Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Art of the Eye Collection

MAC Art of the Eye Collection is now available online, and I’m working on writing up reviews now, so in the meanwhile, here are swatches. I reviewed MAC Chromagraphic Pencils previously, so for those looking for pencil swatches, you can check out my prior review. As always, please hold any questions until I’ve had a chance to write the review :)

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Banafsaji Eyeshadow

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Farasha Eyeshadow

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Gameela Eyeshadow

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Hajar Karim Eyeshadow

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Parrot Eyeshadow

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Rondelle Eyeshadow (Masat al Lail Quad)

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Waft Eyeshadow (Masat al Lail Quad)

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Gentle Fume Eyeshadow (Masat al Lail Quad)

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Carbon Eyeshadow (Masat al Lail Quad)

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Shroom Eyeshadow (Rimal Dahabia Quad)

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Soft Brown Eyeshadow (Rimal Dahabia Quad)

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Beautyburst Eyeshadow (Rimal Dahabia Quad)

MAC Art of the Eye Collection
MAC Najm el Lail Eyeshadow (Rimal Dahabia Quad)

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35 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: MAC Art of the Eye Collection Photos & Swatches

  1. Avatar of Xero Xero

    Every collection Carbon gets worse, lol.

    • Avatar of Quinctia Quinctia

      I’m pretty sure a charcoal briquette would swatch better than that.

      How does an established brand screw up their black eyeshadow so badly?

      • Avatar of Mariella Mariella

        …and keep trying to foist it on us in LE quads and repromotes when it is still so crummy (and possibly getting crummier)?

  2. Avatar of MAJ M

    MAC making a good quality eyeshadow quad. Who has ever heard of such a crazy thing?

  3. Banafshe Sharifian

    Just ordered Banafsajie. Nice of MAC to name an eyeshadow after me. But then who can blame them. ;) j/k.

  4. Banafshe Sharifian

    Rimal dahabia quad looks good. The other looks a mess! Of course will wait for reviews. :)

  5. Love the vibrant colours of these eyeshadows.

  6. HeatherSA

    Hehehe another bad looking release of quads by MAC….

    Hey they are re-releasing Parrot huh? Oh well, I still have plenty of my old one left…

    Banafsaji and Gameela look pretty, but I probably have dupes, so I’ll wait for your review. :)

    • Carrie

      that purple reminds me of one of the Urban Decay shadows, maybe one of the palette releases?

      • Avatar of Quinctia Quinctia

        Maybe the deluxe shade Ransom?

        • Avatar of Heather Heather

          I have ransom and its decidly more purple, deluxe fridgid would be closer in my opinion but I can get that one from Urban Decay for 6$ still

          • Avatar of Quinctia Quinctia

            I think you’re right. I have all the deluxe purples somewhere, and I can’t keep them all straight. I knew it was one of them and not Fishnet!

  7. Avatar of Krystal Krystal

    That Beautyburst shadow may be on my to get list

  8. Avatar of Ashlee Sara

    The individual eyeshadow actually look like good quality, holy crap!

    And the quads at least feature a few colors of good quality, which is a change! Plus, while carbon looks sub-par, it doesn’t look as bad as it has in many recent quads (not saying much).

  9. Avatar of Mindy Smith Az sunshine

    The single eyeshadows look great… The quads not so much…

  10. Avatar of Precious Precious

    Banafsaji and Parrot are my top picks, they look so divine! Looking forward to reading your reviews, Christine. :)

  11. MERI

    they are not really trying anymore are they :( these are all from the last few collections just renamed..

  12. Avatar of Melissa divinem1 (Melissa)

    WTH has happened to Carbon? It used to be the go-to matte black eyeshadow. The payoff now is awful.

    I’m a wh*#e for any purple eyeshadow. I don’t care how close they are. I must have them ALL, so Banafsaji will be mine! Muuahahaha!!!

  13. Avatar of Ioana Cami

    Farasha is such a gorgeous color. I might have to pick that one up and try to incorporate it during the upcoming summer.

  14. beauty burst is being repromoted from Barbie!

  15. Yasmin

    the quads names are all Arabic and even the single eyeshadows (except parrot)I can translate the names for you:)
    Banafsaji means purple, LOL
    Farasha means butterfly
    Gameela means beautiful (for female)
    Hajar Karim means gem stone
    Masat al Lail means the diamond of the night
    Rimal Dahabia menas golden sands

    hope you find that helpful

      • JJ

        Christine, I noticed on the MAC website under this new collection that the Brow Fluidline is there as well. And I loveeeee this eyebrow product that I bought another one just now in my color, Deep Dark Brunette. Any idea if this will become a permanent product?

    • Yellowlantern

      Diamond of the night is such an evocative name.

      I think that name is the nicest thing about this collection LOL.

    • Yasmin Abderrahim

      I forgot to mention Najm el Lail Eyeshadow from Rimal Dahabia Quad, which means the night star :)

    • Avatar of Linda syrup

      THANK YOU SO MUCH. I hate it when English language-dominant companies use non-English terms (including various Asian scripts) and don’t translate them.

      Christine, in the materials you got, are there any definitions? I didn’t see any on the site, so my apologies if MAC supplied the info already.

  16. Avatar of Heather Heather

    Yuck. Those quads look terrible. I could not justify this purchase.

  17. The Banafsaji one looks absolutely gorgeous but otherwise meeh, some of the colours look okay I guess..

  18. The single shadows swatch beautifully but the quads, once again, look quite disappointing…

  19. Chloe

    Do mattes go on the eye nicely? I feel like when swatched in the shop they look really ashy on my hand :(

  20. Isobel

    the single eyeshadows definitely look interesting!