature Cream Colour Base
MAC Au Nature Cream Colour Base

MAC Au Nature Cream Colour Base
MAC Au Nature Cream Colour Base

MAC Breaking Ground Cream Colour Base
MAC Breaking Ground Cream Colour Base

MAC Breaking Ground Cream Colour Base
MAC Breaking Ground Cream Colour Base

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93 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: MAC Artificially Wild Collection Photos & Swatches

  1. Ooo, I like the blushes and Artificial Earth.
    Rikki Recently Posted: Dramatic Eyeliner for Hooded Lids

  2. I’m liking Stony and Taupe. The rest of the shades seem to be lacking or are not that universally flattering.
    Audrey Recently Posted: Tarte’s Rainforest After Dark Palette Tutorial

  3. The swatches of the eyeshadows look a little disappointing. The taupe blush looks like it might be perfect for contouring. And I LOVE the Explicit lipglass. It would look beautiful over any lipstick.
    Agata Recently Posted: My Makeup Story

  4. Andie

    I’m completely confused on what I would do with these colors. This collection is a pass for me. Thanks for the swatches Christine!

  5. Jaclyn

    Looks like a collection that favors lighter skin tones. Those blushes are all so fair!

  6. mary brenner

    Whew!! I’m safe from this collection. None of the colors appeal to me at all……However the novel romance collection did me in…..bought all the lipsticks both blushes and one shadow quad!! My wallet is trying to recover from that buying frenzy!

  7. Lauren

    I don’t think I’ve felt such a strong instant dislike for so much of a collection before. Way to go, MAC! I think the only things I even remotely like are the Explicit and Spite lip glasses. The rest is either way too pale (and I’m an NC15!) or too close to baby poop. I can’t think of ANYONE that would look good in the Au Nature Cream Colour Base, no matter what shade of their skin.

  8. Oh dear Taupe is back! I hope I can get it this time around! :-)
    Divya Recently Posted: Too Much Too Soon

  9. The first thing that comes to mind when I see this collection is ugly. The colors are just…not pretty…lol

  10. julia

    I’m confused; who on earth could possibly wear the Next of Skin blush? Short of the printer paper fair. This whole collection seems borderline unwearable.

  11. Andrea

    This is going to get me commited.

  12. Ziska

    Ugggh a total pass for me, the lipstick colors are awful, like eww

  13. Pretty….but too muddy and brown for me. Thankfully!

  14. I see some colors that I definitely like but I’m not too sure about the intensity…

  15. Donna

    This is one collection I won’t mind skipping. The au Nature cream looks odd to me.

  16. Elli-Anna

    The only product appealing to me is the lipglass in Spite. Have to swatch it to see if it fits my skintone, otherwise its a pretty neutral color. The Pink Cult blush is a repromote, i remember it buying a few years ago from a LE but can’t remember when and from which. Its my fave blush, i’ll go and buy backup!

  17. Ugh, too muddy is right. Though as a very pale person, I am intrigued by Artificial Earth eye shadow and Pink Cult blush.

  18. Lisa

    Have to have that Breaking Ground CCB!!

  19. Veronica

    It looks like way too much brown and earth tones in this collection to work on me, but I’ll definitely like a look at those glosses and the Taupe blush!

  20. Elizabeth

    Definitely excited for Taupe! And Pink Cult, though I feel it’s gonna wash me out. Next to Skin is such a curious shade, maybe a contour for the very pale girls? The Stony eyeshadow looks pretty good too! Can’t wait for your reviews x

  21. Holly

    I love those blushes! Any idea when they are coming to international locations?

  22. Kimberly

    When is this available?

  23. I like ‘next to skin’ and ‘taupe’ blush! Is taupe permanent, I’m totally blanking?

  24. I think it would be hard to figure out what lipstick would look good on me. Some unusual shades, that’s for sure.

  25. Christina

    LOL, I actually like the way this collection looks. As someone really fair with a strong olive/yellow complexion, it’d hard to find light neutral colors that aren’t super warm. Yes, they’re earthy, but at least they’re not the strong bronze/brown/golden/peach tones that we see everywhere. I can’t wear those at all without looking like I’m tired and washed out, and they always look muddy on me, unless I do a stronger eye. While I can wear neutral to cool taupes and greys, how boring! Sometimes I want just a hint of color.

