Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Smoky Greens with MAC Fashion Flower

First time trying (and testing, of course) out the new Big Bounce Eyeshadows.  Since I didn’t receive the products until later in the day, I was only able to wear this look for eight hours before I just had to remove it.  I initially tried to sleep in it, but after attempting it for an hour, I couldn’t!

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Spread the Wealth eyeshadow all over the lid and above the crease with the 242.  Apply Lucky Green eyeshadow to the lower half of the lid with the 239.  Next, apply Groundcover eyeshadow into the crease with the 222, blending slightly above the crease.  Take the 239 and apply Bows & Curtseys eyeshadow to the deepest part of the crease and blend to the lid.  Highlight the brow bone with a mixture of Fresh Daisy eyeshadow and Trench eyeshadow with the 217.  Apply Lucky Green eyeshadow to the lower lash line with the 239, and then finish the water line with Tealo liner.  Finish by sweeping lashes with Green is Green mascara.

For cheeks, apply Echo blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep towards the temple with the 188.

For lips, apply Ever Hip lipstick for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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124 thoughts on “Smoky Greens with MAC Fashion Flower

  1. Red Berries

    Love it!

  2. Daniel

    this looks amaznig on you!

  3. Mariella

    If nothing else, this just confirms I MUST have both Groundcover and Bows and Curtseys. Christine, is Bows and Curtseys a lot deeper and more pigmented than the one in the Tartan Tales palette because it sure looks it.

  4. Edelmc

    I love that look. I am thinking I might have to get lucky green and try a similar look with fiction and smut. Do you think it would achieve a similar look. I know you recommended other dupes but I happen to have fiction and smut

    • Thank you, Edelmc! :) I think Fiction would work well as a darker green, though maybe if you have a bit more of a forest green – say Humid – to mix with it, it’d be closer!

  5. Marieke

    I just want to copy this and paste it on my face.

    • meme

      That’s an idea! Love it! After all Christine – I think it was either BE or another big line that came out a couple yrs ago with a press on eye shadow thing where the combo of colors were all done for you. I never tried it but the sales folks said it worked great. It does look really good on you, I do agree!

  6. Green is always such a great color on you!

  7. LOVE this look!! I have to get these shadows!! Are they in pans too?

  8. Shilpa

    cant help but notice similaraties b/t chanel mac and nars summer collection. would be nice to compare swatches!

  9. I absolutely love greens, and I’m loving this look too! I really want the Bows & Curtseys Eyeshadow :)

  10. JJ

    Beautiful look, Christine! I love greens, and this combo looks great on you, I will need to try it myself

  11. Anna

    Beautiful blush and lipstick =) You look wonderful, Christine!

  12. Jocelyn

    Zomg so pretty

  13. This is a pretty look on you.

  14. Bonnie

    Loving the greens for spring! I will definitely have to budget for these shadows in my next beauty haul!! :)

  15. Katie

    Love this look! 😀 I’ve always been a big fan of the color green, but just recently noticed all my eyeshadows are predominantly browns, grays, purples, and taupes. If I can manage it in my budget, perhaps I should squeeze in a few greens from fashion flower >.>

  16. alyson!

    this is exactly the kind of look that i’ve been wanting to do! thanks for reading my mind, honey! you look great :)

  17. Pink

    Those greens look great on you.

  18. Gala

    Love it Christine! Love greens in general, this look is very evening-y

  19. Rae

    Love, love, love this look! No one wears greens as well as you do, my dear ^^ They always just work so beautifully with your complexion!

  20. Cora

    Love it! Very pretty colors. :)

  21. Kellie

    Very pretty. I think I need Groundcover.

  22. Jill

    Love it, looks gorgeous on you! Too bad I have fair skin and green eyes, I don’t think I could rock this look the way you do!

  23. Vicki N. Hammons

    This is really pretty. I don’t own any of the colors by MAC but will try to recreate this look soon using what I do have. Thank you for sharing. I love greens and burdundy’s! Have a Happy Easter.

  24. Maritza

    I love greens! it compliments brown eyes. I am a brown eyed girl too and I love green smokey eyes. I don’t have lucky green but I am going to buy it, either from the regular collection or flower collection.
    You look beautiful

  25. Christine, this is amazing, and it looks incredible on you. (Can you tell I’m a fan of emerald green? :P) I also love the lipcolour on you. Might have to try this! Thanks 😀

  26. Cindy

    Very, very pretty. Love this look.

