Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner
Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner

Smashbox Spring 2011: Heather

Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner ($22.00 for 0.025 oz.) is a soft brownish-gray. It’s new and limited edition for spring, but it is a powder eyeliner to create a “soft, smoldering look.” It delivers on the softer color, and it will draw in a nice line, but it leaves product everywhere.

The photo above was not intended to be artsy, but upon opening it for the first time, it dropped that much product onto my desk. Now, imagine that on your face–because that’s exactly what I ended up with when I tried applying this for the first time (my carpet is less than pleased). At a mere 0.025 oz. of product, I’m not exactly sure one wants to deal with any wasted product–even by wiping excess on a tissue.

Aside from the packaging woes, application worked out well, and I liked the softer lined look it yielded. I think those who find gel eyeliner too crisp and stark would enjoy a powder liner like this. Unfortunately, it only wore four hours before it started to flake.

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  • Product: 21/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 2/5

final thoughts: Between the messy packaging and below average wear, it just didn’t work out.

where to buy: Sephora

See more photos & swatches!

Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner
Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner

Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner
Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner

Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner
Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner

Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner
Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner

Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner
Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Heather? How much is it?

Sephora, $22.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Try a gray or charcoal gray powder eyeshadow--like MAC Print--with an angled brush.

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33 thoughts on “Smashbox Heather Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. babyinacorner

    Yeah was just going to say, powder eyeshadow on a brush would be much easier! I used to use black eyeshadow as liner before I got steady at applying gel liner. I still use it for a nice soft look!

  2. Erica

    It seems to me that companies are trying to come up with new products (which is great) but that they are not taking the time or effort to really test these products. First those NARS soft touch shadow pencils and now this? Come on people! The flaws in these products seem SOOO obvious! You have given out more D and F ratings in the past couple of months than I have ever seen on your blog! Thanks for your hard work Christine on reviewing these products. You have saved me tons of $$$!

  3. Rosanna

    It’s kinda useless IMO. You could just use a pencil or eyeliner brush with eyeshadow – it’d be cheaper, you’d have more product and it’ll last longer!

    Heck, the eyeshadow would have better colour payoff than this.

  4. Laura

    The color is pretty. I’d like to see it in a different format, maybe similar to Milani Liquifeye. I tried one of the L’oreal HIP kohl eyeliners and it was a bit “flaky” for me.

  5. Lady Di.

    without even looking at your Grade for this, I could already tell it was going to bomb. Looks so messy!

  6. carrie

    Pity, it’s a nice color too! I don’t know, smashbox (outside their foundation primer) just leaves me underwhelmed.

  7. Ani_BEE

    Why… Seriously why would they bother.

    If I wanted a powder liner I use a very basic loose mineral eyeshdow with a mixing medium you can smudge it out before it drys completely.

  8. Steph

    I have a Revlon powder liner like this, bedroom eyes or something I think it is called? I like the smudgy smokey look these give, but I don’t like the applicator. I just end up using a small brush to pick up the product off of the applicator, and it works with no fallout.

  9. Love the concept of a powder liner. I would imagine that it would have a soft look. Anyone else make a powder liner that you know and would recommend?

  10. You know, this reminds me a lot of actual indian kohl or surma– try running the applicator along your water line. The wetness there will set the powder and give you a very dense black look. At least you can use it for something then!

    (Also, if you want it on your upper and lower water lines, carefully place the applicator at the start of the water line, lightly close your eye, and run it along– if you do this properly it distributes the product on top and bottom. :D)

  11. Heather

    I wonder if you could use this on the waterline with better results. I know Loreal HIP has a kohl eyeliner that is a similar application type and it works quite well on the waterline

  12. That’s too bad, but not surprising. I have several of L’oreal’s HIP powder eyeliners and there is a lot of waste when you tap off the applicator before applying. And a LOT of fallout if you don’t tap off the applicator.

  13. Vijaya

    That’s a shame… I’ve really wanted to try a powder eyeliner. Did Guerlaine’s terracotta kohl give you as much trouble?

  14. courtney

    yuck! looks horrible

  15. Jezi

    Bleh. This concept is so bad, should’ve just made a small palette with pigmented colors in typical ‘liner’ shades like grey, black, brown, purple, and green, along with a good angled liner.

    They would’ve turned out a more successful product with the same concept of a soft focus liner.

  16. mkdallas

    I bought one of these (even though the reviews on MUA were really bad) just because I loved the color and the idea of a soft powder liner. I have to say that it works very well for me on the top lid. The aponge applicator is really effective at creating a soft, even (thick) line. However, I had some pretty bad smudging on my lower lash line after about 2 hours, which then migrated into the crows-feet and looked messy. I would give this product a guarded “thumbs-up” for the top lid and a “don’t even go there” for the lower lash line. BTW, I did not wear a primer with this on the top lid and it stayed in place for about 6 hours.

  17. Kat

    This is why I love your reviews, as this is exactly the kind of product that might have sucked me in! Thanks so much for the heads up!

  18. Vanessa S

    This doesnt call my attention at alllllll…..

  19. anonymous

    ooh finally– was waiting to hear what that product was. I remember that pic. I think I’ll get my “softer line” with a dry powder shadow & save my sanity. the carpet says thank you!

  20. jan

    1) this is actually a take on a very traditional and ancient way of wearing eyeliner, known as kajal from india, ancient indian women and even egyptians would use a stick to apply natural indigo pigments and ink derived from plants to apply eyeliner, eyeliner was known to make eyes brighter and superstitiously would ward off evil eyes and spirits…my grandma told me this

    she actually has indian eyeliner just like this style, but it is very intense and pigmented black and is made of herbs and dyes…

  21. Tekoa

    I do have to wonder who gave the approval stamp on this. Like others have said, the flaws seem so obvious. The product escapes like children scattering at the end of the school year.

    Can anyone else hear bagpipes and a Scottish voice yelling “FREEDOM!”. I think that’s what Smashbox Heather is doing.

  22. Chi

    one word, YUCK!

  23. AnGeLwInGz

    blech! that looks frustrating

  24. ak

    There must be reason why powder isn’t packaged like that, Smashbox! LOL

  25. BrattyCatt

    Hey Christine! I love the colour of this. Did you apply the Middle Eastern way? You said the wear is below average; how long did it last on you? Thanks so much!

  26. Lorraine

    I like the idea of this product!

  27. Staice

    this is not the first time smashbox has made soft focus. i have bought it before and didn’t have any problems with it. I use it over my Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner. Works great for. Am nice to see somethign besides MAC. I have a few MAC products but never a big fan.