Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Eve Pearl Made Us Over!! Celebrity make-up artist Eve Pearl used her expertise to turn us from exhausted little lilies into fabulous ready-to-take-on-NYC femme fatales You really don’t know just how much of a challenge I posed to Eve! I arrived at the hotel at 7am and checked my bags at concierge since check-in wasn’t until three, and by the time I checked in (around 5pm)… I had totally broken out. Like ALL OVER! In places that I’ve never broken out before!! I don’t know what caused it — everyone’s been saying it’s probably the weather, but ugh! I was 90% cleared up, and now it’s worse than ever. So, Eve had to contend with covering up a slew of blemishes and spots!

Look for me in an upcoming episode of Koren’s Be-YOU-tified! :) Elessa from Pursebuzz will also be appearing in an episode of the show, too!

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128 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Eve Pearl Works Her Magic

  1. Dee

    You look gorgeous in that photo and are those false eyelashes???

  2. Evelyn

    wow! You both look amazing!

  3. I absolutely LOVE Eve Pearl! I got her to autograph a copy of her makeup book when I was at the Makeup Show in NYC a couple of years ago. Her work is fantastic! You ladies look absolutely fierce! Like “I’m naturally this beautiful” fierce :)

  4. phuong K

    you look wonderful christine. if you had broken out, i would have never known looking at those pics because the makeup is soooo nice!

  5. wow you two ladies look gorgeous! i loooove your makeup!

  6. wow yall could be going down that runway completely flawless

  7. Annika

    Wow you look beautiful :)

  8. Elle

    You ladies look absolutely stunning!

  9. pia

    What break out? You looked fab! Btw, is her salmon colored under eye concealer worth every cent?

  10. Chrissy

    Cute pic! You two lades look so beautiful! :)

  11. You two look so pretty!

  12. Porcelain

    You look absolutely gorgeous, Christine!

  13. Grace

    Absolutely beautiful!

  14. You both look so gorgeous! And I wouldn’t even tell you are breaking out because you look stunning and flawless! I too have been breaking out a bit on my forehead and it’s driving me insane!

  15. You ladies look GORGEOUS!!!

  16. You two look absolutely beautiful, glad you had a good time!

  17. Sarah

    WOW WOW WOW! Stunning!

    I love watching be-you-tified on YT, can’t wait to watch yours. She is an amazing makeup artist. I’d love to have mine done by her, problem is, I’m on the other side of the atlantic. :(

  18. Gasp! You both look AMAZING! I’m totally looking forward to the episode now. Eve really did a fantastic job with you (I’d NEVER guess you were having a skin crisis), and that lighting is especially flattering… :) Sooo jealous you got the chance to do that!

    I’m in NY in spirit, too… :(

  19. YOU LOOK STUNNING CHRISTINE!!!! GEEZ….you two are absolutely beautiful! WOW….thanks so much for sharing that lovely picture!

  20. monica

    aww you’re so pretty!

    i love love love your hair!

  21. Kella

    Your eyes look their biggest ever :) Nice to see some lashes on you! Love the pic!!

  22. Sarah

    WOw I LOVE the stuff on your lips… Do you know what color it is? Or maybe what colors in MAC it’s comparable to? Is it the same color that’s on pursebuzz’s? It looks like the same color, but I really like both.

  23. vicki

    OMG you guys look absolutely gorgeous! And please your skin is flawless honey!

  24. vicki

    Also I love your haircut.

  25. You look gorgeous! Love your haircut too!

  26. A. Rose

    BOTH of you look stunning!! No worries, I’m sure your skin will clear up soon. Can’t wait to see EnKore’s video.

  27. lmnmakeup

    You girls look stunning! I want a makeover from Eve too.

  28. Claudia M.

    Ditto, very pretty!

  29. gio

    You both look gorgeous! I would have never know you had broken out by looking at the picture, your skin looks flawless! Can’t wait to watch the episode!