  27. Camila

    I love it when you do green eyes!
    BTW, “For lips, apply Ever Rich lipstick for a complementing lip” – I think it should be ever HIP :3

  28. Becca

    ahh, I’m so in love with this lipstick, I can’t wait to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. mandylynn

    Omg iim in love with this look

  30. I love green eyeshadow. This look is one that I would definitely wear. It is more intense then what I wear daily, but I believe it is something that will enhance my eye color.

  31. amy

    This is so beautiful! This is such a great look on you

  32. Adriana

    I Love Green!! You look amazing!!

  33. Mac Lucky Green is totally on my radar. Love the look!

  34. Deb

    This is such an amazing smoky green look, Christine! You flawlessly incorporated so many of MAC’s newest products into one look which is awesome because it really allows people to see how they can mix and match. And Ever Hip looks great on you!

  35. M

    Hi Christine! Am LOVING the green eye-look. :)Makes your brown eyes POP.

    By the way, I’ve a question about Ever Hip lipstick. How does it compare to Illamasqua’s Brink (which you have reviewed)? They look similar. I missed Ever Hip the last time it was launched, and am not sure if I should get it because it looks similar to Brink.

  36. Melissa

    Christine, you are so beautiful! I love this look on you!

  37. Samina

    That is such a pretty look..U look lovely,as always.

  38. Samina

    Christine would u please recommend any coral lipstick for medium tan skintones?

  39. Loved it… glowing cheeks, pinky-corally lips & olive eyes and everything about you :)
    Thank you so much for creating this look for us. You are so hard working. God bless!

  40. Tina

    wow Christen….superb luk….looking stunning on u….

  41. Sophie

    i love this look – jut so green-ey! and thinking i may have to get lucky green…

  42. awesome honey 😀 loved lucky green and the combo is to die for
    glad i have ever hip otherwise one more lipstick would be added to wish list …
    lips are looking stunning 😀 😀

  43. snm

    I am definetely a nude color person when it comes to eye make up but this look makes me wanna buy the lucky green looks truly beautiful!

  44. Hiromi

    i just love green looks on you, christine! btw, you wrote “ever rich” instead of ever hip in the “for lips” section, just fyi 😉

  45. Sara

    sooo pretty! btw in the list of things we need it says Ever Hip lipstick, but in the directions it says Ever Rich lipstick..

  46. NeenaJ

    This look is gorgeous!

  47. Carolina

    Great eye look, but above all an excellent overall look: the face, lips and eyes were all perfect compliments to one another.

    Great work!

  48. ericca

    does this renind anyone else of the mac wonderwoman palette?

  49. Melissa

    Wow! you are so beautiful! green really suits you. What brand of contacts are you wearing? Most color contacts look REALLY bad but yours look so natural!

  50. Jenny

    This looks so so pretty! Lucky green, the blush and the lip is a gorgeous combination on you! And your hair looks very bouncy as well haha, well done!

  51. Joy

    Absolutely phenomenal! This is gorgeous!

  52. Lisa

    I LOVE this look on you! If I had the colors, I’d duplicate it for myself!! 😀

  53. Lindy

    I love green e/s! Something tells me that I am going to end up owning a lot of this collection!

  54. Mal

    Very lovely Christine!

  55. kiran

    I love it..can you post a tutorial on this look? pretty plz =)

  56. Beautiful make-up, name sister 😉

  57. AAJ83

    gorgeous…! and i love how the last look is an excellent summarized version of the whole look where you can see all the products and their placements 😉

  58. meme

    Looks great on you. However I could never wear it. I would look like I had stage makeup on! I would have to blend it out with other shades and only use a tiny touch of it at that. It reminds me of the first OPI Serena duo polish when they first released the black shatter with the green shimmer/metalic polish shade (the name escapes me right now).

  59. Courtney

    this is cute. i can’t get over the fact that everhip looks THAT good on you. you’re seriously gorgeous.

  60. zainub

    that’s so pretty, for some reason ever hip on you looks like crosswires on me..