    Oh, and Pink Cult is a really pretty blush. I bought it when it was first released in the Jeans collection and completely used it up. :) Glad to see its return!

    • Yes! Me too! I feel like my skin tone sits right in the middle of nobody-is-this-color and all the usual suspects pull strangely on me. This makes me think I need to investigate colors that look weird / ordinary in the pan.

  26. kitty

    I love mustard-y colors so Natural Wilderness and Au Nature are at the top of my list, but really the whole collection is beautiful. Thanks for all your swatches Christine, its so helpfull when shopping.

  27. xamyx

    This is a collection I could actually get excited about! Between all the negative comments so far, and the fact it’s launching around the same time as the more “interesting” Simpson collection, I may actually be able to get some things!

  28. Jillian

    The eyeshadows and blushes look great! Hopefully their performances are top notch :) I have high hopes for this collection – as always, looking forward to your reviews Christine!

  29. Debra

    The lipsticks interest me but the rest of the collection is odd. And the words “Artificially Wild” are odd too. I mean, Naturally Wild makes a lot more selling sense (cents?).

  30. Helene

    I so hope you swatch all of this range. Very interesting colours, many that wouldn’t suit me at all. I do like Stone, and Explicit, though.

  31. This collection turned out to be much prettier than I thought! I really like De-Nude lipglass. Natural Wilderness and Au Nature looks really nice too.
    fancie Recently Posted: Look What’s Coming to Milani this Fall!

  32. I like really the breaking ground cream colour base. I also like the Marsh and Stony eyeshadows. I already have Taupe blush which works perfectly as a quiet contour powder. Can’t say I care for the lipsticks or lipglosses.

  33. For me, the blushes is where it’s at in this collection. I just can’t keep up with MAC and the constant stress of thinking – will this collection be coming to The Bahamas? Not that I so huge into MAC, but I’m always torn because, based on international press, I’ll know that several collections are coming out and see things I may want more in one collection than another but never know which ones are coming here. So, when we do get limited edition collections I always wonder if I should jump on it (even if I’m not completely in love) just because we actually got it or hold out to see if we get the other one in which I like the items more. But then if we don’t get that other one, I end up with nothing, lol. They do this on purpose I think. :-)
    Kimmy Recently Posted: My MAC Eyeshadow Collection Palette & Swatches

  34. Rachel R.

    I like Icon, Shitake and Explicit. I like the Pink Cult blush, too. To me, the rest of the colors aren’t that attractive. It’s all just too gray-toned. Ick.

  35. I think I’ll pass on this collection, the only thing I may like is the Explicit lip glass.

  36. I’m sure there will be lots of people who enjoy this collection, but the colors and their undertones just look very strange to me… more power to those that can wear them!

  37. Jane

    This is the first MAC collection I have bee excited about in years! If these swatch and perform well, I will indulge. Spite lip glass the eyeshadows (perhaps not the mustardy color) Next to Skin… They’re gorgeous.

  38. Elena

    This is sooooooo good!!! Dusty earthy shadowy look for fall with greyish frost. SO MUCH LOVE! I hope the quality is there because I want everything, except Yash, Siss, Oak and Stone because I already have that. I’m puzzled by all of the negativity towards “ugly” colours. If it doesn’t work for you it might be great on others.

  39. The eyeshadows are pretty. In a sort of ugly way. I’m kind of fascinated by them. I’m also thinking that I may finally have to cave and buy Pink Cult, assuming it’s the same quality as it has been previously.
    Kate Recently Posted: making faces :: purple please!

  40. kellly

    breaking ground cream color base and next to skin blush and artificial earth all look like things I’m going to be wanting to buy!

  41. Breaking Ground looks nice.
    Erin Recently Posted: La Finca 2013 Tempranillo Review

  42. Yuck – not liking this at all, with the possible exception of Stony and maybe Marsh. Everything else looks so mustardy or brown or just not nice colours at all.

  43. Michelle

    I’m actually loving this collection. So many collections out now look the same, I’m always looking for something unique and hopefully this is it. I just hope in person I like it.

  44. I wore each of these lipsticks (especially Photo) and the Spite lipgloss when they were out in the 90’s. I never thought I would see them again. Reminds me of how old I am (lol). This time around I’ll probably just get the Au Nature eye cream color base.

