Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Guerlain Holiday 2013
Guerlain Holiday 2013

Reviews coming soon! :)  For those eager, Sephora actually has the new Meteorites Perles and the Terracotta Bronzer up (but no sign of the rest yet!).  I plan to purchase the Pressed Meteorites powder and other Rouge Automatique lipstick (I have one of the two) when they become available online.

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34 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Guerlain Holiday 2013

  1. Oh my god. I’m not sure what’s prettier–the makeup itself or the packaging!! 😀

  2. I’m excited to read your reviews and see swatches, Christine. :)

  3. Cat G

    I seriously cannot wait!! Every year I get so excited over the Guerlain holiday collection!!!

  4. I am excited for the lipstick swatches!

  5. Shayna

    I’m sure the product will be fabulous, but the packaging looks so cheap..

    • I agree. When I looked at the photo, I thought “This is Guerlain? This looks cheap and nasty.” Compare it to the packaging of the Rue de Passy or Place Vendome shadow palettes or the loose kohl powder liners and this really doesn’t look nearly as luxurious.

  6. Soren

    oh… my…. god… I was really looking forward to seeing this but the price of these items, you would really expect better packaging. it looks like cheap plastic straight out of the 80s!! soooo tacky :( and I was really thinking about getting that shimmer atomizer thing. this is NOT what I was expecting!

  7. The bronzer looks a lot more yellow than I expected it to be in this picture. Definitely deed to wait for swatches before I order. I agree with everyone who thinks the packaging looks cheep. It looks just like plastic-y drugstore makeup, not very Guerlain-like at all.

  8. Danielle

    I had to do a double take. For Guerlain being a high end brand the packaging looks like children’s toy makeup.

  9. Barbara

    I’m really looking forward to the nail polish swatches. Dark purple (and blue) is my weakness.

  10. Stephanie

    Packaging is gorgeous. Maybe this will inspire me to get my first set of Guerlain products.

    • I think you & I are alone with that sentiment, lol! I am feeling very left out as I really love when Guerlain does the black lacquered packaging!

      • abigailod

        I’ll have to chime in with you ladies – I adore the packaging! thanks for the Sephora tip, Christine!

        On another note (I’m sure you won’t remember this), but Christine – this holiday collection marks my first year of being gaga for Guerlain – a Huge thank you to You!♥ My Perles du Dragon is needing some meteorites friends. 😉

      • Linda

        I’m with you two! I saw the Meteorites with the black lacquer & hot pink flower in the middle and loved it! Think they’re just trying to convey a colorful party atmosphere.

  11. Maybe the marketing of the package was targeted to young women (attract them to the brand).

  12. Michelle

    Any idea when their holiday collection will be out in stores? Or is it out already

  13. I’m really excited about this collection. That eye shadow palette is gorgeous!

  14. This collection looks amazing!

  15. This fall is KILLER.. Guerlain, TF, Chanel, Nars and GA just released new cream version of Maestro foundation. I want this damn bronzer..dammit.

  16. Amy

    So much for Guerlain’s typically elegant packaging. Yes they might be trying to attract younger consumers, but dumbing down their product isn’t the way to do it IMO. So disappointed.

  17. Lisa C

    I’m also one of the few who like the packaging. I think it looks unique and yes it’s out there for Guerlain standards but who knows why? Every year they put their heads together to come up with different marketing strategies and maybe this year they just wanted to be different from the norm.

  18. shailly

    Wayyyy far from the topic but yaaaayyy I nabbed Guerlain Cruel Gardenia Highlighter with free brush from London Heathrow duty free…if anyone is travelling pls take a good look at the guerlain aisle! You might be lucky….

  19. Oh Dear! I cannot wait for these. Very pretty.

  20. Can’t wait for the pressed powder and palette review!

  21. Leslie

    I think I need that compact. Never had Guerlain anything. 😀

  22. Kristine

    Do you know if and when Nordstrom will be getting this collection?

  23. divinem1 (Melissa)

    That packaging looks like Guerlain is trying to draw in the 18-25 age group. Not really liking the silly packaging.