Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

HauteLook is having a Smashbox sale!

Smashbox sale is going on now at HauteLook! :) Lots of products at 50% or less, so get to saving if you’ve wanted to try Smashbox!

(The link above is an invite-link, which is a referral link. HauteLook has opened up membership, so you are free to sign up on your own, if you wish! :) )

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36 thoughts on “Smashbox Sale @ HauteLook

  1. Nicole15

    Thanks Christine! I have a credit w/ Haute Look so this may be a time to pick up something. I like some of Smashbox’s products a lot!

    • No prob! Did you find anything you like?

      • Nicole15

        i got one of the mini gloss sets (the bronze/nudes one) since they are the perfect size for popping in my purse & are great summer bronzy-gold colors. I also decided to give their lipsticks a whirl since I never tried them before. I got the “nearly nude” trio as i figured they’d go best w/ the lipglosses. def summer colors for me & w/ my credit & shipping, i only spent $20 for 6 lip products in total!! Can’t beat it. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. personally i didnt like any colors from the sale. i would rather order from smashbox directly and do “lets do lunch” and get jumbo samples too…

  3. Mikki

    Nice! I’m going to take a look, although I don’t know if they ship to the Netherlands, lol

  4. Alexandra

    i keep tryin to sign up and i enter everything in correctly. and i check that i have done it properly. again and again. but it keeps saying something about entering my birthday something. i entered my date of birth in right so whats up? anyone else having this problem.

  5. sprut

    I might get something because 50% is so hard to pass up but I seem to never LOVE their products. I think I’ve tried more that I didn’t like than ones that I did.

  6. Sandra

    HauteLook is open to the public and everyone can sign up. It is NOT an invite-only site. Your sponsor link is broken.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Sandra — I have been a member of HauteLook since it started, a few years ago, and it was invite-only at that time. Since I’m a member and am perpetually logged in, I haven’t seen that they’ve opened up membership. The majority of sample sale sites like HauteLook (e.g. Gilt, Ideeli, RueLaLa) are also invite-only. I really wasn’t aware there was any change. I actually had to open up HauteLook in a different browser (Internet Explorer) so I could see what you were talking about, because I can’t seem to sign out of HauteLook in Firefox, LOL!

      The sponsor link worked for me earlier, I’m not sure why it isn’t working now. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Stella

    The link is a referral, Christine gets monetary compensation if people sign up with that link. The website is open to anyone it is not invite only. I think it’s pretty deceptive that she said it’s invite only as a sneaky way to get referral money from her blog readers. Just be honest!

    • Nic15

      Actually, Christine is doing potential new members a favor by posting the invite link. Yes, you can join on your own. However, if you join via an invite link you get a $10 credit to use on your first purchase & so does the person that sponsors you. You don’t receive this credit if you join on your own. In a prior post Christine had explained this in greater detail. I used a prior invite link she posted & received the $10 off so it proves that it works. Yes, she gets a kickback, but only if you make a purchase, but you get it too! So, it’s a win-win! Too bad the link is not working on this post today.

      • Hey Nic,

        I think HauteLook canned that deal, unfortunately. I have a feeling we signed up too many people who got to take advantage of the deal on the Stila sale! :(

        (I know, they called me to make sure I was referring real people!)

        • Nicole15

          You are right – i looked into it further too – credit only goes to sponsor now & not buyer too. It was the Stila sale that i originally took advantage of the credit. I guess that was like 2 months ago now so things do change i see. Bummer, cause it was a great incentive! Funny they had to call you to make sure it wasn’t fraud :) LOL!

    • I just learned, via you all, today, that HauteLook has opened up membership. I’ve posted sales in the past, and I haven’t had any one mention this. I’ve been a member since they started, and it was invite-only. Since I state it is my invite link, I don’t feel it is deceptive. Most sites offer some sort of incentive to a member for inviting or referring additional members. There is no monetary compensation, however. To be clear, it is a $10 credit towards my account for future use at HauteLook (so it is a credit, not cash), if someone I refer makes a purchase. If you only look and never browse, nothing ever happens.

  8. I think it is silly to complain that the site isn’t invite only blah blah OMG Christine gets referral money blah blah blah.
    It isn’t like you pay anymore if you join through a sponser, and most of us wouldn’t even know the sale wasn’t going on unless we read about it in a beauty blog like this. So isn’t it nice for a portion of the sale to go to someone who puts out a blog that we all love to read? What is the problem?

    I’m interested in one of the eyeshadow sets, but I’m sort of worried about why they are so cheap- is there any chance that the cosmetics are old/ expired? It says ‘final sale no returns’ so I want to make sure they’re okay before I order. :)

    • Hey Bonnie!

      Thanks for the support!

      RE Smashbox, so as far as I know, the items shouldn’t be expired. Makeup actually has quite a bit of shelf life when it is unopened and unused! I did notice some of the products looked like they were from last fall or winter, and some from spring. I’ve bought Stila products in the past and didn’t have any issues with them being old or anything like that.

      I think it’s final sales because they can’t do anything with them when they get it back, since you can’t know what people have done to a lipgloss, you know? But they also do final sales on sunglasses, too, so who knows exactly why!

      • I bought the little eyeshadow pallette only, I figured that would be good to try, and then if it is okay I’ll take advantage of their next cosmetics sale. :)

        • That’s a really good idea :)

          They’ve been putting up more cosmetics/beauty sales lately, which is good. They’re mostly a clothing/accessories site, and I’m like, “Where’s the beauty!”

  9. Shiny

    I almost bought a palette for $16 as it is a great deal… but then when you need to pay $20 to get it shipped to Canada it isn’t as worthwhile. I wish they would make shipping cheaper, especially for small items like makeup!

  10. hi

    OMG, I looked at that sale and the lipsticks were less than the Maybelline Moisture Extremes: 6 dollars for a SMASHBOX lipstick! Omfg!!!

    • Nic15

      hi – have you tried the smashbox lippies before? what do you think of them? i got one of the lipstick trios for $15 because i too was like “wow, awesome price – better than drugstore!” however, their lipsticks are the only thing i haven’t tried of theirs. hoping i made a good choice, but either way, it was a great deal so i guess it was a win-win.