  45. Dylan

    oh my god, i had a slight freak out when i saw taupe powder blush in packaging… I’m so sick of having to lug out my pro palette just to use taupe!

  46. Love Photo lipstick – not too keen on the eyeshadows as I have those colours. But I love the lipstick!

  47. Am I the only one feeling seriously underwhelmed by MAC this year? Short of their spring collection there’s really been some slim pickings. That said, I do find this collection to be an improvement on their summer releases. Definitely want that Iconic lipstick – and one or maybe both of the cream shadows.
    Kelly Recently Posted: The Summer Lovin’ Tag

  48. Not feeling this one. My first thought was that it looks dirty.

  49. CommanderShepard

    Christine, I am loving Pink Cult, but I already own Katie by Illamasqua. Would you say they are dupes? Also, is Pink Cult going to become permanent, or is it just an LE re-promote?

  50. zainab

    I’m curious about Taupe as a contour and maybe Photo lipstick. Not sure how Next to Skin is intended to be used, I doubt it would show up on me and I’m relatively fair skinned.

  51. Irene

    Not liking this. The colors remind me of a dirty swamp.

  52. The lipsticks don’t seem to wearable to me personally, but I love the colour selection for all of the other products! I especially love the more neutral toned blushes.

  53. These shades would look terrible on my skin! But I can see Taupe being a great contouring product for paler skin tones!
    Ankita Recently Posted: Avene Very High Protection SPF 50 Emulsion, Spray : Review, Photos

  54. From the look of the swatches this could be called the melrose place collection. Looks like it has a very brown-based mid-90’s vibe.

  55. Dini

    I love so many of these! Haven’t bought much makeup in the last while, but these are such interesting colors. Love the cream color bases and the Natural Wilderness eyeshadow the most.

  56. amanda

    Honestly I’m strangely entranced by this collection. I wish I was fair enough to wear some of these shades! The pink cult is lovely to me, so pale without going bubblegum, and Taupe seems like it could have a few uses, especially contouring. A friend of mine is so pale that even most pale powder shades she tries to use as a contour warm her up too much. Taupe would be a nice grab for her. Also love the toxic waste-y feel of the shadows. Very swamp thing, but in a good way. This collection is very dystopic, very end of the world.

  57. Hannah

    Finally in love with a Collection from MAC after ages!! So looking forward to this!!!

  58. MakeupTray

    I know this May be a stupid question but what are color bases? Like a cream blush or are they for contouring? Thank you

    • They’re categorized as a multi-use product… depending on the warning label, they can be used on (possibly) eyes, lips, and face or body).

  59. Cat

    As a sucker for blushes, I am tempted by Next to Skin as a neutral blush, though it may be too light for me, and possibly Taupe for contouring. Not enthused by the lipsticks, glosses, or shadows, but I may change my mind when I read the reviews.

  60. Megan

    I think all of the blushes, breaking ground, and possibly obviously bare. Can’t wait to see how these look on you! :)

  61. Christa

    I feel like I’m a minority but I love this collection! Too many things I’d love to buy, haha, but definitely hoping I can get my hand on the taupe & pink cult blush, Mars eyeshadow mono and the obviously bare lip glass!

  62. KJH

    I find this a refreshing departure. Some is pale, but classically pretty. Some is strikingly, contrastingly ochre. had a green cashmere sweater once that had the same skew, ochre-y. It turned out to be a fave, when i never figured so. strange, statement, striking. this collection is rather that way. looking forward to looks on all you bloggers.

  63. Amy

    So helpful–thank you Christine!

  64. Vanessa

    I am so glad they are bringing Explicit back. It was the first MAC product I ever owned, and I was hooked! I wore it every day and kept the empty package in hopes I would see it again! <3

  65. liz

    HOLY MOLY Next to Skin looks like the perfect contour for my ultra-fair skin!

  66. Ladoshis

    MAC always gets me with these interesting nude neutrals collections! Love! I hope the stuff is good quality!

  67. Luisafer

    This is simply gorgeous!!!!

  68. Thanks Christine for the amazing swatches, I’ve been a lurker for a while and finally decided to make a profile, natural wilderness eyeshadow looks unique, might be picking that one up lol