  30. M

    Both look totally amazing!
    I’m a follower of Eve’s work and I love watching and learning her techniques. I can imagine the pleasure you had feeling her talent in a personal make-up session. 😀

  31. wow you guy’s look amazing! i would LOVE to have my makeup done by her!

  32. sej

    You both look gorgeous! Your skin looks flawless…if you were able to learn some of her techniques, please do share with us!

  33. Lina

    Amazing! You look so naturally beautiful! I can’t wait to see the video. 😀

  34. Shanel

    gorgeous :) very stunning! & great coverage, I dont see any blemish!

  35. Janet

    Wow, you guys take my breath away! Soooo beautiful!

  36. Anitacska

    I can’t see any blemishes there just gorgeous make up and a lovely face. :)

  37. Cath

    Really lovely! Is that Pursebuzz beside you? She looks prettier in photos.
    You look very Asian! What’s your race? Just curious… ^_^
    Perhaps it was the dry cabin air that irritated your skin?

  38. Siri

    I have to be honest here. From what I’ve seen you do a far better job yourself. The colour of the foundation is so off that even my roomate who almost couldn’t care less about makeup could tell. There’s not a trace of the blemishes, though, but I have to admit that I’m not impressed.

  39. AbbyL

    Wow, you both look GORGEOUS! Christine, I absolutely love your hair!!!

  40. Erica

    Wow the makeup looks great, you guys both look SO pretty! How exciting to see 2 of my favorite bloggers together! Hope you girls had fun!

  41. I can’t believe you had broken out in this pic, she did a great job, you BOTH look flawless.

  42. Rachael

    Absolutely stunning, your skin looks flawless and the makeup is gorgeous. Plus I would just die for your eyebrows!

  43. Lisa

    Gorgeous! You look flawless.

  44. SzeLing

    Sorry to hear about the break outs. however, you look so gorgeous in the photo. Can’t even tell that you’re breaking out. Stunning! =)

  45. Sash

    We all get break-outs now and then, Chris. I don’t even have to count down the days to my period anymore, I just wait for that pimple. You’re still such a stunner. She did an amazing job, you look gorg.


  46. Camellia

    flawless *(;

  47. Kirsten

    You both look beautifullll…hope you had fun
    Try not to worry about the break out, stress only worsens the skin :(

  48. lala

    OMG!!! XTINE!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR BEAUTIFUL!!! You better thank your parents!! lol <333

  49. Allison

    Awesome pic! And yeah, my skin was behaving SO well in NYC, but as soon as I got home? Not so much. I have breakouts galore :(

  50. carriespooner

    OHHHH.. You look amazing!!LUCKY

  51. lisa

    You both look great! Could u please write a list of what products was used on both of u pleaseeeee!!!!

  52. Fabienne

    Correction, THIS is THE best look of you EVER!!!! (Simple, and natural, that excess you call “natural” is CRAP on your face!)

  53. Jess

    You’re absolutely gorgeous, Christine :)

  54. Lish

    Christine why do u look soooo cute in that photo! lol.

  55. My-Linh

    You both look AMAAAAAAAAAZING!!! Can’t wait see the Be-YOU-tified episodes of you guys :)

  56. Shorty.

    This is a great camera shot. Christine Miss Thing you look amazing. I cant even tell. Could have been the weather or maybe you were overwhelm with excitement. We need to take care of that pretty face. . I think you need to relax and not over think it. Our mind controls everything in our body so please get some rest and just lay off the makeup, hair products, pizza lol You need a massage, your bf better get to it xoxoxo Sorry I missed you, I really am but I had plans :(

  57. I could never tell you had any skin trauma that day! You’re flawless!

  58. pquanda

    Christine, this is the best I have seenyou! Look great!!

  59. nico

    you both look great

  60. viv

    you two look absolutely stunning!!!
    eve pearl is so amazing!

  61. victoria

    both of you look beautiful and fresh.

  62. Omg you both look sooooooooooooooo shiny healthy vibrant beautiful! 😀

  63. cloudburst

    You two look great – I can’t wait to watch your makeovers on Koren’s channel!

  64. Alisha

    You look AMAZING!!!