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Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer
Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer

Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer

Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer ($2.50 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is a grassy green with a subtle cool undertone and silver shimmer. It’s still on the sheer side after three coats–you can definitely see the nail line. The finish has a slight metallic feel to it, so there are noticeable brush strokes (but they’re “as expected” for a more metallic finish). Zoya’s Apple seemed to be the closest shade I had to compare to, but Apple is a yellower green with lots of gold sparkle.

The consistency wasn’t really thin, but it seemed watery, which I imagine accounted for the low color payoff per coat. For swatches, I don’t like to go beyond three coats, as most polishes should be opaque (or reach the opacity level they’re supposed to have) by two coats, so three is being generous and more to show you what can be achieved. The biggest drawback with this particular shade was the post-manicure staining, which was a yellowy-green (I’d refer to it as the color of fungus, really), and this was over a base coat. I know that green pigments have a tendency to stain, but this was rather unappetizing and it took both buffing and a few soaks in lemon juice to minimize the staining aftermath. The good news there was it did last a week when worn!

Sinful Colors’ bottles have a slick cap (no rubberized cap), so use some care opening (especially when they’re new and very tightly screwed on), or else you might fling your polish across the room–which I totally did the first time I opened one. Luckily, it hadn’t opened, and it was over carpet, so it landed with a soft thud as opposed to a loud shattering!

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Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

It's not my favorite shade by Sinful Colors, and the brand is definitely better (overall) than this shade indicates. If it didn't stain, it'd be more likable, but unfortunately, the sheer color and yellow staining make this a no-go for me/











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Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer
Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer

Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer
Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer

Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer
Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer

Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer
Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer

Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer
Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer

Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer
Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer

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Zoya's Apple seemed to be the closest shade I had to compare to, but Apple is a yellower green with lots of gold sparkle.

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18 thoughts on “Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Devi

    In the bottle, it kinda looked like the nail polish version of Jealousy Wakes. 😀 Looks more like the description when it’s on your nails though.

  2. i admit i love sinful colors polish :) i like their glitter polishes but i also don’t mind sheer ones for layering over other colors.

  3. I had the same staining experience with this polish a few weeks ago. I’ve actually had staining problems with many other of their greens, but overall I adore Sinful Colors. They’re very reasonably priced and have a huge range of colors; I’m just wary of their greens (Bamboo is one of the few that didn’t stain on me). San Francisco was probably the worst staining I’ve had from a polish. However, Cream Pink is my *favorite* nail polish ever :)

  4. Missy

    This is disappointing because Sinful Colours is actually a great brand. If this is the only one you’ve tried, I suggest trying a few others. I have many, including their black (a true opaque black), Courtney Orange (the BEST orange I’ve ever found, it’s a true pumpkin colour), and their dark blue with teal hints…one of my favourite polishes ever. Their pinks are pretty great too, but I’m not a pink fan so I’ve only tried a couple.

  5. meme

    Not a fan of this brand typically. The one I have had were quite thin and watery. Though I know a lot of folks that have a lot of this brand and use it often, esp for nail art.

  6. Very pretty!!

    Here’s a tip for those stubborn caps–get a big rubber band and wrap it around the cap a few times. Should do the trick! I now keep a rubber band w/ my polish supplies LOL.

  7. annicus

    I have Sinful ‘Show Me The Way’ (a more yellow green with gold glitter) and I wore it for a week with OPI Black Shatter over it – no staining! I guess it really is hit or miss with their nail polishes. What base coat do you use?

  8. Yvonne

    I just want to thank you so much for doing so many more affordable drugstore brand reviews!!

  9. I am so glad that I bypassed this one the last time I hauled Sinfuls. Thank you for the review, this polish will not be coming home with me.

  10. I tried neon green shade of sinful… Yes their consistency is watery n even I had staining issues… May b it is bcoz of the shade… I tried one in pink shade there was no staining but the consistency is definitely watery!!

  11. Deb

    Aw, that’s really unfortunate about the staining because I love greens and shades like these. China Glaze’s ‘Paper Chasing’ is a VERY good dupe, almost identical, I think. I have it and have worn it, but I can’t remember if there was bad staining or not :\

  12. toe

    they have a few colors that do the same thing—nice color in the bottle, but sheer coverage. i have an orange & a blue & pink that are sort of disappointing. those few shades aside, sinful colors is one of my favorite brands. my favorite green ever is by them. it’s a deep rich green called san francisco. i loooove it on my toes.

  13. Hailey

    I tried a glittery blue Sinful nail polish recently and it was so horrible, it took four overly thick coats, and by that point it was just such a thick gooey mess that it oozed off my nails and left a sticky residue:/ And the color didn’t look nearly as good on my nails as in the bottle, it was overly sheer and not even close to the same color. The texture was what was really horrible to me though. I had bought three other colors at the same time, but I got rid of them without even bothering to try them because I was so upset about the quality of that blue one…

  14. Natalie D.

    I bought this polish today for $1.99 at Rite Aid and don’t care for it at all. It has a very dull, satin like finish. No shine at all. And goes on sort of streaky!!! Wish I could get my money back.

  15. Allison

    Wow! I was actually wearing this polish the first time I stumbled across this review and thought to myself how lucky I was that I didn’t experience the problems with the sheerness. I found HD Nails to be nicely opaque without any streaking after 3 coats, which is my standard. However, before I take the stance that my experience was completely different from the review, let me say — holy yellow staining! I have never had a polish stain my nails as bad as this one did.

  16. divinem (Melissa)

    It’s a shame you had such poor color payoff on this. I recently encountered this brand at Target, and “Let’s Talk (#929) LEAPT off the shelf and into my cart. I LOVE this color, and I could have gotten away with a single coat if I’d been in a hurry. Two coats achieved opacity.

    This is the perfect purple I’ve been looking for all my life. It’s not a glitter (why do NP manufacturers insist on adding glitter to jewel tone purples???). This polish has a clean metallic sheen. I’ll be adding Seche Vite (was so excited about this one that I had to come online to find more fabulous colors while waiting for it to dry) after it’s had about 10 minutes to set.

    Purple fans will love this. It’s a vivid, royal purple. GORGEOUS!